Canada Hit By Countrywide Internet, TV And Phone Outage As Shaw Goes Dark

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Tens of thousands of Canadian clients of Shaw are suffering what appears to be a nationwide loss of internet, cable and phone services. According to the outage map below, the service interruption is widespread and has impacted most Canadian metropolitan centers.

Shortly before 4pm ET, the telecom company posted to its website advising that an outage was in progress and pologizing:

"Some customers nationally may be experiencing an interruption to Internet, Television and Home Phone services. We are investigating the situation and working to restore service as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

At 4:20 ET they issued an update, saying they don't know when services will be restored.

"Our network technicians are working to restore services as quickly as possible. Currently no ETA. If we get any further information to share we will post another update. Thank you for your patience so far."

At 4:50 ET Shaw updated that its broadband team is still working to resolve service.


Shaw customers across the country were not impressed, as can be seen by the thousands of angry tweets.

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JungleCat's picture

Their anthem says "God keep our land glorious and free."

Doesn't say nothing about telephonically connected.

So suck it up, snowflakes!

knukles's picture

Nothing to do with cyberwars


JungleCat's picture

Are you saying that this was a covert US attack?

If so, I wonder what they called it. Operation Softwood?

tmosley's picture

>Imma hafta play with my kids

The horror.

Looney's picture


Countrywide Outage… Aww…

Justin must’ve refused Trump’s flip-flop (singular, worn on both feet).  ;-)


shocktherapy's picture

Can you still use Bitcoin there ?

HooRAY4rSIDE's picture

lol ~ fonestar lives in Toronto


not that he needs another takeout pizza

ACP's picture

Buy our Wisconsin milk and you can have your interwebz back.

Looney's picture


Can I please order a 50-gallon drum of Wisconsin Milk of Magnesia?  ;-)


Looney's picture


If ordering Virtual Goats, than YES!  ;-)


GUS100CORRINA's picture

Another geomagnetic storm???

Everyone knows that the NORTH POLE is moving, correct?

Next set of evidence: Uptick in volcanic activity and more BUNKER building.

Let's take a moment to review events of the last couple of weeks:

1. East coast telecomm outage for AT&T that disrupted 911 service across the USA.

2. Random power disruption in major ciries across the USA.

3. Wide spread Canadian service disruption.


I expect a declaration of Marshall Law any day now when a major event occurs.

Global Hunter's picture

I'm at the fringes of an affected area but on Bell. If this was something like North Pole moving why would it not affect my service?

Global Hunter's picture

Thank you for the link, I agree its interesting and I'm not dismissing you, just questioning if there is another reason for this specific outage.  The only thing I could see that would answer my question from your link is the effect it could have on low orbit satellites.  If Shaw was on a lower orbit satellite and me on Bell is on cable or higher satellite then OK I see.  But now I'm talking about things I really don't understand the tech behind what I'm talking about now.

Again thank you for the link, I am interested.

land_of_the_few's picture

Don't you worry, they are only moving the Equator. It won't hurt a bit.

BurningFuld's picture

Seems like an excellent time to drink beer. Not that I would need an excuse.

Bigern's picture

These storms are going to get worse. The magnetosphere is weak. The South Atlantic Anomaly is going to get more anomalous. The core continues to heat up. Sunburns will be achieved in minutes this summer, if the ash isn't choking the sky yet.

Lumberjack's picture

There are NO current space wx events that could cause this.

Paper Mache's picture

God help us all, but I really do think you could be right. FIMA camps are set up, and ready to go. 

chiquita's picture

Brighthouse/Spectrum  Charter Communications)had a statewide outage here in Florida about three weeks or so ago.  It lasted most of the night that Thursday night and we were never given an explanation.  There were other areas impacted, but I'm not sure where.  Just know everyone who subscribed here had problems with it--all the high end digital settops were knocked out, but not the adapter boxes or Internet.  Seems like someone may be hacking the cable operators maybe?

detached.amusement's picture

That's why they made sure that pithy event the other week was "sufficient to take down parts of the grid" so that people who dont understand it point and go see!!! geomagnetic stomez!!!!!!!!!!


somethinsomethin, the nature of sympathetic resonance and "teh EMPz"

mc888's picture

> Everyone knows that the NORTH POLE is moving, correct?

You know it's ALWAYS moving, correct? Always has been.

Happy Precession of the Equinoxes, douche. Blame it on god.


silvermail's picture

This is also done by Russian hackers?

Or has Putin personally made it personally, and that's why Putin alone is to blame again?

Ink Pusher's picture

It's' Martial Law' and you are correct to be concerned.

If you are serious you've already moved away from urban centers and have already prepped for a 6 month freeze out of all services including personal defense.


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

No. But I still have my 9,635 character bitcoin wallet ID password thingy ready for when the Internet comes back on.

williambanzai7's picture

I think will accept it in writing at your local Western Union.

SilverRoofer's picture


Don't know how many people on here told me that the internet can't be brought down

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Countrywide Outage… Aww…

Justin must’ve refused Trump’s flip-flop (singular, worn on both feet).

This wasn't caused by Justin, Trump, or even Sneaky Putin®. If we put together two related facts, along with a third seemingly unrelated fact, they point directly to the culprit.

1) Canada's housing bubble popping

2) Collapse of Canada's largest mortgage lender

3) Countrywide outage

This could only be the work of one man: Angelo Mozilo, the original Agent Orange.

the late idi armin's picture

You haven' t met canadian kids.


land_of_the_few's picture

Better Long Pig. Less HFC blubber layers and less Lycra to cut through.

general ambivalent's picture

I always hear these parents and grandparents complaining about the kids playing video games. Meanwhile they can't detach themselves from their iFace.

FatTony7915726's picture

No.......operation orange cheetoh!

logicalman's picture

The internet is out.

Best post the info on our website??????


Lumberjack's picture

Just remember who really is doing that shit. Thank you Julian!

niemand's picture

just a couple of beta tests for the final event..

Abbie Normal's picture

A communications disruption can only mean one thing -- INVASION!!! [from Star Wars Episode I]

takeaction's picture

I saw the graphic without the headline....I thought we had nuked Canada...

robertocarlos's picture

And you didn't touch Quebec because you know they have the bomb. No wonder Kim wants a nuke or two. NFLD is too nice to bomb.

TRM's picture

Not that anyone would miss Winnipeg but why spare Montreal? You didn't want to kill all those strippers? Okay I can understand that logic. Enjoy your poutine when you invade.

robertocarlos's picture

Miss Winnipeg? Hitting it would be an improvement. No more Portage and Main bottle-neck for traffic.

slimycorporatedickhead's picture

Canada is a third world dump this will be the new norm. Canada is the new Venezuela

HRClinton's picture

Oh my. If our ever-nice Snow Flake neighbors were to listen to, say, Michael Savage, they'd melt.

Especially the 4/27 stream cast of Savage Nation on YouTube. 

HooRAY4rSIDE's picture

No porn 4 u eh? Looks like you'll have to fap to moose paintings tonight.

knukles's picture

Tank God dat I liff in Buffalo now, eh?
Gotta smoke?