China To Test New Weapons, Stage Live Fire Drills In Retaliation To US THAAD Deployment

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Two days after the US military began to move the controversial THAAD anti-missile system into its deployment site in a South Korean golf course (over the protests of hundreds of locals who were promptly quieted when the police showed up), despite vocal protests from China which is "resolutely opposed" to the THAAD deployment and  believes such a move would destabilize the regional balance of power, China said on Thursday that it would stage live fire drills and test new weapons to protect its national security, its Defense Ministry said.

"The deployment of the THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea damages the regional strategic balance and stability. The Chinese side is resolutely opposed to this" Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told reporters on Thursday when asked about the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system.

He also said that "China’s military will continue to carry out live-fire military exercises and test new military equipment in order to firmly safeguard national security and regional peace and stability," he said, as quoted by Reuters.

Beijing has been an outspoken opponent of THAAD over fears it will undermine its own deterrence capabilities. In March, and editorial in the state-run Global Times newspaper said Washington should "pay the price" for the deployment of the system, which it said was "on China's front door."  Meanwhile, the US insists the system is for purely defensive purposes, against any potential attacks from Pyongyang. US Admiral Harry Harris told Congress on Wednesday that it "poses no threat to China."

China disagrees.

As we reported at the time, a THAAD installation, which was moved onto a golf course in Seongji, South Korea, on Tuesday, is designed to intercept short, medium, and intermediate-range ballistic missiles during their terminal flight phase. It is equipped with long-range radar and is believed to be capable of intercepting North Korea’s intermediate-range ballistic missiles. The system will be operational in the "coming days," according to Harris.

As Reuters further adds, the Chinese Defense Ministry's statements come as the US continues to urge Beijing to put pressure on North Korea, as China is the country's main economic lifeline. Referring to the increased tensions between Washington and Pyongyang on Thursday, China said it approves of a recent statement by the Trump administration which said the White House is still "open to negotiations" to achieve stability and "peaceful denuclearization" on the Korean Peninsula.

When asked about such statements, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Beijing had noted that many US officials had recently made similar remarks.

"We have noted these expressions, and have noted the message conveyed in these expressions hoping to resolve the Korean nuclear issue peacefully through dialogue and consultation," he said. "We believe this message is positive and should be affirmed."

Earlier this week, China urged restraint from all sides of the conflict during a call with US President Donald Trump, whose administration continues to state that “all options are on the table” when it comes to North Korea.

So far, aside from engaging in a massive live-fire drill on Tursday, North Korea has abstained from any provocative moves.

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Here is an interesting article that looks at the significant progress that China has made in its missile program:


China is developing some game-changing weapons that will establish its regional military dominance.

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these douches on both sides are like children...Oh Yea!!! watch this, I can blow up some cactuses too. It's sad that they will determine our fate

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The Chinese most likely have a problem with the THAAD because it fucks with their radar.  I was just looking to see what was out there, and was browsing wiki pages and found this on a Chinese hypersonic warhead delivery system that is being developed:


The HGV stays within the stratosphereafter reentry and pull-up, and glides through the air. Although that creates more drag, warheads fly further than they would on a higher trajectory through space, and are too low to be intercepted by exo-atmospheric kill vehicles. The tradeoff is that warheads have less speed and altitude as they near the target, making them vulnerable to lower-tier interceptors.[10]For example the mach 10 Sprint missile and its US derivatives and the mach 17 Russian 53T6, ABM-3 Gazelle. Other potential counter-hypersonic interception measures may involve laser orrail guntechnologies.[11]

I was under the impression that the Sprints had been retired.  It makes me wonder if they have been upgraded instead.  If so, we still probably have enhanced radiation weapons (neutron bombs) in active service.
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I think THAAD is a scam. Check out the results of their tests.

The Chinks are right, though. Who in the right mind would want this shit so close to their border?


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... China's first target would be Japan ... I'll bet my whole stash of yen on it ... >>> 

... it would be payback time ... and you could even blindfold the Chinese with a sewing thread and they'll hit that Imperial Palace target within a few feet of a bonsai tree ... guaranteed 



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just waiting for a day communist china disintegrates into smaller countries like russia. whats taking you so long cia?

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Oh YEAH??? Well, I am going to try a new burrito recipe and then fart in the general direction of the Chinese. Lately doom porn fails COMPLETELY to give me a chubber...

Archive_file's picture

THAAD is never going away. All this NK bullshit and deployment of an "armada" is to sneak the THAAD in. The Chinese know it. After its all set up, everything will go back to "normal" except there will be a radar system peering deep into China.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"All this NK bullshit and deployment of an "armada" is to sneak the THAAD in."

Bingo, that and justify an increase in the MIC budget

Evidently,  NK has several time offered to freeze its nuke developement in exchange for a non agression pact, in particular the sessation of military actions near it.

Seems that the US finds this unacceptable.

NoDecaf's picture

I hope you are right, and it does seem to make the most sense because no way are they going to contain NK from the air and especially with only one carrier.

William Dorritt's picture

Good point, Fleet Protection was provided for the installation of land based systems.

Archive_file's picture

It's a manufactured "crisis."

unicorn's picture

Interesting, how its all perfectly orchestrated....

unless a big fat black swan shows up ..................................

HRClinton's picture

They could always use North Korea's missiles against the THAADs, and call them THUD Missiles.

BadDog's picture

China is now getting a dose of American 'defense' just like the Russians have been with the anti missle systems installed in Poland and Romania. 

earleflorida's picture

its not so much about the 'anti-missile system' --- its swapping out what's in the tubes with live nuke's missiles...

Squid Viscous's picture

let's get it on you chink bastards!

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To my fellow bloke, 'Seasmoke' from a previous thread:


This piece underscores my point regarding gold & geopolitics my good man ---

Consuelo's picture



Following on from a piece yesterday staring Paul Wolfowitz...


The now long-running doctrine has been to have the capability to fight at least (2) large-scale wars against major geopolitical powers, Simultaneously...

Generals WANT WAR.   That's why they're at where they're at.   And they will do any amount of war-promoting necessary to convince the civilian political mouthpieces that these wars are Winnable...


Load up on your supplies -- NOW, so that you do no starve when the distribution chain here in the land where bad things can never happen, begins to break. 

29.5 hours's picture

Don't blame wars on the military. Wars are almost always caused by politicians.

Clausewitz: "War is the continuation of politics by other means."

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Elite=Miltary+Corporations+Politicians+Hollywood according to C. Wright Mills. 


PT's picture

Diplomacy has progressed from boring talks to pretty pictures.  Let's hope they don't feel the need for any better props.

Consuelo's picture



Mission Creep.

Stormtrooper's picture

Dear God, please make sure that all of those American servicemen in S Korea have filed their wills.  The lawyers will be very busy soon probating all of their estates.

sheikurbootie's picture

You realize the US has been in S. Korea for 60 years on FULL war status?  Priority ONE, first-to-fight units are repaired first, etc.

It's time to leave.  This would be a good time.  Solve the NK problem or kill the NK problem.  Either way, the US leaves.  Pick your option, China. 

Trump is right to end this.  This is how you get shit done.  We'll save BILLIONS too.  End it now, or be held nuclear hostage forever.  Kim has nukes.

Clinton fucked up, gave a HUGE food deal to NK to stop nuclear research.  That didn't go so well, stupid fucking Bill Clinton. 

Obama fucked up, by being a fucking full-time pussy.  Iran will blow up too.  Same M.O.


RagaMuffin's picture

DT's new golf course acquisition strategy - THAAD    ;-)

earleflorida's picture

debut of the "New Toy[s]" pop-gun's 2017 models...

'how much is that puppy in the window--- i wonder if he can teach 'flipper' new tricks--- how much is that puppy in the window, mr xi... please

Honest Sam's picture

Our local high school carries out 3 live fire drills a year.


Should I find a safe space?

Blankone's picture

The US missiles are close to China. China's missiles are within China. It's all centered at China. An effective counter would involve China putting missiles in Cuba, Mexico and Canada. Not winning.

RagaMuffin's picture

Better yet China should offer them to Puerto Rico   ;-)

GlassHouse101's picture

We need a war like no-other to create increased spending like no other. . . China is clearly siding with NK in this scenario against US aggression (not good).

Schlub's picture

Do ALL our world leaders have something in the closet? Perhaps very little in their pants?

Maybe instead of endangering the "ordinary" people of the world, they should just all get together and beat dickheads.

PT's picture

They are very afraid of losing their place at the table and being dumped amongst the "ordinary" people.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

The V.P. "Cheeto-in-Chief" is telling you to eat "lots of beautiful chocolate cake"...

Cause he and his Master(s) can't keep the "plates in the air" much longer!

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NK is China's Puppet

N Korea doesn't take a drink of water without permission from China.

China is using NK as a bargaining lever to pressure the US on Trade.

THAAD give the US the ability to neutralize Nukes from China or NK.

Once everything is operational,

TRUMP should tell China to move the NK leaders to the Chinese resort Island permanently

and supply them with unlimited hookers.


Next, the remaining Govt of NK should erase the border and merge with SK which would be a more profitable trading partner for China. Like the German reunification

DaBears's picture

REC lights is ON

farflungstar's picture

The sucking of the MIC is yuge

Jambo Mambo Bill's picture

Where is the dragon chocolate cake, 'weed brownies'?!... China needs loads of it if you want them to accept this crap... 

veeger's picture

south korea got fed up with the corrupt usa poodle that was the s. korean president and kicked his ass out of office......the candidate that appears to be in the lead fpr the new presidency wants to unite the two koreas and kick the usa out............lots of protesting about the imposed thaad deployment...........i believe most of all the shit going down in s.korea now is just the usa trying to muscle in and shut the new presidential candidate down..........they dont intend to give up control of s.korea without a massacre......

Cutter's picture

China should offer to buy the lumber from Canada that we just dumped, in return for placing a similar Chinese system on the Canadian border with Montana and North Dakota, within spitting distance from our ICBM bases.

I suspect the Pentagon would find that "destabilizing" and "highly threatening" just like the Chinese see this.

Just more US exceptionalism.

Offthebeach's picture

Their soldiers and Officers would dump their uniforms and self immigrate into the US

OCnStiggs's picture

If China had not let the Kim Klan get so fricking out of hand, they could have more control over NK. Once Kim starts making threats to nuke the USA, and demonstrates he has the nukes and vehicles to transport them, the days of diplomacy are over.

One more time for the mental liberals: Trump tries 12 more months of diplomacy and then San Fran heats up to 5000F for a few seconds. Who ya gonna hate? TRUMP! (Certainly not your friend Kim!)

Lunatic liberal diplomacy got us here. Sorry but its been a yuuuge FAIL.

Brazen Heist's picture

Bull fucking shit.

Like someone said below, this NK crisis is a purely manufactured one by your Neocon asswipes to sneak in the THAAD and meddle yet again in the backyard of China and Russia. How will the MIC like it if China or Russia came and installed the S-400 in Cuba? They're using the NK nuclear weapons as the pretext, which is precisely why they are NOT going to attack or take out Kim. Having him in power justifes Neocon strategy. All this posturing is bluffing and chest beating. The real intent is to place radar and anti-missile defense next to China. Trump is a stupid tool. American elites are dishonest assholes that cannot be trusted by anybody. All they care about is jamming their selfish interest around like some gung-ho hillbilly. They do not know what negotiation means.

It's like Crimea was the excuse for NATO assholes to move troops and anti-missile defense to eastern Europe. They then claim its in defense against Iran and Russia, which is a load of shit.

On the bigger picture, the aggressor is the US MIC hands fucking down. The rest is propaganda.

onmail1's picture

No anti-missile defense is a 100% success period.

so have any kinda anti-missile missile ,
sleep in delusion but the sleep will last forever
for, u wont get up alive

every attacking nation knows how to plan attacks especially with dummies
u plant 3 dummies along with one real (on MIRV)
let the anti-missile missile intercept dummies
and the real ones will go through surely

Only one is enough to destroy a city

Hah ha ,
spend , sleep
spend, sleep
spend , sleep
spend, sleep
spend , sleep
spend, sleep

IronForge's picture

Looks like THAAD might actually be the Trigger after all...