Cornell Students Charge Well-Known Professor With 'Sexism' To Retaliate For His Union Opposition

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Authored by Ashe Schow via,

For this story we need to adapt an old saying: “Hell hath no fury like a graduate student scorned.”

In late March, graduate students at Cornell University attempted to unionize. Several public universities have allowed this to happen, but private universities such as Cornell have been more wary. Just a few days before students were set to vote on unionization, professor David Collum, who chairs Cornell’s chemistry department, sent an email to several hundred faculty members warning of the “risk” of student unionization.

“Although we must be circumspect in communications with students, I can be brutally blunt with you: I believe it will be a disaster in the long run if unionization occurs — an existential risk to Cornell’s graduate program,” Collum wrote.

Collum told the Cornell Daily Sun he did not intend to distribute “propaganda,” but union-supporting students clearly took it as such. Some even accused Collum of violating a Code of Conduct contract between the union and the Ivy League university, but a university dean said the school investigated the claim and found no violation.

He Doesn’t Like Our Proposal. Let’s Dox Him

More voted against the union than for it, but many votes were contested. In what appears to be retaliation for Collum’s email and opposition to the union, several graduate students looked through the professor’s tweets to find ammunition to harm his reputation. They found tweets they were able to spin into claiming Collum is “sexist” and “transphobic,” then wrote to the school paper claiming these tweets prove Collum creates a “hostile work environment,” without providing evidence that anything the professor has tweeted has led to mistreatment in his department.

Instead, the students wrote that graduate students may “feel” as though they cannot send Collum complaints about sexual harassment.

Four days after the students published their letter in the Daily Sun, another professor, William Jacobson, who works in the law department and blogs at the conservative website Legal Insurrection, defended Collum, saying the graduate students took the chemistry professor’s tweets out of context to negatively paint him as sexist.

The students claimed Collum supported Mike Cernovich, a controversial figure who has been accused of being a “rape apologist.” Collum had tweeted a public message at Cernovich in response to a “60 Minutes” appearance, asking the social media personality to write about “fake news.” The graduate students claim this shows Collum supported Cernovich and everything he tweets and does, pointing out a tweet from the former in 2012 that claims “Date rape does not exist.”

When this was pointed out to Collum, he responded with: “Good point,” then deleted his original tweet to Cernovich. The graduate students left this all out, of course, in making their accusations. The argument itself was dumb from the beginning. People don’t usually go through a person’s entire Twitter history to make sure the person they’re responding to online has never said something objectionable. Collum may well have heard of Cernovich that night on “60 Minutes,” so to paint him as some sort of supporter of everything Cernovich has ever done is cheap.

If This Is All the Evidence You Guys Got…

Collum also put out a 135-page document called the “2015 Year in Review.” The students quoted a single line they found objectionable. Collum had written: “In an effort to stem a perceived epidemic of sexual violence against women, the Department of Education sent strong messages to universities…” The students claimed this sentence means Collum was “pushing the myth that rape on college campuses is a ‘perceived’ threat.”

They ignored that Collum wrote in the same section: “Women have been the object of abuse since abuse was first invented. It is obvious to all that this is wrong an [sic] should be opposed by all rational means.”

Despite their high average test scores, these Cornell students don’t seem capable of discerning facts from a narrative. It’s not a myth that sexual assault on college campuses is a “perceived” threat, because the evidence doesn’t back up the wild claims often made about “the campus rape epidemic.”

Studies” that claim 20 percent of college women are victims can only arrive at that number by broadening the definition of sexual assault far beyond the legal definition and relying heavily on biased responses. But I guess we can’t count on students at a prestigious university like Cornell to understand something like that.

There’s also no indication that Collum doesn’t whole-heartedly accept those flawed studies.

Jacobson also identifies other examples of where the graduate students intentionally ignored context to smear Collum. In an email from Collum posted in the comment section of Jacobson’s letter to the editor, the chemistry professor issued his only response on the subject (he did not respond to my request for more information).

While Collum did say he is at odds with today’s social justice movement, he insisted that his department “provide[s] an environment that optimizes everybody’s sense of well being, happiness, and professional progress.” He also said that if students find him too polarizing, they can go to “a couple dozen” other members of the department.

“Life offers no emotionally safe spaces—statements to the contrary are a crock—but you can take actions to optimize the world around you,” Collum wrote. “The adults on campus are poised and anxious to help.”

Naturally, Collum’s email response angered social justice warriors, who were incensed that he said their movement is “becoming toxic.” A lack of self-reflection seems to be endemic among the campus crazy crowd. This is just the latest example of a professor’s reputation being dragged through the mud because he doesn’t toe the line of social justice extremism.


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The simple answer every time: Just tell them to go fuck themselves.

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Better yet, Mr. Collum should have called them a bunch of 'pussies'.


btw, I suggest the article is re-titled,

1-*Cornell Students Charge Well-Known Professor With "Bein' a Dick" To Retaliate For His Fuckin' Opposition*

2-*Horny-as-Hell Students Do Self-DisCharge On Well-Worn Professor With 'Sexism' To Retaliate For Non-Union Zero-positions*

They're bitchin' 'cause they ain't gettin' any i.e. they got the Hawaiian Disease, Lack-of-Nookie.

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Good gravy!  How shameful!  These students should follow the stellar example set by our President and avoid name-calling and besmirching of reputations!

More ZH self-assuring jerking off to "left-wing" media porn.  When it's facist, right-wing or racist slander and insults, you defend it as necessary, right, and justified.  You're entitled to your opinion, but when you apply two measures to the response you merely look like the ignoramuses you are.

Jubal Early's picture

left-wing" media porn

Actually ZH is helping expose our enemies and showing us how to identifiy them.  In this case not only do we now know that it isn't just your local state college that has been infested by your people, but it is also the most elite universities.  At this point any woman graduating from college in the last 8 years (since Obama was elected) is likely one of the enemy feminazi goon squads.

Also ZH has triggered you into exposing your flaming PC liberal ass to the their readers.

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And why is it exactly that I should care about this?

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Why would you think you'll be spared when the ideological-guidance squads start rounding up everyone?

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"Actually ZH is helping expose our enemies and showing us how to identifiy them......".

You got it right J_E_.

The Tylers give us a unique chance to 'get out the truth'.


*Operation Talpiot* & *The Technion* is hot.....


"To Understand Globalist Zionist Power And How It Rules From Israel, You Must Understand These Words - "OPERATION TALPIOT" and "THE TECHNION""

After serving 3 years in PRISON/price-of-zion-criticism and jumping bail Brendon O'Connell will arrive in Sydney Australia in 4 days and be immediately arrested .....


Brendon O'Connell

Let's Help Him ZH-ers!!!

It's Urgent.

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Don't be an idiot! Ever damn topic gives the cesspool of antisemitic crapolas an excuse to show the never finished school. Aside from being a HUGE BORE...its idiotic!

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A bunch of spoiled kids on scholarship with no need to work for their schooling...."The idle mind is the devil's workshop" is what we see.

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"Don't be an idiot! Ever damn topic gives the cesspool of antisemitic crapolas......"

....says CharlesBronson


.....dots.dots.....connecting the dots......

Charles Bronson is a *Tatar*, which means.......Tatar is (((KHAZAR))).....

LEARN ya'shmuck:

Tatar/Khazar Marker Renamed Jewish IV - DNA Consultants DNA Consultants' fourth Jewish marker, Tatar/Khazar, has been renamed Jewish IV, bringing it into line with European, Asian and Sub-Saharan African marker groups. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The History Of The Turkish Khazars People - YouTube The Khazars (Turkish: Hazarlar, Tatar: Xäzärlär, Hebrew: ?????? (Kuzarim), Arabic: ???‎ (khazar), Russian: ??????, Persian: ??? ... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
R U sitting in a Telaviv bunker doin' circle jerks with your tribe C_B_ ?
:)  X-
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Give these innocent starry eyed snowflake students power and they would burn every opponent at the stake without a slightest doubt in their minds over their noble cause. Such perfect Red Guardists  they make and had served perfectly in the Killing Fields. Or if you believed in karma here are they back now recycled.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I wonder what becomes of these people in the next financial crisis. 

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Hopefully they will spend the rest of their lives dragged behind a metaphoric economic car like the poodle in "Vacation".

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I swear this current crop of millennials are weaponized socialists. Maybe a war with a draft is just what we need to make men out of these babies. This includes the females too. Give them their equal rights and toss their asses on the front lines.

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Counter suits/claw back of legal costs, reputational damage is REQUIRED to thwart this @#$%.

IntTheLight's picture

Racist slander? Are you referring to the nonwhites in America who always blame their problems on white people? I agree! 92% of the world is nonwhite yet they all wish to move to white countries. And then they whine and slander whites. Tiresome. And driven by racial hatred of whites. So glad we are on same page against racism. Especially racism directed at whites, a teeny weeny minority in the world.

j0nx's picture

I have to agree wholeheartedly. I am not a racist person by nature but the only racism and discrimination I ever see, both by people and governments, is directed TOWARDS whites. Shit needs to stop.

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FFS - Go wrap your lips around the nearest toilet and inhale

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I am thinking of giving you a down vote for using good gravy in your post.  But then i want to give yo an upvote for ignoramuses.  I am so conflicted.

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Expat are you another from the Insider Tolerance is Intolerance Party?

Ghordius's picture

what the heck is happening in those US Universities?

we continental europeans still have those mildly socialistic affairs, with the state funding most expenses, and universities being quite cheap affairs, both from the state's expenses and the student's point of view

the British university landscape is beyond easy explanation, so let's leave that out, here

but the US Universities are supposed to be very liberal, you could quip "mercenary", i.e. money-oriented affairs, shouldn't they?

they are mostly for-profit foundations or at least oriented in asking money and providing value for it

here is perhaps the best example how humungous credit can re-shape the economy and institutions. 1'400 billions of it unpaid, amount creeping up every month, a truly exceptional affair

yes, you can throw money at problems, and it works. but it works like all subsidies work. and you know how those really work? at the beginning, they work wonders. but, like some drugs, that initial wonder abates, and you need more of it if you want to continue the magic

in fact, this is the most depressing part of all politics but also a lot of the economy: people never realize that "seed money" is truly magic... but the effects do not last

if we humans would understand that, we would realize that yes, you might want to subsidize this or that, be it by payment or by credit, but only for a determined time, and then stop, and watch how it goes without subsidy, which would give the whole the most "bang" for the "buck". or, if you really must/want to continue to subsidize, you have to start to push for cost controls, a feature of healthy "statism" or "central command economy"

just a rant

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I got to "We continental europeans" and quit reading. 

Yeup, no difference at all between the Polish and the Portuguese. They're all "continental europeans" now. 

Hilarious if it wasn't so sad. 

Ghordius's picture

yes, I get it, you mind shuts down whenever you read "continental"

yes, there are marked differences between a Russian and a Portuguese

no, this did not stop let's say Mr. Putin, which you held in high regard, to speak about a Union "From Lisbon to Vladivostock", did it?

the european experience is remarkably different between those who speak English as a first language and those who speak it as a second or third one

the european experience is remarkably different between those countries that adopted "Napoleonic methods" and those who did not. note, int this, that even Russia adopted many of them

the european experience is also remarkably different between countries that adopted the continental Parliament system with multi-party electoral methods and those who still use FPTP

but the most important part is this: The British are the biggest users of the word "Continental". They call us this way

so yes, it is a word used by Europeans for some Europeans, marking the difference between "English and not", mostly

you live in Europe, or so you claim, so you really should just accept that we do not speak like Americans

search in the internet for British publications for the word "continental" and "the continent" and you'll have the proof of what I am writing here

I try to point out at... reality

Haus-Targaryen's picture

1. My mind doesn't shut down when I "read" continental.  There are many good ideas which should be common on the continent, such as rail gauge, street signs, lane width and the like.  My mind immediately thinks "fanatic" when one associates some form of common culture with the term "continental." 

2. Interesting you fail to see a difference between a Pole and a Russian and use the terms synonymously. Perhaps some of ZH's Polish or Russian readers could comment if these groups of people are "the same" as Mr. Ghordo seems to think they are -- given they both happen to lie on the European continent. 

3. The European experience is different in every European country you go to, and often times is different depending on where in the European country you are.  This is a good thing.  This is how it should remain.  This is true whether you're English, Irish, German or Italian. The idea that the "European experience" is materially more similar between Estonia and Portugal than it is between Germany and the UK is absurd. 

4. Your distinction of the semantics of the word "continental" are correct.  The Germans, for example don't use the word festländisch or kontinentaleuropäisch ... they simply use the word europäisch which, according to my Lexikon von 1898 or my "Denkmal für das Deutsche Volk" by von Hindenburg published 1911 uses the word to refer to all groups of people who happen to find themselves on the European continent, irrespective of political affiliation.  I think this is the correct usage of the term, whereas today, "europäisch" in the German lexicon now refers to members of the EU, which now excludes the British and has always excluded the Swiss and the Norwegians. After watching Verhofstadt's rant it appears that the term in this group-think we find ourselves in means only groups of people who ascribe to the "ideals" of the EU, whatever they are.

You don't even make an attempt at reality Ghordo, but you are in the fight of your life to point out the reality necessary to sustain the EU.  

You lost touch with what is going on some time ago.  Can I encourage you to pick-up a book on the various groups of people who find themselves on the European Continent written before WWII.  You'll find something much closer to reality than anything written since. 


Ghordius's picture

you are using a German vocabulary from 1898 and von Hindenburgs's views published in 1911?

you are taking Verhofstadt's political rants as a... measure, a standard?

you are advicing me to pick up books written before WWI? and noting that those books describe the european reality today better then anything written since?

I could point out, at this, that we could have a conversation on this basis. we could have a conversation about how Germany became one country, one Nation, from the basis of 200-odd polities in loose alliances. it was not that long ago. but it was before... your historical focus, which seems to start some twentyfive years after 1871 and to end somewhere around WWII

in fact, if you would focus on those years, you would find remarkable similarities to what is happening with the EU and how Germans feel about it. the question is, of course, if you would like it

Haus-Targaryen's picture

My focus on Germany history is between Feb. 1871 to March 18, 1890 when the idiot Wilhelm II. fired Bismarck.  It's been downhill ever since. 

Germany needs another Bismarck desperately. One that recognizes the vital importance for a STRONG and INDEPENDENT Germany committed to peace and neutrality. 

Germany has gone from one war-mongerer to another then from one "we're all the same" hippe to another ever since. 

My only hope looking over the past 100 years since March 19, 1890 was Schröder.  Had Merkel not been a fucking politician more than a human being back in 2005 I think Germany would be materially better off today.

Jubal Early's picture

I enjoy reading your comments Haus, but I have to wonder why you bother trying to discuss anything with that dolt.  He is so full of hot air most of what he says is of doubtfull veracity.  If you bother to reply to him that means your are also forced to waste time trying to decipher what he is bloviating on about. 

I cannot figure out why he even comments at ZH.  A US based soros puppet like Ghordius who droned on endlessly about how great the $ and the Fed were, how the empire could do no wrong, and how we need more social justice would be laughed off of ZH.  But Ghordius manages to get a few up votes now and then for random blurbs in his otherwise usually incoherent comments.  It shows how naive many US based ZH readers are.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

To be fair to Ghordo, he has a pretty limitless hatred for the USD and the Fed, as do most of us. 

My understand of Ghordo is as follows: 

- Over 50, German -- grew up in the post WWII education system here which emphasizes German guilt on a limitless basis. 

- Like many his age in Germany, he doesn't just believe, he objectivly knows the best way to prevent another war on the continent or another Holocaust is through an institution like the EU which sits atop various EU-member states. 

- Unlike the fanatics of Verhofstadt, van Rompoy, Junker, Barrosso, et. al. -- Ghordo doesn't believe in European Federalization, he however will not actively fight against it, nor will he vote against it. 

- His reasons for not fighting against it is rather pragmatic -- he feels European Federalization would never happen due to people like myself but stopping the "deepening of European integration" would endanger the European project and thus risk another war and holocaust.  (A flawed logical connection, but one many in Germany especially in his age group ascribe to.) 

- Furthermore, due to his educational upbringing he will never vote against European Federalization. Why?  The EU Federalists have done an excellent job embedding themselves in every "main stream" political party in the various EU nation-states. From the Tories in the UK (before BREXIT) to PEDEMOS in Spain or the PiS in Poland -- everyone says they are for more "European integration" while no one really defines what that means. The only parties that are extremely outspoken against EU federalization have been labeled by the media in their respective nations as "right-wing extremists" or "nazis" or "fascists" or "high-functioning comedians".  In Germany, where Ghordo can vote -- the AfD and NPD are both listed by the media as "right-wing extremists" and the media repeats it often enough most people believe it.  The fear of voting for a party that everyone thinks is "right-wing" in Germany prohibits people like Ghordo from voting for them.  Its why the AfDs base is those UNDER 65 -- not over. Those in other parties who might see the EU is a flawed project dare not speak out against it -- as they'll get replaced by their own party or labeled "right-wing extremists" by the media and other political parties. 

- Furthermore, Ghordo either doesn't see, or chooses not to see it -- how the EU and the allegiance to the EU affects national politics.  When there are issues in a EU-member state, he will write something here about this isn't the EU's fault -- its the politicians at the national level's fault.  From a purely "text-on-a-page-black-and-white" perspective -- he is 100% correct. Pragmatically he is dead wrong -- as the EU and the furtherance of an "ever closer union" has consumed all political parties (other than the evil right-wingers described above) and any decision that would hinder the furtherance of this goal is fought against -- even if it does irreparable damage to the underlying nation.  See, Greece and Spain as excellent examples thereof.  So while the Greek's decision to accept another bailout in Q1 of 2015 was a national decision (Ghordo is correct) the idea that this was just an internal domestic affair without any pressure from Brussels and Frankfurt is absurd.  

- Lastly, Ghordo is also correct in that the EU isn't all bad.  There are many very positive aspects of the EU and the EUR.  The problem is -- we have come to a point where the negative aspects of the EU (loss of control of borders, loss of control of domestic fiscal policy, loss of control of monetary policy, loss of control of immigration and entitlement spending tied to immigration, unending black hole) outweigh the positive aspects. I think the original goals of the EU are good and noble, and I can understand the desire of many EU nations to want to group together.  My problem with the EU is that it groups all of Europea together into one club, as opposed into three or four clubs ... like it should have.  Why?  Because the fanatics than run this nuthouse really believe that "all people [Europeans] are the same" and Ghrodo really believes that.  

If you split the EU up into different clubs with different rules and layers of integration it implicitly acknowledges that not all people are the same (a cornerstone of the contemporary Left), which then completely slits the social-welfare state off behind the knees. ITs something he just cannot accept as it destroys his political and social ethos.  Thus, he'll continue to believe in systems where everyone is the same. 

If we split the EU up into four groups:

Group 1: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Flanders, Sweden, Finland (and Norway and Iceland could come too if they wanted) I'd be the guy out there holding Group 1's flag, singing the anthem, voting for higher levels of integration, one tax-policy, one-pension policy, one army, etc., etc., I would be all for it. 

Group 2: France, Italy, Spain, Malta & Portugal

Group 3: Baltic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungry

Group 4: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Greece and Cyprus 

It would work out well.  

But Ghordo wouldn't ever go for this because Germany and France are not on the same side of the fence (he was brought up in a time that taught kids the only way to guarantee peace in Europe is if Germany and France always do everything together).  So, yeah.  

Ghordius's picture

won't go into details because all this is still OT

but one point: my faction in politics regarding the EU... is considered the most offensive by EU Federalists

two points of contention:

- the EUR, which they would like to highjack and become "something like the dollar", with a EU Treasury issuing EU sovereign bonds and

- my stance on the Nation States having to stay sovereign. which means National debt, National taxes, National "exit doors"

your stance is one of.... dis-unity, of dis-integration, in... whatever form, as long as something in that direction happens. interestingly, not even Moscow really supports that

Haus-Targaryen's picture

While what you think and believe might be offensive to EU federalists, you won't vote for or support a party that doesn't want to "further deepending EU integration." 

FDP?  Check.

Union? Check. 

SPD, Grüne and Linke ... don't need to mention.

While I understand, accept and appreciate you are not a Federalist, and you might intellectually fight against the federalization of Europe, when you walk into the voting booth, and you need to cast your two votes ... both of them go to parties that want to further integrate Europe.

I am curious the constant association with me and Russia?  Like any nation there are many things the Russian federation does well, there are many things the Russian federation does horribly.  A great example of this -- Go to Danzig and then to Königsberg.  

And yes, right now I support anything and anyone that will create the seismic event necessary to kick off this domino effect the West so badly needs right now.  Every day that goes by with the current unsustainable system is another day you lose before your retirement.  While I know you are a stacker (good for you) -- you'll do okay.  Most people I know aren't, and they they'll suffer horribly. 

Better to get the suffering over while you are younger than older, as it gives you more time to rebuild. 

Ghordius's picture

1. "how great the $ and the Fed..." where? post link  2. "how the empire could do no wrong" where? post link  3. "how we need more social justice" where? post link  4. "A US based soros puppet"??

post links. go on, do that. I am commenting here on ZH since twenty weeks short of 6 years, there must be something LIAR. and you contribute to the highjacking of this thread, which is still about US Universities
Jubal Early's picture

This is why I don't like wasting my time with you because your reply is completely out of context.  I wrote:

"A US based soros puppet like Ghordius who droned on endlessly about how great the $ and the Fed were, how the empire could do no wrong, and how we need more social justice would be laughed off of ZH."

I didn't say that you wrote those things, I wrote that if someone wrote about the US the same way you do about EU he would be laughed off of ZH.

As far as sanctity of staying on topic on a completely over-spammed ZH threat goes:  Fuck off EU cunt.  And I could care less about how long you have been posting your drivel here.

ich1baN's picture

All of my replies to Ghordiot have been rebuttals to his imbecilic idea that Europe should accept more refugees willingly despite the obvious dangers and the obvious cultural differences that are impossible to reconcile. The proof is in the pudding. IF refugees from majority islamic countries could assimilate over the long run, then you would never see 2nd and 3rd generation Swedish Muslims become the largest supply pool from Europe to ISIS in syria... either he is a paid stooge that works for David Brock's CTR or he literally is a mindless European citizen brought up and indoctrinated by the system that produced him... European socialism. All of his rants have undertones to Globalistic 1 world ideals (hence why I rebuttal hard against him on the refugee situation).

Ghordius's picture

my idea? when? where? link, please

Jubal Early's picture

"either he is a paid stooge that works for David Brock's CTR or he literally is a mindless European citizen brought up and indoctrinated by the system that produced him.."

That's a hard call, but I take the mindless European "useful idiot" behind door number 2.

Ghordius's picture

that's my point too, actually

you look at Otto The Consolidator, post-1871, the German Empire Chancellor... but you don't see him "harmonizing" the German States, from the one standard bullet fitting in all German guns to all the rest, which has lots of parallels with how the EU operates today

you don't look at Otto the Prussian Chancellor, and his "Realpolitik", and the whole shebang of alliances that he regarded as vital for the well-being of both Prussia and the other German states, his dealings with Denmark (a war), his dealings with Austria (a war), his dealings with France (yes, another war), and all this for alliances, alliances and more alliances. you see him disliking colonialism as a good option for the Reich, but you don't see him allowing some colonialist adventures, and you completely disregard the "Kulturkampf", or Otto the "Technocrat and advancer of bureaucracy"

in short... you "cherry pick"

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Of course I cherry pick, I want the good and not the bad.  If your expectation is perfection you'll always be disappointed. 

The big difference between Bismarck and the idiots who came after him is he only get into wars he knew he could win. 

Additionally, he harmonized things among peoples with VERY VERY VERY similar cultures.  Remember Ghordo, I know this offends your social-ethocs -- but culture is important.  Harmonizing people whose starting point is very close to one another is much easier than harmonizing people who look at the world 180° differently. 

Ghordius's picture

"Of course I cherry pick" yes, and that cherry picking is offensive. it was then, it is still today

yes, culture. yes... Kulturkampf. yes,

"he only get into wars he knew he could win" -> this is probably the most offensive and least "Otto-like" thing ever written. did you ever read his writings?

sorry, I think we simply can't talk about my great-great-great Uncle Otto if you insist on picking out only what you like and leave out what you dislike because it does not fit your worldview, and never mind what you think are my "social-ethics" or whatever

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Had Uncle Otto still been in charge, would WWI have happened? 

Ghordius's picture

fully agree, as long as the alliance with Russia persisted, no two front war would have been possible

note, there, that it was a tri-partite Alliance: Germany, Austria and Russia,

aka "DreiKaiserBund", i.e. "The Alliance Of The Three Emperors" or "The Alliance of the Three Caesars" (League_of_the_Three_Emperors)... in the sense of the three "Roman" Emperors/Caesars, note, all three sporting the Black Eagle of the Roman Empire, whereas if one-headed or two-headed is relatively unimportant

what stands that Eagle and Empire thing for? why did all three emperors claim to be claimers of the Title of Caesars?

ehm.... Something Spectacularly Similar To European Unity. Common (Roman descended) Heritage. EurAsia. "The Continent". Something... that might eventually stretch "from Lisbon to Vladivostock"

you really think that Uncle Otto would have been against anything similar to the EU at peace with Russia?

Jubal Early's picture

You are both wrong.  Bismarck wasn't good for the Germans nor is the EU.  It should have remained a patchwork of sovereign states that voluntarily gave up some small proportion of their sovereignty in exchange for voluntary standards that everyone could agree on and that guaranteed the right to secession.  Kind of like a big Switzerland with the largest cantons being Bavaria and Prussia (which were already too big).  This kind of state is very difficult to control which is why already in 1848 the Rothschilds were forcing Europeans to give up their sovereignty and freedom.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

While I appreciate the ideals of "local government" -- the pragmatism of it all was when Germany unified in 1871 there was a lot of turmoil going on in Europe. 

First, the 500 year conflict between the French and the English was more or less over, with the English winning.  Russia, as an empire (and a larger population than the rest of Europe combined at that point) was industrializing -- which concerned the English, and obviously concerned the Prussians.  

The English saw what the Russians did to the French after the French took out the Prussians at the beginning of the 19th century.  They also knew that as Russia continued to industrialize it would continue to exert more and more power in Europe -- due simply to demographics.  The great English fear around the first German unification was Russia picking-off its neighbors one-by-one as there was no "unified" force large enough to stop them until the Rhein river.  

The Prussians saw this as a threat as well, and even though the Russians and the Prussians were allies at this point & time -- had the German unification not occurred, it would have been akin to two Fighting Fish in the same bowl.  One gets fed protein while the other eats algae. Its only a matter of time before one swallows the other. 

The Prussian response to this was unification of the various Germanic kingdoms.  While this more or less stopped (or put on pause) the Russian "threat" from a now German point of view, the English were just left out in the cold.  They now have Russia, which is industrializing quickly with unlimited natural resources and a growing population, a unified Germany with twice the population of England and is further industrialized than the UK was at that point -- and they were ALLIES! 

The English set out, almost as soon as the Reich was formed in 1871 to get the Germans and Russians to fight one another.  I would venture to say it was the UK's single most important goal at that point & time. 

Had the unification never happened, I imagine Moscow would be the world's capital and DC and London would be backwaters. 


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"Had the unification never happened, I imagine Moscow would be the world's capital and DC and London would be backwaters."

The British Empire was clearly already inder the control of the Rothschilds and likely Germany's deep state was already under the control of the zionists too.  Secret societies like the Masons, Illuminists, Jesuits were also rampaging.  Just consider Princip who assasinated the Austrian Crown Prince.  Who was behind him.  Or the "Anarchists" constant attempts to assasinate the Czar.

My point is that what the German elites and Wilhelm I did under Bismarck has little to do with the interest of the German peoples and far more to do with the machinations of various cults and tribes.

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give it up amigo... he thinks the EU is the equivalent or better than the USA... you could write a book on the differences as to why that isn't so and another on why the EU will never achieve the level of federalization that the USA has... when I go to any European country and the signs are all in one language, the people effectively speak one language as their _primary_ language, the electrical plugs are all one type, I don't need a passport to cross "state" boundaries etc. so on and so forth, then and only then will I think his argument has merit... until then, the EU is simply an experiment in monetary union that is destined to fail and fall, leaving way for the Next Big Idea in European Unification to come in and fuck everything up... look at the history, unified Europe has been the holy grail for centuries and the _only_ group that pulled it off was the Roman Empire... those days are gone and they're not coming back...

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My mind shuts down when I read ghordius at the top, oh paid by the word honkey.

There is no such thing as 'continental European'. There are Czechs, Hungarians, Poles, Ukrainians. Italians, French, etc - too lump them into one when they carry very different values and cultures - and now different religions and leftist/right leanings is like holding hands singing kumbaya at Comintern meetings in early Soviet Union. Rejoice you unicontinental communist dolt.

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There is absolutely no difference between the Polish and the Portuguese.. The both start with the letter P also.

There are also no differences between the Spanish and Slovaks. Have you not heard of the Slovak Conquistador or their long and brutal colonist past?

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we are in an article about universities

now, On Thread, On Theme: I see three systems "at work", three categories

the first is the American one. the second is the British one, where I also reinforced the difference by noting "the British university landscape is beyond easy explanation, so let's leave that out, here"

the third one... I can't call it european here, because then immediately someone would come and write: "Hey, dude, I was there, you are talking bullshit"

and so I called it with the absolutely common and accepted British term: continental

since we are talking about universities, yes, I maintain that in this third category, universities are remarkably similar in their ways, from one in Lisbon to one in Athens to one in Rotterdam to one in Warsaw to one in Minsk to one in Moscow

do you disagree on this? if yes, note why and how, and then, we would be back on thread

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Agreed completely.  Thank Christ for the EU, finally pointing out to everyone there is no difference between various European peoples, infact the pluralization of the word "people" is incorrect. Everyone is the same.  Not a difference between them. 

Now STFU, sit in a circle, hold hands and smile at one another while singing "Its a small world after all", thinking that goes against the EU is not allowed.  Pay us those carbon taxes and bailout cash, stat! Oh and watch out for Nazis (Mr. Ghordo, I believe the German media uses the term Rechtsextremismus to describe everyone right of the middle of the Union) they are everywhere on every street corner and we have to remain vigilant so the Holocaust never happens again. 

Oh, does FFM need *another* Jewish museum?  Five aren't enough, so let's build another one. Gotta watch-out for the Nazis. 

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we are still in an article about universities, aren't we?

I pointed out at remarkable differences in the universitary systems adopted in three different regions: the US, the UK, and the rest of Europe

further, I pointed out that one incredible difference is the US Student Debt affair. You claim to be escaping that thing. Interestingly, whenever that thing is the core of an article, I scan the comments for you... and usually I do not find you

what is your opinion about the US Student Debt tragedy? why are you blasting this thread full with stuff and rants about the EU, instead?

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I am particularly annoyed today after watching Verhofstadt's comments to Orban.  The guy is a complete fanatic and people love him for it, even though his ideals and policies over decades will destroy what made Europe Europe ... different groups of people competing against one another. It was through this competition that many inventions and novelties were created we enjoy today.  Yes, lots of bloodshed to go along with it, and that should be avoided ... but the "the only way to prevent war is to destroy the nation-state" which is the cornerstone of the European federalist movement, which has swallowed most all other parties and ideals is predicated upon. 

The U.S. Student Debt tragedy is a bubble that will go away in the next financial crisis.  There is a saying "what cannot be repaid won't".  Sorry to tell the U.S. taxpayer, but lending $125k to someone to get a degree is feminism with a 2.1 GPA (think 3,7 deutsche Note) and then they work at Starbucks for $8.25 an hour, that will never get repaid. 

Better to take the losses now than wait 10 or 15 years when there has been a ton of interest accumulation, the "asset" on the government's balance sheet is somewhere near $4 trillion and you've exterminated two decades worth of consumption. 

But that is just my thought on it.