"This Is A Coup": Masked Men Storm Macedonia Parliament - Live Feed

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Supporters of the movement "For The Common Macedonia" stormed the Macedonian parliament and attacked the deputies of the parliamentary majority, following a vote for a new speaker. In addition, journalists were detained in the press center of the Parliament.

Demonstrators forced their way into the building after the Social Democrats and the parties representing ethnic Albanians elected a parliament speaker in a vote that Gruevski’s party didn’t recognize, MIA said.

As Bloomberg reports, the former Yugoslav state of 2 million people has struggled to find a way out of political deadlock after former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski failed to for a coalition government following an inconclusive snap vote five months ago. Gruevski’s ally, President Gjorge Ivanov, has refused to give a mandate to the opposition Social Democrats, which say they can form a majority-backed government with parties representing ethnic Albanians.

Today's action was condemned by European Union Commissioner Johannes Hahn, who said “violence has no place in parliament,” according to his post on Twitter.


Live Feed:

The attack injured several members, including the leader of the opposition SDSM party, Zoran Zaev.


"This is a coup," shouted the deputies of VMRO-DPMNE party of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, reports plusinfo.mk.

The 'coup' follows the Macedonian opposition leader's calls for an end to a political deadlock that has left parliament unable to elect a speaker for three weeks. As AP reports, Zoran Zaev suggested a new speaker could be elected outside normal procedures, an idea immediately rejected by the conservative party as an attempted coup.

Macedonia has been without a government since December, when former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski's conservative party won elections, but without enough votes to form a government. Coalition talks broke down over ethnic Albanian demands that Albanian be recognized as an official second language. A quarter of Macedonia's population is ethnic Albanian.

Zaev secured the cooperation of another ethnic Albanian party, giving him 69 of parliament's 120 seats. But President Gjorge Ivanov refused to hand him the mandate to form a government.

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Laddie's picture

Americans, REAL AMERICANS, will either do something similar or be genocided off by .gov, once they have disarmed Whitey.

Because (((THEY))) will NOT allow us to vote our way out of this.

GUN CONTROL: Not What It Seems

Why Every Warrior Should Own a Firearm

Raffie's picture

Gun control works great.. if you are against the law abiding gun owners.

Darktarra's picture

Please take copious notes!  Americans may need to do the very same thing after Trump! 

PrayingMantis's picture


"This Is A Coup":

... is that a coded message? ... This Coup Is A ... This  C    I   A    ...    hmmm

lol,  ;)

Joe Davola's picture

Isn't this the point where Denzel Washington realizes the hostage takers realized the pizza boxes were bugged.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

The video looks like a boss fight from a Mario Bros. video game.... someone's grandad with a football scarf, one guy with a balaclava, a man bag and a Ramones t-shirt and some clown draped in a national flag like it's a superhero cape. 

Donkey Kong throwing barrels was off-screen. 

Love it. 

svayambhu108's picture

Balkan people are very "hands on" on everyting

HowdyDoody's picture

What color are we up to now?

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Shit brown. 

Can't ya' smell it? 

Ignatius's picture

Soros ain't gonna like this development... unless, of course, he's funding it.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Death to the communist traitors! Long live Macedonia!!!

keep the bastards honest's picture

Was Macedonia said to be next target after Ukraine by nudelman and others?

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So now I must open the live feed in a Facebook app?

Forget it.

Any other links from ZHers?

stocker84's picture

working fine on my phone...don't use facebook.


What are you using, an iphone?

Troy Ounce's picture

Thanks for that

Using Samsung with Android.

Video above also says "tap to open in Facebook app"

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Speaking to dear old Mum in Sydney a few weeks ago and the call drops. 

I call back and I get the engaged tone. 

I call back again... still engaged. She calls me soon after and explains 'the funniest thing... the last 30 seconds of our conversation repeated... twice. Verbatim.'

The recording was glitching. 

I wasn't surprised one bit. She didn't get it. 

Big brother is watching.





ThirdWorldDude's picture


24 hour live feed from an independent Macedonian TV-channel-.

general ambivalent's picture

How have those guns helped Mur'kans so far? They sit at their computers threatening civil war and larp as the local walmart, stockpiling more garbage.

Meanwhile, it is people without guns who try to disarm their governments.

thetruthhurts's picture


Mar 28, 2017 - The Senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to admit the small Balkan nation ofMontenegro to the NATO military alliance......

Bill of Rights's picture

Ill empty them before they take them...thats for fucken sure...Go for it globalists I dare you.

Anteater's picture

The most successful coups are business as usual, behind a patriotic flag, and a patriot act, while the Elites serve themselves with $20T in fresh cream, and their Republican Guard enjoys a waterboard buffet of Yellow Cake, under a poodled news media.

Rockatanski's picture

anyone that thinks america is immune from zombieland is suffering a bad case of Normalcy Bias.

prepare accordingly.

aloha_snakbar's picture

...journalists attacked by masked men

Surely I have died and gone to heaven. You can nuke me now, Kim AKA CIA/.gov...

Le_Zabroso's picture

Facist have a bad name, but if you look at how they govern--and come to power--you'll see leftist fuckups lead the way every time. 

Jim in MN's picture

Funny how you can change FREE SHIT into FEE SHIFT with just a couple of letters.....

mary mary's picture

FREE SHIT is when the Ruling Class makes it legal for the Welfare Class to shit on the Working Class.

mary mary's picture

Lenin was fascist.  DNC is fascist.  Antifa is fascist.  Even ISIS is fascist.

SmackDaddy's picture

Lulz. Fascism is literally defined as "opposition to communism, Marxism, and liberalism". It was a reactionary movement.

Thurmonster's picture

There's a little more to it than that. It may have been characterized as such to sell it to the masses, but there is very little difference between it and communism. The obvious differences being that one is lead by a dictator that controlls everything, the other is lead by a legislative body that owns and controls everything.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

The political spectrum.  I'm going this way (let/ right).  You go that way (right/ left). 

La de dah...

Tra la la... 

Hey, we've headed in different directions yet gone full circle and met at the same point. 

Moral of the story: fuck politics, it's all a distraction. 

Be free. Take care of yourself and others who deserve it. 

unsafe-space-time's picture

They failed to exterminate so they lost.

mary mary's picture

That is 100% incorrect.  The Romans were fascists, 2000 years ago.  Look up "fasces".  Look up "lictor".

fleur de lis's picture

Lenin/Ulyanov was also a common thug and Bolshevik instigator. 

He was well known to the Russian police as street trash.

Here's his mugshot


His brother participated in the murder of Czar Alexander lll and was hanged for it.

Lenin/Ulyanov was suspected of the same but the Russians did not have enough evidence to charge him so he was exiled to Siberia.

That wasn't such a bad deal for Lenin/Ulyanov, he was basically under house arrest instead of stuck between a wall and a firing squad where he belonged.

His mind was still festering with sedition, violence, revenge, treason, seething hatred, etc.,.  

While he was there he attended Kazan University Law School via correspondence. 

After his release he tried a few theft cases and lost them all.

A real dummy.

He went back to murder and mayhem with the growing packs of filthy Bolsheviks.

The Czar should have hanged him just for being related to his brother the killer.

That would have spared us a few genocides.

Unfortunately for us all -- and especially for the Romanovs and the Russian people -- the next Czar was the young and inexperienced Nicholas ll who was lenient with punishment meted out to Bolshevik vermin, and did not understand that they all needed to be exterminated where they stood, male and female alike.

The benevolence of the Romanovs cost us dearly.

Killing must have been a Ulyanov family trait.

No wonder the NWO loved him. 

Another beggar on horseback.



mary mary's picture

Yes. That didn't stop him from being fascist.

general ambivalent's picture

'Everything I don't like is fascist.' Now we're getting somewhere...

mary mary's picture


1. Fascist means you bind together and then go out and attack someone.  The fasces is the symbol for this. 

2. In practice, fascism is usually businessmen who get together and support a group of representatives to serve as Legislators, Administrators, and Jurists.  The Legislators enact laws requiring the citizens to purchase stuff from the businessmen, or to pay taxes to support "welfare and warfare" which purchase stuff from the businessmen.  The Administrators collect the taxes.  The Jurists protect the system and jail those who don't join up or help.

"Welfare fascism" attacks the middle class, taxing it and giving its money to "the poor", on the condition that they give it to "welfare industry" businessmen.

"Warfare fascism" attacks rulers of other countries.  It also attacks the middle class, taxing it and giving its money to "warfare industry" businessmen.

Obama Care is a perfect example of "welfare" fascism.  Thus, DNC.

Antifa meets the first definition of fascism.  As for the second definiton, I don't know yet who is funding Antifa, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be mostly "welfare" businessmen but also some "warfare" businessmen.  I also wouldn't be surprised if lots of "welfare industry" employees are Antifa "demonstrators".

ISIS also meets the first definition of fascism.  ISIS chops the heads off of people who don't join up or help.  Not too much "welfare" fascism to ISIS, but lots of "warfare" fascism.  And among the businessmen profiting, I understand, may be Erdogan's son, who may be buying ISIS oil and shipping it all over.  ISIS may also be collecting fat mercenary checks from the Gulf State monarchs and Israel... and from others, too.

tmosley's picture

Sounds like communist behavior to me.

general ambivalent's picture

As opposed to sitting in the shadows and voting in another globalist. Boy those capitalists have it all worked out!

Jim in MN's picture

The enemy is in the rich ZIP codes.....not the poor ones.....




Gated communities

Private/executive airstrips

Not housing complexes, run down shacks, or slums.

If you're fighting poor people, you're in the wrong war--THEIR war.

SmackDaddy's picture

Oh bullshit. White people are fighting a two front war. Communist jews funding brown foot soldiers

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Yes, some things never change....

mary mary's picture

I smell something: either George Soros or a Togo freighter load of cattle standing in a week's worth of their own poop.

subversion's picture

The "mask ed man"? Why does he wear the mask?

Bill of Rights's picture

This so needs to happen on Pennsylvania Avenue...

Smedley's Butler's picture

Which side is Soreass on?


Seriously... I do not follow Macedonian politics. Is this his rebels attempting a coup, or patriots taking out his staged govt...?