Democrats Take Government Hostage: Threaten To Shut It Down If GOP Repeals Obamacare

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Once again Republicans have managed to box themselves in.

Just as the GOP has reportedly found enough votes among conservative Republicans to pass the latest iteration of the proposed Healthcare bill, with Freedom Caucus Mark Meadows saying "republicans will have the votes to pass" Obamacare repeal, Democrats realized that they once again have the leverage to bring this whole process to a grinding halt halt. And they are using it.

As The Hill reports, House Democrats will oppose any short-term spending bill - which is what McConnell was hoping on passing to buy one week of time - if Republican leaders attempt to expedite an ObamaCare repeal bill this week, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) warned Thursday. In other words, Democrats are now holding the government hostage indefinitely as long as Republicans - who now have the votes to pass new healthcare legislation - threaten to repeal Obamacare.

Hoyer, the Democratic whip, spoke with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) Thursday morning to warn him of the Democrats' position. "If Republicans announce their intention to bring their harmful TrumpCare bill to the House Floor tomorrow or Saturday, I will oppose a one-week Continuing Resolution and will advise House Democrats to oppose it as well,” Hoyer said in an email.

“Republicans continue to struggle to find the votes to pass a bill that will kick 24 million Americans off their health coverage, allow discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions, and impose an age tax on older Americans. That's why they are trying to jam it through the House before their Members can hear from the American people this weekend about their opposition to this horrible legislation.”

"If Republicans pursue this partisan path of forcing Americans to pay more for less and destabilizing our county's health care system — without even knowing how much their bill will cost — Republicans should be prepared to pass a one-week Continuing Resolution on their own,” Hoyer said.

As the Hill adds, the threat is significant because GOP leaders will likely need Democratic votes to pass a short-term spending bill in the face of opposition from conservatives historically opposed to government funding bills. Even Trump has chimed in... again.

Ironically, as long as the GOP was split internally, and appeared it did not have enough votes to repeal Obamacare, the government shutdown was a negligible risk. However now that Democrats have realized that the new bill may just pass, they are using the biggest leverage they have: holding one-week continuing resolutions indefinitely, in the process assuring that Republicans may never be able to pass Obamacare repeal, with the government being funded on a week-by-week basis only as long as the GOP agrees not to pass such a vote.

The Democrats’ move comes as bipartisan negotiators in both chambers are getting closer to an agreement on an omnibus spending bill to prevent a government shutdown. If Congress doesn’t act before midnight Friday night, much of the federal government would shut down.

The market, naturally, has noticed, and as Citi observes "the latest bout of headlines has investors on edge - US Republicans and Senate in deep conflict. Speaking to our desks, interest seen - especially for USDJPY - appears to be largely short-term, reactionary. As we type, the market looks for a base. USDJPY now 111.20. US 10y yield at 2.2950%."

How this particular impasse will be resolved remains unclear.

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Kefeer's picture

Unfortunately the government doesn't really "shut-down"; only the parts that make people feel some pain, like screwing everyone's vacation to national parks, like Obama did.

Kefeer's picture

Democrats are now holding the government hostage indefinitely as long as Republicans - who now have the votes to pass new healthcare legislation - threaten to repeal Obamacare.- End

Proves that we have a one-party system whose motto is "we divide the country by day and party together by night laughing all the way with our banker friends".

Jesus will damn them all!! Amen!

ThanksIwillHaveAnother's picture

The Republicans need to let the Dems do it.  Then point the finger at them for not negotiating like statesmen should.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Remind me ...what does goverment do when it is not shut down????

oh yeah...where's my check???

hutnela's picture

Yup, same thing they do when it is shut down... but louder... and possibally even more useless...

hutnela's picture

Well great, the park rangers will get back pay, but will I see a refund of my money I spent on my fishing license for the days I cant go fishing, or the tax money that was deducted to pay these clowns salary, for the days they didn't work? I don't think these guys give 2 shits about obamacare, they just want a free vacation.

dvfco's picture

It's not just the park rangers, everyone who goes on forced vacation get re-paid in full when they gear up the government again.  And, those deemed "Critical" rack up plenty of overtime being so understaffed.  It's all a game.

Time to just fucking default on all debt.  Everyone stop paying taxes.  Let the debt go from $20T to $23T in a year - what the fuck's the difference?  If Obama could let it go from $10T to $20T, why can't Trump just give everyone tax holiday and print the money.  It's essentially just double what Obama did.  He collected $1.5T in taxes and printed the other half in debt.

This is all a show.  The missiles will be flying soon.

TheABaum's picture

Congressional salaries should be curtailed Friday. 

dvfco's picture

The U.S. Government being shut-down at any point should immediately trigger national elections to all US House & Senate seats.

That would get these cocksuckers to do their jobs.

There's <1% of the house or senate that truly want anything to change.  

The US Gov't spends $2bn per DAY on the military, have 1,000,000 employees in the Pentagon to care for 1,000,000 troops.  We have >1,900 government agencies related to national defense.  It's incredible.  And, that's just the military!

[By the way, did you see that douche The Speaker of the House at his press conference today?  It's "Take Your Child to Work Day" and he made sure to tell all the kiddies in the room how great their parents were at their jobs.  What horse shit!]

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

Shutdown Federal Government is shutting Obama Care, perfect!!!!
Lets fuck up the system, anyway congratulations to President Trump! He has set a new record—having the lowest approval rating of any president after the first three months in office. This tells us something very important, it is the best time to shutdown the government, we should not miss the opportunity

kindasketchy's picture

Smart move by the Democrats considering Trump has flipped or caved on everything else.

teolawki's picture

Here's a thought. Shut it down. A real shut down and not the fake shit being hyped. Pay the bills and keep only a skeleton crew to get gov work done. As you find things not getting done, call back to work only the requisite personnel to get it done. In three months time gov will be appropriately staffed. Leave the gov in this shut down mode. Mission accomplished.

Soph's picture

Spot on.

I always find it amusing the hypochritical nature of Republican politicians on this subject. They generally want smaller governemt (or so they say). The absolute BEST way of getting that is to force the government to shut down on one of these spending bills. But they never pull the trigger. Conclusion: they really want big government, like all politicans.

echoes's picture

ROFL "national parks" is what the jew-tool is worried about. How is he not a bush clone.

truthalwayswinsout's picture

Not one of them have the balls to do what is right. About the only way we can clean house is to line them up and shoot them. We need significant amendments to the constitution if we are to survive as a society.

sriechers's picture

Don't be fooled again!  Play their silly game.  Shut her down and no back pay for not working.  

truthseeker47's picture

If the repubs had even half a brain, they would let ObummerCare run the way it was written with no extra funds to save it.  It will self-destruct.  Then they could write new healthcare legislation, or just forget about it.

beyondreality's picture

When will the worthless Demorats stop this endless crap based on nothing but obstruction? Shut it down but this time NO BACKPAY for the govt employees who just get a few days off with full pay after its over.

ISIS,Democrats,radicial Muslims all have the same agenda!

silentboom's picture

Is this a threat?  Shut it down.

onwisconsinbadger's picture

Merrick Garland. Pukes are losers ! sad !!!!!

FinsterF's picture

If the Democrats shut down the government, how is that a black mark on Republicans? Are government shutdowns always automatically Republicans' fault?

hooligan2009's picture

shut down welfare and EBT payments and let's see how long it takes for Dems to be lynched by their own supporters.

unbelievable that demonrats would prefer to see a government shut down.

well, maybe they will do the same for the debt ceiling .

that reminds me, i had better go tell Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diners to double my credit card limit 'cos i feel like binging on hookers and blow. not like they have any say in the matter anyway.

DjangoCat's picture

Keep accepting those limit increases.

debtor of last resort's picture

America, you're a bunch of clowns with nukes. After so much stupidity in so many years, give me the fucking date you start doing something good.

You're a Euroburger without muslims.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

Fuck these immature ass holes on both sides (wait, they're both on the same uniparty side).  Shit, we're fucked...

aliens is here's picture

Demorats will show the Republicans who is really wearing the pants in the house.

naro's picture


Jethro's picture

Government was useless before the 60 vote rule.

Riquin's picture


vegas's picture

What's the opposite of progress? "Con" gress. Fucking idiots.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Good thing Trump doesn't negotiate with Terrorists. 

heehaw2's picture

Smoke and mirrors!  The American middle class is getting raped.  The American insured are subsidizing the healthcare system.  Gubbermint shifts the true cost (reimbursment) of Medicare , and Medicaid to the the American insured.     Pharmacuticals are so much cheaper in other countries, as insured US citizens cover the real costs of medications and research.



DjangoCat's picture

"Pharmacuticals (sic) are so much cheaper in other countries, as insured US citizens cover the real costs of medications and research."

Wrong!  More rape here to the nth degree.  Drug costs rise faster than anything else.  Scam and rape!  

You are fools to let this happen.

heehaw2's picture

Republican's are pathetic imbeciles.  The Democrats walk in lock step and the RINOS drool all over themselves.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

The Republicans walk with Democrats.


Wasn't the Trump Hope, "Republicans control the house and the senate".    Well? 

ironmace's picture

Bullshit. The Democrats have no levers of power anywhere in the system. If the Republicans want to repeal Obamacare, they can do it. If the want to raise the debt ceiling, they can do it. If they want to pass a tax cut, they can do it. If none of those things get done, it is a failure on purpose, and of their own manufacture, rather than anything the Democrats do or threaten.

az_patriot's picture

Sorry to say this, but the Democrats actually have a huge lever of power -- they have a willing and compliant press that will spread their bullshit far and wide, and spin anything and everything to their favor.  The press in our country should be designated as Public Enemy #1.

Eddielaidler's picture

I think he is saying it is weak willed Republicans that refuse to ACT.

beijing expat's picture

The press is a shadow of its former self. It sucks, plain and simple. That's why we are here.

We Are The Priests's picture

We don't care who shuts it down.  Just shut it down already!

konadog's picture

Repeal Obollahcare AND shutdown the Federal government. Sounds too good to be true.

3Wishes's picture

I liked Mike Cernovich description,  4D chess, Bla blah blah 4D chess Blah Blah Blah..   Until Trump grows a pair and jails Obama and Clinton and ....

Nothing will change..   personally jail is too soft.

Eddielaidler's picture

Burn it down. The insanity requires it. Let the people decide.

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Handful of Dust's picture

There's alot of registered Democrats who want this disaster repealed. So the Dmeocrat politicians are screwing their own voters too. Shows you Schumer , pelosi, etc don't care about them.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Trump is a paper tiger.  Meow.


 1 Hour Meow Mix Single ? By The Shelines ? 2015

JLee2027's picture

You'd have to think the Republicans with QB Ryan and the ball on the 1 yard line and the other team off the field, the RINOs still would make excuses why they cannot score.