The Issues Americans Think Are Worth A Government Shutdown

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As the deadline for U.S. federal budget authorization approaches, this infographic highlights the issues that people think are important enough to justify a government shutdown.

Infographic: The Issues Worth a Government Shutdown | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

This infographic draws data from a Morning Consult/POLITICO survey.

As Statista's Martin Armstrong notes, although 67 percent of respondents said Congress should do everything it can to avoid a shutdown, of all the issues, the one stated most often as being worth fighting for was the increase of funding for defense and homeland security.

President Trump's flagship policy of building a wall on the border to Mexico was the lowest priority for voters, with only 27 percent saying this should be a sticking point; perhaps indicating that the president's decision to back down on the issue won't be as politically damaging as some of his detractors might have hoped.

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AVmaster's picture

Source: Politico...


Say no more: this shit isn't even worth toilet paper to wipe my ass with...

Ghordius's picture

it is quite US-(D), isn't it?

the strangest thing for me is it's new european outlet,

sometimes very focused on a British point of view, but I could not point out in which direction it is going when not. some articles are excellent, others are incredibly biased, while they all tend to be sensationalist. but they allow journalists from several countries to post, which makes it very diverse, at times, and often quite different from it's US version

edit/OT: it reminds me how several British tabloids have a Scottish/NI version that has to be... sanitized

because they simply can't sell the whoppers they dish out to the English as a matter of course to the Northern Irish and the Scots, too. they tried, and the local public simply went away or on the barricades about them

Mtnrunnr's picture

But I want all my free shit!

nmewn's picture

Funny ain't it?

Just under half of those who think funding the military & domestic security is their high priority don't think the wall is.

Yeah, I'm buyin

Kfilly's picture

I totally buy that. The average American is about as bright as a burnt out light bulb. I have heard polls that Congress gets about a 10% approval rating. Yet, approximately 90% of all Americans think their Congressman is great. People cannot see the Forest through the trees.

JRobby's picture


Destroy Education

Put poisons in the air, water, food, and medicines

Push alcohol as a "fun legal high"

Get as many people on thought numbing medications as possible

Control all media


Strive for continuous improvement in education and accomplishment

Mandate production of healthy foods and medicines

Allow free speech and opinion in all of its forms and manifestations

Allow the use of LSD, weed, pure amphetamines and other mind expanding drugs. Because we might immediately see the hoax hiding in plain site.


newdoobie's picture

They don't say whether the percentage is for the position or against. If I was asked I would have said they should shut down the government over increasing the DOD budget. It should decrease.

Ghordius's picture

increase funding for US defense and homeland security? increase? wow

nope, I really can't even say if this is bullshit or for real. all the other issues I can grasp, regardless if I would agree or not, but this one, I am at total loss (and it just makes me feel even more distant from the US Cousins, as if the Atlantic had become 10'000 miles wider)

aardvarkk's picture

Hey, I don't even feel like I'm in my own country anymore.  I'm rooting for a 50% DECREASE in defense spending.  Then reevaluating to see if we could possibly cut it in half again.  Maybe initiate a constitutional amendment to limit the number of overseas mil bases to Nancy Pelosi's IQ.

Is-Be's picture

If the Yanks ate voting to INCREASE dept of homeland security then I am really, really impressed with their mind control.

Imagine that. Voting to increase your jailor's power.

Stockholm syndrome or what?

XqWretch's picture

no kidding... then again I don't believe any of these fucking polls

Ghordius's picture

in my experience here on ZH most of them hate being called "Yanks" or "Yankees"

it's a bit like the Guantanamo thing. I was kind of impressed about how strong that opposition against deportation of those prisoners to the US mainland was

my generation of continental europeans often joke about our "Fortress Europe Mentality", and yet... the story gave me the impression that somehow Americans feel as if they were under siege, constantly threatened by even a few prisoner in chains. last time a friend quipped that this might go back to the movie "The Silence of the Lambs", where the story is that a truly dangerous man is always dangerous, can escape anytime , kill, etc. etc. Fear sells, that's for sure

nmewn's picture

"in my experience here on ZH most of them hate being called "Yanks" or "Yankees"

Maybe I can help you in understanding that.

Yankees is a word used to describe the people & culture that originated from the NE part of America who were of English & Dutch descent, then, foisted on the rest who never accepted the word or the culture as describing them.

Its like calling a Russian...a Frenchman ;-)

aardvarkk's picture

Hey, I have no problem with being a Yank.  Or, when I'm in Mexico, a Gringo.  Or whatever everybody else calls us.  I'm more interested in context and/or how they say it.  If they're smiling and being friendly, all is good.  If they're angry (or especially expressionless) then I'm looking for the door.

People put way too much emphasis on words (which is why political correctness is such a crock).  People say nice words all the time to hide evil intent.  There are also a LOT of people who use rough words all the time, even when they might like you.  I guarantee this last election in the US there were a LOT of people who said nice things about Clinton and called Trump rotten, then went in the voting booth and voted Trump.  Same thing may happen with Le Pen.

A. Boaty's picture

Either Stockholm syndrome, or fear.

Take care when answering polls, Comrades. You don't know who watches.

aardvarkk's picture

If the Aussies hadn't gone full retard on gun control and a couple other issues, I'd SERIOUSLY be considering making a big move.  Seemingly everywhere else you're either in a third world hellhole or a third world hellhole masquerading as a first or second world country.

hotrod's picture










Maybe I am really STUPID but these are the reasons  Donald Trump was voted into office and the issues citizens are concerned with


therover's picture

Can I add term limits ?

AE911Truth's picture

It is worth shutting down the government if doing so would forever rid the world of banker, corporate, and government parasites.

Ghordius's picture

does the experience, so far, point in that direction?

my impression is that plenty of Americans rejoice about any federal gov shutdown because... well, just because, as a kind of protest

what I nearly never glimpse, though, on ZH's pages is how Americans feel about their local / State govs, with the notable exception of California and sometimes NY

just the tip's picture

illinois.  i have seen ca., ny, and illinois most often mentioned.

Xena fobe's picture

I'm in Los Angeles.  Without a doubt our state and local govt is even worse than the federal.  State, county and city are completely corrupt.

Xena fobe's picture

Yet another meaningless poll with deliberately vague questions that can be interpreted in infinite ways.  ''fund domestic programs", which ones?  "Fund deportation programs", for who?  "Defense and Homeland Security", which one? 


Northern Flicker's picture

increase or decrease defense spending? some people may be reacting to the increase - I know I would

JerseyJoe's picture

The stench of BULLSHIT immediately seeped from the screen.   Were these the same pollsters who predicted a career criminal would win in a landslide?

I would add to the list:

1. A multi-count indictment of Hiltery on everything from lying to Congress, to Benghazi arms dealing to the Clinton Shakedown and Kickback Foundation.  Not to mention a multi-count felony indictment on the email server and all of the lies and violations of national security!

2. Indictment of Loretta Lynch, Holder, Comey and Brennen on issues ranging from letting HSBC off the hook for money laundering for drug cartels and terrorists, to Fast and Furious, lying to Congress, spying on political opponents.  Just for starters,

3 Indictment of the IRS chain of command that allowed the political hack (Lerner) to be moved from the FEC to IRS to expand her criminality.


Face it folks, corruption this blatant is a clear sign of "End of Empire."   Failure of the swamp to drain itself means this swamp is far deeper than anyone can imagine. (Like say why Roberts magically ruled OShitcare was legal under taxing authority when it was NEVER ARGUED!   Got NSA in criminal hands?)

Got Deep State?  How about Deep Swamp?

Nevermind - it is all Fake News from the Kremlin.

Laughing.Man's picture

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." - Mark Twain

Megaton Jim's picture

The fourth kind of lie: Jew controlled media!

DeaconPews's picture

Seems to me they only polled the activist left. They only threw in the DoD spending to make it seem like a legit poll.

just the tip's picture

funding planned parenthood and sancutary cities were ahead of the wall?

hillary is up by 10 in michigan.

south40_dreams's picture

Where's the big cut in CIA funding?


CNN still has Hillary up 2 in Pennsylvania 

veeger's picture

statista and martin armstrong nearing the level of senility of pelosi

Grandad Grumps's picture

I honestly believe that Pelosi is either demonically possessed or she has a remote control chip in her brain that is run by a malevolent power.

Megaton Jim's picture

It's just all those demonic Jews that surround her!


The only way Americans will get any sanity is to turn off their TV's and leave them turned off.

CatsPaw's picture

I gotta say... I wonder how many of the previous presidencies have been "tweeked" in history to make them look better.

I mean, there is NO WAY we got unlucky enough to get in succession:

Bill Clinton, George Bush, Obama and Trump. 

How is it even possible that every president is worse than the previous one (I know Trump supporters are still sorta not sure, but by now its clear he is going to screw up).


I wonder how History will talk about them. Remember, history is written by the winners.

south40_dreams's picture

Let talk about reasons to keep the government open, that's a much shorter list

barysenter's picture

1. We know where the head cockroaches are.

2. ...

indygo55's picture

Is this another poll? Another fake poll?  I swear, these polls are just fucking polls. What were the questions? How were they formed? It matters. I drilled down into the links and I can't find the actual questions asked of the respondents. 

therover's picture

Since when does it matter what Americans think ?

hangemhigh77's picture

How about the government is FUCKING WORTHLESS?? Get rid of the government and taxes. It's all a big waste letting liars and crooks run everything.

Arnold Babar's picture

This graph shows how truly dumb most Americans really are.  Shut. it. down.

smacker's picture

When carrying out a poll the first thing the pollster needs to know is "what result does the client want". Because that is what governs the choice of those asked to comment, what questions are asked, how the questions are framed and the sequence the questions are asked.

This poll was clearly aimed at those on the Left, most of whom want ever moar government. It produced the desired results.

sgorem's picture

imo, one of the TOP PRIORITIES should be to cease the Secret Service cost of protecting the criminal clinton gang & Obozo and his Kenyan Tribe for the rest of their unemportant fucking lives....................

barysenter's picture

Uphold the Constitution

Prosecute the Obama Mafia

Prosecute the Clinton Mafia

Prosecute the Bush Mafia

Mass deportation

Axe the edu invasion

Restore the death penalty for heinous crimes

Fuck ACA - Obamacare

Transfer the authority to determine the compensation for congress to direct election

cui-bono's picture

The propaganda campaign has been brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!
Operation Keep-The-Fear-Alive.
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.
The ignorant Amerikan sheep keep begging to be sheared.

pocomotion's picture

This survey is for TPTB wants and needs.  We have no input to anything anymore so I say "anyfuck!"


My thought is to cut Military by 50% take that moneys and make state of the art VA hospitals grow with the latest in medicine and tech.  Sure up SSA.

Allow states to dictate schools and cut off fed assistance for abortions.

The fed needs to shrink by 70% and rollback retirement, health coverage and 80% benefits for elected positions.

Kickout the UN, NATO, Council on Foreign Relations.  Close down AIPAC.  No duel citizens allowed in government.

Shutdown all secret groups - Masons, Knights of Columbus, MADD, Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, Women's Free Masons ( YES - See, Eastern STAR, Demolay for girls and boys.

Outlaw the TALMUD and educate middle-schooler's on The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion AND MUSLIM's false religion threatening all non believers of Mohamed. 

Bring our sons and daughters back, from military duty, home and tell the world to play nicely on their own.

As for illegal immigrants - make them become slave-status or tell them to hit the road.  

Other than that - I don't give anyfuck!

novictim's picture

Greatest threat facing the West is Islam.  So if defence spending is geared for that (its mostly not) then great. Other threats are the Ponzi Global Economy and misallocation of resources/loss-of-confidence and  hoarding/liquidity trap.  And then there is WWIII.

RedBaron616's picture

Increase spending on national defense and homeland security? Wow, the population of American citizens grows dumber by the year. First of all, the Dept of Defense should be given its more appropriate former name, Department of War. There is no defense of the American heartland. Instead, we are determined to make and defend the American Empire and apparently the American people are on board with that. Apparently they also enjoy the grouping before boarding aircraft courtesy of the Department of Homeland Insecurity. Sheep, all sheep.

Arrow4Truth's picture

Shut... it... the... fuck... down.