Retired Green Beret Warns: "We're At The Threshold Of War...The Choice Is Not Up To Us Anymore"

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Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via,

As reported Monday, April 25 on almost all mainstream and alternate news sites, Britain’s Defense Minister Michael Fallon has openly declared that his country will carry out a preemptive nuclear strike even if not attacked, as such:

“In the most extreme circumstances we have made it very clear that you can’t rule out the use of nuclear weapons as a first strike.”

Michael Fallon, BBC Today, 4-25-17

This is very serious and no longer simply rhetorical, as the Russians responded to the effect that the UK could be wiped off the face of the globe if they were to provoke the wrong party.  The U.S. now has a submarine in position in South Korea that is carrying Tomahawks armed with nuclear warheads and the American Naval armada continues to sail toward the region.  The North Koreans have been conducting artillery drills, as South Korea and Japan are preparing their citizens for war to break out.  The United States just test-launched an ICBM from California that splashed into the South Pacific.

In the U.S., President Trump has convened a meeting in the White House for all 100 U.S. senators as reported yesterday throughout the alternative media.  The mainstream media (MSM) is being notoriously silent about the whole matter, although it is plain to see the focal point of the meeting is North Korea, as announced by the White House.

Deflection has been rendered partially by the MSM by the endless barrage regarding the 9th Circuit Court trying to sabotage the Executive Order signed by the President to withhold federal funding from “sanctuary” cities trying to circumvent federal law and procedure with the illegal aliens.  The “First 100 Days” of the Trump Administration is the new catch-phrase the MSM is focusing upon, much as they did with the “47 million on food stamps” phrase that virtually stayed the same for more than 3 years.  Underreporting and obfuscation (if not outright lies) are the MSM’s way of keeping the public in the dark nationally and globally.

In the meantime, the Russians are beginning to redeploy ground troops to Syria.  It appears that the U.S. is going to be pushed into a war in one theater or another by the progressives masquerading as conservatives.  This brings to mind the ratiocination for the initiation of hostilities in either theater.  For North Korea, it is simple: The North Koreans are one of the three nations not involved in the global banking cartel.  In addition, a war will increase U.S. hegemony in the area regardless of what happens to South Korea or Japan in the aftermath.

Regarding Syria, the Obama administration started a proxy/indirect war with Russia over Syria, with Russia backing Bashar al-Assad and the United States its own “created boogeyman” of ISIS/ISIL.  Obama did not take Russia on directly, and Russia out-maneuvered him by suggesting he fight against his own creation…which he did…and then the Russians bombed the daylights out of them.  Russia then declared the bombing campaign to be over and did a “drawdown,” while still leaving enough of a force to deter Obama, who fizzled out in pusillanimous splendor.

Syria is still on the table, though, because we don’t have that pipeline running out of Qatar through Northwestern Syria to cut off Gazprom and the Russians from supplying Europe with natural gas.  In addition, the House of Saud wants Assad out of Syria, and in addition to this, the U.S. needs to take Syria if it wants (and it does want) to invade Iran.  The Russians bombing ISIS/ISIL prevented any more oil from being stolen from Northwest Syria and trucked across the border, where it was sold to Erdogan and his brother.

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and their paid-for congressmen and senators (such as McCain, Graham, Ryan, ad infinitum) are the ones who stand to benefit, either in stocks held or in kickbacks to either advance or snafu legislation or policy (depending on which benefits the firms).  They did it with Ukraine, as well, but the threat of directly confronting Russia was as good as an orchiotomy for Obama, and we have a stalemate between the U.S.-created Kiev government of Poroshenko and the separatists of the Eastern Ukrainian provinces.

The powers that be are intent on having a war, regardless of the consequences and effects on noncombatants.  A war would also be a way to prop up the administration’s flagging ratings.  Domestically we have not emerged from the “soft” police state and liberal “legislative” powers of the Courts to remake Constitutional law and circumvent Congress and the President through selective interpretation of anything and everything: These things are the true “legacy” of Obama.

Now, where from there?  We are at the threshold of another major war that could erupt in any of these areas.  The choice is not up to us anymore, and it is surely being decided upon at this very moment.

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Sanity Bear's picture

Oh look, another hackneyed jeremiad by a career fearmonger trading on his military credentials that can't be verified because he chooses to be anonymous.

I wonder what a Stolen Valor investigation of this guy would come up with.

MillionDollarButter's picture

These eyes watched you bring my world to an end

This heart could not accept and pretend

The hurtings on me, yeah

I will never be free, no, no, no

You took the vow with me, yeah

Kotzbomber747's picture

More ZH scare mongering desperation to talk up the gold price?

Art Van Delay's picture

Is it him or the PTSD talking?


NoDecaf's picture

Not the usual cast of ZH commenters here. Is it me or is there something else?

Erek's picture

..."The choice is not up to us anymore..."

It has NEVER BEEN up to us. Look up the RIIA, The Commitee of 300 or The Club of Rome.

Get educated - fast!

BennyBoy's picture


So many places to have a false flag event.

How will the MIC choose?

N0TME's picture

Place your bets, place your bets!

bluez's picture

If it's North Korea, they will know they will be slaughtered, and will use the Samson option.

I counted 142 individual Japanese nuclear power plants. Each presumably with its own hot spent fuel pool (including the ones at Fukushima). Nearly all are near the coastline.

Korea could blow them all sky-high.

billmill's picture

If your going to troll do a little research. Japan had at its max 54 operational reactors, 6  went down at Fukishima and 5 others are in the process of being decomissioned. Out of the 43 unless something has changed in the last few months 1 was oeprational and no desicion has been made on restarting any others.

new game's picture

tyranny, trifecta with deep state pulling strings of r and d's. 

deep state is the benifactors of this uuuuge outlay of billions financed into debt.

who are these forthright chaps running the world amuck?

I know, do you? so out of control it is complete control by these fuks...

to bring them to some form of justice will be an undertaking of complete chaos.

chaos, that carems out of control which is where this is headed.

the wild card has yet to do something, except be stately and chat. but it will be bigly and black swanish...

the ziocons will be agast and most likely the target, as in bullseye. justice, maybe...

watch the airports for lear jets heading away from ny, la, dc, london, seoul, ect.

Winston Churchill's picture

Just follow McStains travels.

Handful of Dust's picture

We can only hope their first strike hits Shitcago and LA.

Wild tree's picture

Easy to do WC, he leaves a stain so his travels are easy to wipe/ er plot.

Anteater's picture

Remember Grenada!

Never Forget What They Did to US in Panama!

JRobby's picture

Invasion of The Trolls

Byte Me's picture

Not the usual cast of ZH commenters here. Is it me or is there something else?

It's not you. The place became infiltrated by cucked queefs a while back. Durden did a few explanatories around that time too, but the rot has set in which is / was probably the intent)

A lot of this BS will go away if true Americans ever do get off their chunks and "Water The Tree"

SybilDefense's picture



orchiotomy?  Really?  He lost me at preemptive!

C'mon dude.  Some of us with only 8 yrs post grad from Harvard have to read these articles to their spouses.  I bet the author looks at himself in the mirror practicing pronunciations until he gets them just right in the rare case someone gives a crap he knows polysyllabic words.  Sort of reminds me of a self righteous snowflake I also ignored.

After all, don't we have other shiny objects to pursue besides this war thing?  Huma? Rainforests? Empty tax plans that monkey hammer my gold stocks?   Pa leeeeeze

"It ain't right to hate.... It's Left!"


how_this_stuff_works's picture

The author probably meant orchiectomy.

Cut his balls---off.

finametrics's picture

was noticing the same thing. every time ZH hits a sore spots for the shlomo's, they come crawling out of their corners.

Bigern's picture

Nothing usual about commentary here in the past six months. The site finally aggravated the wrong people, and now the sewer is venting its gas. Time to burn it off.

OverTheHedge's picture

OK - it is official - I am now more paranoid than is healthy. Kotzbomber747 is 2 years and 20 weeks on the hedge, and thinks the author is doom-laden shill. Sanity Bear has been on the hedge 2 years and 18 weeks, and thinks the author is a doom-laden shill. Is there a link? Are these two actually the same person, with a propaganda need to belittle any talk of "designer war"? Maybe I should drink less, or more, or something.

I think that the author deserves major kudos for using the word "orchiotomy", which I have put in my lexicon for future use. I also think that all evidence would suggest that the MIC has been desperately trying to get themselves a big, destructive war for years. Is this the point where we discover that Obama was actually holding back the beast, and will go down in history as the hero who delayed the megadeaths? How weird is that?

Jubal Early's picture

The author is Green Beret, the tip of the spear.  He is a trained and likely an experienced murderer for the empire.  Although what he wrote is true, ZH readers have known it for years.  The litmus test is 9/11, and I doubt the author can even get that right.

And no, Obama wasn't holding the MIC back.  He backed down in Syria in 2013 because Cameron had backed out.  Quite simply the yids didn't have enough mojo to get the war started.  But they certainly haven't stopped trying and it is the author of this article and his cronies that will be the ones who finally do get it started.

swmnguy's picture

Do we really know who wrote this?  I would say no, we don't.

I've noticed an increase in articles reprinted from "SHTFplan."  I used to check that site, until I got tired of reading breathless exaggerations of issues better examined in other articles, because other sites include facts and indulge in a lot less slippery-slope speculation.

And this "Jeremiah Johnson" persona is as bad as the rest.  If the author is really who he claims to be, he's a very credulous shallow thinker given to alarmism.  Not exactly whom you'd want to rely on in a crisis.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

I never accept the idea that a "green beret" has any more knowledge of world events, politics and the subterfuge that is private central banking than any guy randomly chosen off of the street.  Those guys are just trained to go do certain "jobs" that have nothing to do with the aforesaid in any functional sense other than be the move of a pawn on a chess board.  That is to say they are the pawn not the chessplayer.

ThuleNord's picture

What other sites do you use?

Bigern's picture

The happenings in space are the new litmus test. The reliance on NASA, other govts, and corporate instrumentation for data feeds has blinded the public. All data from these sources is filtered. Counter-intelligence ops are being pulled on people left and right. We have all of the ISS video feed "watchers" who jump up and down every time a light appears, and then the feed is cut. These people are being played. They are led to believe in the paradigm that NASA is told to excrete. The data from above does not match up with what people can independently measure on the ground. As an aside, there are reasons why top microbiologists have vanished or died. Geneticists are also walking on thin ice these days. They know that the "junk" DNA strands are no such thing. They will not be allowed to reveal the truth. It would upend society, which by the way needs to happen before they will start seeking real answers.

The space data will be all-too-obvious once the ground starts smoking, sunburns occur in minutes, and the plants begin dying.

SgtShaftoe's picture

I'm not a fan of Jerimiah Johnson either. I won't go so far as to call him a shill. I think he's just wrong and playing up the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) I did groan a little when I saw the author's name though.

Most of the SF dudes I used to work with seemed a bit more multi-dimensional in their thinking than this guy. There's very little I've ever read from the "Jerimiah" guy that I could agree with. Brandon Smith, on the other hand, reminds me of SF thinking and I don't think he was ever .mil. It takes all kinds I suppose.

1033eruth's picture

Might as well add me too as being the "same person", 2 years 15 weeks, on Gold and Bitcoin Ponzi Central.  

Of course he's a doom-laden shill.  Pull out the John Wayne, Green Beret schtick because it lends CREDIBILITY.  

You haven't noticed the daily articles promoting war on Zerohedge?  Ship has near miss with another ship?  Bomber close to our shores.  Shit, we're just as informed about the "enemies" whereabouts and maneuvers as the military.  

One of the most important ingredients for war is to get the populace to accept and promote it.  Before that happens, the populace needs to be brainwashed into believing its needed.  So the media carves out juicy little articles to develop the surety that war is just exactly what America needs to cure the problem.  

We've been here many, many times before but you talk as if this is the first time.  That Americans couldn't possibly be maneuvered into yet another unneeded, MEGA costly confrontation.  

Obama wasn't holding back anything.  What difference does it make if we're dropping bombs or supplying someone else with bombs to drop?  Our MIC is making out either way.  And notice that we're still in Afghanistan and doing stupid things like rebuilding it with taxpayers money.  Check the defense budget during Obama's years.  Did you see it shrink?  No, of course not.  

I didn't read the Green Berets article.  I'm tired of the "Call for War".  Its like Chinese water torture, every article another drip. Every article another American conversion to the cause.  


how_this_stuff_works's picture

"One of the most important ingredients for war is to get the populace to accept and promote it. Before that happens, the populace needs to be brainwashed into believing its needed. "

Even though Bush promoted the second USA invasion of Iraq as retaliation for its (purported) role in 9/11, and a madman having WMD, it is my opinion that it was a bit of a "sell" for him to do so. Memory serves me that he directly addressed the nation to lay out his dire case of Sadaam's WMD. And with the progression into Afghanistan, well, people have tired of seeing young men and women come home missing body parts and struggling to receive medical care and their families pretty much abandoned to care for them on their own, particularly those with brain injuries.

Carp about content all you'd like, but sites like ZH have opened the eyes of many who would otherwise be restricted to the propaganda of the MSM. Is it all accurate all the time? No. But that's what God gave us brains for. Sort it out.

Disclosure: Member 24 weeks. Long(er)-time reader.

nunyabidnez's picture

He always said "the arc of history would show why he did what he did." He didn't go after Assad after the first fake chemical attack, and he beefed up Iran... who could take care of Israel...

Sanity Bear's picture

Try Occam's Razor. The simplest explanation - one eminently verifiable by simply scrolling to the top of the page - is that the author is in fact a "doom-laden shill", that this fact is not even slightly ambiguous, and that anyone who was born earlier than yesterday can spot it.

Seriously, if you are taking an anonymous person's (very conveniently completely unverifiable) claim to be a "retired green beret" on basically no evidence, I really have to wonder if you have been paying attention at all, all this time.

Chances are pretty damn good that "Jeremiah Johnson" is a 100% fictional character, and further that it's simply an alternate pseudonym for Mac Salvo himself, having ruined the reputation of the latter name (pseudonym also I presume) with... doom-laden shilling.

Anyway, if you're not smart enough to figure it out by, perhaps we're all best off if you go back to your fantasies. Sure, I'm whashisname and whoever else you think I am also, why the fuck not.

ThisIsMadness's picture

At some point you have fight fire with fire; Or defend yourself. However you want to spin it. If you let them keep taking and taking and will have nothing left to take.

AVmaster's picture

I wish they would hurry up and get it over with before my first wave of freeze dried emergency stuff expires in a few months...



WTFUD's picture

Don't worry about expiry dates bud; if and when the time comes you'll also eat the packet or container the food's held in. Either that or the Fukushima entrails lying on the beach.

acetinker's picture

...And you broke it, you broke it

Erek's picture

C'mon. Give credit where credit is due - Guess Who.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Oh look, another hackneyed jeremiad by a career fearmonger trading on his military credentials that can't be verified because he chooses to be anonymous.


Did you find any errors or exagerations in his statements? I did find a few ad hominims in yours

Ace006's picture

A greasy insinuation delivered anonymously.

AlbertthePudding's picture

This site loves a fearmonger thesew days that is for sure...sabre rattiling to eft and right..while the domestic mopping up is about to hit.

LA_Goldbug's picture

The choice was NEVER ours. That is why the process of dumbing down the population is intensifying on many fronts. The latest is through pharmacology and educational reforms. Many Moons ago it was speeches.

Is-Be's picture

I can self dumb-down.

It doesn't take much.

LA_Goldbug's picture

Majority need help.

I somehow failed the treatment though the other side will say "Are you sure ?" :-)

iamerican4's picture

"against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

No American sworn to The Oath should be talking about anything but bringing to Justice the Vatican banker-intermediary Rothschild/Rockefeller pre-Soros FedScam satanic ruling false-elite faction who killed JFK to send us to Vietnam as papal catspaw; and who, with Mossad and the JFK-assassinating Roman Catholic CIA/FBI committed 9/11.

N.B. Needed to gain the approval of the Fulda Catholic Bishops Conference for electoral success, and papal concordat in July of '33 followed the next month by Hitler's alliance with the Zionists - the Haavara Agreement: The "von Mildenstein medal," struck by Vatican catspaw Hitler's SS Chief of Jewish Affairs, Khazar-passing von Mildenstein in '34, proves - 1)the inscribed acronym NAZI is no slur as typically claimed by false-elite/Organized Crime-controlled Academe and Fourth Estate; and, 2) the ZI in NAZI stands for "Zionist" in God-hating atheist Herzl's "German Zionist Federation" alliance with NSDAP.

YouTube "fake chimney Auschwitz" at Prescott Bush's steelworks' labor camp for proof of the Holohoax. Dead bodies at labor camps were shipped from Ike's Rhine Meadows killing fields where millions of Germans died of starvation.

WTFUD's picture

Does the Pope shit on little kiddies in the woods?

iamerican4's picture

To Samuel Kercheval

Monticello, January 19, 1810


-- Yours of the 7th instant has been duly received, with the pamphlet inclosed, for which I return you my thanks. Nothing can be more exactly and seriously true than what is there stated; that but a short time elapsed after the death of the great reformer of the Jewish religion, before his principles were departed from by those who professed to be his special servants, and perverted into an engine for enslaving mankind, and aggrandising their oppressors in Church and State; that the purest system of morals ever before preached to man, has been adulterated and sophisticated by artificial constructions, into a mere contrivance to filch wealth and power to themselves; that rational men not being able to swallow their impious heresies, in order to force them down their throats, they raise the hue and cry of infidelity, while themselves are the greatest obstacles to the advancement of the real doctrines of Jesus, and do in fact constitute the real Anti-Christ.

Lucifer invoked at the Vatican: