Russian Warship Sinks After Collision Off Istanbul Coast, 78 Soliders Rescued

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A Russian reconnaissance warship has sunk after colliding with a freighter north of Istanbul on the Black Sea on April 27 although all crew members were reported to have been rescued, Dogan News Agency has reported. A number of tugboats and rescue boats were dispatched to the area by the Coast Guard following the collision between the Russian vessel and the Togo-flagged ship, which was carrying livestock.

The Liman

According to the Defense Ministry, ‘the Liman’ collided with another ship, ‘Ashot-7,’ about 40km southwest from the Bosporus Strait. The hull of ‘the Liman,’ a 1,560-ton reconnaissance ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, was breached below the waterline, the Russian ministry said in a statement. According to authorities, it has since sunk.

Turkish Coast Guard officials stated that all 78 soldiers on the ship were rescued after the collision.

The collision, which occurred 18 nautical miles away (29 kilometers) from the coast of Kilyos, might have been caused by fog, according to officials.  Media identified the other ship involved in the collision as the Togo-flagged livestock carrier ‘Youzarsif H.’

According to RT, ‘The Liman’ was built during Soviet times in Poland and commissioned in 1970. It is mostly unarmed, but carries a radar station, a hydroacoustic detector and other reconnaissance equipment needed to track surface ships and submarines.

It’s listed as requiring a crew of 85, although it was not immediately clear how many people were on board at the time of the incident.

Acording to Hurriyet, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Y?ld?r?m called Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev by telephone to convey sadness over crash of Russian ship, according to the Prime Ministry sources.

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RIP. Ship built by Polocks, they forgot to include a way steer it.

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Poking the Bear? you'll get bit.

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OOppps.  Thinking Putin might start rethinking his alliances.  With a trade deal thrown in of course. 

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Btw, what the hell is a Solider?

78 Soliders Rescued

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They have a higher density than normal people.  It makes them more bullet-resistant but if they fall in the water they go straigh to the bottom.  It's a trade-off.

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It's the WAY you wrote it.

"It's a trade-off."


Deadpan is a lost art.


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lmfao @ the Russian Navy.  How embarassing.

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this was obviously an op.


now this, this is some funny and embarassing shit

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Let me get this straight...a Russian "reconnaissance" ship sinks because the captain and crew are not watching where they are going!?!

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Boris is evesdrop 100 miles away. Is no aware of new stealth cow technologies.

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Dang, a Russian war recon ship, sunk by "T-bone" by a ship named "S.S. Asshat" - very embarassing!

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They should have manned it with sailors. It would have turned out much better.

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sorta on topic.

i think a guy called putin has not even got upset yet. some say don't fuk with a bear w/o heavy arms.

ok, understood. so now the bear must avoid being shot. nowhere to hide anymore. no avoiding this confrontation.

come right out and lay down the final line. no red line bullshit. if the deep fuks cross it, attack with full fury to win.

simple shit maynard...

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Most collisions happen during the day in good weather. There are rules of the road mariners are supposed to follow, but people get complacent, assume the other boat will turn because according to the rules they are the give way vessel, and don't react in time. Mariners are supposed to always be on the look out for 'constant bearing, decreasing range' type situations. Boats don't have brakes, and large ships can take thousands of yards to stop even when they are backing down. This kind of thing happens.

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"all 78 soldiers"  No wonder it sunk.  It was being operated by soldiers and not sailors.

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This sounds very strange...that the crews on both vessels just fell a shipping lane? 

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They call that a warship?  It looks like a 50 year old fishing boat painted in grey.

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a boat carrying livestocks collided with a warship and sunk the war?ship. !!

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Law of gross tonnage. He who has the most tonnage wins...

You ever seen a Panamax or ultra large crude carrier up close, from the water? They will win, no matter the warship it hit.

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Maybe it's just a WarSaw ship.

BarkingCat's picture

Bravo sir.

A ship built by drunken Poles at the height of Soviet communism and then sailed by drunken Russians.

What could go wrong??

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I for one would like to thank my lucky stars that the Turks didn't scramble aircraft to shoot at it repeatedly, accidentally.

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Probably a mechanical failure in the steering gear. Russian-made hardware has a tendancy to fail at the most inconvenient times...

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As a retired officer of the Indian Navy, which is chock full of Russian ships/boats/equipment, I have to say that is a most ill-informed statement.

Russian mechanical equipment is beyond first class, unbreakable and EMP PROOF. See what they did there?

Their mechanical fire-control computers are mind-bogglingly accurate. Imagine the complexity of firing 8 inch guns in 30 foot seas roiling in all three axes. Things of beauty and precision and durability.


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         most of this thread is ill-informed or weak comedy attempts

         Your experience stands out and factual

         Thank for good post



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Come on. You have got to have a sense of humor. No one died in this accident so why not crack a few jokes.??

If this was an American vessel we would be making transgender sailor and semen jokes (vs seamen).

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Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.

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I wanna see Mike Morell dead.




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.....with a horse's dick shoved down his throat, and the same for the (-)-minus voters here on the 1st comment.

Chickens/faggot traitors & psychopaths deserve nothing less.

Got'that abc:s?


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I almost never use the downvote arrow, but nobody here (save one) saw the obvious.

I downvoted everybody who wrote that it was an accident.

It very obviously wasn't.

Another good example of the Russians playing chess against the USA and winning.

Ain't no Bobby Fischers left, no sir.

If any of you knew about the strategic importance of the Bosphorus, alarm bells would be ringing as soon as you read that an old Russian recon ship sank right in front of the straight in the Black Sea... in Turkey !!

Russia-bashing was so important that you all missed the truth.

Shame on all of you.

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interesting theory. i think i agree.


especially when you consider that the cargo ship ALSO just left RUSSIA. 

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I was on a shpi that ran aground because the Mate was doing paperwork inbetween steerage (because the company HAS to have the paperwork in at X time!) - asleep in my rack, the vessel began listing some 40 degrees, not to mention the bone jarring impact...Collisions also occur just outside the Columbia River near Seattle, CARGO SHIPS SINK; again... it happens, and could easily happen in fog.

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It does happen, but does it happen to a Russian warship with some 80 sailors aboard in the most notoriously strategic waterway on Earth, which is reputedly very very busy and crowded (they would have been on careful watch, especially when visibility is reduced)? Significantly less often, I suspect.

It could have been an accident, granted. But that's not where the mind should go first, in this situation. We will probably never know for sure. But the USA is a country at war, goddammit, and has been for decades, and it's time the population started acting like it. There are no consequences for the people of the USA when it goes to war. Maybe that's why it constantly does. Maybe that's why they become so complacent.

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Columbia River near Seattle? I lived in Astoria once, and the mouth of the Columbia is close to 200 miles from Seattle by sea. I agree that ship collide off the mouth of the Columbia, but it ain't 'near' Seattle unless you are in a F-22...

East Indian's picture

In that case, Russia would have vacated most of its Black Sea Fleet out of the Black Sea. No use locking yourself up inside the Black Sea when you are wanted in the Mediterranean. 


If most of the Black Sea Fleet is outside, then there is something else going on, I agree. May be to prevent heavy tonnage USN ships from entering the Bosphorus...

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The straight wasn't blocked.

Pay attention.

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The Russians did it. I'm confused.

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Russian HACKERS did it! Get it right!


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Trump-Hitler did it!

Right after he sand bagged the Mexicans & Canadians on NAFTA!

The man's a world wide menace to civilization as we know it!!!  


Wut?  ;-)

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Trumpler sinks Rusky boat, just cuz.

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It appears as if few here can appreciate your dry, witty sarcasm.

Wait, you were being sarcastic, weren't you?

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But around here anymore I can't tell if I've offended the Trump fans, the Hitler fans or the progs  ;-)

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No, no and NO.!!!!

It is the FDR and Stalin fans that are offended.

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Sorry...somehow I managed a 2 level double post.