Visualizing The Epic Collapse Of Obamacare

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Back in the summer of 2016, as Obamacare rates were being set for the 2017 plan year, we repeatedly argued that the entire system was on the "verge of collapse" as premiums were soaring, risk pools were deteriorating and insurers were pulling out of exchanges all around the country leaving many Americans with just a single 'option' for health insurance (see "Obamacare On "Verge Of Collapse" As Premiums Set To Soar Again In 2017").

And while Democrats may be all too willing to quickly dismiss our analysis, just a few weeks ago we suggested that they should at least listen to the warnings of the CEO of one of the country's largest health insurers who said that Obamacare is in a "death spiral."  In speaking with the Wall Street Journal, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini said, among other things, that the "risk pools are deteriorating in the ACA" to a point that it would inevitably result in more withdrawals this year.   Per The Hill:

"It's not going to get any better; it's getting worse."


"That logic shows just how much the risk pools are deteriorating in the ACA," Bertolini said.


He added: "I think you will see a lot more withdrawals this year. ... There isn't enough money in the ACA as structured, even with the fees and taxes, to support the population that needs to be served."


"It is in a death spiral," he said, but did not say whether Aetna would participate in the exchanges in 2018.

All that said, we suspect that certain members of Congress don't like to read all that much and are more "visual learners."  As such, we thought the following graphics, which clearly depict the epic collapse of Obamacare, may help lend some perspective to Democrats who are vehemently fighting to preserve a system that is clearly very broken.   

Before we get into what could happen (and most likely will happen) over the next couple of years, here is a look at what has already happened to insurance coverage "options" for consumers across the nation.  As can clearly be seen, coverage options, particularly for people of the southeast and mid-west, have been decimated.  (Dear Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, please note that all of the below happened well before President Trump moved into the White House). 

Charts per Bloomberg:



And while some state-run marketplaces have been able to maintain decent coverage options, courtesy of high population densities in CA and NY no doubt, the federally run marketplaces are abysmal.


Unfortunately, things are likely to get even worse in 2018 even if Trump leaves subsidies in place.  Humana has already announced they won't offer marketplace plans in 2018, a move which will result in 1,000s of people in Tennessee not having a single health insurance option starting 1/1/18.


Meanwhile, Anthem has also signaled they may exit all exchanges next year as well which would leave another 250,000 consumers with no health insurance options.


But sure, Republicans are trying to 'ruin' healthcare in America.

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XqWretch's picture

bang up job boys! one step closer to single payer system! that was the goal of this right?

HalinCA's picture

Exactly right.  The plan all along.  Fuck the bill, just approve it and read it later.  


nmewn's picture

"Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the (progressive) American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical for the thing to pass..." - MIT professor, Jonathan Gruber ;-)

Schlump's picture

You Americans are so fucking, fucking stupid! Get yourself the same medicare system the whole of Europe, Australia and NZ have, universal healthcare, single payer, cheaper and more efficient than the totally shit system you have now.

For example, I fled the US (too brutal for me!) and now live in Australia. I am about to have a double inguinal hernia surgery. In the US it would cost me tens of thousands, here it costs me $0. I kid you not.

I have no health care insurance. I pay nothing for health care, because I am now retired. If I were working, I'd pay 1.5% of my income to the government for Medicare. That's it.

undertow1141's picture

As a Service-Connected disabled Vet, I can tell you from experience, you DO NOT WANT the US govt to have anything to do with your healthcare. At all. Period end of statement.

Schlump's picture

But that's how it works in the CIVILIZED world! Join us. Only vote for candidates that offer the system I have described.

nmewn's picture

lol...a lot of that going around these days.

They really need to go back to captcha.

Schlump's picture

Shoot the messenger, the reaction of an idiot.

Twee Surgeon's picture

I know a dude that got a DUI, it was not his first (Second in 15 years.). He was OBLIGED as terms of his Probation to 'Sign up' for Obama Care in the event that he might need Counseling or Therapy (or he could go to jail for 2 years for failure to comply.) Working dude, required to sign up.

No accident or anything, just a speeding ticket, 5 miles over the limit, refused to blow.Beer on breath. He Had to sign up or go to jail for a long time.Just a random Cop grabbing revenue for the Pension funds @ the Courthouse.

Obamacare is an Obligation under Duress, Null, Void and fucking evil. A Contract under Duress instead of a Voluntary benefit. Fuck, I might sign up for an affordable Voluntary Benefit. I will pay taxes for road repairs and sewers, stuff like that, I will not engage under threat though.

I'm not against Medical care but the kind that is at Gunpoint ? I do not trust the Government at all, I just do not like the criminal fuckers, why would I trust the Government? life has been rather pleasent except for the parts when the Douchebag Government Ruins every possible potential of a future.

It's like dat.

Schlump's picture

You are not describing the universal healthcare systems that civilized countries use. You are so deep in the matrix that you cannot see clearly.

ClowardPiven2016's picture

Which civilized country are you referring too? Europe is a turd circling the toilet bowl even worse off than the United States of Ponzi. Unless you work for the EU or the BIS...than I'm sure life is grand (provided you don't mind being a parasite)

Schlump's picture

You are kidding yourself. The EU may go down, but not the individual countries. The US has much more debt

I am in Australia BTW

Tristan Ludlow's picture

You are really stupid.  Glad you liked the move to have free insurance.  Living off someone else's dime now.  Great!

Schlump's picture

I spent years paying for Medicare while not using the benefits, so I've done my bit for others.

Problem with most Americans is that they don't really understand how civilized countries operate!

yarpos's picture

As the man said you guys are so deep in the Matrix you cannot see, and dont want to see.

In Oz we all contribute all our working lives,  nobody is living of anyone elses "dime".   If you choose to have additional medical insurance you are at liberty to have it. 

You have the US way is the only way disease,  anything else is socialist and bad.   Look around the world at first world countries,  they all do fine doing exactly what you are not doing have have zero angst about coverage and unaffordable care.



techpriest's picture

What a moron - I hope that you never get sick once you switch from being a net tax payer to a net tax taker. That's when the soft euthaniasia kicks in.

Schlump's picture

I'm a BIG supporter of voluntary euthanasia. Everyone should have access to a dignified, peaceful death, if they so choose.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

But the euthanasia they are talking about is voluntary just like the income tax system in the USA.  

Schlump's picture

Civilized countries do not have a "soft euthanasia". Do some traveling, get out of the matrix. See how other people live.

yarpos's picture

They are sad puppies in here arent they?  totally indoctrinated

hyperspd7's picture

Civilized world LOL!!! You cannot fix leftard.

Schlump's picture

And you cannot educate libertardians either, it seems.

mtanimal's picture

Surprised a parasite like you got a hernia. Must be from carrying all that free shit you stole from taxpayers.

ClowardPiven2016's picture

we're too busy paying a trillion a year on our military, homeland security and intelligence agencies to worry about paying for healthcare

Delphi_Addiction's picture

MDB! Welcome back! (You penal colony twat!)

DaveA's picture

Australia has a two-tier system. If you try to enter a private hospital without private health insurance, they redirect you to a public hospital. At least you don't have the NHS euthanizing patients to free up beds -- if the surgery you need has a waiting list, you wait at home. (You could call this "sending the patient home to die", but it's better than outright murder.)

Brazil, Thailand, and India are like this too, although the quality of their "public option" is a bit lower than Australia's.

Even Canada has private clinics and hospitals now, in case you'd rather not wait two years to receive the "free" health care your taxes paid for. That leaves North Korea and Cuba as the only countries where all healthcare is publicly funded.

panamared's picture

Congrats, you fucked yourselves. And the poor who don't vote in droves are partially to blame

B1G mNy's picture

Well I think there are a lot of people who fail to understand the difference between health insurance and health care.

newworldorder's picture

People are sheep on many subjects that impact their lives. They dont think of something untill the day they need it.

Is-Be's picture

It looks as though the cow has no more milk.

B1G mNy's picture

And the Dems want to defend this law? Not sure why the Republicans can't just grow a pair and hammer this day and night. Don't be afraid to take the fight to these snow flakes. B$

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

I think they should go ahead and kill it now.


After obamacare caused the cancellation of a perfectly decent $700 buck per month policy I was told by law I better pay 1625 per month for a policy with an 8000 buck annual aggregate family deductible, or pay a huge fine, excuse me, a tax according to SCOTUS.


I work for a living so I don't qualify for a subsidy.  Apparently my policy wasn't good enough for me and my family.  It didn't offer gender reassignment surgery n shit.

techpriest's picture

Yes, exactly. The original reason Trump was elected is flatly because he spit in the face of the left and neocon right. The GOP would get vastly more popular support, but it seems most just want the lobbyist money and scamming the public with "but a Democrat would be worse!"

If you aren't sick you don't need medicine, etc.

orangegeek's picture

Yep - out of the private insurers' hands and into big fat fucking goobmint's hands.


The US is the only country without goobmint controlled healthcare.


And the unions are salivating.


Enslavement and genocide - they go hand in hand.

Vonhoff5's picture

When my kids were little they thought it was awesome that you could have a plastic card that you insert in an ATM and cash comes out. Simple right? Government thinks the same thing of the American people, we are their ATM. So it really does not matter if Obamacare fails, they'll just stick it to you.

indaknow's picture

Let it collapse...and put the blame squarely where it belongs! Then and only then should you introduce a replacement. Come  on repugs why take any blame for something you don't have to? It's called politics 101. Get with the fucking program!

WTFUD's picture

The Repugnants are Savvy Free!

new game's picture

worth repeating over and over. 3 party tyranny, r, d, deep state.

they have no fuking interest in us. the club doen't give two shits about your family of four and hc costs.

if they did would we be in this place and discussing this shitcare?

this r and d shit is getting goddamned old around here.

thought this was a smart bunch here that can see the obvious.

is this the yahoo message board?

fuken - eh


chubbar's picture

Trump should just let it fail of it's own weight after making just a few half assed efforts to pass an alternative. Let the Dems pay the price for their incompetence.

nah's picture

Admit it healthcare is being consumed as a government funded utility!


now its obamas fault that the corporate management structure is not profitable funded by medicare and medicaid


They just want to ensure that the government doesnt have bargaining power over the "healthcare industry",  and their tool to insulate themselves is paperwork that costs 15-$40/hr.


look smart not letting people die to a corrupt government

rudyspeaks's picture

Of course ObamaCare is a piece of shit, it was created at the [right-wing, Koch Bros-funded] Heritage Foundation. It is what TrumpCare" wants to be...another "tollbooth" for the wealthy .01%ers to "get rich while they sleep" (Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations). BTW, Kudos to my libertarian friends, whom I have insulted before, for NOT being like those deluded, abused Democrats, sold out by their "champion" (name one fuc-ing thing Obama promised his "liberal" supporters that he actually did), but actually howling in indignation at the SELL-OUT that Trump has become. YOU ARE RIGHT. You got swindled and, unlike the Dems, are not reluctant to scream about it (which you SHOULD do and ARE doing)

Falconsixone's picture

Give them all their retard shots immediately.

WTFUD's picture

Maps, bah, wish i'd dun geograffy at skool.

peippe's picture

Obamacare would have you believe some doctor(s) somewhere have the magic elixir for a healthy happy life.

Be  honest, be cynical, even with the douches in white coats, most of the time they are as lost as you are, only they are paid for it.

Move(movement is life), stay hydrated, moderation in everything except smoking tobacco, tobacco will kill you slowly,if you do it your whole life,

or quickly if you try to go cold turkey(irregular heart beat from nicotine withdrawal) .

Eat an apple when you see/find one. Decent fiber.

BeerMe's picture

I'll add one that is along with movement.  Get a job.  Certainly find something else if you hate it, but there is plenty to enjoy about acomplishment even if it is "only" making the best fries for McDonald's.

Not that I totally disagree with the tobacco thing.  But say a guy enjoys smoking pipe tobacco once or twice a day.  Fuck if I can't say it isn't good for him.  It makes him happy and maybe instead of a heart attack at 54 he lives to 72.

John_Coltrane's picture

In Washington state the demonrats are trying to con the voters by trying to implement an income tax on capital gains by calling it an "excise tax". (An income tax is forbidden by the Washington State constitution) Yet it is based on the income reported as gains on your 1040-which is presumably how these scum plan to verify and enforce it. Even the leftwing papers in the state don't buy this creative use of language nor does the rather libtard state supreme court who has reasoned previously if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, its a duck-so no go! The demonrats want a "stable" "fair" revenue source. Fortunately, the Rs who control the senate refuse to go along and what I really like refuse to fund the "negotiated" state union workers salary increases. State union workers are the scum of the earth and should get real jobs. Rs want the Ds to vote for it all by themselves just as the moronic demonrats in Washington did on Obamacare. I'm loving this predicted collapse. Just sit back and let them take the blame in 2018!

GestaltNine's picture

it's amazing that something like the health care rackets with so many different things that could be reformed or fixed and the plan that is passed and now seemingly bulletproof in a legislative sense is the biggest piece of crap ever concocted that doesn't address any of the major issues that contribute to health care costs 

I guess the goal was to make sure that health care costs do not go down at all and in fact expand/mutate 

Bill of Rights's picture

And the millennial mafia is fighting for what again?