Here's Who NATO Will Probably Be Fighting If There's A World War III

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Authored by Darius Shahtahmasebi via,

Russia recently said it would support Iran’s bid to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an emerging economic and political alliance led by China. This Shanghai Bloc was originally formed in 1996 before it was rebranded in 2001. Its membership includes Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Last year, India and Pakistan also signed the memorandum of obligations and are expected to become full members sometime this year. The bloc has expanded into a military organization over the last few years and has run joint military exercises in the past.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Iran now fully fits the criteria for membership and that discussions on its bid to join will take place this summer.

“Next in line [for membership]…is Iran, which has resolved issues related to sanctions from the U.N. Security Council,” Lavrov told Russian state news agency Itar-Tass, as reported by Newsweek.

The country now “fully meets the criteria for membership,” Lavrov told journalists at the end of a meeting of the group’s foreign ministers.

Iran currently has observer status in the organization, meaning it can attend summits. As is quite clear, Iran and Russia already cooperate closely both economically and militarily, particularly regarding the Syrian conflict. What is especially notable about this alliance, however, is the fact that the U.S. was rejected from gaining observer status in 2004, which, as Newsweek reports, reinforces “the impression that its goal is to exist in opposition to Western political and military alliances.”

Further complicating this issue is the fact that NATO member Turkey expressed a desire to join this organization at the end of last year. As Turkey transitions from a so-called democracy to a nearly outright dictatorship, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan may find he has more in common with his eastern counterparts than he does his western ones.

If this scenario were to occur, it would place a NATO ally in direct alliance with NATO’s longtime arch-rivals Iran and Russia.

As the world is seemingly preparing for a third world war between NATO and the growing Eastern bloc, we are witnessing the strengthening of alliances as well as the switching of some very strategic ones. One can only hope that as alliances switch and strengthen, the balance of power could shift just enough to prevent the powers-that-be from launching this disastrous war in the first place.

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What's left of the American Middle Class?

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That war has already been fought and won...

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War lost. Psst. Just some battles.

To quote a movie: 


 Response: "No Captain. Battle formations."



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I hope so. I just want to see people die and suffer to be honest. I want poverty, faminie disease, and corpses smeared into the pavement.

Cleanse this world of the filthy hominid monkies that have destroyed everything on this planet. And before you judge me - well I consider myself an ecologist realist that prefers to give precedence to all OTHER life that humans have systemically fucking destroyed.

So much fauna extinct within the what... last 100 years? Not to mention the daily geocide of cattle etc to feed all the useless people. I love animals!

If we need Lucifer to carry out this ecological deed, then so be it. Fucking do it!

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Somebody needs to smoke a joint and get laid...

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Everyone needs to smoke a joint and get laid.

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Thank God for the round up !

Usual suspects ..

Let's have a war !

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sex too.

i would go for solid booze.

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A martini and a blowjob aren't bad either.

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With a Doobie for desert.


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Whatever gets the taste out of your mouth.  From the martini, that is.

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Somebody needs to leave their degeneracy behind.

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Degenerate behavior is a product of the mind control operations at one of its many points of control. But of course it is multi-faceted. 

Normalcy Bias's picture

Someboby needs to pull the stick out of their ass and live a little.

SMG's picture

Then kill yourself.  Because what separates us from the monkeys is the ability to solve problems, so lets fix this.

Any BTW, if you think Lucifer is going to do anything good for humanity, you are sadly mistaken.

ClassicCommodity's picture

Did my perfectly clear and objective comment go over the top of your head? HUMANS are the disease, why the fuck should I give homo sapiens precedence over world's flaura and fauna? The world has been all but completely destroyed and there are 7 billion and counting. 

Do you just think we can keep squeezing out more useless eaters at the expense of everything else?

It's too late for alternatives - we don't have the energy resources or commodity resources available to "solve problems" with.

I'm fighting for all the sheep, cows, chickens and fish that die everyday so that you can go on being worthless by eating them. 

Socratic Dog's picture

Like the man said, best thing you can do is kill yourself, and have your corpse turned in to the Nihilist Biscuit Factory, formerly known as Soylent Green.  That'll save a few of your precious fucking chickens.

CuttingEdge's picture

Hmmm...Vegan much, CC?

Without humans, cows sheep and chickens wouldn't be around either - at least, not in anywhere near their current numbers. Not exactly geared up for survival without those pesky humans around to farm and protect them from all the big bad wild beasts that would flourish. Think about it...

I'll give you that fish would probably do better without us around, but they are fucked anyway, courtesy of the shit spewing from Fukushima over the next hundred years.


land_of_the_few's picture

Soylent is SOYa and LENTil, and not made of anything more schlocky, in the original book "Make room! Make room!" by Harry Harrison, that the film is based on.

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Have you ever seen nature in action? Have your ever observed the flora(if you love it so much you would spell it correctly) and fauna of which you speak?

Have you seen a coyote catch a rabbit and hear the rabbit squeal? Have you ever seen a red tailed hawk dive and catch a rabbit or a rat? Have you ever watched a road runner catch a snake? Have you ever watched a horny toad catch and eat ants? Have you ever watched a scorpion and spider do battle? Have you ever watched a male ostrich stomp its own chick? Have you ever watched a tomcat eat its own offspring? Have you ever watched on TV the mighty lion hunt and kill its prey? Have you ever sat in front of a rattlesnake and studied it and watched its movements?

Dumb fuckers like you always amaze me. You talk about the flora and the fauna and you know not of what you speak. The flora and the fauna is a dangerous hazardous world where the weak and the old and the young die most often. People such as yourself always espouse the idea that we should be more like "nature" yet you have no idea what "nature" is. If we were more like nature then you would be dead. You are weak. You would be sacrificed as the faster, stronger, and more agile animals of your species escaped the jaws of the crock at the edge of the water hole.

If we were more like the animals and the plants(how many acorns fall to the ground and die for the one that is lucky and healthy and falls in the right spot where there is enough and sun and water to grow?) that you so admire we would kill any child that comes out of the womb and is feeble(Stephen Hawking would have been killed or abandoned within 24 hours) and as soon as a person got so old that they were no longer considered useful they would be killed or transported somewhere to starve to death and die. And if a woman could not reproduce then she might as well be killed or ostracized.

This is the flora and fauna of which you speak. You are a fucking idiot. If you want the flora and fauna way of life then you better start lifting weights and learn how to shoot a gun and learn how to judge good and evil, otherwise you are one dead son of a bitch.

The fact that you got any upvotes tells me that there are many trolls and dumbasses here these days. I am one of those dumbasses but I bet that I can run faster and shoot better than most so maybe I will survive.

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Generally animals capture and kill to survive. They also live within the environment. Humans kill for fun, perverse beliefs, etc. and humans impact the world around us in ways that are unsustainable.

mc225's picture

but basically, as far as we know, everything is eating everything.

Supafly's picture

And at the bottom of the food chain are shit and rotting matter, which I guess is ultimately what WE are eating.

new game's picture

it will self correct, patience, although i may not be able to witness the inevitable, it will happen...

Bob Lidd's picture

Ever found 12 dead chickens killed by a single mink & none eaten ? Didn't think so. Ever see a sow eat one of her pigs....didn't figure you had.

Have you actually been around farm animals ? 

Socratic Dog's picture

Skunks, eating the heads off of 20 chicks, leaving the bodies for you to clean up.

Roosters, gang banging ducks, male or female. Although it doesn't seem to bother the ducks too much, some actually start hanging around the roosters.

MoreMises's picture

Not sure what point you are trying to make, but I'm sure you've missed the original point, completely.

Out of all the flora & fauna on the planet, humans are the worst. I don't recall anywhere CC saying that humans need to be more like nature, you wrote that, straw man style.

A coyote catching and eating a rabbit doesn't affect the life of Koala. A spider's web doesn't trap & kill innocent dolphins or any other innocent creatures it never intends to devour. Ants having a territorial war doesn't kill inncoent creatures in the crossfire. Sharks don't hunt ducks for sport. Do you get the picture? Nature (with the exception of nasty humans) lives in a kind of balance where one ecosystem doesn't have a detrimental effect on another one that is 100's or 1000's of miles away.

Yes, nature is nasty, nobody is denying that. But it is generally nasty between a very limited Predator /Prey relationship based on survival alone, not mining, drilling, hunting, fashion etc..etc..

CNONC's picture

"Humans are the worst."  The worst what?  Survivors?  Predators?  Moral actors?  You seem to suggest we are the worst moral actors.  If CC's desires become reality, and humans vanish, is not the moral question moot?  Or is there something in nature capable of making moral judgements?  If so, what is it?  Since morality requires sentience, what or who is it, in the absence of humans, that possesses sentience?  Is it God, the creator?  Is it Gaius?  Is it Spiritus Mundi?  And how has this entity relayed its will and moral judgements to you?  How do you know that "mining, drilling, hunting, fashion etc." are contrary to the will (dare I say sinful) of this entity? 

Do you believe that, in the absence of humans, the world would be a place where each plant and animal was perfectly provided what it needed, in an eternally balanced and unchanging equilibrium?  Or, does nature include things which are inherently disruptive, which do not tend to equilibrium, resulting in a chaotic and unpredictable environment?  If the latter, is it not possible that humanity, with its tendency to resist chaos and unpredictability in order to survive, is an entirely "natural" element in the ecosystem?

Just brushing the surface of the embedded assumptions in your and CC's blather.

new game's picture

awesome post! i myself have studied in the forest. moar tyme than any 4 year degreed idiot that has a degree in being a tool for tptb. lol at these booksmart fuks. clueless describes the majority.

studied the cowbird. we have many cowbird humans. lol- too many, but that will be rectified. patience.

we have altered the course of nature only temporarily. it will find its course as always. we are but nothing in the evolution of the universe. all this stuff we have done on earth is no biggie. just enjoy and ignore, the ignorance is everywhere. it is natural, as natural selection will purge the temporay usefull idiots. food for the srong as noted in your comments. plus nature is random, fatefull, ruthless, and non-descriminating...

new game's picture

meet ya in the forest. two can hunt much moar effectively than one on its own. think wolves.

ps. i get to fuk the females, lol. you can watch with tail down. lol.

HRClinton's picture

Humans did all these things 10,000 years ago, and have since found ways to increase the killing scale beyond the need for food, mating rivalry or protection of hunting area, when involved in hand to hand combat. 

Using YOUR examples, imagine now the SCALE of carnage, if all these animals could use technology and explosives on each other.

For these reasons, your logic is flawed and your argument is invalid.

Socratic Dog's picture

Good rant. And well finished with "maybe" you'll survive. Good understanding that increasing your odds a bit is not a guarantee for anything, it's just...increasing your odds a bit. And thus the odds of your small part of the genepool surviving a bit longer.

Is-Be's picture

Human? Speak for yourself.

In these modern times of identity politics I self identify as Neanderthal.

We have it all over you humans. Our females refused to breed with your pathetic males, hence there is no Neanderthal  mitochondria.

But the Ape/pig hybrid is very infertile and a little phytoestrogen in his environment should see to his demise.

new game's picture zionists are working around the clock to fulfill the purging of mankinds excesses. no worries, as it will be a retrace to about 62percent. .62 x 7.2 billion = 4,464,000.000 humanoids to continue fuk'g up the sphere of earth. stay away from the bullseyes if ya cherish life...

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======> HERE IT IS - RIGHT HERE - HELLO ZERO HEDGE <==========



JRobby's picture

Are you the guy from that movie?

11b40's picture

What do they eat?  Mother nature is both cruel and effecient.  She will handle mankind in her own way and time.

general ambivalent's picture

What problems have been solved lately? With all your great thinking you managed to vote in Lucifer.

Megaton Jim's picture

You mean (((Lucifer)))!

mc225's picture

maybe it was lou cipher

Is-Be's picture

The quantum erasure experiment shows us that the past is adjusted to support the present observation

This means that there will always be consciousness. It is necessary for the rendering of creation.

This too will pass.

Your approval is not required.

mc225's picture

"The quantum erasure experiment shows us that the past is adjusted to support the present observation"... in a sort of roundabout way, that would make sense of everything...

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

For fucks sakes, what fucking idiot up votes this garbage.

Mr 9x19's picture

technologically speaking over the century you are talking to that's not the blacks who decimated the fauna, that's the white who have put products in other's hands...

it is about money, not about respect of mother nature, when mother nature will stop to obey i think that time some whites will regret to not know how to live in simple condictions just like primitives in africa still do.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"What's left of the American Middle Class?"

A $24 trillion down payment on an "IOU" to your great... great.. great... grandchildren!...

That is of course if "Cheeto-in-Chief" doesn't get great... great... Grandpa and Grandma vaporized into a pile of "black ash" FIRST!...

That's what's left of it!!!

Giant Meteor's picture

Said debt will not be repaid, at least not under the present arrangement. This seems fairly much guaranteed, or as some might say, baked in the "cake." More death, destruction and mayhem I'm afraid.


general ambivalent's picture

On the plus side, the nukes are likely gold-plated.

JRobby's picture

The "money" needs to be transcended and as observed, the debt will never be repaid, so the solution needs to be supported by the masses that understand that these debts are not repayable. The "money system" condemned for the sham it is.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


That's pretty much it in a "nutshell"

Unlike the Western CBs after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90's being their to take advantage of Russia's plentiful resources with loans, there (isn't) anyone there for the U.S. because it has "NO COLLATERAL" ONLY WORTHLESS "DEBT"!...

Making it far... far... worse is the tacit understanding that when the patient is this psychotic and abnormally repeats the same behavior THAT THEY WILL ALWAYS BE REWARDED...


Only TWO THINGS that can happen that might yield an outcome towards "HOPE"

1) The U.S. military at strategic levels within the org chart MUTINY, opting instead for the "RULE OF LAW" they've been ignoring since 1945 and take their grievances to Washington!


2) France, then Italy and Spain makes headlines and separate from the EU creating enough of a schism that NATO in turn becomes fractured to the point that leaving Brussels is the only viable alternative and the Russian Federation becomes the NEW "MOTHER SHIP"!

That is of course if Barry's prediction doesn't come true for each of them in order to keep them in line (