Trump Slams "Disrespectful" North Korea After Unsuccessful Missile-Test, Warns Situation Is "Bad"

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Update: President Trump has responded...

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Update: President Trump has been briefed. Japanese Cabinet Secretary Yoshida Suga notes that one missile was test-fired and seen to drop within Korean territory - strongly protests the action. US Pacific Command confirms that the missile didn't leave North Korean territory, didn't pose a threat to North America. Furthermore, as AP adds, the launched missile was likely a medium-range KN-17 ballistic missile.

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As we detailed earlier, South Korea's Yonhap News reported that North Korea has provoked Trump with yet another ballistic missile test launch, just hours after the US pushed for for more pressure against the Kim Jong-Un regime.

However it did not fly far: the missile, fired from an area just north of Pyongyang toward the Sea of Japan, flew several minutes before breaking apart. AP reports that a US official says North Korean test was likely of a medium-range ballistic missile; it broke up minutes after launch.

The U.S. Pacific Command confirmed a launch took place at 10:30am Hawaii Time near Pukchang airfield, however the missile did not get to the Sea of Japan and never left North Korean territory, suggesting it failed shortly after launch..

This launch comes just hours after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned on Friday that failure to curb North Korea's nuclear and missile development could lead to 'catastrophic consequences,' while China and Russia cautioned Washington against threatening military force.

As Reuters reports, Washington has recently lavished praise on Beijing for its efforts to rein in its ally Pyongyang, but Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi made clear to the U.N. Security Council it was not only up to China to solve the North Korean problem.

"The key to solving the nuclear issue on the peninsula does not lie in the hands of the Chinese side," Wang told the 15-member council in remarks contradicting the White House belief that it does wield significant influence.


The ministerial meeting of the council, chaired by Tillerson, exposed old divisions between the United States and China on how to deal with North Korea. China wants talks first and action later, while the United States wants North Korea to curtail its nuclear program before such talks start.


"It is necessary to put aside the debate over who should take the first step and stop arguing who is right and who is wrong," Wang told the council. "Now is the time to seriously consider resuming talks."


Tillerson responded: "We will not negotiate our way back to the negotiating table with North Korea, we will not reward their violations of past resolutions, we will not reward their bad behavior with talks."

North Korea did not take part in the meeting.

It seems we just got one step closer to "a major, major conflict."

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Crispy Critter Club.
Starring Kim Jung Illfromradiationpoisoning

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all twit, no action


Trump ain't going to jack shit. Emperor is too tired. Already golfing in Florida.

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Well at least they had the common courtesy to wait until after the stock market closed.

BlueHorseShoeLovesDT's picture

Kim wanted to sell his Amazon shares first

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LOL ~ THEY Jammed It ... +++ USA

No Missile Fires For You Kim J

Haus-Targaryen's picture

A buddy of mine who "knows" stuff told me second stage of a mid-to long range rocket failed.

Trajectory some 30 seconds after lauch indicates second stage failure, no explosion. 

BaBaBouy's picture

Maybe His Missiles running On Widows 10 ???

NoPension's picture

Space based lasers.

I don't know anything for sure. No " inside" info. But, working around industrial lasers, and watching their magic....I have no doubt.

Just spitballin with everyone else.

mtanimal's picture

I doubt they can manufacture their own electronics. It would be interesting to see where they get components, that might give some clues.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

DPRK long ago is run out of electricity, so is now use coal and steel wool to control missile telemetry.

californiagirl's picture

Kim Jong-Un does not realize he is just like that annoying little knat that persistantly keeps buzzing in your face.  Eventually, you're just going to swat him.

smacker's picture

"[...] so is now use coal and steel wool to control missile telemetry"

Lol. Too funny Boris.

Kotzbomber747's picture

Trump hasn't got a clue, and needs to rely on people whispering in his ear to explain him why things are the way they are.

Things like NATO (to control the US empire), things like the relationship China-North Korea (China uses NK as leverage for it's Pacific expansion), things like ObamaCare (keeping big corporations and insurance companies happy) etcetera.

It's symptomatic throughout Trump's 'career:' as a rich kid he just waffles some populist bullshit and then has to flip-flop when he finds out that he was totally wrong and has boxed himself into a corner.

The same with North Korea. The more he yells on Twitter that NK must stop, the more dependent he makes himself (read: the US!) on China and the less leverage he has with China over things like the Spraty Islands and hammering out a "beautiful trade deal" with China.

The leadership in China must be laughing their ass off, this idiot is easier and cheaper to manipulate than wiring a few million Dollars to Hillary! The Orange Clown is doing it all for free!

musimann's picture

He's so stupid he thinks a few patronizing comments to Xi is going to make join Washington DC lunatic club. His big fat ego runs his big fat mouth. The guy is so stupid he is insulting S Korea with trade bull and charging them for THADD. He is a complete dumbass but a very dangerous one.

tmosley's picture

Which is more likely? A highly charismatic professional persuader became fast friends with a foreign president, or some random internet commentator has more intelligence, both in terms of IQ and understanding of foriegn relations than the president of the United States of America?

Sorry, peanutz, America is growing great again right in front of your eyes and there is no amount of internet whining that is going to stop it, and thus stop you from looking like the idiots that you are. Embrace it.

earleflorida's picture

"There will be no Russophobia`ReSET!"     (4-27-2017  *Pepe Escobar)    ::     "Donald Trumps failing Presidency"    (4-25-2017)



read it, and weep [?], oh so softly... in your osmosis`fried, conscientious-disillusion mind!

Important:[?]: --- page rotational regarding 'Pepe Escobars' (input) article :: Note for ref. *{date for future link} Apr.27,2017 read here: 


Lore's picture

President Trump's analysis has always been shallow, kind of naively idealistic (see his books), but lately he seems to be a pawn in the hands of dishonest and/or incompetent advisors.  If he doesn't disassociate himself from the swamp, his Administration seems unlikely to last the year. 

If I had his ear, one of the first things I would do is tell him to shut down that idiotic Twitter account.  It's a major Achilles heel.  There's an undercurrent of incoherence that does not inspire confidence. 

North Korea is important for various reasons, but recent deals to improve infrastructure and secure energy supply are a factor in the ramp-up of bullshit.

Russia's Love Affair With North Korea: The logic behind Moscow’s economic outreach to Pyongyang (, 13-Feb)

"The expansion of Russian investment in the North Korean economy has entrenched Moscow’s role as a guarantor (along with China) of the Kim regime’s survival. Although Russia’s ability to benefit economically from closer links with North Korea is limited, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s willingness to deepen its alliance with Pyongyang highlights Moscow’s desire to expand its role as a stakeholder in the preservation of long-term peace in the Korean peninsula...


...As China’s oil supplies to North Korea have been periodically disrupted due to tensions between Beijing and Pyongyang, Moscow’s importance as an investor in the DPRK’s energy sector has increased markedly. Siberian oil companies have sold fuel to North Korea via a supply route linking Vladivostok to Rajin. These fuel supplies have provided the North Korean regime with vital hard currency, as the DPRK has processed Siberian oil in chemical plants and resold it to Chinese consumers."

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Here is news for you. Cited by... Zero

(URGENT) N. Korea test-fires a ballistic missile: S. Korean military.


Bigern's picture

ACME det plungers on closeout.

Mr 9x19's picture

definitivly, disabling chips inside motherboards, what else..


laser ? star war is so 70' we will have no energy to use lasers, 0.0001% get this point, all electrical is and the verge of the oil powering, as it's fucking collapsing 40% investment over 3 last years, in 10 years you have no longer investment in oil, you think a world economy can  keep standing without oil ?

WW3 D-3000 , max.

Winston Churchill's picture

Whatever you care to think.

If the Patriot III only has a 10% kill rate, your star wars fantasy is exactly a fantsy.

They will get it right, look how many failures the US had in the early days, even with all of operation paperclip data,

and peeps, including working V2s to work from..

matermaker's picture

A missile is one thing.  Going briefly into orbit and coming back down is another.  If you visit the JSC down in Houston, you can see one of the original one man Mercury Rockets.  They are not very large at all.  NO ONE is talking about this, but....      Remember that we have an ultra secret space plane flying for like years at a time?  We launched two x37Bs in 2015.   Ya'll spend so much time trying to deny that we landed on the moon that you have NO IDEA what is flying way up with the Valkyries.   The big ass slow International Space Station takes 90 minutes to orbit the earth.  We have two [that we know of] x37b.  We did spend a shit ton of money and time flying the shuttles for 25 or so years.  I don't doubt we can shoot quite a bit down once things get high enough.  And the higher up you are orbiting, the more of a kill zone you have.

watch the cape.  most everything is still launched there.  A couple new deltas go up and you know it is on.

Joe Mama 3's picture

I've said it before, and I'll say it again..........    Nobody is more rabid about moon landing myths than tha niggas at nasa !!!!!!!!   Crazier than vets denial about 9/11 !!!!!   Craizer than cop denial over the war on drugs, prison for profit, and the relationship with U.S. outsourcing!!!!!!!! I lived in Dickinson and knew some NASA folks !!!!!   Lowest workers on the ladder, but had a lot to lose from not towing the line.

matermaker's picture

dickinson?   too funny.   the highest per capita crack houses in the world.    even texas city niggers don't like the ones in dickinson.   say what you want, dude.   we did fly space shuttles around for decades.   you do have a cell phone because of it.   we still fly shit up there.

annnd... I'm sure from living down in the ghetto of Dickinson..  You remember how absolutely POOR the people in Clear Lake were. 

matermaker's picture

There is ONLY ONE OTHER NATION in the World that has been launching things into space longer than us and about as well as us.  This is how the new frontier really lies.  OH, and you can launch shit a lot easier at the poles.   say... if you wanted to start building bases up there.

post turtle saver's picture

no, launching at the poles is not easier... it's harder...

the most ideal launch sites (from a technical perspective) lie on or very near the equator... after that it's a matter of logistics... boundaries, security and politics...

Tall Tom's picture




Yeah. I had to sign in for that line of crap...Matermaker does not understand angular momentim.


Why in the hell did you not call him out on that "slow" International Space Station which orbits at a velocity of only 17,500 mph?


I guess that something traveling five times faster than a 22 caliner round is slow....when compared to Light Speed.


And then I read of "Orbits" in reference to Medium Range Ballistic Missiles? LMAO. Any missile which can acheive orbit is a potential INTERCONTINENTAL BALLISTIC MISSILE as it can be droppped from orbit by Retros.


Medium Range and Short Range Ballistic Missiles have SUBORBITAL trajectories.


Then he thinks that the X-37B is a payload for a Delta Heavy??? LMAO. The Atlas V is the Launch Vehicle for that.


And as for the Moon Landing Hoax people? They are not worthy of response as they have NO UNDERSTANDING OF NATURAL LAWS.

And those are the type of minds that Al Gore preys upon with his AGW bullshit that Jared and Ivanka are pushing. Or they have the type of minds that believe that CFC's destroy Ozone in the Stratosphere while Ozone is a major POLLUTANT at Ground Level. They vannot conceptualie that cis or trans difluoro-diclhloro-methane is over two and a half times as dense as triatomic Oxygen, Somehow, by magic I guess, the CFCs are transmuted to the Stratosphere without destroying the groind level Ozone first which magically never gets ro the Stratosphere.


(And most here chose the jerk who is going to implement the Carbon Taxes? LMAO. Fuckin' Trumpeteers. They deserve it.)


Zerohedge. Land of the slow.


There are better places and venues. You cannot cure stupid as they think that they know, you cannot convince them otherwise, and it is a waste of time, as this response is a waste of time. You just cannot win.


Signing out again.

chunga's picture

Good to see you Tom. I hope all is well with you.

Abitdodgie's picture

BUt no one has actually been to the very south pole since 1957 when Admiral Byrd went and then it was off limits to everyone , I wonder what he found , O thats right more landThe Secret At The South Pole & Adm. Byrd KNEW it!

Winston Churchill's picture

And neither do you, but I hope it has a better track record in development than the F35 had.

I doubt it very much though.

As to the moon, why the fake photos ?

matermaker's picture

moon landing skeptics usually take on a zealotry cognative dissonence about the subject.  there is no reasoning with you.  just like I can't convince some people that the Earth is older than six thousand years.  Might as well move on.

Beyond that, however, do you recognize that since Mr. Fullerton had his first experimental drop flight on the Enterprise[I remember hunting easter eggs at his house with his daughter Molly.  They lived across the street from the elementary on the golf course]  That we spent over 25 years flying basically airplanes in outer space.  We then built this giant ass space station that people live on year round and can be viewed from Earth.

Let us just let you be 'right'... we never landed on the moon.   The race since sputnik was all a big con job.  Do you deny that we have been flying shit...kind of like all the shit that gives you weather and internet,  since the fucking 1940s?  AND that we went from propellar planes to jets dropping napalm on Korea from 1945-1950?

Tall Tom's picture




You do not understand enough to debate them, matermaker.


It is like watching two monkeys throwing shit.

matermaker's picture

This is also why so many of you, including the Tylers, can't figure out what the love affair with Elon Musk is.   His space X cargo carriers are designed after the Delta IV and the russian Soyuz.   THIS is why he's so damn golden.  and his shit blows up all the time too.   If a nation has a shit ton of drones flying in outer space, it makes it difficult to launch anything from say North Korea or Iran and get here.  It would take a drone the size of hamster wheel to take out a chineese ICBM.

Think on it people.  We came up with bows and arrows for the same reasons.  Then cannons.... Then airplanes... Then jets... Then missles that go WAY up into outer space and come back down.     THE OBVIOUS NEXT PLACE TO GO IS HIGHER.  Have shit in orbit to take a threat out.   since an average satellite travels 17500 mph without any thrust...     as long as you can aim.....  aim' a shotgun at 'em and voila. 

are some of you folks so much in denial and ... well, yes we have weaponized space.  you can bet your ass we have.

Winston Churchill's picture

I used to love the opium dens as well.

I gave them up,so should you.

Sweet Chicken's picture

For effect, laser should be in quotes.

Croesus's picture

How soon will Korean Fatass start doing ads for Viagra?

beemasters's picture

Trump should realize by now he is wasting taxpayers' money. NK isn't a threat and will never be!!! Saudi Arabia and Israel, on the other hand....

espirit's picture

Didn't even get the distance the Subs did.

How about that, eh?

Canary Paint's picture

Totally cool that we got it down to good/bad. Thinking about more than 2 choices makes me uncomfortable. If it is more complicated than that, I can't model it by coin toss.

Lewshine's picture

HAHA! ...Of course "your buddy" heard that the rocket didn't explode!! That's strong evidence if you ask me - I'm convinced. Because if it actually did explode then we would have to respond. However, if the narrative is changed to "FAILED", we can all sit back and laugh at such a pathetic display of incompetence. Yet, if it was a succesful launch I wonder what the big brains in Washington, trying to save face would say? ...The rocket failed. Idiot.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

That is exactly what I said.  Rocket failed without exploding. 

I know the English language can be difficult, but reading comprehension is important. 

Pandelis's picture

haus - you have to read his message carefully ... he is saying the opposite and it makes sense.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I understood exactly what he said. 

He thought explode meant "warhead detonation", whereas the majority of DPRK's rocket fuck-ups have involved a large fireball a few miles up and nothing larger than a soccerball making it back down to earth -- which is what I meant. 

I am not an expert in this.  I have a buddy who is stationed there at the moment, and its what he told me.

You can take it or leave it, just passing along what I hear. 

Anteater's picture

As real rocket scientists at have been saying all along, DPRK does NOT have ICBM capability, they are at the Sputnik stage without inertial stabilization and definitely zero payload capacity. But the CRETINOUSFUCKS at the Pentagon have been drooling, 'DPRK HAS THE BMOB!' for fully FORTY YEARS NOW, and you wonder why the Pentagon has lost $6,300 BILLION they can't account for. These TREASONOUSFUCKS just want moar campaign ribbons so they can boost their double-dip pensions when they flip to the WARPROFITEERINGCUNTS, who are selling 350,000,000 Anericans to the Luciferians.

Forget KJU and TAXTHEFUCKOUTOFAPPLE, they're the ones trying to destabilize Samsung sales with this WW3BULLCRAP.