Republicans Fail In Second Attempt To Repeal Obamacare

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If Trump was hoping to at least vote on Obamacare repeal before his first 100 days are up, he was up for more disappointment.

Late on Thursday night, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy confirmed that, as expected, the GOP leadership would not bring up a revised ObamaCare repeal bill to the floor this week, after it became clear Thursday night that the 216 GOP votes needed to pass the healthcare bill had not materialized. At least 21 Republicans had come out against the bill, with many more undecided. Leaders can only afford 22 GOP defections.

After a two-hour meeting in Speaker Paul Ryan office in the Capitol, McCarthy told reporters that the GOP had again failed to whip enough support for the bill: "we are not voting on healthcare tomorrow or Sunday."

He promptly then downplayed the adverse healthcare development, saying leaders had been discussing the short-term stopgap funding bill to avert a government shutdown. “We’ve been making great progress, and when we have the votes we’ll vote on it."

Just not yet.

So yes, another embarrassing failure for the President and House speaker. But what makes this one unique is that as Bloomberg notes, House republicans appear to be getting wise to the Senate's trickery:

Several moderate Republicans are visibly frustrated about the renewed push to pass the bill after leaders made changes aimed at winning over conservatives.


"We’ve been through this before,” Republican Representative Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania said Thursday. "The business model around here is to load the bill up, make it as conservative as possible, send it to the Senate and have the Senate clean it up and send it back, and the very people who are placated on the first launch won’t be there on the final. And that dog ain’t hunting anymore."

Meanwhile, the House is expected to pass a one-week continuing resolution (CR) on Friday, buying bipartisan negotiators more time to pass a bill to fund the government for the rest of the 2017 fiscal year. If for whatever reason it fails, the government will be shut as of midnight tonight.

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Who cares, stocks just keep going higher. Trade stocks.

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When Paul Ryan speaks, he looks and sounds like an old worn out Air Fan – lots of blurry lip-flapping, clicking sounds, and tons of smoke outta his ass.  ;-)


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Here's a smokey-fart Paul Ryan clip to cheer you up!

JRobby's picture

FAIL !!!

Because Obamacare / Slavery IS WHAT THE ELITE WANT !!!!!

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Well, at least Obama let us keep our doctors and our own health insurance.

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Can we shoot Paul Ryan yet?  I'm about sick of him.  If it's possible, he might be WORSE than the weeping cheeto.

By the way, has anybody seen Overmedicated this morning?  I'm still wondering if he's going to accept his own bet with me.

froze25's picture

Paul Rino, excuse me Paul Ryan is a globalist puppet and needs to go.

fx's picture

This is getting ever more comical by the hour. I am starting to believe they would not get anything really done even with a 100% majority in the house and the senate...

Except, for instance for such minor issues that POTUS can do on its own, like starting ww3 and the likes...

wren's picture

If Congress wants to play these obstructionist games, fuck 'em! Veto EVERYTHING, bring the troops home, stop attending anything having to do with foreign relations, put as many federal employees on layoff as you can, and completely shut down ICE and INS. And go play a TON of golf. Let Congress know that you will be ready and waiting to do your job when they start doing theirs!

VinceFostersGhost's picture


Why just don't they come up with something.......that doesn't suck?

wren's picture

Because they can't. It's not a matter of over 50% of the membership liking something and voting to pass it. It's degrees of liking. So, Obamacare ranges the full spectrum. You have the heavy likers like Skeletor Pelosi who would be a 1, you have centrists rated around 5-6, and the hard-core, either my way or the highway, conservatives we could rate as a 10. So, divide these 535 members of Congress up  between the 10 positions on the scale, then understand that any concept you bring forward will only get 3 connecting numbers of the vote.

In the case of Obamacare, it was drafted towards 6, 7, and 8, but it failed to capture 9 or 10. It should have also captured some of the 5's, but 5's are under the Dem title and as such they can't support anything Trump supports. Now, it's approved by 9 and 10 and retains 8, but lost 6 and 7.

It's no wonder all Congress can ever get done is voting to hand out free stuff, because that's the only thing people can ever agree on. Politicians like it because it means they get re-elected. Free money for everyone, and pay raises for Congress so we can afford hookers instead of just interns.

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Are we forgetting the one sentance bill that was proposed to repeal it?

Why don't we start there and figure out the rest later?

Chauncey Gardener's picture

The bigger question is, why the sudden insistance that it has to be replaced instead of repealing it? What, exactly did Ryan and the Republicans DO over the last eight agonizing years? That's simple--other than NOTHING, they gave everything Obama wanted on a danm silver platter. Pisses me off to no end.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Healthcare plan currently in place is a perversion of both justice and morality.

It is SPIRTUAL WARFARE and an abomination.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

We need some divine HELP!

JRobby's picture

+10,000 !!!! Abomination !!!! That word seems to come up often these days..........

FireBrander's picture

"Our Struggle" is against Corporate America..."ObmaCare" cannot be "repealed" without TREMENDOUS NEGATIVE political consequences for the people responsible for the repeal...NO politician is going to pull the pin on that grenade....Corporate America WROTE THE ACA to ensure it can't be "repealed".

FireBrander's picture

Trump and Congress keep trying to "fix" the high cost of make it "affordable" by PUMPING IN MORE FEDERAL MONEY.


When they start talking about LOWERING THE COST OF CARE...that is when they're on the right road!


SWRichmond's picture


Is that you, Karl?

P.S. The purpose of government is looting.

FireBrander's picture

I voted for Trump for a lot of reasons.

#1 The other choice was Hillary.


And for health reform:

I "hoped" Trump would use his voting base to overpower the "health lobby". I didn't really believe he would, but I hoped...and I KNEW that Hillary wouldn' for this topic, at this point, Trump is Hillary light.

froze25's picture

The only choice left is to force the ACA to collapse under its own weight.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

#The other choice was Hillary

Americas choice were
Polonium-210 Or Arsenic


peopledontwanttruth's picture

They're not trying to FIX anything

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Amen but human nature is they'll only ask for help when it's to late. People love it their way. Even when proven it's a failure

SerfsUp's picture

Paul RINO is literally self-immolating and trying to grab President Trump to take him down alongside. All the RINOs are sellout traitors for special interest cash over the wishes of their constituents.

DOJ prosecutions for graft, abuse of public office, and sex trafficking are the only way to pull the drain plug from beneath the swamp. 

peopledontwanttruth's picture

The title of the article should read:
Republicans get their script from their paid masters to fail vote to keep ObomaCare, but give illusion of trying!!!

Darktarra's picture

Paul Ryan needs to go! 

Laddie's picture

Ryan and Mitch McConnell, whose Chinese wife when Secy of Labor under Jorge W Bush, said that white workers SMELL BAD.
Can you imagine if a White Secy of Labor said Chinamen smell bad? Well Ryan and Mitch worked VERY hard to get all of Obama's deals through, Obamacare, TPP and its associate, and so much more. We are so lucky to have Ryan as Speaker of the House.
Obamacare is yet ANOTHER wealth transfer from US, the White populace, to the people of color. At the same time .gov is, effectively, killing off the Golden Goose, i.e. White America. I tell you there is a METHOD to their MADNESS.

Now there are a FEW whites who use Obamacare but 99% of us are shelling out BIG $ each and every month for "health" care which is BS but the insurance companies are soaking us just like .gov is: THIS IS THEFT BY LAW.

And when injustice becomes law, resistance is duty.

But let's look at all the good Trump has done:
First he has SAVED all the "DREAMERS" they get to stay, FOREVER.
Those who SAY they are Dreamers have been given work permits by Trump.
He has kept NAFTA, not building a wall, like his Israeli buddies have, paid for by US the US TAXPAYING SUCKERS.
He has authorized our ISPs to SELL our browsing history!
He is saying he will STOP "Holohoax Denial" "Hate speech" and "Anti-Semitism" in other words exactly what the Tribe has wanted.

Waiting for green cards, Indian visa-holders see hope in Trump review Fri Apr 21, 2017

When Gokul Gunasekaran was offered a full scholarship for a graduate program in electrical engineering at Stanford University, he saw it as the chance of a lifetime.

He had grown up in Chennai, India, and had a solid job offer with a large oil company after getting his undergraduate degree. He came to America instead, got the Stanford degree and now works as engineer at a data science in Silicon Valley.

Yes Mr Trump do STOMP DOWN on Whites, after all Whitey PUT YOU IN OFFICE.

White Navy Veteran Beaten By Three Blacks After Kindly Asking Them To Stop Torturing A Turtle

More Black on Turtle Violence:

12 year old White girl attacked by African-American female in Jefferson County Public School Girls Restroom
Occurred On: Apr-14-2017 Location: Louisville, Kentucky

ThisIsMadness's picture

Trump has succeeded in making the every single Republican that ran on "Repeal and Replace" look like an ass. If more people understood this, they would vote all those heffers out of office.

j0nx's picture

Ryan AGAIN fails to control his people or step in line with THEIR demands instead of his. How much longer will Trump and the GOP put up with this failing loser?

FireBrander's picture


Dude..."Useful idiot" ring any bells?

Ryan is doing his job PERFECTLY!

PS> His job is to ensure the ACA is not repealed carte blanche; look at the terminology..."Repeal AND Replace"...Repeal $X and replace it with $2X in "funding"...Ryan, 95% of the Congress...AND THE for the "Health Lobby".

post turtle saver's picture

as long as the states need to gorge on federal money to keep their Medicaid programs running, it will never be repealed...

the next time I hear some state politician try to play to the rubes by bawling about states rights, I'm going to tell him to kiss my ass... the states have so much federal money rammed up their backside to prop them up that it tickles their tonsils, they're the biggest federal welfare dependents of all...

FireBrander's picture

"as long as the states need to gorge on federal money to keep their Medicaid programs running, it will never be repealed..."


As long as the people in so many states need to gorge on federal money in order to have health insurance, it will never be repealed...

orangegeek's picture

Tick tock Paul Ryan, tick tock.

MickV's picture

Lynch the Piece of shit Paul Ryan, and all the other cuckservatives.

drendebe10's picture

Stpopud fukn useless corrupt elected political turds Fukemall

IridiumRebel's picture

War On!
StopGap debt love!
Stocks to the Moon.

Rinse repeat.

ToSoft4Truth's picture



An alternative might be Trump never did give a rat's ass.  But the rhetoric was effective for firing up the base and getting him elected which immediately results in him enriching his family.


Maybe next fall, maybe not. 

Giant Meteor's picture

They can fade this  with an actual boom boom shoootin war by tonight , 

MickV's picture

All of them are cowed by the Radical Community Organized Soros/Usurper Obama Bots that were screaming at them in scripted fashion at Town Halls.

BarkingCat's picture

At this point what difference does it make?

Giant Meteor's picture

It doesn't. The natives are restless ..

I forgot to add, human sacrifices are needed ..


new game's picture

who wants shitcare rammed up their ass anyways? do it right or fuk off.

only good is that it isn't passing. wipe the slate cleean and form citiizen advisory group to form healthcare for the people by the people. leave the insurance companies to see where they fit in as they are the parasites anyways...

Davidduke2000's picture

if trump cannot see that ryan is a traitor he is stupid, I am sure president Putin will accept a request from trump to exile ryan to Siberia.

MickV's picture

Republicans have majority in both houses and still can't pass anything, just like they still got steamrolled by the Usurper Obama. Proof that both sides (teams) are the same.

Uncle Sugar's picture

Ryan still needs to go.

DelusionsCrowded's picture

A Masonic Illusion designed to keep the sheeple in the dark as to the real objectives .Which I think is to discredit by sabotage the whole political system . Thats what Obama 'Care' is designed to do : fail and help bring down the finacial , insurance system in a world wide calamity (all countries are loaded with debt or crisis). This is why the Illuminati and all their agents (often under duress )are provoking for a War . So the history books can put the blaim someone else . Whilst the the great BLACK Puppet can be written up as a philanthorpist who created the benevolent ObamaCare . Propaganda for history thats yet to be written . Just like many of the Fake Icons sheeple are 'educated' to revere or despise .

urhotdogs's picture

That's the difference with Republicans vs Dems, good or bad.  They just don't fall in line like the Dems behind their leaders.  Sad part is, to many Repubs are closet Democrats and love tax and spend.  They should just let Obamacare crapout and not do anything to keep it afloat.  Let the Dems eat it all the way to the grave.  Only good thing that would have come of passing it today is the Dems shutting down the government.

Arrest Hillary's picture

Making sausage is ugly .... but, it sure looks good in the frying pan ?