UC Davis Rolls Out "Morning After Pill" Vending Machines - "It Encourages Responsibility"

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The University of California at Davis has a revolutionary solution for all their binge-drinking students who find it difficult to control their primal urges after a night of frat-hopping...the 'Plan B' vending machine.  For $30 a box students can now flush that pesky, potentially-fertilized egg without the hassle of having to walk all the way to a pharmacy. 

Of course, the female students on campus seem to love the idea, saying..."It's like useful"....yeah, totally, and stuff.

"It's easier to take a Plan B than have to tell your parents that you're pregnant."


"It's like useful....so that you don't have to go to a pharmacy..."

Meanwhile, one parent actually told CBS Sacramento that the vending machine "encourages responsibility."

"It encourages responsiblity.  I mean if you mess up then you mess up.  It's better than waiting to see if you get pregnant and have an abortion."

We suspect many other parents might have a slightly different definition of "responsibility"...but what do we know?


But the machine isn't just for emergencies...it also offers condoms for those who prefer to plan ahead.

The vending machine was the brain child of UC Davis student, Parteek Singh, who said he came up with the idea after his "friends" had a close encounter one Friday night when the local pharmacy ran out of Plan B pills.

"There was an incident where my friends went to the one pharmacy that was open 24/7 in town on a Friday night.  And they were all out of emergency contraceptive."


“I want to see this on every college campus."

What more is there to say really?

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Thank god, We don't need more Liberals

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We should have "100 Day After" voting machines.  Too bad Hillary's friends bumped JFK Jr. off.

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Who knew Snowflakes engaged in sexual intercourse with members of the opposite sex.

I would have thought they'd all be in their safe places rolled up in the fetal position.

At the very least smart phone masturbating with their i(diot)Phone.

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Who knew Snowflakes engaged in sexual intercourse with members of the opposite sex.


Have we all seen this (and regretted it)?

 Bill Nye -- My Sec Junk


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They don't tell us there are clean needles in the vending machines too do they?  At least that is the report I heard.  Condoms, needles, and morning after pill.  Fucking kill yourselves millennial snow flake bitches.

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The other Vending Machine next to his one sells:

1) High Dose Penicillin capsules;

2) High Dose Azithromycin 10-day packets (for Gonorrhea);

3) anti-AIDS drugs;

4) Hepatits A and B vaccinations via sugar coated tablets;

5) Extra-large tube of KY Lube;

6) Therapy puppies; and,

7) New York Slime's Best Seller---- "Good Girls Guide: How to Live with Lifelong STD's."

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wondering if they come in a 20-pack...for a friend.

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It wouldn't surprise me to see the Libs come up with an abortion vending machine...

A woman would stradle a bicycle-seat-like contraption with a hole in the seat...

Pay your money, and a "rotto-router-like" device comes up out of the hole...

Enters the vagina, and "homogenizes" and "sucks-up" the fetus.

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By looking at 80% of the Shitlings walking the streets, I'd say PP has a good idea. Free BCPs, free coat hangers and most of all, campaign Congress to abolish the child tax credit.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

You make 'em, we scrape 'em. No fetus can defeat us!

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Dude every time I see your shit I crack the fuck up. Keep up the good work.

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I graduated from UC Berkeley with  degree in Humanities and HIV.

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Whoever downvoted that is just brainless.

I suggest all thinking people watch the link on Billy the Poet's post.

This is your children being programmed to be transgendered sex freaks...

Huxley wins. Orwell wins.

Everybody loses....


NordikAvenger's picture

"...and in Martin Luther's arms Jesus wept..."

AVmaster's picture

I can actually agree with this...


We can't have this generation of worthless bastards spawning more worthless bastards that they can't even begin to take care of...

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They DO have the cart in front of the horse here, but you're absolutely right.

The unspeakable truth about Planned Parenthood is that it keeps 'undesirable' populations from reproducing at rates that would overwhelm and destabilize society.

That's the brutal truth.

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Side-by-side to this machine is another one....for $10 bucks the machine will reseach who be yo' real Daddy.

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I think if enough of them roll and squirm around in their fetal positions, fetuses happen.

But, best not to dwell on it.

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LMAO,  I'm going to use that, the next time my grand kids ask me about sex

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Good use of your student loan.  Double screwed.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

In the future, this pill (and other procedures) will be mandatory for all persons who are deemed by .gov to be at the wrong income level. Those who disagree will be outcast and forced to live on the fringes of "society."

Xena fobe's picture

As it should be. Too many welfare babies as it is.

NordikAvenger's picture

Both white and black ones, right?  Or do you just mean just the poor white ones?

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Don't get me wrong, this is much better than an abortion, and I have bought a few of these for girls before. But god damn. Raw dogging randos in this day in age is just plain stupid. Condoms do break sometimes, sure, but this is just encouraging stupid behavior. If I wasn't married and was out chasing tail, I would not have sex with anyone without a rubber these days. Anyone that tags a girl they met in a bar without one these days is nuts.

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Plan B for men is Tiger Balm, that shit will cure anything.

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Responsibility is making sure she swallows all of it.

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She should never know your real name.  Plan B is making sure you are gone before morning.

Semi-employed White Guy's picture

No there doesn't. Not if you're a zygote in a slutty millenial's uterus.

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A former President told me "In the absence of condoms or other birth control, oral or anal satisfaction works just fine."

Semi-employed White Guy's picture

Libtards are aborting themselves out of existence.  Libtards are a self-correcting problem.

mike_king's picture

Slip it into the food or drink of a gold-digger so you don't have 18 years of slavery (child support). Or just get a secret vasectomy. Never trust a girl who says she's on the Pill.

thunderchief's picture

Very very hard for me to understand how people smart enough to get into college haven't discovered the condom, and are stumbling around on a Saturday Morning at the state U with a drippy snach, a brand new STD looking for a morning after pill.

I just hope these pharmacies start issuing strictnign and a membership to a Russian Rullet gun club.  Sheesh! 

mkhs's picture

I never liked lax-nines, but "strictnign" is the worst.  I will say nothing about "Rullet." 

"people smart enough to get into college" would this be irony?

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Davis didn't use to be a liberal campus... I earned my bachelors from there in biology... was all work and no play. Davis use to have the highest suicide rate of all the UC campuses. It is the only place I have ever attended where the professors felt sorry for the students because of the pressure they were under.

It was a great place to go to school.

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Feminism is a disease.

Billy the Poet's picture

There's nothing feminine about killing your offspring.

Pure Evil's picture

And, who says females don't have the natural instincts to perform on the battlefield.

Just point to the enemy and tell them they need to be aborted.

techpriest's picture

There is nothing feminine about feminism.

SheHunter's picture

Killing your offspring?

The morning after pill is killing offspring?

You forgot the /sarc/tag.

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Just remember every time they piss our water supply is flooded with the chemicals in these pills.. I have seen reports where fertility drugs are being found in our lakes and rivers. Pretty much sterilization of the environment and the aquatic lifeforms are not able to reproduce as effectively. Hence likely why in the countries where this shit is marketed the fertility rates are dropping. And in some cases they where finding i t alterd the frogs sex from male to female. Sound familiar! Our water treatment plants are not able to filter out pharmicuticals. So we are drinking this shit along with these dumb asses. Harsh reality seeing a nation try to survive by demonizing the family structure and future generations would be mother's. This is how everything begins in life for the next humans and frankly feminine rights was a great phycology weapon against the family structure. Who is going to be sterile enough to proceate and motherly enough to actually mother? And  I guess no one drinking water in this country. Ha ha jokes on US! Our nation was stronger when we had mother's that mother and big strong veril dad's that brought home the bread and could actually win in a fight. Now dad can't compete cause they are demonizing stay at home mom's forcing the women to compete for dad's salary. Pushing his wages down so she can't have kids and has to work.. LOLOLOL... No wonder our wage stagnation is the new normal. We are so being destroyed.... 

mike_king's picture

Abortion should be illegal for normal whites, but mandatory for progs, wogs and nogs.

NordikAvenger's picture

wank much?

conception doesn't happen to at least 24 hours later -- up to 72 hours max. 

Jim in MN's picture

Just put it in the water supply....

Tallest Skil's picture


Jim in MN's picture

I don't know.  Manboobs are a serious side effect. 

techpriest's picture

Yes, currently water supplies only need to have total carbon reduced to a certain amount (pollution), but this stuff is active at a lower level than that threshold.

So does anyone here want to get on their city council and prioritize this?

bloofer's picture

That's not the only thing that's in the water. We got brand new water lines in my little town about five years ago. They are plastic, so the water contains phthalates. As soon as I started drinking our new city water, my health deteriorated in a big way, and I was soon diagnosed with Graves Disease. It took me about three years to figure out that the water caused this. I switched to drinking and cooking with distilled water, and over a period of several months I was able to gradually reduce the medication and became symptom-free.

I don't know what water lines were made out of in former times, but I suspect that plastic water lines are a new thing, and we're doing to see a big increase in thyroid disease and other illnesses caused by endocrine disruptors. It may be that the problem is especially acute in my town because the small population means low water use, which means the water sits in the pipes longer than in most cities.

Underground's picture

Forced sterilization. Old Nazis trick... Every time the piss we get to take a sip of estrogen and God only knows what else.