US Deploys Troops Along Syria-Turkey Border

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Just three days after Turkish warplanes killed at least 20 US-backed Kurdish fighters along the Turkey-Syria border as well as several Kurdish peshmerga troops on Mount Sinjar in northwestern Iraq, footage posted by Syrian activists showed the US has deployed troops and APCs in the contested region, in a move that could potentially drag the US in a conflict where it already finds itself mediating between two so-called US ally forces in the proxy war against Syria.

The Turkish airstrikes also wounded 18 members of the U.S.-backed People's Protection Units, or Y.P.G., were criticized by both the U.S. and Russia. The YPG is a close U.S. ally in the theatrical fight against the Islamic State (whose real purpose is destabilizing the Assad regime); it is seen by Ankara as a terrorist group because of its ties to Turkey's Kurdish rebels. The problem is that Turkey is also an ally of the US, although over the past two years relations between Turkey and all western NATO allies have deteriorated substantially for numerous familiar, and extensively discussed in the past, reasons.

On one hand, further clashes between Turkish and Kurdish forces in Syria could potentially undermine the U.S.-led war on the Islamic State group. On the other, it risks taking an already unstable situation in Syria and escalating it substantially, should Turkey again find itself invading Turkey and/or Iraq.

Which is why the US appears to have deployed troops along the border: to serve as a deterrent to further Turkish attacks.

A senior Kurdish official, Ilham Ahmad told The Associated Press that American forces began carrying out patrols along the border Thursday along with reconnaissance flights in the area. She said the deployment was in principle temporary, but may become more permanent. Another Kurdish activist said the deployment is ongoing, adding that it stretches from the Iraqi border to areas past Darbasiyah in the largely Kurdish part of eastern Syria.

"The U.S. role has now become more like a buffer force between us and the Turks on all front lines," he said. He said U.S. forces will also deploy as a separation force in areas where the Turkish-backed Syrian fighting forces and the Kurdish forces meet.

As noted above, the US intervention is meant to send a "a message of reassurance for the Kurds and almost a warning message" to the Turks, he said.

Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, did not dispute that U.S. troops are operating with elements of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) along the Turkish border, but he would not get into specifics. The SDF is a Kurdish-dominated alliance fighting IS that includes Arab fighters.

"We have U.S. forces that are there throughout the entirety of northern Syria that operate with our Syrian Democratic Force partners," Davis said. "The border is among the areas where they operate." He said the U.S. wants the SDF to focus on liberating the IS-held town of Tabqa and the extremist group's de facto capital, Raqqa, "and not be drawn into conflicts elsewhere."

* * *

Confirming that the proxy war in Syria is becoming ever less so, the U.S. has recently shifted from working quietly behind the scenes in Syria's conflict toward overt displays of U.S. force in an attempt to shape the fight. Last month, about 200 Marines rolled into northern Syria backed with howitzers, significantly widening America's footprint in a highly toxic battlefield. The Marines' deployment came days after another intervention, when dozens of army troops drove outside the town of Manbij, riding Stryker armored vehicles, following an earlier conflagration of fighting between Syrian Kurdish troops and Turkish troops. The U.S. deployment in Manbij intentionally put Americans in the middle of that rivalry, hoping to cool it down.

The SDF retook Manbij from IS control, and Turkey said it won't allow the town to be under Kurdish control, threatening to move on it. The American presence appears intended to reassure Ankara the Kurds don't hold the town.

But the new deployment puts U.S. troops directly along the border with Turkey, another flashpoint, and immerses Washington into that increasingly hot fight. Should Erdogan happen to launch a strike against a zone containing US troops, he can simply say he was aiming elsewhere, although the retaliation by his NATO ally would be prompt.

It remains unclear if the US is now actively seeking to engage Turkey on the combat field, and is looking for a politically correct, and media friendly pretext to do so.  It is also unclear what a conflict between the US and Turkey would mean for the rest of NATO: it certainly would set a precedent, as never before has fighting broken out between two alliance members.

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1.21 jigawatts's picture

YEAH!!!  Just like Trump promised while campaigning!!!


GadExp's picture



I’m having a hard time telling the difference between ISIS’s tanks, trucks, and arms compared to the US military’s tanks, trucks, and arms.



Maybe I’m just stupid.



Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Stupid, don't think so.  Crap, I don't even know who the good guys are anymore.  It's like an incestual family tree with no tree trunk.

BaBaBouy's picture

Boy, Thump Is Woaring It Up On All Fronts Left and Right ...

PrayingMantis's picture


... more kabuki to entertain us ...

    ... here's what's being diplomatically hush-hushed  ...

..."Exclusive: Trump Apologized to Russia for Syria Attack - April 28, 2017 -  US backed down to get cooperation agreement restored...end threat to US pilots...certain death at hands of S400 missiles"

..."[VT] Editor’s note: It was Tillerson that had to go to Russia, hat in hand, and explain that his boss had gotten buzzed up, showing off for the Chinese president, stuffing himself with cake and drunk, we are never told about that but he certainly looks like a drunk.  When Russia abruptly ended air coordination after the failed US attack on a Syrian base, dozens of Tomahawk missiles splashing harmlessly into the Mediterranean, America’s games in Syria came to an end.

When and it was “when” an American plane would be downed, and it was already in motion, Trump would be blamed.  The US is really powerless against Russia militarily.

It was this blunder that led Erdogan into a week of air attacks on the US ground units inside Syria.  What a humiliation." ...

... "Why Flight Safety Memo Suspension Became Painful Experience for Trump

Sputnik/Moscow: The collapse of Russo-American collaboration over flight safety in Syria turned out to be a painful experience for the US, Russian academic Nikita Danyuk suggested in an interview with Radio Sputnik, adding that it is unlikely that Washington will continue to infringe on the Syrian state.

Russia’s Izvestia newspaper reported Tuesday that following the request of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Moscow restored the memorandum of understanding on flight safety over Syria concluded between the US and Russia in 2015."

... read more here >>>


finametrics's picture

i thought donald duck drumf was playing 194 dimensional chess tho?

Teja's picture

With the Enemy-of-my-enemy charts getting ever more complicated, I am wondering if the President can declare war on the U.S.A. all by himself, or if he needs a Senate vote to do that?

BarkingCat's picture

If US goes to war against Turkey, each side will take turns bombing the Incirlik air base.



Falcon49's picture

Turkey has nuclear weapons....and is a member of NATO.


zvzzt's picture

Being a member of NATO does not provide protection from conflict between member nations, only from 3rd parties. Keep in mind the situation in Cyprus in the mid 1970's. Also, Turkey doesn't have nukes; the nukes are under control of the US but only based in Turkey (like many/most other Nato countries). 

Still a messed up situation though. 

Gonzogal's picture

The US is looking to do away with its base in Trukey and install it in Northern Syria, which is why they are helping the Kurds...

"The United States is assessing another airstrip near the newly retaken Tabqa Dam, north of Raqqa that was taken by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces on March 26. The capture of Tabqa airfield about 110 kilometers north of Raqqa would be used in the same way as Qayyarah Airfield West in Iraq is being used for operations to retake Mosul. When finished, Tabka airfield will enable the US to deploy twice as many warplanes and helicopters in Syria as the Russians currently maintain. It is already dubbed «Incirlik 2» or «Qayyarah-2».

The new base is designed to accommodate the 2,500 US military personnel housed at Incirlik, Turkey. The administration is on the way to pull US air force units out of Turkey, to the five new and expanded air bases in Syria. In 2003, Ankara refused to let the US and its allies use its airspace when the invasion of Iraq started. The decision on airspace was reversed later but the Turkish parliament voted against the use of military bases on Turkish soil. As a result, the US operations in Iraq were significantly hindered. Now the US will not depend on Turkey anymore if Syria’s airspace is open for American flights. This is part of broader plans.

Tabqa is being rebuilt as the US-led coalition has been quietly increasing its aerial capability in northern Syria to include more landing areas and bases. According to the VOA, those bases add to three others already controlled by US allies in the region all situated in the Syrian borderland with Iraq: Syrian Kurds built an airbase last year on farmland known as Abu Hajar airport in the Rmelan area and nearly doubled the length of the runaway to initially allow for delivery of cargo. Two other airfields in the region, one formerly used for agricultural purposes and the other a former Syrian military base, have also been expanded by pro-US Kurdish forces.

Blankone's picture

Yep, and taking control of a major water supply facility.

When viewing the power structure you see the US go in an simply take an airbase and turn it into a base of operations. Russia was unable to move or expand operations.

Once the US begins full occupation of these bases then eastern Syria stops being a part of Syria.

JohninMK's picture

The only problem with that theory, and there is little evidence that work is going on, is that it is an existing Syrian Air Force base with hard runways etc, it is on the west, wrong, side of the Euphrates and they will want it back. The Syrian Army is just up the road to achieve that aim.

This is quite different to the airbase the US constructed virtually from scratch out of a light plane airfield in North Syria. Plus it only has a dirt runway.

There is no way that Incirlik in Turkey can be replaced by Tabqa. This is a fake news artilce full of dreams.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Aah yes, a Kurdish rump state, carved out of parts of Iraq, Turkey and Syria (and maybe Iran too, if they are really lucky), just like Oded Yinon would have liked it.

Another Israeli(/Rothschild)-controlled puppet in the region, to add to the likes of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Azerbaijan.


nufio's picture

so is newmn going to make that 20$ to charity now?

beemasters's picture

Bring the troops home and deploy them along the southern border instead, Trump.

Ace006's picture

Now you're talking crazy talk.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Mediocre quality kabuki for suckers, the whole scenario was arranged by Kushner when he met privately with Russians before the official Tillerson meeting. The scouted effect was cooling down and shutting down the mouths screaming hysterically 'Russia' everywhere. I must recognize it, it was a brilliant move from Trump's team side.


Wile-E-Coyote's picture

No, the idiot is playing Russian roulette with an automatic with a full magazine.

MarsInScorpio's picture


You posted this from some POS something or other out there in Lunatic Land: "stuffing himself with cake and drunk, we are never told about that but he certainly looks like a drunk."

Dumb ass, Trump doesn't drink.

Go take your NWO /Soros trolling somewhere and stuff it where the sun never shines.

E S & D.

PrayingMantis's picture


MarsorScorpio ... which one is it?

... it appears another snowflake got triggered ... lol ...

>>> "You posted this from some POS something or other out there in Lunatic Land: "stuffing himself with cake and drunk, we are never told about that but he certainly looks like a drunk." ..."

... if you read it carefully and slowly (please), and I would assume you could read (I wouldn't know if your IQ gets past that of an earthworm's because you missed that part that says "Editor's Note" ... and I'm not a Veteran's Today Editor nor am I connected with them, but I'll give you the benefit that your IQ even reaches double digits) ...

... it was a quote from the Veteran's Today Editor ... here it is again in case you're blinded by your worship of the orange-haired idol ..

... "......"[VT] Editor’s note: It was Tillerson that had to go to Russia, hat in hand, and explain that his boss had gotten buzzed up, showing off for the Chinese president, stuffing himself with cake and drunk, we are never told about that but he certainly looks like a drunk."...


>>> "Dumb ass, Trump doesn't drink."

... One of the things I noticed with low IQ'd assholes like you is typical projection of how you were mistreated at home by your mommy ... and being a mommy's boy, you must've been barraged with daily dose of  insults like  " you dumb ass" and now you use the same ad hominem to others you couldn't debate properly because of your snowflake-minded mentality and absolute inadequacy  ... and, btw, you sound like a Kochsucker too ...

... and if Veterans Today website, which had been attacked by Trumpty's WH to shut up, writes that the Twitter-in-Chief was drunk, I wouldn't know otherwise because I wasn't there ... and besides, your citrus-haired idol might have taken to drink to impress the leader of the country he visibly fears a lot based on his recent flip-flop about China being a currency manipulator (or perhaps, you'd ignore that too to suit your wishes and soothe your nerves) >>>

... so you see, your idol flips then he flops ... he says he doesn't drink ... now maybe he drinks ... fuck, who knows ... and if you focus on that piece of shit information and disregarding the whole Veteran's Today news report, then it would explain your single digit or perhaps a tad towards a double-digit Intelligence Quotient ...


>>> "Go take your NWO /Soros trolling somewhere and stuff it where the sun never shines."

... wrong again kid ... you see those manipulators like Soros, Kochs, NWO, CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilaterals, Bohemians, Business Roundtable, (((Red Shield Puppeteers))), Lobbyists, MIC, (((bankers))), and other deep state and globalist groups, as well as mama's boy wankers like YOU, are scums of the earth ...

... and btw, if you read my earlier postings, you'd notice I was once a citrus-haired supporter until Trumpty Drumpfty sat on his Wall and had a great fall ...  ;)


>>> "E S & D."

... go  S A B O.




BobEore's picture

Kabuki indeed...

and no one does it better than "Nuff" Duff and his Veteran's Today crew. From totally made up shit to ripped off reports from journalist actually on the ground in the muddled east - VT remains the classic example of the Western Exceptionalist Media playing reporter for a naive and deceived audience.

But our hosts here are by no means laggards in the category themselves, as this very post a blizzard of non sequitors

"On the other, it risks taking an already unstable situation in Syria and escalating it substantially, should Turkey again find itself invading Turkey and/or Iraq"

as well as 'he said -she saids' ... where the gender identity of the spoksperson apparently is so unstable as to change from paragraph to paragraph! Yop nothc!

This, from a media crew who put their personal sock puppet #1 on the case last July, when the one journo on the ground to write about the phony coup sent in the latest summation of the staged "event" for the advisement of readers wishing to inform themselves of the facts from that part of the world:

a venomous attack of spite which consisted of whining about grammatical errors and other nitpicks while entirely ignorning the substane of the report...

what's good for the goose... be good for the gander huh fellers? Best stick to the Bloomberg quotes, and leave the creative writing for us ink-stained wretches methinks.

As for the example of VT and it's politcy of stealing the work of journalists in the field to use without attribtion - it's all here... ............ quite a 'rogue's gallery' of western ONEMEDIA blowhards what?

BobEore's picture

Oh, and by the way...

VT is the official media organ of the "Progressives for Moar Wars" element of the Dumbocrat Party.

If you like your wars... you can keep em comin... thanks to VT and the boyz. See for a detailed look at their defence of the attack on Libya.... then ask yourself how much cred would ya still like to give them on Syria?

PrayingMantis's picture



... whatever your beliefs in the newsworthiness of certain news aggregators/outlets remains your prerogative and I wouldn't sway you from that belief ... news outlets exist from donations or advertisements (in the case of medium to bigger ones), but the fact remains ... it's up to the reader to separate the wheat from the chaff; the real vs fake news.

... if you read the Veteran's Today (VT) article I shared, you'd notice it says "Exclusive" ... which means they might have gathered something others either missed, purposedly missed or something of their own creation ... after all, VT was one of the first to expose the false chemical attack in Syria which caused Ivanka Kushner's heart to sink which might have contributed to Trump's outburst by Tom-Cruise-missile-shelling an airport with a laughable 23/59 precision when some of us knew that all these theatrics were only a pretext to take down Assad for not adhering to the Central-Banking-Protocols of (((Red Shield))).

... and over the years, the remaining 4 holdout countries defying the (((Red Shield))) are still fighting for their survival ... North Korea, Syria, Iran and Cuba.

... USA is only a (((tool))) ... a hammer used by the (((Arm))) looking for the remaining 4 nails to pound.  This is what all these wars are about. And there are side benefits to go with it ... like MIC-induced arms sales etc., which if you dig deeper, the (((moneychangers))) would still be the ones to rake in the leaves of profit.

... so, when I read the VT item I shared, it all made sense that T-Rex, the SoS who didn't want to take the job only to be scolded by his wife that he had to do it, was sent back to Moscow by the citrus-haired resident of Casa Blanca (and initially met with Lavrov) to talk to Putin about something ... Putin declined at first, but then, if you parse the VT article (which incidentally came from Pravda, a bit believable than your CNN), ex-KGB Putin rarely changes his mind, but perhaps T-Rex must've appealed to relay an apology from Casa Blanca ... that's perhaps when Putin (who is T-Rex's good friend and 'ol buddy, even awarding T-Rex one of the higher honors from the Kremlin given to foreigners), and who would not turn his back to his old friends especially the ex-CEO of Exxon, one of the prime partners of Kremlin's Gazprom, but because of the Tom Cruise missile target practice in Syria, would probably snub T-Rex's visit, however, suddenly agreeing to meet with T-Rex. 

... what was the message? ... that T-Rex is bringing a special apology from the Wall-monger (who decided after all that bluster, that the Wall might be started in Sept or the 12th of Never, whichever comes first) and with special concessions, perhaps even a promise not to interfere with Assad anymore, who btw, protects the Kremlin's monopoly of gas and energy to Europe.

... and btw, did you know that T-Rex is a member of the Boy Scouts-founded Alpha Phi Omega (APO) fraternity (think of Bush's Skull & Bones and (((Wolfowitz's))) Quill & Dagger) and his loyalty really lies in his Boy Scouts roots ... and some notable APO members happen to be Michiele (allegedly Michael Robinson) Obama ... (Obumboclot's better half; don't know which half), Robert Gates, former Offense Secretary, Therapist Bill and the Hilarious one, and plenty of .gov shills beholden to their fraternity brethren.

... all political funders (scums of the earth like Soros and Koch brothers to name a few) have only one thing in their minds ... to push their own hidden agenda. You could argue that the Freedom Caucus only works for the good of the land even when their bread is buttered by the Club for Growth and the notorious Koch brothers ... same with any of Soros-funded NGOs ... and I'm sure these funders just shell out their (((hard-earned)))  million$ only because they wanted to MAGA and without any strings attached.

... so you see, all these are smoke and mirrors and if you could *see* (the best part of waking up is opening your eyes) past the fog, you would be way ahead of the sheeple ...

... thanks for your thoughts btw ...

BobEore's picture

Exclusive is good.

Ripping off a journalists work - and placing it in your "general news" bin without ANY ATTEMPT AT ATTRIBUTION ... is not good.

If you read my comment - and the links I shared... you will know exactly what I am talking about. And why I'm equipped to do so. If you didn't...

why the hell would we even need to communicate bro?

J S Bach's picture

I'm sure this is in response to Syria putting troops along OUR border. Good move! Give 'em hell, boys!

Ace006's picture

With all your sly and clever word plays and meandering there might be a point in there. 

What is it?

PrayingMantis's picture

>>> "With all your sly and clever word plays and meandering there might be a point in there. What is it?"

... sorry to confuse you @Ace006 ...

... the first point is, the comment was a reply to and intended for another ZH poster ... (not you ;)

... however,  to get to the other points, after attending university trying to attempt to learn the English language (I was born and raised in the far east) so that one day I'd be able to post something on ZH, I honestly believed I wrote my posting in pure English ... and I'm really sorry I should've placed a warning before my comment that my posting is only intended for people with an IQ level above my pet goldfish ...

... but before I further summarize the main points of my comment to you, I need to put you to a tri-partite questionnaire and if you come up with the right answers, I'll give you the whole summary of my posting ...

... Q: If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing?

... here's an easier one ...

... Q: What disease did cured ham actually have?

... and here's the last one ... which is akin and at par to your smart-alec question ...

... Q: Why does Goofy stand erect while Pluto remains on all fours? (They're both dogs!)



Freddie's picture

LOL!   Those Strykers or whatever they are - are a POS.  I bet an RPG or any old 1970s anti tank missile will take them out or even a .50 cal BMG round.

Nice escort from the CIA's ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Qeada or whatever they are being called this week.   Do they get all those Toyota's froma dealership in l;angley,VA?

If you have a kid in the military or one who is thinking about it, bust their leg or whatever it takes to get them out of Bibi-Jared's Army.  Trump is becoming a joke.

Maybe put Barron in charge because I think he and Melania are still goys.

tmosley's picture

The ISIS stuff has Israeli markings.

xrxs's picture

And they like to advertise for plumbers in Texas on their technicals.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Oh man that is funny.  I would not have wanted to be that plumber in Texas though.  Just can't be sure what could come of that sort of advertising.

PodissNM's picture

Yeah, but I can tell who is winning this war. Toyota.

NidStyles's picture

They do build a really good truck...

OpTwoMistic's picture

There is no reason for US to be anywhere near Syria.

Please get all real US troops home while you can still afford to fly them. We have room for them on the US borders.

Really makes you want to sign up?

Be all you can be as cannon fodder.

Yog Soggoth's picture

Well whoever these guys are in the picture, they certainly are well funded because those are fancy new vehicles. I can also tell that the tail gunner and the passenger are fans of hippies per the peace sign. The driver looks like he is flipping the bird though. That could be like Kansas?

jcbudmo's picture

ISIS: Islamic State, Israeli State. Nuff said.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

This getting to be like those travelling games we used to play on long car trips. Counting railroad crossings and such.


Yemen, check

Mexico, check

Syria, check

NK, check

Canada, check

SK. check

China, check,

Turkey, check

Im gonna have to get a new score card; This shock and awe technique is pretty impressive.

Yog Soggoth's picture

That's not so crazy as it sounds. Kurds live in the boundaries of Syria, Turkey, and Iraq, but they consider themselves a group separate. Iraq has done the right thing, (with some prodding), and the Kurds are satisfied enough on that front. The other two? Turkey has been a major problem for the Kurdish. Syria some, but not as bad. There are other things I could mention, but this is a financial site as well.

Countrybunkererd's picture

someone's gonna knock the bully out...bigly.  it will be yuuuuggee!! 

Countrybunkererd's picture

brb someone's at the the door pounding...

chunga's picture

You're just being negative. This is 3-D chess.

Oy vey.

1.21 jigawatts's picture

1-D Chinese Checkers on a Jew-shaped board.

1.21 jigawatts's picture

but a strategy, on the other hand...

general ambivalent's picture

Then you've never played a board game with a complete idiot. It may be a shape to you, but to them it is just nonsense.

Yog Soggoth's picture

Oh sure you can. 4 Oz. Robutussin, empty stomach, Steamroller and a flat floor. You could even reverse dimensions.