Will Trump Release The Missing JFK Files?

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Authored by Philip Shenon via Politico.com,

The nation’s conspiracy-theorist-in-chief is facing a momentous decision. Will President Donald Trump allow the public to see a trove of thousands of long-secret government files about the event that, more than any other in modern American history, has fueled conspiracy theories – the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy?

The answer must come within months. And, according to a new timeline offered by the National Archives, it could come within weeks.

Under the deadline set by a 1992 law, Trump has six months left to decide whether he will block the release of an estimated 3,600 files related to the assassination that are still under seal at the Archives. From what is known of the JFK documents, most come from the CIA and FBI, and a number may help resolve lingering questions about whether those agencies missed evidence of a conspiracy in Kennedy’s death. As with every earlier release of JFK assassination documents in the 53 years since shots rang out in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, it is virtually certain that some of the files will be seized on to support popular conspiracy theories about Kennedy’s murder; other documents are likely to undermine them.

There is no little irony in the fact that decision will be left to Trump, long a promoter of so many baseless conspiracy theories about everything from his predecessor’s birthplace to the notion that the father of one of his campaign-trail rivals was in league with JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

For the first time, the Trump White House is acknowledging that it is focused on the issue, even if it offers no hint about what the President will do. A White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Politico last week that the Trump administration “is familiar with the requirements” of the 1992 law and that White House is working with the National Archives “to enable a smooth process in anticipation of the October deadline.”

Under the 1992 JFK Assassination Records Collection Act, the library of documents about Kennedy’s death must be made public in full by the deadline of this October 26, the law’s 25th anniversary, unless Trump decides otherwise. It is his decision alone.

The prospect of the release of the last of the government’s long-secret JFK assassination files has long tantalized historians and other scholars, to say nothing of the nation’s armies of conspiracy theorists, since no one can claim to know exactly what is in there.

Martha W. Murphy, the Archives official who oversees the records, said in an interview last month that a team of researchers with high-level security clearances is at work to prepare the JFK files for release and hopes to begin unsealing them in batches much earlier than October – possibly as early as summer.

Beyond releasing the 3,600 never-before-seen JFK files, the Archives is reviewing another 35,000 assassination-related documents, previously released in part, so they can be unsealed in full. Short of an order from the president, Murphy said, the Archives is committed to making everything public this year: “There’s very little decision-making for us.”

Many of the documents are known to come from the files of CIA officials who monitored a mysterious trip that Oswald paid to Mexico City several weeks before the assassination – a trip that brought Kennedy’s future killer under intense surveillance by the spy agency as he paid visits to both the Soviet and Cuban embassies there. The CIA said it monitored all visitors to the embassies and opened surveillance of Oswald as soon as he was detected inside the Soviet compound for the first time.

Other documents are known to identify, by name, American and foreign spies and law-enforcement sources who had previously been granted anonymity for information about Oswald and the assassination. At least 400 pages of the files involve E. Howard Hunt, the former CIA operative turned Watergate conspirator who claimed on his deathbed that he had advance knowledge of Kennedy’s murder.

The documents were gathered together by a temporary federal agency, the Assassination Records Review Board, that was established under the 1992 law. In an interview last month, its former chairman, Judge John R. Tunheim of the Federal District Court in Minnesota, said he “wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something important” in the documents, especially given how much of the history of the Kennedy assassination has had to be rewritten in recent decades.

He said he knew of “no bombshells” in the files when the board agreed to keep them secret two decades ago, but names, places and events described in the documents could have significance now, given what has been learned about the assassination since the board went out of business. “Today, with a broader understanding of history, certain things may be far more relevant,” he said.

Murphy, the Archives official, said she, too, knew of no shocking information in the documents – but she said her researchers were not in a position to judge their significance. “As you can imagine, we’re not reading them for that, so we’re probably not the best people to tell you,” she said. “I will say this: This collection is really interesting as a snapshot of the Cold War.”

The Review Board, created by Congress to show transparency in response to the public furor created by Oliver Stone’s conspiracy-minded 1991 film “JFK,” did force the release of a massive library of other long-secret documents from the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and other federal agencies, as well as from congressional investigations of the assassination.

Many showed how much evidence was withheld from the Warren Commission, the independent panel led by Chief Justice Earl Warren that investigated the assassination and concluded in 1964 that there was no evidence of a conspiracy in Kennedy’s death.

The documents showed that both the CIA and FBI had much more extensive information about Oswald—and the danger he posed to JFK—before the assassination than the agencies admitted to Warren’s investigation. The evidence appeared to have been withheld from the commission out of fear that it would expose how the CIA and FBI had bungled the opportunity to stop Oswald.

Under the 1992 law, agencies may make a final appeal to try to stop the unsealing of specific documents on national security grounds. But the law grants only one person the power to actually block the release: the president. The law allows Trump to keep a document secret beyond the 25-year deadline if he certifies to the National Archives that secrecy was “made necessary by an identifiable harm to military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement or conduct of foreign relations” and that “the identifiable harm is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in disclosure.”

Both the CIA and FBI acknowledged in written statements last month that they are reviewing the documents scheduled for release; neither agency would say if it planned to appeal to the White House to block the unsealing of any of the records. “CIA continues to review the remaining CIA documents in the collection to determine the appropriate next steps with respect to any previously-unreleased CIA information,” said agency spokesperson Heather Fritz Horniak. The FBI said it had a team of 21 researchers assigned to the document review.

According to a skeletal index of the documents prepared by the Archives, some of the files appear to involve, at least indirectly, a set of conspiracy theories that Trump himself promoted during the 2016 campaign – about possible ties between Cuban exile groups in the United States and Oswald. On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly promoted an article published last April in the National Enquirer that suggested a connection between Oswald and the Cuban-born father of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, one of Trump’s rivals for the Republican nomination. The article was based entirely on a 1963 photograph that showed Oswald, a self-proclaimed Marxist and champion of Fidel Castro’s Communist revolution in Cuba, handing out pro-Castro leaflets in New Orleans with a man who, the tabloid suggested, was Cruz’s father, Rafael.

The Cruz family denied that the senator’s family was the man depicted in the photo and that Rafael Cruz had any connection to Oswald; there is no other evidence of any connection.

The National Archives index shows that the documents to be released this year include a 86-page file on a prominent CIA-backed anti-Castro exile group that Oswald appears to have tried to infiltrate in New Orleans, his hometown, in order to gather information that might be of use to the Castro government.

Judge Tunheim said that Oswald’s trip to Mexico City in September and October 1963 figures directly or indirectly in many of the documents that remain under seal, including the internal files of CIA operatives who worked at the American embassy there.

Historians agree that the trip, which Oswald apparently undertook in hopes of obtaining a visa to defect to Castro’s Cuba, much as he had once tried to defect to the Soviet Union, has never been fully investigated.

“I still think there are loose threads in Mexico City that no one has ever explored,” Tunheim said. “It was a bizarre chapter – there’s no question about it.” Previously declassified CIA and FBI documents suggest that Oswald openly boasted to Cuban officials there about his intention to kill Kennedy and that he had a brief affair with a Mexican woman who worked in Cuba’s consulate. The American ambassador to Mexico at the time of the assassination said later that he believed the woman had probably been working for the CIA.

Tunheim said the Review Board agreed to keep the Mexico-related documents secret in the 1990s at the request of the State Department, the CIA and other agencies that warned that their release could do damage to relations with the Mexico government, which worked closely with the CIA and FBI during the Cold War. “Mexico City was where everybody spied on everybody else,” the judge said.

But given the chill in relations between the United States and Mexico following Trump’s election and early moves by his administration to build its long-promised wall along the Mexican border, a similar plea to keep the documents secret may not go very far with the new president. Said Tunheim: “I guess we don’t have much of a relationship with the Mexican government to protect anymore.”

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nmewn's picture

Obamas Columbia records too...perhaps?

Just for choom & giggles ;-)

Mr. Kwikky's picture

Michael Collins Piper did a good job..Investigate Permindex and the roads lead to Israel


BTW: Piper was killed after his revelation

Yuri Bezmenov's picture

MUST READ incl. JFK letters to Ben Gurion

Notwithstanding the new archival material, there are still serious archival constraints regarding research into Israel's nuclear history. Without access to the classified Israeli documents, the most critical evidence on the Israeli decision-making process is still lacking. Given these limitations the book focuses primarily on the politics and diplomacy regarding Israel's nuclear program, not on Israel's decision-making process.

So, how much did the United States know about Israel's nuclear activities? How much was there an American interest to know? Who in the US government knew what? What did Israel tell the United States? How did the two countries communicate and interact over this most sensitive issue? There is now enough archival material to start reconstructing the story of Israel and the bomb and answer, in part, these questions.



Aka Samson Option

pugilist's picture

how about some 9/11 files?

Yuri Bezmenov's picture

Same masters different con game

XqWretch's picture

If he doesn't block them he will be offed and Mike Pence will block them. Same con game like you said

Mr. Kwikky's picture

Mossad agent Juval Aviv predicts that President Trump will be impeached on grounds of treason

caconhma's picture

Trump is a fake US President:

  • Trump is not interested in anything besides enriching himself and his family
  • Trump has no idea of how the US political and economic systems work
  • Trump knows almost nothing about international politics and foreign affairs
  • Trump has no loyal team of competent experts he can rely on. This is why Kushner with his criminal associates are running the show

Consequently, Trump is a total hostage of people around him such GS, "Deep State", and military top brass!


At least Obama knew the US political system and was a very crooked but experienced politician.

Falcon49's picture

He is a hostage to no-one.  He was a fake candidate groomed for this role and a willing participant.  A consummate insider with a rouge reputation.

HowdyDoody's picture

Rouge? I thought he went in for orange face coloring.

BobEore's picture

Actually Mike lived for quite some time after his piecing together the Bronfman-Bloomfield-Permindex-Lansky Mafiya part of the JFK puzzle.

Long enough to do an encore performance with regards to the following generation of Askenazi Mayifa arrivals from Russia - protected and encouraged by "Red" Rudy Guiliani himself... the man who has now been hired to sell a "solution" to the Reza Zarrab "problem" by acting as middle guy between pal Drumpty and the phony Sultan in Ankara.

See the link supplied in https://storify.com/SuaveBel/part-eight - for Pipers "Rudy G - Godfather of the Russian Mafiya"

Laddie's picture

Piper wrote this and, as you say, it is a little too "sensitive" for the goyim to know about:

JFK on Hitler

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy

Complete book available FREE at this link:
Michael Collin Piper’s Final Judgement
Excerpt from Chapter 5 of Michael Collin Piper’s Final Judgement:

The history books have told us of John F. Kennedy’s epic struggles with Fidel Castro and the Soviets in the Bay of Pigs debacle and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Yet, only in recent years have we begun to learn of Kennedy’s secret war with Israel. Much of the conflict stemmed from Israel’s determination to build a nuclear bomb.

This is a hidden history that helps explain in part the dynamic forces at work resulting in Kennedy’s assassination.

By mid-1963 Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion hated Kennedy with a passion. In fact, he considered JFK a threat to the very survival of the Jewish State.


Stephen Green believes that Kennedy’s position vis-à-vis Israel was an important stand: “It was a remarkable exchange, and the last time for many, many years in which an American president precisely distinguished for the government of Israel the differences between U.S. and Israeli national security interests.”101

Thus it was that John F. Kennedy informed Israel, in no uncertain terms, that he intended—first and foremost—to place America’s interests—not Israel’s interests—at the center of U.S. Middle East policy.


This set the groundwork for further tension between the U.S. and Israel over an even more explosive issue: Israel’s determination to build a nuclear bomb. Israel had been engaged in nuclear development during the past decade but continued to insist that its nuclear programs were strictly peaceful in nature. However, the facts prove otherwise.

In order to thoroughly examine Kennedy’s conflict with Israel over the Zionist State’s nuclear intentions, we once again refer to Stephen Green’s aforementioned work, Taking Sides: America’s Secret Relations With a Militant Israel, a treasure trove of little known information relating to U.S.-Israeli relations from the period of 1948 through 1967. Green writes of JFK’s discovery that Israel was engaged in nuclear arms development.

When Kennedy was coming into office in the transition period in December 1960 the Eisenhower administration informed Kennedy of Israel’s secret nuclear weapons development at a site in the desert known as Dimona. Israel had advanced several cover stories to explain its activities at Dimona.


Israel had kept the nuclear weapons program as secret as possible, but US intelligence had discovered the project. Kennedy termed the situation “highly distressing.”102

Kennedy, upon taking office, determined that he would make efforts to derail Israel’s nuclear weapons development. Nuclear proliferation was to be one of Kennedy’s primary concerns.

Israel’s intended entry into the nuclear arena was, as a consequence, a frightening prospect in JFK’s mind, particularly in light of ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

From the very beginning of his presidency, John F. Kennedy found himself at severe odds with the government of Israel. It was a conflict that would never really be resolved until the day JFK died in Dallas. It was not an auspicious start for the New Frontier.

youarelost's picture

What proof do you have to make such an asinine comment that he was killed.  None



BobEore's picture

He died in a motel ... no autopsy the coroner decided... "heart problems." He was in the motel cause his living quarters had been mysteriously burned down. He was under a lot of stress clearly. There's a fine line between conspiracy fiction and conspiracy fact. The people who have systematically erased our best journalists know how to play that line to the nth degree. We are ALWAYS left uncertain.

It's a psy-war. Mike was the best player on our side.

He will not go forgotten.

Tallest Skil's picture

RELEASE THE MARTIN LUTHER KING JUNIOR FILES. Expose the communist plagiarist heretical woman-beating piece of shit for what he really was. Get his fucking holiday revoked. Rename every one of his streets and bridges. SAVE THE FUCKING COUNTRY.

wee-weed up's picture

I'm sure Obozo destroyed those records in the first few weeks of his presidency.

B1G mNy's picture

That's what I want to see! I'm more concerned about the!

halcyon's picture

No, he will not release them. Or if they are released, they will be heavily redacted/whiteout'ed like this:


The swamp already ate Donnie-boy for lunch. What is left is a burp and a fart.

People pin their hopes on empty promises and yesterday's dreams.


Wulfkind's picture
Will Trump Release The Missing JFK Files?




Not after the boys in black showed Trump...just like they do EVERY President on their inaugral day....the Zapruder Film.


LOL !!!!

Larry Dallas's picture

I'm really hoping that with these files being unzipped, Trump will be proven wrong that Ted Cruz' father had something to do with it too...

No Sarc.

nmewn's picture

lol...his father didn't. 

In 1960 Rafael Cruz had gone back to Cuba to visit friends & family and saw first hand what Castro was doing. His younger sister fought in the counter-revolution against Castro and was tortured by pro-Castro forces, so by August of 1963 it's not only highly unlikely Rafael would have been passing out pro-Castro fliers in New Orleans (had he even been in that city, he lived in Austin Texas) its highly probable he would have slugged Oswald in the mouth if he had tried to hand one to him.

Steele was the other guy on the sidewalk with Oswald and under questioning he said the UNIDENTIFIED man was around six feet tall. Ted Cruz is around 5'10" and his dad is shorter than him, maybe an inch.

All this bullshit about Cruz' dad & Oswald stems from a National Enquirer story, the National Enquirer is owned by David Pecker (lol...I shit you not, thats the guys name) and Pecker (lol) is a Trump loyalist.

There won't be anything in the file because theres no there-there. 

sgt_doom's picture

Shenon is one of the multitude of disinformation and misinformation specialists out there --- IGNORE his bullcrap!


Secondly, it is not as if they would have the Master Plan for the Assassination of John F. Kennedy in their files, fer crissakes.

Just as Richard Helms --- who got into a traffic accident immediately outside the gate of the Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium (Rockville, MD --- but no longer exists) where the CIA's MK ULTRA had a wing of their hospital, and he had just been there destroying files before his testimony before a congressional committee, and the newspapers were tipped off about said accident by yours truly --- destroyed CIA files, so too if anything of record were to be found --- and since Shenon's crap about that "mysterious Oswald trip to Mexico City" has been thoroughly debunked ages ago --- Mary Ferrell's collection of files at her former foundation, now owned after her death by another, pretty well explains everything when cross-referenced against verifiable information (and by verified, I mean it excludes all that bullcrap peddled by some former ex-con, who was quoting another ex-con, about another ex-con, who claimed they heard Roselli say this or some other Mafiosi/anti-Castro Cuban/pro-Castro Cuban/French mob/Texas rightwinger, etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum) then the obvious become more so:

The Shooters:  Lucien Conein (on the roof of the Dal-Tex Building, and he missed), Jean Rene Souetre (French Army deserter and assassin with the OAS, the rightwing fascist paramilitary group made up primarily of French Army and Foreign Legion deserters, anti-deGaullists), Mozes Maschkivitzan (CIA contract killer and Belgian criminal), and Lazlo the Hungarian (also OAS, Foreign Legion deserter, the weapons specialist or armorer of the assassin team).

The CIA dude on site in Dallas, J. Walton Moore (later to head up the audio-visual section of the National Archives --- when they would sustain a major fire which destroyed untold amount of film) was originally with the FBI with William Harvey (who had been head of the CIA's assassination section (referred to as either ZR/RIFLE, Executive Action and frequently as Operation40 --- and was the sole source who claimed JFK had ordered its creation when he testified long after his assassination before congress --- and was the head of the CIA station in Italy at the time of the assassination, which had sent cables to an OAS site in France, intercepted and decoded by Pfc. Eugene B. Dinkin, who would later be arrested and shipped to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for 4 months of violent electroshock treatments and schizophrenia-inducing drugs to scramble his mind and story --- the same William Harvey who went to Dallas three weeks prior to the JFK assassination, and met with Allen Dulles there) and also with J. Gordon Shanklin, the FBI's Dallas SAIC.

Meanwhile, the deputy chief of the US Secret Service, Paul Paterni, had served with the OSS during WWII with James Jesus Angleton (CIA's head of CounterIntel) and his assistant James Rocca, and they were commanded by LBJ's chief advisor during the assassination, Clifton Carter.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Secret Service Agent-in-Charge, Forrest Sorrels, was a very "close friend" in the parlance of that time, with Gen. Edwin Walker's chief assistant (Walker would later be arrested and convicted multiple times of seeking sex with very young males in public bathrooms).  And some years later, FBI Administrator, Cartha DeLoach (who began with the FBI a little after Moore, Harvey and Shanklin) and would be appointed FBI assistant director, was the cousin to the doctor at Parkland Hospital (Dr. DeLoach) who would commit George de Mohrenschildt there for electroshock treatments when de Morhenschildt began bothering his old bud, CIA director George H.W. Bush, about being followed, etc.  And de Mohrenschildt worked for Nelson Rockefeller during WWII at his South American intel organization, and Allen Dulles had worked as an attorney, before and after the CIA, for the Rockefellers, and Gen. Lansdale, the operational commander of the assassination and just retired from the CIA, would be photographed on the ground in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, and and worked for Nelson Rockefeller during the time he reorganized the Pentagon during the Eisenhower administration, while the then CIA deputy director, Gen. Marshall Carter, appointed under the suggestion McCone by Nelson Rockefeller, was the brother of Clifton Carter, LBJ's chief advisor.

The Planners:  Allen Dulles, Tracy Barnes (cousin to Dulles on the Lansing side of the family), William Harvey, and McGeorge Bundy (who would later be one of the three founders of the Trilateral Commission, along with David Rockefeller and Zbig Brzezinski)


Assassination most likely order by the Rockefeller brothers, David and Nelson Rockefeller


Anything else????? 

mkhs's picture

Didn't Davey, after seven heart transplant, die?  cod damn his sole.  Bacaloa anyone?

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"...so many baseless conspiracy theories..."

No bias here.

Author should look up definition of 'baseless.'

NoDebt's picture

Baseless = LBJ ordered it.  CIA helped cover it up.  FBI stuck their thumb up their ass and pretended not to know anything.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Teddy told me that George HW Bush did it. I figured he should know better than anyone else who killed his brother.

wcole225's picture

Then he was a pussy to the Nth degree. No one would stay alive if they murdered my brother.

Nameshavebeenchangedtoprotecttheinnocent's picture

LBJ didn't order it. That part was done by the deep state. CIA didn't help cover it up, they masterminded it and got eveyone in place, then did the cleanup afterwards, with help from other agencies.

David Atlee Philips of the CIA was the chief organizer. Mob supplied several of the shooters. Final head shot did come from grassy knoll, fired by James Files, using a mercury loaded bullet, fired from a Remington XP100 gun. 


ThirteenthFloor's picture

Poppy Bush as well. He was running Operation Zapata to get Castro for CIA, in fact the ship was called The Barbara. Hoover fingered him in memo that he was to debrief in Washington about the Misquided Anti Castro Cubans and JFK assassination. Hoover has Oswald (FBI pay number S172) assisting with closing down the CIA misguided Cuban training camps aka Operation Mongoose. 1960 Hoover memo, and why Oswald goes to New Orleans and Lake pontchatrain.

Bush knew Dulles through Prescott - Yalies
Bush knew DeMorenshield Oswald handler, Poppys card in his wallet.
Bush knew Howard Hunt, guilty at the Lane trial reg JFK and Helms memo.
Bush and Nixon (Prescott stooge) in Dallas 11/22/1963
Hunt blackmailed Nixon for 2million not to reveal the 'whole bay of pigs thing'. Haldeman noted that he was referring to JFK assasination, and 'Bush broke out into assholes and shit himself over it' .
Nixon brought Hunt and Connelly (a Dem mysteriously into White House). Connelly took ...three bullets in front of JFK - to keep a coverup.


Also Chauncey Holt - for some insight on the mechanics


Sorry_about_Dresden's picture

GHW Bush organized hit, there is no doubt!


sgt_doom's picture

Oh puuuuhlease, not that CIA disinformation tidbit, Chauncey Holt --- who had absolutely nothing to do with it!

Please, can with stick to the verifiable facts as I previously mentioned?

The Dreadnought's picture

The Correct Answer  ^^^^ @ NoDebt


Nona Yobiznes's picture

Garbage article. I scrolled up to the top and of course, it is Politico.

sgt_doom's picture

Author has been well paid to spread false theories, so I doubt he'll be doing that!

NoDebt's picture

Illuminati confirmed.  


nmewn's picture

One things for sure, I'm no professional sniper and neither was Oswald. There is no way in hell Oswald got off three shots, on a moving target going away, with a scoped bolt action Caranco, with two of them hitting within 12".


Maybe they'll "amend" the record to show George Hickey accidentally did it, maybe not ;-)

techpriest's picture

I stood on that spot in the JFK museum, and must agree. You would have to be incredibly good just to get the aimed shots off.

Also, I noticed that instead of showing the Zapruder film, they show six frames out of it, in that museum. A lot is left out, but funny enough I didn't take the "conspiracy theories" seriously until I visited the museum, and even with the spin I was left with too many questions when its clear that Oswald would have to be way too good to pull it off, and he was put to death almost immediately after his arrest.

WTFUD's picture

A patsy's life-expectancy after the event drops to zero.

Shift For Brains's picture

The most likely scenario is Lee Harvey Oswald was a US intelligence asset who was tricked into thinking he was infiltrating communist cells and those who supported Cuba. He was set up and likely is much closer to being a hero than an assassin.

As ALWAYS, the US government is the ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY last source I would ever trust for the truth. Those who run the shown are congenitally unable to tell the truth.

Anyone who believes the Warren Report was the best we could do to determine how the JFK hit happened is so irredeemably imbecilic as to bring into question whether they possess self-awareness.

moneybots's picture

"Anyone who believes the Warren Report was the best we could do to determine how the JFK hit happened is so irredeemably imbecilic as to bring into question whether they possess self-awareness."


The Dallas police solved the case. The Warren Report wasn't even needed.

sgt_doom's picture

"Anyone who believes the Warren Report . . ."

As one of the few who actually read all 26 volumes of at drivel, there is simply not enough time to recount all the bullcrap, variances, etc.

Just one item, the supposed ID of Oswald as the alleged killer of Officer Tippit, taken from that so-called report:

The testimony of so-called "witness" Helen Louise Markham, used to "positively ID" Oswald as Tippit's murderer:


W.C.  Q:  Now when you went into the room you looked these people over, these four men?


Markham:  Yes, sir.


W.C. Q:  Did you recognize anyone in the lineup?


Markham:  No, sir.


And that, gentlmen, is a proof positive that Oswald murdered Officer Tippit!


(Those other witnesses, not questioned and excluded from the WC Report, all described two older males fleeing the scene of the crime, one who perfectly fit the description of Jack Ruby and they were running towards Ruby's apartment, two blocks away.)

Oldrepublic's picture

Oswald was in the front of the book building, photos exist,google it

moneybots's picture

"Oswald was in the front of the book building, photos exist,google it"


As you know, Mr. Lovelady was the person standing in front of the building.

besnook's picture

i am no expert but i have shot at hundreds of bottles and cans moving down a river. the only sure shot is upstream to 90 degrees. for some reason once it started downstream it was a much more difficult shot.

nmewn's picture

Bingo, right there.

As techpriest says above from standing on the spot, the window Oswald is said to have shot from is in the corner of the School Book Depository building and has an excellent view of Houston Street. Pull up any map of the area and go to street view and you'll see what I mean. JFK's limo was coming straight towards that window before it turned left on Elm. As the motorcade drew nearer...on Houston St...JFK's image in the scope would have been getting larger. 

But thats not when or where the shots were fired.

They were fired at JFK's motorcade as it moved away from that vantage point of the building on Elm St...obliquely, at a moving target...going away from the building...with a bolt action Caranco...forcing target reacquisition because he would have had to rack another round into the chamber by moving the bolt back & forth...thus losing visual contact of the target in his scope...that is, JFK...and then reacquire it for the second & third shots.

I am not saying that the bolt action of a Caranco can't be operated fast enough to get off three shots in 5-7 seconds...I'm saying...the second & third shots of those three rounds will not be kill shots on a 12" diameter target going away from the shooters position by someone like Oswald. 

I've always had a problem with when the shots were fired supposedly from that corner window with the weapon described. If Oswald did it (as they say) he could have done it as the motorcade approached the building to turn left on Elm...first round...center mass...very easy shot with a Caranco and he had full unobstructed view of Houston St as JFK came closer, it became harder (I say now impossible with a scoped bolt action rifle) as JFK was going away in the amount of time we know the shots were fired in.

There are a lot of riflemen on ZH, so I invite them to get a kitchen timer, give yourselves the max allotted time...seven seconds...with a scoped Caranco bolt action rifle and a target moving away at 11-12mph, at 300ft, at an angle of approximately 17 degrees and three rounds.

First round is no doubt a hit with my ZH brothers-in-arms but that is the one they say...missed entirely...I'm more interested in the second & third shots ;-)

moneybots's picture

"I am not saying that the bolt action of a Caranco can't be operated fast enough to get off three shots in 5-7 seconds...I'm saying...the second & third shots of those three rounds will not be kill shots on a 12" diameter target going away from the shooters position by someone like Oswald. "


The evidence says you are wrong. Harold Norman said all the shots came from above his head. He was on the 5th floor. Howard Brennan said he looked up at the 6th floor window and saw the shooter aiming for his last shot. Even if the shot was largely luck, Oswald could have made the shot. It was Oswald's rifle that was found on the 6th floor and he had taken a completely enclosed package to work that day. Ms. Randle saw him put it in Frasier's car that morning and she said it was almost touching the ground, the way Oswald was carrying it.

Put all the pieces of evidence together and it points directly at Oswald, even without a reconizable photo of him in the window, aiming a rifle down Elm street.

nmewn's picture

You are relying on manufactured evidence and evidence submitted and accepted to the exclusion of contradictory evidence when you say I'm wrong. You are being willingly obtuse and in all likelihood have never fired a scoped bolt action Caranco in your life.

For one, explain to me how the magic bullet tearing through JFK's spine and then through 5" of Connally's rib cage emerged undeformed?

I say it was planted & accepted as "evidence". Prove me wrong counselor...

divingengineer's picture

I don't know what type of scope was on the rifle.
A 4X has a much faster target reaquisition than a 8 or 10x.
At 265ft, Oswald had already twice qualified as sharpshooter at 200yds (600 ft) rapid fire test but stationary target in the marines.
Guy was badass and probably could have made at least one of the shots, possibly all of them. Magic bullet theory so total bullshit and mucks up the narrative.
Who did it? The shit they may release won't tell you, it will be built up and end up being a total snoregasm.