Erdogan Blocks Wikipedia, Bans TV Dating Shows, Purges Another 4,000 Public Officials

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Two weeks after winning the Turkish constitutional referendum by a modest but decisive margin, president - or perhaps it is now despot - Erdogan decided to take his newly decreed powers for a spin and overnight in rapid succession surprised foreign observers when Turkey decreed that it would ban TV dating shows, fire an additional 4,000 public officials and also ban Wikipedia.

The country's Official Gazette published the decrees on Saturday evening. The first named thousands of civil servants to be dismissed, including nearly 500 academics and more than 1,000 Turkish military personnel. The decree also reinstated 236 people to their jobs. The second decree, among other things, bans radio and television programs for "finding friends and spouses" according to AP.

The latest purge follows more than 47,000 people have been arrested and 100,000 have been terminated for alleged connections to terror organizations, and takes place with Turkey under a state of emergency resulting from last summer's failed "coup" attempt which Erdogan blamed on the "shadow state" directed by the cleric Fethullah Gulen, who currently resides in rural Pennsylvania.

Erdogan's decree also banned several popular TV dating shows, a move that reportedly had been in the worls for months. 

"In radio and television broadcasting services, such programmes in which people are introduced to find a friend.... cannot be permitted," said the text of the decree.

Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said in March that the ban was in the pipeline, arguing the shows do not fit in with Turkish traditions and customs.


"There are some strange programmes that would scrap the institution of family, take away its nobility and sanctity," Kurtulmus said at the time.

Some see in this decree the first traces of Turkey sliding back away from the secular state, established less than a century ago by the creator of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and toward conservative Islam under Erdogan. However, AKP supporters have responded that dating shows receive thousands of complaints every year and the ban is in the public interest.

Separately, Turkey also said it had blocked all access to Wikipedia; the country's Information and Communication Technologies Authority implemented the ban against the online encyclopedia because Wikipedia "had failed to remove content promoting terror and accusing Turkey of cooperation with various terror groups" according to AFP. "There was no indication when the ban might be removed, with a formal court order expected to follow in the coming days."

In response to the news, Wikipedia's founder Jimmy Wales tweeted that "access to information is a fundamental human right. Turkish people, I will always stand with you to fight for this right."

In an ironic twist, AFP notes that the incident quickly spawned its own separate Wikipedia entry, "Wikipedia blocked in Turkey." This is what it says:

On the morning of 29 April 2017, following news from Turkey Blocks that all language versions of Wikipedia had been blocked in Turkey, several reports were published of the event. The BBC reported that the Turkish authorities had blocked all access to Wikipedia in the country from 8.00 GMT. No reason was given by Turkey's Information and Communication Technologies Authority which simply stated: ""After technical analysis and legal consideration based on the Law Nr. 5651 [governing the internet], an administrative measure has been taken for this website." Voice of America reported that Turkish media had explained the blockage was a result of "terror-related content". NDTV said that the move had caused strong reactions on the social media against the decision to deny access to "one of the world's most popular websites".


Law No. 5651, known as the Internet Act (IA), was enacted on 4 May 2007. The purpose of this law has been described by the PTC as follows: "There are 2 reasons for the law to be brought out. The first reason; determining the liability and the responsibility of collective use providers, access providers, location providers and content providers which are the main actors of the Internet. The other reason is to determine the procedures and fundamentals related to the specific crimes committed over the Internet and fighting these through content, location and access providers." More recently, the law has been used to censor individuals, journalists and the media. The European Council's Venice Commission has found the law to be particularly controversial.


Now Wikipedia is readable but not editable with FreeWiki by in Turkey

Over the past several years, Turkey has repeatedly blocked - so far on a temporary basis - popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter, usually shortly after major events such as mass protests or terror attacks take place.

With Erdogan now having what is effectively absolute power, it is likely that many more shutdowns, this time permament, of popular social networks and media outlets are in Turkey's immediate future, especially as Erdogan is likely poised to coalesce even more power. As the following AFP chart shows, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has been virtually unopposed in 12 successive elections, as well as referendums, since president Erdogan he came to power in 2002.

Which is to be expected with Europe constantly turning a blind eye to Erdogan's transgressions due to his strategic location at the nexus between Asia and Europe. In the past two years, Erdogan's leverage has only grown as there are now over 2 million Syrian refugees held inside Turkey's borders, which could be deployed in direction Europe, any time Brussels, or Berlin, engages in any activity that Erdogan disproves of. Which also explains how Erdogan managed to accumulate virtually supreme power while all of Turkey's "democratic" peers and neighbors looked the other way.

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buckstopshere's picture

Turkey is becoming an autocracy.

D Nyle's picture

I like the purging of 4000 public Officials, would be a nice start here in America

Manthong's picture

Well, at least he did not purge the hookers outside Incerlik.

Manthong's picture

If anyone is interested … go study what the little corporal did in 1930’s Germany…

The same thing is happening in Turkeystan now.

Yuri Bezmenov's picture

Indeed, he is playing his role as the new Adolf the Divider with a lot of passion. The world seems a stage and a mirror to the past.

Smufty's picture

That's what I call cleaning out the swamp.

This guy is Trump's wet dream! Only re-runs of The Apprentice allowed from now on!

Manthong's picture

If Trump, crew, and eerdodown does not understand the gambit in Syria and Turkeystan… then Russia will just bypass them all, Queertar will be left hanging and the Russia/China/Iran chain mail glove will leave them bloodied in the face.

BobEore's picture

There ARE some interesting parallels between the two - beyond the superficial -

both are products of a covert agenda wherein rich backers of a 'jews who are not[really]jews persuasion make a seemingly implacable enemy out of what is actually a stooge of their own.... sell it to the world and domestic audiences alike... create the necessary friction for military conflict with adjoining states...

then sit back to watch the bloodshed and chaos ensue. The rich history of  Dönme(in the east -Sabbatean in the west)plotting against the states which 'host' them provides no end of examples of the same agenda at work. These are the "millenarianists" - heretical gnostic sects whose progentitors of the middle ages responded to the impatience over the injunction against creating the "New Jerusalem" till 'the Messiah' had arrived, by gifting their followers with excuses to plunge ahead without waiting for that promised day!

As with Tsevi, Frank, and latter day imitators, these radical sectarians hide their affinities by deliberately blending in with the surroundings - Muslims in the Islamic lands, Christians in the Christendom ones; always usually commercial clout and financial chicanery to gain influence over states, and bully, blackmail, bride politicians into compliance with their agenda. As has happend recently - with two "populist" leaders who share the unhappy status of puppet Presidency - R T Erdogan - and Donald J Drumpf...

prisoners in power. Just as "radical Islam" is the creation of Sraeli foreign adventurism, so the wars of "progressive" Democratic and "regressive" Republican administrations are expressions of the agenda by which the pirate state in the s e Med seeks to divide and rule the Islam and (formerly)Xristian worlds. Always, a stooge headman is employed. The significance of the phony coup in Turkiye last July was the rolling out of a new 'social media' weapon of war... whereby the "State" assumes the role of media/medium/message... and completes the real purpose of the "information revolutions" which were proposed to us all as the means of increased freedom of expression.... speed of communication, and leveling of boundaries between classes, castes, and ethnicities.

All a it turns out. /the State/media/financial cartels merged into one giant controlling BLOB forecast by "fiction" writer Ian Fleming... a SPECTRE made real in hyperreal times. ONEMEDIA.One PUPPET POTUS twittering their way to oblivion... possibly that of all of us!

All "medias" now complicit in the serial distortions of our reality. no moar news... only packaged descriptions of staged events. Syria... a gigantic theater of social media as weapon of mass deception. The TERROR STATE predicted... has fully arrived pon new world shores. And zhleepeyheads have cheered it's arrival - in the best tradition of Lemming-like Lenin-lovin lobster-cookin lethargy.

M(akes)A G(rand) A(peritif)... for j's not j's to chew pon in celebration of the arrival of their long-awaited "New Jerusalem" in DC... and everywhere else. Four words.... Forwards!

newworldorder's picture

We would need a start of about half a million purgings.

napper's picture

only if the purging is done at the CIA, the Pentagon, Congress, and the White House.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Sultan Erdogan 


It is indeed a new day for Turkey, and most of us dont realize how much we have all lost because of it.

newworldorder's picture

Turkey is returning to its Muslim Ottoman identity.

earleflorida's picture

erdogan is right about 'one' thing,... and, that is wikipedia is a propaganda tool for the deep state.

its a quick ref. site... but, critical researching should be held to ones accountiblity.

Jimmy Wales = Wikipedia = Rockefeller Foundation     'BSG'

and in this small-subset on, and in the 'map/web' of wikipedia associates is 'BSG' whom associate with 'Apple And Intel' for --- i don't know?

maybe someone can guess...


. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"...access to information is a fundamental human right."

Should read,

"...biased access to information is a fundamental human right."

Wikipedia, good for short factoids, bad for anything explained or described.

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Can anyone say "DICTATOR", I knew you could.

cossack55's picture

I knew Dick Tater, and you sir, are no Dick Tater

Manthong's picture

that pretend muslim is more of a dick taster

MiddleLeg's picture

Erdogan must go! He's imprisoning his own people!



Bopper09's picture

I like the idea of banning dating teevee shows

monad's picture

Well, at least he's honest. And, unlike some other pricks, he's able to balance his budget.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Well, at least he's honest."

I have never heard of Erdogan described as honest

monad's picture

I explained the CFR to a Chinese guest. He said "That's just like China!" ...

napper's picture

Well, that Chinese guest obviously understands neither China nor the CFR.

Schlub's picture

"I don't know Chuck (Wolery)... Things seemed to be going fine, and then he got all despotic."

silverer's picture

"Purges Another 4,000 Public Officials"

Erdogan for president.

kenzo7's picture

Banned Wiki is just a beginnig.

Anderson Coopers Gerbil's picture

Behead those who mock the prophet!

khnum's picture

That knocking sound is Attaturks skull against his coffin lid

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"That knocking sound is Attaturks skull against his coffin lid"

You got that right. Hes rolling in his grave

xrxs's picture

No question this is exactly what he didn't want to see. In the past, the military has been the check, but it seems the sultan has them under his boot.

FORCE's picture


RagaMuffin's picture


<< Bomb Turkey just because....

<< Bomb Syria Just because...

HRClinton's picture

Do you offer any other places in that region, worth bombing, just because? 

DIgnified's picture

If pol is to be believed, someone replaced Erdogans photo with that of a cockroach; which led to butthurt. 

Vageling's picture

So? Erdoboy being Erdoboy and his Turks like it. Well not in Turkey, but abroad mostly. Moar Jihate. Any shock here? We are seeing this. And do nothing. But North Korea, eh? Muh nukie missre. Now that needs our attention! idiots. 

debtor of last resort's picture

Hey Merkel, you fucking cunt, how about that little issue of Turkey joining the EU?

And what about those rapefugee billions you handed out to this motherfucker? Huh? Taxpayer money? Get it back or build that wall you treasonous cunt.

BarkingCat's picture

I'm starting to like this guy

montag's picture

I suspect he's attempting to clean up the value degrading western influences while simultaneously purging the government of the last vestiges of the CIA aligned Gulen operatives. Interesting in all this is that it apparently Gen. Flynn was paid $535,000 for alerting Erdogan to this operation.  Fascinating stuff and more proof that you cannot trust anything you read or watch on controlled media.

BarkingCat's picture

Interesting perspective.

You are probably correct on what is going on.

While I don't want to live in a Islamic society and they are an invading force that conqued that region, it is up to them to mold their own society.


rkoen's picture

All underwear must now be worn on the outside !!

Ala Woody Allen come to real life.

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Still looks like Gollum.

B1G mNy's picture

Maybe before knocking? off fatboy in North Korea we should take a look Erdogan. I mean banning Wikipedia? is one thing but banning dating shows... Get rid of this fool! LOL

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Grandpa won't do great. He wants his 9 yr old bride. Gotz to ban them prying eyes now, no? 

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Erdogan and Turkey are almost members of the EU. Has anyone asked him what he will agitate for, if granted full membership? Perhaps Muslim EU Dictator?