Japan Shows Footage Of US Aircraft Carrier Just Hours Away From Korea

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After a mangled deployment of Trump's aircraft carrier "armada" during which miscommunication between the White House and the Pentagon meant the USS Carl Vinson would arrive off the North Korea coast weeks after what Trump had initially suggested, on Saturday Japan's public broadcaster NHK aired footage of the U.S. aircraft carrier sailing off the coast of Nagasaki prefecture in southern Japan, hours after the latest failed ballistic missile test by North Korea..

NHK said it shot the footage Saturday morning from a helicopter. Nagasaki is in Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's four main islands. On Friday, the Vinson conducted joint training with two Japanese destroyers and two Japanese F-15 fighter jets in waters further south off the Japanese island of Okinawa.

The USS Carl Vinson is heading north toward the Korean peninsula over rising concerns the Kim regime may conduct another nuclear test, one day after Pyongyang provoked not only the US but also China and Russia with its latest failed missile test.

Since Nagasaki is just a few hundred kilometers away from the Korean coast, and less 800 km from Pyongyang (by air), it will likely reach its destination off the Korean coast during the next few hours.

Meanwhile, according to AP, shortly after receiving notice that North Korea had conducted another missile launch, one of Tokyo's major subways systems said it had shut down all lines for 10 minutes early Saturday. Tokyo Metro official Hiroshi Takizawa said service was halted on all nine lines at 6:07 a.m. It resumed at 6:17 a.m. after it was clear there was no threat to Japan; the temporary suspension affected 13,000 passengers.  Takizawa says it was the first time service had been stopped in response to a missile launch. Train service is generally suspended in Japan immediately after large earthquakes. Tokyo Metro decided earlier this month to stop for missile launch warnings as well.

Earlier on Satirday, Japan protested the latest missile launch by North Korea: Abe spokesman Yoshihide Suga said that a ballistic missile firing would be a flagrant "violation of U.N. security council resolutions." He added that Japan "cannot accept repeated provocation by North Korea" and had "lodged a strong protest against North Korea." Japan has become increasingly concerned in recent weeks about the possibility of a North Korean missile attack targeting Japan or U.S. forces stationed in Japan.

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And? China will trade oil for Gold and kaput,  Dollar dies.

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That is the lamest video I've ever seen.

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Well at least they didn't send the USS Ponce this time. Vinson sounds quite manly and thrusting, a boat that knows where the STP for the hair and the metal comb are.

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Content free?

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I can say Argumentum ad Hominem.....not only can I say it, I can even spell it correctly, now you try...

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Dear American and Japanese Media Distraction Zio Team... 

......WTF... Is That Video... It's Not Even Bad Photoshop... Even NASA Fakes Stuff better than that...

......It looks like bad paint GIFs strung together and then videoed... Shame on you Zios... Put some effort into your illusions !!

......War with Korea... Not Gonna Happen... South Korean & US Trade too important..

But its a great distraction by the Zios like eBola... 

So what is happening..

We have MORE BOOTS ON THE GROUND IN SYRIA near the Turkish border... and by what International Law or American Legal Right is that happening... ???

That would be none... as in another American War Crime... 


If you pay attention to what Israel wants you will see real events that REALLY unfold in real time rather than MSM Zio media BS distractions. 

Stop Israeli MSM Anti-American Anti Saxon Strategy... I do not like Anti Saxsonism... I do not like Anti Saxonites...  

Do not give the ZIO Elephant in the room a peanut by beliving in his distractions...  http://www.unz.com/tsaker/how-to-bring-down-the-elephant-in-the-room/




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@sir edge I am half Jewish (Sephardic Dad from Thessaloniki who came to Canada in 1949) and have Greek Orthodox (mother from Patras came over in 1950).  The last link really made me think.  Good one - thanks.

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You might want to brush up on the terminology, Hebrew is a phonetic, paleo Phoenician language completely sound based.  Anglo Saxon, Anglo - Angel, Saxon as in Is-sac's-Son.  Get it now?  Just as they set up the English language, Engle - German spelling of Angel, same phonics.  Your speaking a language constructed specifically to be leveraged against you.

Not possible for one of true Saxon blood to be anti semetic.

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Hi Crush,

Can you explain the point --- back to me -- that i was trying to make... and pretty much made very clearly ???? 

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Old English seax, Old Frisian, Old Norse sax "knife, short sword, dagger,"

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>during which miscommunication between the White House and the Pentagon meant the USS Carl Vinson would arrive off the North Korea coast weeks after what Trump had initially suggested

If you believe this, I have a bridge on the moon to sell you.

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Probably had no minesweepers anywhere near, and had to wait.

Not sure how you defear the newer ones anyway.

Homing torpedos tethered to the sea bed, and released by multiple triggers.

The Russian and Chinese versions are optional nuke warheads.

tmosley's picture

Much better argument.

Entirely possible that China sold NoKo some of their more advanced mines, and Xi informed Trump about them since they will be working together. US had to scramble to get countermeasures in place.

Fog of war.

Winston Churchill's picture

Hard to think of any counter measures that would work, unless backdoors were inserted into the electronics.

Even so, trying to access them by ELF would be too slow probably.

The ultra high frequency mine sonar trying to sweep,would probably launch them as well.

A very tough nut to crack.

I see no reason for China to give Trump any heads up, they would be very pleased,secretly, if a carrier group went to Davey Jones

locker.They will commisserate out of the other side of their mouth.No more USN in "their" region would be just fine by them..

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Plus it would be a live test of their defensive tech.

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Not that I give a flip about any of this crazy war shit, but; I would think that swarms of decoy/kamikaze drones are a perfect counter to mines and such, and can be made cheaply by anyone (of course it'd cost 15x as much in the US, but whatever).

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  Good point.  I wonder if NK has relatively modern anti shipping missiles?  Do they have enough to saturate the fleet air defense ?  Do they have the ability to temporarily nullify the area defense with an EMP or other electronic attack?

   I suspect we will see how a CVN deals with multiple high energy hits.  I also suspect it will not be a pretty sight.

Winston Churchill's picture

The mere threat of modern,non static ,sea mines make the carriers all but useless.

Their speed will be reduced to the minesweepers,never knowing if a sub has laid new mines in a supposedly swept area, no turning into the wind at full speed to launch their planes,means no takeoffs except by unladen planes.Probably can't maintain CAPs with their tankers unuseable.

Another reason why carrier groups are well past their day.

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The site has gone rapidly downhill since its commercialization. Of the 30 odd articles currently published daily, I would say 2-3 are worth reading, the rest is clickbait or nothingburger. Same yield for the header board with the addition of pure dogcrap like Phoenix.

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It's a paid ad, plain and simple.

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The Daily Festerer is spamming their dogshit here again, doubtless to be joined imminently by the Shitticism Institute.

ZH is going down the tubes, the comments section is infested with spammers, shills, trolls and a large sprinkling of general superc***s. No offense.

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Don't forget the Deplorable Knuckledraggers from Hicksville.

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That's what this is about anyway: Dollar hegemony.  The DPRK is to China what ISIS is to USA/Israel


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The Abe government has been one of the biggest promoters of war in Korea and  fear mongering.

No doubt to smoke screen abenomics monumental failure and start a war on the Korean peninsula. 

Let us not forget how much they profited from the first Korean War after the same Abe type War mongerers took japan into a sea of flames.

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"China will trade oil for Gold and kaput,  Dollar dies."

Just remember that other headline on ZH. right next to the WWlll headlines ..

"You Can't Buy Love... But You Can Rent It"

that is all, carry on ...

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More propaganda showing how fat KIM is compared to the average skinny, skinny, north Korean. Or more virus infected thumbdrives. Or supply faulty parts from China? 

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Bait the West into an unprovoked attack, resulting in potential mass loss-of-life, and humiliation on the world stage...?

What would it look like (perception) if the U.S., Japan and South Korea engage in a preemptive attack on the DPRK and Kim orders his military to 'stand down'...?

tmosley's picture

>unprovoked attack

So will that be 20 bridges, or 30?

Consuelo's picture



 I have no idea, but what would he care anyway...?   A dozen or three artillery/missile installations taken out, and he gets the $$$humanitarian aid of a lifetime in addition to being elevated from brutal dictator to martyr status in the space of a week.  

tmosley's picture

Deposed communist dictators don't become martyrs. Once people see the conditions of the death camps, they realize how terrible these people were, and are.

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I'll take em all. And you get nothing and like it!

Wut? Complaints? BTFD before muh Armada tears you a new one!

Get the picture now?

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so it would basically be like libya and syria.  how's that working out for them?  and do you really  believe what you wrote about the possibility  of the US giving a flying fuck about humiliation?  fuck the EU.

land_of_the_few's picture

It would look like Nuremberg v.2 is urgently needed. It will probably be needed anyway. It seems nice, sturdy hemp rope is traditional. Paging Baltasar Garzon ....

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I hope little tubby doesn't push his luck. "We" are looking for a new war.

Normalcy Bias's picture

I think he's going to get a war, regardless.

Extremely wealthy people can make even more money with a really big war!

silverer's picture

Then the dumb asses will realize they have no place to live except in some third world shit hole what wasn't involved in the nuclear exchange.

Normalcy Bias's picture

I think they think they can live in their underground bunkers for 10 years and then emerge and live normally.


land_of_the_few's picture

Won't work, they will be hunted down , and put down.

jaxville's picture

  More importantly.....they need to cover up the failure of their credit based currency system. 

   Consider that a nuclear war will probably kill 100's of millions.  How will the other 7 billion people fare?  The war will be horrific for those in target areas and downwind.  Things will change for almost everyone on the planet but for most, life goes on.

   They really need to get a nuclear war happening so they can sell more fear afterwards. Such as..."If we don't have world gov't and currency now, there could be another war".

  Those running our countries hate us, our lives, our prosperity, our freedom and our happiness with extreme prejudice.

The Billy Blaze's picture

The USA bluffing itself into a corner, yet again.  The bigger they are, the harder they fall.  Look out below!