Violent Riots Break Out In Brazil As First General Strike In 21 Years Paralyzes Nation

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Less than a year after former president Dilma Rouseff was impeached and ousted for corruption, Brazil's economy continues to deteriorate at an alarming pace, and on Friday Brazilian police tear-gassed demonstrators and rioters burned buses in the violent conclusion of a general strike - the first in 21 years - that shut down transport, schools and banks in protest against the government's austerity reforms.

As Reuters reports, what started off as a peaceful protest by several thousand people in central Rio in the afternoon turned violent, with small groups smashing bank windows, erecting barricades and setting fires, including torching at least eight buses.

Buses burn during clashes between demonstrators and riot police in Brazil

The police responded with barrages of rubber bullets and tear gas, which covered Rio in a suffocating fog that reached all the way to the top floors of local office buildings.

Similar disturbances were observed in Sao Paulo, the country's economic powerhouse, where a crowd attempted to march to the private residence of President Michel Temer and clashed with police, who also fired rubber bullets and stun grenades. Protesters hurled rocks, set fires, smashed street lamps and threw concrete blocks into the center of the avenue.

While earlier in the day, Brazil reported that its labor market deteriorated even further in March, with the unemployment rate surging to 13.7%, resulting in a record 14.2 million unemployed workers and up from 11.1mn a year ago...

... what prompted the ugly scenes, associated more frequently with Brazil's imploding neighbor Venezuela, were protests at the government's proposed reforms, especially a steep cut to the generous pension system.

The protests came at the close of a day in which unions and leftwing groups managed to paralyze much of Brazil. The metro systems in Sao Paulo, the capital Brasilia and Belo Horizonte, another major city, were shut down. Curitiba, where Brazil's huge "Operation Car Wash" anti-corruption investigation is based, was left without bus services, as was the big northeastern city of Recife, local media reported according to AFP.

A demonstrator takes part in a protest against Brazils proposed reform

According to the Forca Sindical union, at least 40 million people had responded to the call for a 24-hour nationwide strike which started after midnight on Friday, ahead of a long weekend with Labor Day on Monday. The strike had the greatest effect in heavily unionized parts of the economy, including transportation, banks, schools, the post office and some hospital staff. The metallurgical workers' union said 60,000 members downed their tools.

The strike had a large impact on auto production in Sao Paulo, which concentrates the bulk of the industry in Brazil. General Motors, Ford Motor, Toyota and Daimler all halted production, according to company officials, unions and market analysts. Union officials said most workers at state-run oil producer Petroleo Brasileiro, known as Petrobras, joined the strike, but the company said the stoppage had no significant impact on output. Iron ore miner Vale SA said the strike did not affect its operations.

Although a spokesman for the National Civil Aviation Agency told AFP that operations at the airports are functioning normally, there were multiple reports of delayed and canceled flights.

"We can't keep quiet anymore with a government that isn't legitimate, which wasn't elected to dismantle the rights of workers," said Ricardo Jacques, a striking bank employee in Sao Paulo.

Assuring that things will get worse before (if) they get better, Temer's center-right government has said that reforms are needed to save Latin America's biggest economy from further damage after more than two years of deep recession. Temer criticized the "unfortunate and serious incidents" during the protests and the curtailing of "freedom of movement for citizens."

Members of Brazil's Movimento dos Sem-Teto (Roofless Movement) throw
wooden tables onto a burning barricade

Deeply unpopular President Temer also said Brazil's economy faces a meltdown without severe fiscal discipline and belt tightening, and while he may be right, he also may not be around long enough to supervise the outcome of his just as unpopular reforms. As noted previously, his most controversial measure has been to curb pension costs by raising the retirement age to 65 for men and 62 for women, up from the current 60 and 55. The government is also pushing for a liberalization of labor laws and has succeeded in getting Congress to pass a 20-year freeze on spending increases.

Meanwhile, as we expected when discussing the Rouseff impeachment, the popular mood is fast turning against her replacement, Temer, whose days in charge may now be numbered.

As Reuters adds, Friday's strikes were one of the biggest protests to hit the Temer administration since he took over from impeached president Dilma Rousseff last August.

Adding fuel to the fire, Rouseff's predecessor and mentor, the former leftist president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, praised the strike, Valor Economico website said.


"This is a clear demonstration that people are determined to paralyze (the country) in protest against the government's stripping away of their rights," the site quoted him as saying.

Still, not all Brazilians agree. Marcelo Faisal, a landscape architect travelling from Sao Paulo to Rio, said "reforms need to take place" and that the general strike did not live up to the hype.

"They didn't succeed in getting people to adhere to the strike, so they burned tires to block some points here and there, which just causes some disruption," he said. The economy, for years reliant on China's insatiable commodity appetite, shrank 3.8% in 2015 and is expected to have contracted a further 3.5 percent in 2016, the most painful recession on record; many have called it a depression.

And as the economic collapse accelerates, the political situation remains in turmoil as the economic depression is dovetailing with the country's worst corruption crisis in history. The infamous "Car Wash" probe has uncovered a massive network of embezzlement and bribery at the heart of Brazil's economic and political elite.

Having already taken down the previous regime, it threatens to do the same to the current government.

In a stark example of how the revolution eats its own, last month the former speaker of the lower house, Eduardo Cunha, who drove the successful impeachment of former President Rousseff and who was forced from his position as speaker in July and was arrested in October on accusations he received millions in bribes from the purchase of an oil field in Benin by state-controlled oil company Petróleo Brasileiro SA, was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison for corruption, making him the highest-profile political conviction yet in the "Operation Car Wash" scandal.

Former speaker of Brazil's Lower House of Congress, Eduardo Cunha (C),
is escorted by federal police officers

Meanwhile, eight of Temer's ministers - or nearly a third - are under investigation and the president himself has been accused of chairing a meeting in which his PMDB party negotiated a $40 million bribe from the Odebrecht engineering conglomerate. Temer and his allies deny any wrongdoing. Lula and a host of other leftist figures are also targets of anti-corruption prosecutors.

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What we can learn from this and also Venezuela is one thing...






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Eduardo Cunha, the conservative Brazilian political leader who led the push in 2016 to oust Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s former president, was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison.


A federal judge in Brazil found him guilty of corruption, money laundering and illegally sending money abroad, all in connection with a sprawling graft investigation involving the state-run oil company Petrobras.

In handing down one of stiffest penalties meted out to a top political figure in Brazil in recent years, the judge said Mr. Cunha violated his “enormous” responsibilities as a lawmaker.

“There can be no more serious offense than the betrayal for personal gain of a parliamentary mandate and the sacred trust of the people,” said the judge, Sergio Moro, a leading figure in the investigation who has become something of a hero to graft-weary Brazilians.



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First strike in 21 years?

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Hey America, Brazil is your future.



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"Austerity" means austerity for the middle class and lower class on the one hand, and big fat bonuses for corporate CEOs and Government officals on the other hand.


Same as USA.

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Only this Ex From Brazil, not mentiong others that would last me all day typing

25% of the population (account +- 45million people) live in what they call "Bolsa Familia" in the US I think it is EBT cards.

I think that this example is the world's biggest buying vote program and should be in Guiness World Records.

How is this sustainable ???? don't blain actual gov.

Blain the previous gov. 13 years under socialists/comunists/corrupts Lula and Dilma who gave those freebies with taxpayers WORKERS money,um-em-cada-quatro-brasilei...



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Brazil used to be WHITER, and despite the oppressive nature of the regime, it was prosperous. But as the anti-White laws and media crush down the DWINDLING White population then, well HELL COMES TO TOWN.

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13% unemployment?

Why don't they just make up their nimbers like us 1st world countries.

Like so: "Brasil's ministry of labor today released the 2nd quarter reports and unemployment is down again, to only 2.9%!"



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But they Looked so happy for the Olympics

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Regime change blowback. 

It's what's for dinner. 

Same tired, old menu. 



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It's a Start...

Wake me when it's on a 100x scale

but,please...Keep Stacking

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Protests over unpayable pensions.  Good thing that can't happen here.  Strictly a third world problem.

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Even though alot of ussa cities are third world.

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it will happen here, just matter of time. you do not how much unfunded pensions/entilement/debt we have here?

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Really?  Do tell.  I guess sarc tags are necessary when the Romper Room crowd is around.

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wishingful thinking. just wait and see

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My school district is choking on those damned teacher pensions, which we must fund as the obligation is incurred.  And we cannot cut their pay and we must hire mandated numbers of teachers and provide mandated programs.

When will something happen?

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Burn everything, then when they've "won" all they have is burned out buildings. Seems like a good plan

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Paralyzed my ass...... nobody really noticed anything or tokk it as a day to fuck off..... Monday us a holiday. Part of the 'reform' is making union dues optional. Fuck the freeloaders. And their contrived grieving. 

Burning buses in Rio is commom, alas. It's what happens in a nation with the collective education and moral compass of 4th graders

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Brazil is corrupt to the core and Michael Temer is the embodiment of the rot. Brazil is currently run by whores to the whims of Washington, corrupt politicians, Jewish media owners, Brazilian-Jewish bankers and old land owner oligarchs/families who massive tranches of land, with one family owing land the size of fucking Wales in the UK. The corruption of the Olympics and the World cup was not the work of Freeloaders, but the same type of cunts you believe will save and make Brazil prosperous. 

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I don't expect that someone will save Brazil and make it prosperous.  It's not the United States.  It won't go to first world status.

I mean look at the insanity of World Cup followed by Olympics and Brazil could afford none of it.  But it happened and now Brazil is f'ed.

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Yep, the ((Dilma Roussef)) coup was engineered by the Deep State and the CIA, and then they installed a Wall Street Puppet, who is failing miserably.... as usual.. 

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 The striking is going to be far more effective then burning shit. A big ol nation wide strike and starting to barter should do the trick without all the death and distruction. Dont need to ask the government for jack. Just go out and do the barter thing to feed those you love. Let the government bake thier own cake and eat it too. Drop the fiat from your families diet.

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This is eventually going to affect the us markets. But the coming crash will come when no one expects it.

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We have been expecting it for twenty years, so THEY WONT GET THAT BY US!  lol  "I told you Bitches a collapse was coming."  ( :

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 When do the cops walk out? Cuz right after that they could have a free society.

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"the rights of workers,"  said Ricardo Jacques, a striking bank employee in Sao Paulo.

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The Petrobras scandal has also engulfed Odebrecht, Brazil's largest construction company which was also involved in massive kick-backs at home and abroad.

Odebrecht's jewish CEO (Marcelo Odebrecht) is now serving a 19 year prison sentence but there's a lot more filth to come out and a lot more indictments.

And to rub salt in the wounds of Brazilians without jobs, inflation continues unabated at about twice the official .gov rate.

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Yes, another successful 'regime change' op for the OWO.... with global chaos being the goal... 'revolution' meme in play.... one they hope to control

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It's pretty likely that is the same direction all the money from the shit-water Olympics went as well, while the people suffered.

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Oh yes, Odebrecht were up to their bank accounts in the Olympics infrastucture works and kick-backs.

Refurbishment of Maracaná stadium in Rio was one of the major works that Odebrecht was involved in.

A recent TV Globo prog showed many of the Olympic venues now lying idle and falling apart already after spending R$billions on them. Quite soon they'll be ransacked and anything that's worth stealing will be stolen.

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Yep, like the stadium in Manaos.. in the middle of the Amazon.. and nevermind there are no professional soccer teams there..

From January to April, the Arena da Amazônia generated $180,000 in revenue. Its expenses in that period totaled $560,000.

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hopefully some banksters were hung?



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Rev 21:4

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away.” Yet, until then it's going to be one hell of a ride.
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what color is this revolution? will it be the rics? trouble in sa also. ric? "bad" muslims in india. rc? looks like the plan.

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If only the corrupt could agree to get along, and stop arresting each other, there will be stable government in Brasil. That's what the Republicans and Democrats do in the US...