Defiant North Korea Warns Of More Atomic Tests, Will Boost Nuclear Deterrence "To The Maximum"

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North Korea's regime defied an increasingly broader chorus of voices, including the US, Japan, China, South Korea and Russia, saying on Monday that it will continue its nuclear weapons tests, and warned it would "speed up to the maximum” its measures for bolstering its nuclear deterrence in response to the U.S. increasing "aggression and hysteria" against the country, a North Korea Foreign Ministry spokesman says in statement distributed by the official Korean Central News Agency.

"Now that the U.S. is kicking up the overall racket for sanctions and pressure against the DPRK, pursuant to its new DPRK policy called 'maximum pressure and engagement', the DPRK will speed up at the maximum pace the measure for bolstering its nuclear deterrence," a spokesman for North Korea's foreign ministry said in a statement carried by its official KCNA news agency. North Korea's "measures for bolstering the nuclear force to the maximum will be taken in a consecutive and successive way at any moment and any place decided by its supreme leadership," the spokesman said.

North Korea has carried out five nuclear tests and a series of missile tests in defiance of U.N. Security Council and unilateral resolutions. It has been conducting such tests at an unprecedented rate and is believed to have made progress in developing intermediate-range and submarine-launched missiles. The communist nation test-launched a missile on Saturday which Washington and Seoul said was unsuccessful, but which nevertheless drew widespread international condemnation.

U.S. President Donald Trump has said a "major, major conflict" with North Korea is possible over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, while China said last week the situation on the Korean peninsula could escalate or slip out of control.

Over the weekend, Trump said a "major, major conflict" with North Korea is possible over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, while China said last week the situation on the Korean peninsula could escalate or slip out of control. As preemptive deterrence, the US has sent the nuclear-powered USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group and the Michigan nuclear sub to waters off the Korean peninsula to join drills with South Korea.

A diplomatic row was averted over the weekend, when South Korea said the United States had reaffirmed it would shoulder the cost of deploying the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system to counter the North Korean threat, days after Trump said Seoul should pay for the $1 billion battery. As Reuters reports, in a telephone call on Sunday, Trump's national security adviser, H.R. McMaster contradicted the president, and reassured his South Korean counterpart, Kim Kwan-jin, that the U.S. alliance with South Korea was its top priority in the Asia-Pacific region, the South's presidential office said.

While the recent THAAD deployment has drawn protests from China, which says the powerful radar that can penetrate its territory will undermine regional security, and from residents of the area in which it is being deployed, the United States is seeking more help from China to rein in Pyongyang's nuclear and missile development.

Trump, asked about his message to North Korea after the latest missile test, told reporters: "You'll soon find out," but did not elaborate on what the U.S. response would be.

"There is nothing right now facing this country and facing the region that is a bigger threat than what is happening in North Korea," White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told ABC's "This Week."

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IridiumRebel's picture

Can we get a Gulf of Tonkin moment please!?!?
Murica needs war!

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Tet Offensive.  Kim sends a volley of Atom Bombs as far as he can. 

j0nx's picture

I prefer super fantasic atom bombs.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Maybe I'm missing something, but when did NK actually do a nuke test? (proof that they haven't is the fact that they have not blown themselves up). 

Over the weekend, the narrotive seem to have shifted form NK missle tests to NK nuke tests. Trump mentioned their nuke tests. I guess nuke tests are the new yellow cake. (as opposed to beautiful chocolate cake). it seem that NK is doomed and we are going to start yet another war. 

FrozenGoodz's picture

The best chocolate cake would de-escalate this situation swiftly

The_Juggernaut's picture

China financed NK's entire nuke program.  They own this.

Txpl9421's picture

You probably do not expect an answer, but here goes:

When a country enriches its own nuclear fuel it emits radiation with a particular signature.  Those radio active waves travel through the earth.  When there is a reaction, that reaction creates a specific, unique signature that is attributed ONLY to the production facility that created it.

When PRNK tested a nuke, it was picked up at just about every nuclear listening station around the world.  It is like posting a "SOLD" sign on the corner lot; there is a new kid in town.

Now making one small and hardening it to ride to space and back on a missile is another thing altogether.

Whoa Dammit's picture

So how about we throw Bill Clinton and the guys who were CEOs of the corporations who sold the nuke power plant(s) to NK in jail and call it even?

not dead yet's picture

A nuke power plant reactor cannot be used to make a bomb. When Clinton did the nuke power plant and food deal, and other stuff that would have lessened the NK military, the US never delivered after the Norks fulfilled their end. At last report those nuke power plants never got past the concrete foundations. After being screwed over by Billybob and the Bushmaster the Norks went back to their bomb research and eventual production.

aurum4040's picture

Gee how about doing something as simple as a wiki read....

And over the last couple months an Airbus satellite captured evidenced of significantly? increased activity at their underground nuke test centers. 

Troy Ounce's picture



"You live by the sword, you die by the sword".

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"You live by the sword, you die by the sword".

And that is a fact, and one of the primary reasons that in Bushido you need to die to this world is because no matter how good you are, there is a good chance you are going to get cut.  And once you get a good cut it is over.

The blades just move too fast.

Caleb Abell's picture

"... super fantasic atom bombs ..."

Are they as potent as Delicious Chocolate Cake?

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Don't forget 'Merciless'.

DieselChadron's picture

would that be roughly 100 meters from the launching pad?

IridiumRebel's picture

Between the expanding troll population and Drudge drooling dolts, ZH has lost its ability for cathartic humor for me. A bag of dicks for all of those folks!

HooRAY4rSIDE's picture

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Winston Churchill's picture

Special forces chicken or ordinary ?

HooRAY4rSIDE's picture

I was just trying to add some cathartic humor to brighten up a dreary day


Anyway ~ I think I found some:


"Democrats say they now know exactly why Clinton lost"

HenryHall's picture

I look forward to the day when free chickens can cross the road without having their motives impugned.

Chicken workers of the world unite!

IridiumRebel's picture

Thx to all three of you. The chicken was special forces, SEAL Team 8.

HooRAY4rSIDE's picture

The definitive answer/solution to CHICKEN conundrum (below)

valjoux7750's picture

Since you went there...why did the feminist cross the road?

To suck my cock!!

That was yuuge!

thunderchief's picture

It is very sad that Trump is reducing himself to back ally gutter fighting with a two bit thug like this.  He seems to have never learned the art of ignoring. 

This little punk, unfortunately has a knife to the throat of South Korea and Seoul.   And as satisfying as it might seem to many to wipe him out, the costs are extreme.   Making the NK regime dry up and die is far better. 

Little Kim has the Donalds hand on the knife and is coaxing to start cutting!  Don't do it Donald,  you're better than this punk.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

The only thing missing in that picture of those two was a scrotum wrapped around them

SallySnyd's picture

Here is an interesting look at the very significant costs when the current North Korean regime collapses:


As is typical in the case of regime change, the unanticipated consequences will be wide-ranging.

Troy Ounce's picture


Damn the unintended consequences, Merica wants to go to war therefore needs an enemy to deflect attention from their own collapse. 

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Look a plane, no it's superman Syndrome

Caleb Abell's picture

Interesting article, but it suggests that a unified north and south are a possibility.  Given that long term US foreign policy is geared toward the dismemberment of both Russia and China with their subsequent pillaging by US corporations, there is zero chance that the Chinese would allow SK (a US puppet state) to take over NK.

silverer's picture

I can't see the North and South unified in any meaningful manner in less than three generations. They are so different from each other, few individuals could move north or south and function well. I remember seeing an interview of a citizen from the north who defected to the south. He was having a very difficult time adjusting to the culture change, even after years. It would be nice if it could happen, but it's a very "hopey" thing, like saying US Democrats and Republicans can get along friendly-like at political rallies in six months.

valjoux7750's picture

That and all the poverty the south will inherit.

Same happened when the wall in Germany came down, my aunt in Germany said they should have left it up.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

" there is zero chance that the Chinese would allow SK (a US puppet state) to take over NK."

Apparently, that sentiment is agree on also by the US

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Caleb while the "elite" have been pushing for a NWO its based upon a false one of economics but hatred towards all behind the scenes. I don't disagree that the possibility of the N and S uniting is great. In the end of it all, "blood is thicker than water", Babylon will divide again and kin will seek each other out again.
Eccl 3:15

29.5 hours's picture

<<"There is nothing right now facing this country and facing the region that is a bigger threat than what is happening in North Korea," White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus>>


Look over there! A distraction!

nmewn's picture

"Boosting nuclear deterrence to maximum Dear Leader!"

Caleb Abell's picture

It must be very confusing for the US when dealing with NK.  When the US tells their european bitches to do something, they immediately get on their knees and say "Yes Master."  It must be so frustrating when a country says "Fuck You.  We are a sovereign state and not your dog."

lester1's picture

Use the top secret TR3B anti-gravity aircraft and take out North Koreas power plants. They would collapse fast.

youarelost's picture

Can we send all the May Day protesters there to experience first hang the utopia they want so badly.

Donate Moar's picture

"experience first hang..."

Maybe "first hand" ?

I am lost.

ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

It is a really good thing we have an ignorant retard as commander and chief. I sleep so much better knowing that.

silverer's picture

Why would you sleep better? Something wong with you.

south40_dreams's picture

How's the weather in Pyongyang today?

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"It is a really good thing we have an ignorant retard as commander and chief."

Spicer as his spokesman adds a nice flair to the package.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

kill a snake, cut off it's head..we have leaders who would rather kill thousands, then set the example of killing just the head ( cause well they are head snakes as well)..oh wait Libya..never mind.

max_leering's picture

you number 10 Donald J Trump... I sink your carrier... I sink your submarine... I bomb you cities... hey, want to see real live focky-focky show?... make g.i. want asian honey

CHoward's picture

Is this anything like "ludicrous speed"?!?