Japan Deploys Warship To Support US 'Armada', Authorizes "Necessary Use Of Weapons" For First Time Since World War II

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In a post-World War II precedent-setting move (under the country’s expanded military doctrine), the Japanese Navy has reportedly deployed a helicopter carrier (and authorized it to use weapons, if necessary), to escort and protect a US supply vessel.

Defense Minister Tomomi Inada ordered the Izumo Maritime Self-Defense Force helicopter carrier to protect a US Navy supply ship, which is heading towards the Pacific to resupply the American armada sent by Donald Trump to keep North Korean nuclear ambitions at bay, sources told Kyodo news.

The Japanese helicopter carrier is set to depart Yokosuka port in Kanagawa Prefecture to Monday to escort the US Navy supply ship from waters off the Boso Peninsula, near Tokyo, to the area off Shikoku, one of the four main islands of Japan. Japanese media reports that the US ship could be delivering supplies to the aircraft carrier – the USS Carl Vinson striking group, that is now conducting a joint exercise with South Korea’s navy in the Sea of Japan. To ensure success of their escort mission, the Japanese seamen have been authorized the “minimum necessary use of weapons,” to deter any attacks amid North Korean threats to sink US ships, the Japan Times reports.

As RT notes, Monday's Izumo deployment will set a new milestone for the Japanese Navy which has not escorted any military vessels, outside of troop exercises, since the adoption of a pacifist constitution following Japan's defeat in World War II.  In 2015, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party passed legislation to allow the country’s military to participate in foreign conflicts, overturning its previous policy of fighting only in self-defense. Since the Japanese constitution only allowed Japanese armed forces to act in self-defense, the legislation reinterpreted the relevant passages to allow the military to operate with overseas allies in “collective self-defense.”

The latest Kyodo News survey showed the Japanese are divided over whether or not to amend the Article 9 of the Constitution, which outlaws war as a means to settle international disputes. According to the figures, 49 percent of some 3,000 mail-in respondents said Article 9 must be revised while 47 percent oppose the change. Some 75 percent of respondents who support the pacifist constitution claimed that Article 9 allowed the country to stay out of world conflicts since World War II.

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Zero Point's picture

Beware the wily Jap. Japanese warships actually escorted Australian troop ships in WW1. We all know how that story ended.

Invinciblehandaxe's picture

nothing a calibr or two wont cure

Arnold's picture

Weapons Free.

Sweet, sweet music.

new game's picture

bankster deep state showing off some "stuff". I'm sooooooooo


old naughty's picture

after 72 years Mia,
and after 20+ years of CB plundering the obedien people,
one last hurrah for the imperial soldiers
before the sun set the last time

311 was the turning point (try ask the thousands of
amrka sailors came after that fateful day).

all empires fall at the end, that's his message for all (or perhaps the mother)?

Arnold's picture

Says the Ghost of Kim Jong Il.

silverer's picture

Hollywood is excited! We have some material for a new movie!

X- x3's picture

The Shoa must go on, brought to you by Hollyweird.

.....now time for reality, not the usual MIC-MSM talking points.

Let me help with some food for thought instead of the usual popcorn:

01.11.2016 Author: F. William Engdahl

"If it weren’t for the fact that he is absolute dictator of a country with a formidable army and nuclear missile technology, North Korean President Kim Jong Un, the 290 pound, 32 year-old ruler would be a clown figure. Unfortunately for world peace, Kim Jong Un, while he is playing games with his rockets and threats of war, is serving the long-term interests of the USA, especially the military industrial complex, the Pentagon and State Department, whose priority increasingly is to make an Asia Pivot of military power projection to contain and isolate the Peoples’ Republic of China as well as Russia.

In the end of the 1990’s I had the chance occasion to have a chat with the late James R. Lilley. Lilley was at the Davos World Economic Forum and by chance had sat at my dinner table together with a delegation from the China Peoples’ Liberation Army. As I was the only westerner at the table he struck up a conversation, and as he saw I was more than conversant in global politics, he began talking, perhaps more than he should have with one he did not know.

James R. Lilley was no outsider. A member, together with his close friend, George H.W. Bush, of the infamous Yale University Skull & Bones secret society, Lilley served some three decades at the CIA along with Bush. Both Lilley and Bush were US Ambassadors to China.......


new game's picture

A clown act'g for in the 3 ring tyranny, (R, D,deep state).

very, very special usefull idiot...

billion dolla stage is set...



Anteater's picture

Trump's campaign mistake was like Iran's mistake in announcing oil production was almost back to pre-war levels: the Zogs slapped them down like they just slapped down Trump's promise to 'reign in the Deep State' of CIA-State-Pentagon, ... except, Trump has already declared for more two-front war aggression than even Reagan, he has declared for a larger war profiteering 'scheme' than Reagan's Star Wars fiasco, and he has named All the Usual Suspects to take Deep State over the $TRILLION a year threshhold, entirely funded by looting our SS and MC, because Trump is running a -$1.2 trilllon deficit. So either Welfare  H&HS has to go in the next year or so, or the Deep State, and you know how that will turn out: 95,000,000 more jobless and homeless, and 40,000,000 seniors on fixed income jacked out of their homes by the reverse mortgage swindle. At this point, really, what difference does it make? Trump IS the Deep State, Retail IS going to crash, R/E IS going to crater, and the Millenial Depression of 1,000 Years IS going to begin one fine morning. Signs and Tribulations! Signs and Tribulations!

FinMin's picture

Ah that's refreshing.

dogismycopilot's picture

“Kim Jong Un doesn’t like me at all,” says 21-year-old defector from North Korea


She is hawt!

Vageling's picture

So let me try to understand this. Let's invade DPRK because you're chasing your dick and want some of that sweet candy?

Global Hunter's picture

I stopped a minute or two in, host was from NBC News that told me all I needed to know about the propaganda coming from the stage at that women's conference.  She was cute but she is either incredibly stupid or a psychopathic whore. 

Kefeer's picture

I watched most of it, the irony is if you go to 20:20, you will find that there is "nothing new under the sun", for man is born to trouble and the differences are only "matters of degrees" based on cultural differences, propaganda, and circumstances - results are similar.

This was the comment I left.

At 20:20 does it sound familiar? It should be cause it is communism 101 and it is now main stream in the USSA. "Information blockade", "pumping of ideology", "zero tolerance for political dissent"; not to the same degree, but nonetheless it exists and note how she included abortion and infanticide - women in the US do that voluntarily.

What is disheartening is that we seem to be headed to a similar degree and are doing it voluntarily.

stecha's picture

ofcourse she speaks almost perfect english. Come on, please dont lead me to believe you guys here on ZH are so fucking returded you would believe this shit.

a. Believe in anything NBC, ABC, CBS would say, ( just because i didnt list them all doesnt mean they shouldnt be here)

b. Believe little cute NK girls speak perfect english

c. Any info about DPRK not put out by and or including the DPRK is comeplete and Utter bullshit.

stecha's picture

DPRK defectors are chinese workers that work in the DPRK evryday. This girl is chinese not DPRK!

Ouagadoudou's picture

Guess Chinese are noticing it while nobody gives a shxxxt in the west

beijing expat's picture

Ask any ethnic Korean what will happen if Japan so much as farts in the direction of North Korea.

It ain't on.

echoes's picture

Trumpbot: "calm down, 4-D chess by the japs !"

Dark star's picture

It is to be hoped that the japanese ship has really good anti-submarine defences, because this looks like one of the most perfect set ups for a false flag attack that I have ever seen.

It has everything.

Kefeer's picture

Agreed.  "It has everything" - so true.

Panic Mode's picture

Japanese military?? They only know how to browse nose the super power.

Laughing.Man's picture

LOL  The USN doesn't even need the Japs help.  I agree that this is one way to entice the Norks to attack.  The Chinese are too clever to fall for that trap.

More_sellers_than_buyers's picture

Most of my generation knows Japan as a friendly wacky people....My Uncles when I was growing up used to say, don't ever let those fuckers have an army again....relentless

Winston Churchill's picture

My father wasn't so kind, probably because he was one of the first into Changi,looking for his lost wingman.

Hated all things Japanese until the day he died.

Fake Trump's picture

The combined efforts of the US, Japan and South Korea under the supreme order of Trump against a poor country like North Korea won't be successful with the blessing of China. Trump is having the illusion that China is supporting him after having met president Xi for thr first time over a dinner at Mar A Lago. Trump doesn't understand China. Furthermore China is having a long outstanding score to be settled with Japan on Nanking Massacre.

Déjà view's picture

Trump UNDERSTANDS how to exploit a China Lender Dilemma...HERO TO ZERO on $2T loaned to U.S. if no play ball...get it?

He has done before with his lenders who were IN TO DEEP!

$300B Chinese yearly trade surplus with U.S. could vanish overnight...

Chinese Central Bank and unemployed factory workers will be mighty upset...get ready FOR RIOTING...

TeraByte's picture

The both Koreas revere Japanese and the Imperial Army in special. Not a tear whould be shed however, if the carrier happened to have a sudden date with the ocean floor regardless who was the contributor.


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I am not sure if this is a good idea a week before the korean elections

Kefeer's picture

I smell a staged attack of some sort coming from the MIC.  There comes a day of reckoning for everyone and time always brings death to all who live.

On or before 5/13/17 or 5/31/17.

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Did they bring their nintendo's too?

silverer's picture

It's better than that. Don't forget, the Japanese have GODZILLA!

ThanksIwillHaveAnother's picture

This is good.  The US should encourage more then pull out of SE Asia.

A. Boaty's picture

This gives Japan the excuse they needed to build a Death Star. Krugman would approve.

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Re-arm Japan.  They are more than capable of taking care of business and would be a useful ally should they field a sizable military force.  A new naval fleet flying Japanese flags would cause a lot of scrotum tucking in Asia.

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President Kushner can install Ivanka as Empress Jing? Shiksa Ivankata and seize South Korea also.

Glory to the Empire of the tribe!!

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Nuke Japan again. That fucking race is evil ! 

soyungato's picture

Having been castrated by the US, little Japanese wants to prove their manhood by bullying North Korea. I bet the Koreans have not forgotten how the Japanese army cut off 100 of 1000 of the ears of their Korean soldiers' corpses to build a little hill to cerebrate their victory. They certainly have not forgotten how the ugly looking Japanese kidnapped the most beautiful Koreans back to Japan to improve their race. In fact, the mother of the emperor is a Korean.

It is about time North Korea test their nuke missles over Japan mainland. 

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I hope they don't fuck up and attack Pearl Harbor by mistake.