Maduro Hands Out Free Homes, Hikes Minimum Wages To Counter Angry Protest Wave

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Days after Venezuela was rocked by the worst riots in over a year, with nearly 30 people dying in April from violence related to protests demanding the departure of Maduro who has again been accused of violating democratic norms, Maduro responded by hiking salaries and handing out free homes as he tries to counter a strengthening protest movement calling for his removal.

According to AP, Maduro said on his Sunday TV show that the minimum wage will rise 60% starting May 1. Workers will earn at least 200,000 bolivars per month including food subsidies. Sadly, in light of Venezuela's hyperinflation, that amount to less than $50 at the black market exchange rate.

It's the third wage increase this year as triple-digit inflation erodes workers' savings. AP also notes that Maduro watched as authorities in several states handed over the keys to hundreds of new apartments.

Separately, Bloomberg reported that Venezuelans were gearing for demonstrations to mark International Workers’ Day, even as last month's clashes prompting Pope Francis to renew his call for a negotiated solution to the crisis embroiling the South American country. The opposition will rally from 26 points across Caracas on a hot, rainy day in a march being promoted on social media with the hashtag “the people rebel against the coup.”

Subway stations across Caracas were closed, as the government traditionally tries to prevent protesters from reaching the government center in the downtown area. President Nicolas Maduro will speak at a pro-government march there, and he has promised major announcements this afternoon.

As Bloomberg adds, opposition leaders are seeking to maintain momentum that brought over a million supporters into the streets in marches last month to protest what they said was an illegal power grab by the Supreme Court to curtail the power of the National Assembly they control.

Congress president Julio Borges warned Sunday that Maduro would try to further usurp Congress’ authority. "It would be a continuation of the coup, Cuba style” he said at a press conference, adding that the opposition had expressed their concerns to other countries in the region. “Maduro is trying to put out a fire with gasoline.”

Also on Sunday, Pope Francis appealed at a Mass in Vatican City for an end to violence that he said is “exhausting the people.” Previous marches and anti-government protests over the past month have resulted in a least 29 deaths. The papal statement comes after a Vatican-sponsored dialogue last year failed and many opposition leaders criticized the process, saying it merely bought the government time and extended the crisis.

The governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay agreed with the pope’s call. Such a deal would end violence, uphold the rule of law, free political prisoners, restore the powers of the National Assembly and define an electoral schedule, according to a press release sent Sunday evening from Argentina’s Foreign Ministry.


Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez, who last week said the country would pull out of the Organization of American States, slammed the statement from the regional bloc. “Every statement that supports opposition factors in Venezuela fuels the coup-plotting and violence and tries to not recognize a legitimate government,” she wrote in a post on her Twitter account.

Ahead of a potential clash between the two protests, the battle extended into social media, with the opposition alliance posting pictures of protesters facing tear gas-clouds. Pro-government accounts, meanwhile, showed supporters dressed in red attending rallies that featured an inflatable balloon of the deceased former President Hugo Chavez.

Jose Andres Rauseo, a 66-year-old lawyer from the largely anti-government Bello Monte area, said clashes erupted there, with tear gas and national guard troops blocking the way. Protesters chanted “Dictator out, Maduro out,” and waved flags, he said.


“We brought provisions including vinegar and Maalox to deal with the gas, because we know the repression will come. We don’t know where the march will end, but we’re prepared to keep going,” he said.

Last week opposition lawmakers unveiled demands that included the designation of an impartial electoral board, early presidential elections, an immediate date for overdue regional elections, government authorization to accept humanitarian aid shipments of food and medicine, respect for the autonomy of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, the release of all political prisoners, and the disarmament of pro-government groups known as colectivos. It is unlikely that Maduro will meet any of the demands.

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You can bet he's paying his military, probably with proceeds from his gold sales.

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Maduro Hands Out Free Homes

Upon hearing this news, Bernie Sanders has suffered multiple orgasms.  ;-)


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wow, free homes?

creating homes out of thin air at no cost to anyone - is there anything this miracle worker can't do?

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Wow, i was confused and a little pissed when my comment that was just posted disappeared.  Then i realized that all the spammer comments had been deleted from the board.  Excellent.

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"Then i realized that all the spammer comments had been deleted from the board"

I just got off the floor, where I had apparently fainted dead away after reading that, to type this reply.


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I responded to a spammer named "chungo", part of the westerndaily spammer entourage, with the exact avatar as mine. 

ZH has really gone downhill fast.

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Maduro is a true miracle-worker!  A light-bringer, not unlike Obama.  God made into man.  Behold!  He can turn cassava root and garbage scraps into the primary food source for a country with massive oil reserves.  

"Loaves and fishes?", says Maduro, "hold my cerveza".  

Furthermore, Maduro is proof that bus drivers also make fabulous warlord dictators.  


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of course that comment is to be read in your best yul brenner voice.

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Who cares about a raise when the currency has no value and there's nothing to buy?

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Hahahaha it was a total shock that is for sure!!

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He's just like Jesus- except fat, stupid, evil and socialist.

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Jah Rule tweets that he is stepping up to assist.

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Mad-u-r former bus driver Maduro is driving the country off the cliff

The military and the Elite are getting ready for ultra cheap acquisitions, when there's blood in the streets. 

Democracy and a functioning society is only as good as the leaders that are selected or elected, and how good they are at keeping out the weeds and pests from the garden. 

baldknobber's picture

The people who previously had those homes could not be reached for comment. They were all taking advantage of a free Gov provided educational  opportunity in the jungle

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Maduro Max !! Coming soon to a town near you... 

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Weren't they also planning to hand desperate hungry and innocent civilians free lead (at 2200 FPS)?

doomchild's picture

Bernie supporters. Take note. This is how shit goes down in so-called socialist systems. 

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 OMG!!!   sixty percent___ Did I read that RIGHT?


   "According to AP, Maduro said on his Sunday TV show that the minimum wage will rise 60% starting May 1"

 Never go full Libtard [socialist] RubiCON.

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Wait what ha ha ha ha ha ha More living proof its all fake!

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Perfect! Giving out more free shit, because it just hasn't been enough! That's the ticket! Except, who's going to build the homes, and pay the wages? 

Yen Cross's picture

  Socialist Utopia = 1,000,000 Chiefs + 1 Indian.

land_of_the_few's picture

Capitalist Utopia - 999,999 Indians, 1 white guy to fix what they did.

land_of_the_few's picture

Relax. Once he hangs a few NGO leaders and registers the rest as foreign agents ... then the rioters can go and do something useful instead (if they actually are locals).

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Could be oil revenues, since Venezuela has lots of it. Or would it be better to give the countries natural oil resources to the oil Barrons and not the people like we do here in the US of A.

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Socialism, it works every time it's tried. 

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It's what's for lunch (because there is nothing else to eat).

Longus Dongus's picture

That's what my corporate masters told me to think too. I'm not sure the US brand of capitalism is awesome either. But if the smart rich people say it is it must be.

HRClinton's picture

Don't get too fixated by the balm or drama of socialism. 

Socialism isn't the goal, but a means to the real goal: Societal collapse, that allows a New Order to emerge. 

What really matters, is what's going on behind the curtain of secrecy and obfuscation. 


(If think and plan for 20-50 years ahead - something that official governments cannot do - then you realize that even a One World Government (OWG) needs to deal with two inescapable problems:

1. Continued global population growth and its demand for ever more resources and energies, to enable the Modern lifestyle, versus 

2. Dwindling levels of renewable and concentrations of non-renewable resources.

All the king's horses and all the king's clever men cannot change #2, without changing #1. The day of Reckoning may be delayed, but not avoided. The Elite and Deep State actors are trying to grapple with that, but even they have serious differences on the billions of Useless Eaters, while Nature's clock keeps ticking.)

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Venezuela is a look into our future, only they are 1000x used to hard times than our people are.

Bill of Rights's picture

Sure, we talk collapse while the rich pricks get richer....Don't hold your breath waiting for the big one it will be a long wait. 2008 was not a crash it was an out in the open theft...plain and simple.

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I wish.  The chicks are a lot hotter down there.

Anderson Coopers Gerbil's picture

1 oz of silver goes a long way bet I could buy  a couple of hotties for that

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You mean 1000x used to socialism.

land_of_the_few's picture

Except your people don't have to put up with color revolution attempts every 2 minutes.

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Maduro needs to review the troops like Sadat did.

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Laughable as not one of these clowns even learns anything from history.  During the Weimar days, the German government kept giving workers raises but to no they chose not to also give the workers small wagons to tote around the reams of worthless paper. Ditto in Zimbabwe.  And now this numbskull bus driver in Caracas is going to try the same thing. 

What I did find ironic, in the former wealthy African country known as Rhodesia aka the bitter end of their forlorn currency, the only thing it was good for was to use as a wrapper holding the small flakes and nuggets of gold that were panned from the rivers.  Those lucky enough to have gold were able to purchase goods and (some) services. As to the 100 Trillion Zim Dollar 'wrappers'....thrown into the trash where they belong.    

land_of_the_few's picture

The Weimar regime actually stabilised and fixed the economy long before WWII. But they were still embarrassed from being defeated "inexplicably" by "lesser" forces in WWI. Then not long after, some Austrian guy came along to boost the national self-image, and in the end it needed a Marshall Plan to bail it out after his economic "efforts".

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Hey... Im CRAZY MADURO and I am GIVING cars away... come on down...

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  Maduro makes Joe Isuzu look like a piker.

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Pope = pimping for socialism

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No cell phones?  What a piker.

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What's a home without toilet paper?

land_of_the_few's picture

Library. No, aiit - Art Gallery. India?

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Time for Maduro to join Chavez.

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Pope Francis certainly wishes socialism fixes socialism in Venezuela.

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In case you haven't figured it out yet, the Pope is now merely a glorified PR man for (((those))) with real power.


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Duterte has an 83% approval rating.

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Triple down on socialism! That will teach em! Pffff... What a moron. How do you plan to fund that Mr. Maduro? Nothing is free. The banksters made sure of that.