Facebook Under Fire For Selling Emotionally Vulnerable Kids' Data To Advertisers

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Via TheAntiMedia.org,

Less than two months after announcing it would begin using artificial intelligence tools in its marketing arm, Facebook is now being accused of letting advertisers target emotionally vulnerable children.

According to The Australian, a 23-page leaked document obtained by the outlet — marked “Confidential: Internal Only” and dated 2017 — reveals that the social media giant used algorithms to sift through the posts, pictures, and reactions of 6.4 million “high schoolers,” “tertiary students,” and “young Australians and New Zealanders…in the workforce” with the aim of learning about their emotional state.

The news outlet says the algorithms essentially looked for “moments when young people need a confidence boost”moments when kids feel “worthless” or “insecure” and are perhaps more open to an advertiser’s message.

Facebook says the data amassed by the algorithms was never used for targeted ads, but merely “to help marketers understand how people express themselves on Facebook.” Still, the company acknowledges a “process failure” and says an investigation has been opened to correct the mistake.

That’s a good thing because Facebook’s real-time monitoring of kids might actually be violating the Australian government’s ethical standards. The Australian points out that the Australian Code for Advertising and Marketing Communications to Children defines children as age 14 and under and says any information that could potentially reveal a child’s identity must be obtained through a parent or legal guardian.

The Australian Association of National Advertisers has already gone on record stating Facebook’s activities appear to run contrary to the government’s ethical standards.

Last year, ProPublica conducted an investigation into Facebook’s marketing practices and subsequently published a report accusing the company of allowing advertisers to target ads based on ethnicity.

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They sell everyone else's to big brother

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Are emotionally vulnerable kids using facebook like a diary, or wtf? Is not some sort of playground.

Anyway, don't think they have the means to really become a purchasing user after targeted by those advertising ads.

A little childhood drama builds a strong character. If not...they'll grow up into some useless snowflakes.

Like this one:

Liberal Snowflake Refuses to Accept He’s No Longer Black after DNA Test Results


OpTwoMistic's picture

Should there be an age limit on facebook before you can have your own page?


On another note. Yesterday I was looking at Craftsman edger carb parts on google and today on IE on ZH, this story,   I am greeted with an add for those carb parts.

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The ad networks use "third party cookies" to keep a record of your web activity, and serve up related ads.  If you don't like that, some browsers let you refuse third party cookies.

slimycorporatedickhead's picture

Facebook is for LOSERS/MORONS. Only hardcore douchebags still use facebook (old people/little kids trying to be cool) Get with the times

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

jewish kids, exempted, from this manipulation..right suckerberg?

lakecity55's picture

They have an algorithm that tells Joo Kids when to pounce on the weakened goy kids.

Al Gophilia's picture

Cancel your youtube and tracebook accounts. Fuckem.

pherron2's picture

That courtesy is only extended to the well connected, all others are fair game. The perception of bias is to be avoided, therefore they are first on the list.

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Mark Zuckerberg reveals Zio-Illuminati symbol on inside of his hoodie:

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Refuse my 11 year old daughter on fakebook

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FB use is a disease. I noticed a research study that shows none of the top 10 law firms in the nation use FB. They said FB is only for advertizing yourself and said they don't need that.

I also saw a reasearch study that shows FB use is indrectly proportional to high school grades.


Makes sense.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

I noticed a research study that shows none of the top 10 law firms in the nation use FB. They said FB is only for advertizing yourself and said they don't need that. I also saw a reasearch study that shows FB use is indrectly proportional to high school grades.

are those JEW-ish firms?

Last of the Middle Class's picture

Because only the emotionally compromised, ie retarded, pay any attention to FB advertisers!!! LMAO!


BorisTheBlade's picture

FB finally came out in the open that they are preying upon the weak and vulnerable to sell anything. It's like bottom feeding in the extreme.

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I read an article about the for-profit community colleges, which said they targeted unintelligent, emotionally troubled, single mothers.  They get the women to enroll, promising a great education and job opportunites, have them sign up for student loans, and take the money and run.

oncemore's picture

Based on your question I dare to assume, that u r 10 years of age without any education, troll.

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This site is little different.  Virtually all for-profit sites are data mining, and virtually all sites are for the profit of someone.

I have a VPN.  Though I live in the South, my traffic usually routes through a server in NY, and sometimes Miami.  It is amusing to me to get ads for things in the NY or South FL area.  It happens all the time.

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FB needs an algorithm to make people avoid logging on to it.


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so that means they sell every kid on FB's info then.........i'd like to know how many FB users, and any social media user for that matter, realizes they are providing FREE advertising every time they like anything.....that means even if you like a friend who was visiting timbuktu....free ad for timbuktu tourism.

"...accusing the company of allowing advertisers to target ads based on ethnicity." I'm sure no wrongdoing was found.......

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How did we ever manage our lives without fake book to enlighten us and keep everyone happy ???????

wmbz's picture

We live in a sick ass world, and some of the sickest and most greedy are the libtards at Faceplant.

Of course their pathetic followers just love them.


hairball48's picture

Facefuck is data mining kids? I'm SHOCKED.....not.

Never One Roach's picture

There's a sucker born every minute. And FB takes advantage of that.

Mike2756's picture

Peak social media.

cherry picker's picture

FaceBook is Evil

Maybe NK can wipe out its servers.  People might get starting to know each other again.

Stan522's picture

Walk into any waiting room (Dr, tire store, etc.), there are faces planted, and thumbs working a slew of mobile devices. We no longer talk to each other, which, in my opinion is one leading cause for shootings like we saw in La Jolla CA last Sunday.

Thom Paine's picture

Now, why would the Swamp want to identify, vulenrable children?

Haiti running low on young girls and boys?

Working for Facebook must be a goldmine for Pedophiles.

spastic_colon's picture

human traffiking is a multi-billion dollar biz; great for evading taxes and laundromat services.......unfortunately.

BlueGreen's picture

Took the words right out of my mouth- how else is Suckerberg going to move up TPTB ladder

Stan522's picture

And SUCKerberg wants to gain more power running, or influencing the USA.... FU!

Stan522's picture

FakeBook is where your kids go every morning to find out what their friends didn't invite them to the night before.....

Bricker's picture

CIA fakecrap. Thats all I can say today

directaction's picture

"Emotionally vulnerable children."

They must be referring to Democrats.  

CHoward's picture

Whoa with that discrimination!


What about us emotionally vulnerable adults - like us millennials?  Don't we count for something?

Mr.Danglemeat's picture

Well, if some of you get caught in the rolling logs under giant blocks of limestone there's nothing that we can do...except watch "Grist" being made..haha, the pyramids must be built! Pull Millennial PULL!

GlassHouse101's picture

scripture says the end times will be most hard on children, for they are preyed upon by the elite. Pure evil.

Fed-up with being Sick and Tired's picture

OK, the new "process" will be to prevent further leaks so that their insidious tactics will not be revealed publicly again!

SidSays's picture

They will institute a Department of Corporate Integrity (or some such gibberish)...

Not to promote integrity within the organization.....

but to conceal the organization's lack thereof...

and to crack down on those misguided, traitorous insiders that would expose the same....

Problem solved.

allamerican's picture

FB into child solicitation now?  heck, that wont even shut this intangible piece of crap down.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Online Bullying.


Exhibit A.

Grumbleduke's picture

Just wait for a while, then data selling will become a non-issue. The open-air slave market model of Lybia is where the children are headed. Maybe some will be fed to be organ donors or labrats for the oligarchs and their indispensable offspring. Some will get a blowjob/shit-pussy (courtesy of Doug Stanhope) assignment. But most will be hunted for fun.


But they care for us!

MedicalQuack's picture

It is a "One Trick Algo" world out there.  People follow cheating algorithms like sheep. I call it the Attack of the Killer Algorithms and have since 2010.  


Read this over at Bloomberg view from Cathy O'Neil, former DE Shaw quant. It;s how the algorithms scale, unleashed on millions at a time. 


Theophilus Carter's picture

FB ceased being a 'social' network the second they took VC money...it's an ad platform.  Nothing more. Nothing less...the master stroke is that they convinced sheeple to 'share' all the bits about themselves...just don't look behind the curtain...nothing to see here...move along and take another selfie...and buy moar stuff...

RathdrumGal's picture

I am such a bad person.  I like to Googgle "incontinence products" on my co-workers' computers whenever they leave their screens logged in but unattended.

BendGuyhere's picture

FBs business model is PREDATORY.

Innocent, trusting little people VOLUNTARILY hand over ALL their information, images, etc., FB slaps a copyright on that info and then owns it.

Pretty soon participation on FB becomes MANDATORY for getting job, renting an apartment, etc etc, so FB is 'voluntary' like the tax code. The evil fucker harvard-jew zuckerfag thinks it is fucking FUNNY that all you little sheeple are so trusting and innocent. LIKE HAPPY LITTLE CHILDREN.....

You can still opt out of this aspect of the panopticon. Cancel your FB profile.

gregga777's picture

Get a grip Goyim, all is fair in love, war and business.  Now go back to being good little wage slaves for the banking gangster, CON Street Swindlers and Criminal Crony Capitalist CONporations.