Outside the United States is Terrifying! (According to the Government)

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Via The Daily Bell

If you stay inside the United States you will remain free, safe, and prosperous. If you even so much as step foot outside of the United States, you will probably be murdered, if not taken. At least that is what the State Department would have you believe.

Extremists are on the loose in Europe, where they have demonstrated their ability to carry out various attacks using firearms, explosives, vehicles, and blades. Because of this, the United States has issued a travel alert for Europe.

Be afraid. If you are in a tourist location, with a crowd, or on public transport in Europe, you should probably assume everyone is a terrorist. It could happen at any time! Better to be safe and keep your clubbing to Florida.

But don’t worry, here are some steps you can take. Follow our orders, and the government and media will keep you safe.

Review security information from local officials, who are responsible for the safety and security of all visitors to their host country.  U.S. citizens should also:

  • Follow the instructions of local authorities.  Monitor media and local information sources and factor updated information into personal travel plans and activities.
  • Be prepared for additional security screening and unexpected disruptions.
  • Stay in touch with your family members and ensure they know how to reach you in the event of an emergency.
  • Have an emergency plan of action ready.
  • Register in our Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

Always trust in the local government. Always stay tethered to media–it could save your life! Be prepared to have your rights violated in the name of security.

And finally, you can even enroll yourself to make sure the U.S. authorities know your travel plans.

Oh, and by the way, there is no government warning against visiting Chicago, which had 762 total murders in 2016. That’s about 200 more murders than England and Wales have had in any given year since 2011. Chicago is home to fewer than 3 million people, while the combined population of England and Wales is 56 million.

It’s Scary Out There!

Okay, yes, there are real threats out there. And yes, you should do proper research before visiting places. Awareness of your surrounding is always a good idea, as is avoiding certain places altogether.

But this alert is for all of Europe. Really? All of Europe is dangerous enough to elicit a warning from the State Department?

But no warnings against visiting places inside the U.S. like Chicago.

TripAdvisor probably has more useful and specific information on the risks of traveling to various locations.

For a long time, this attitude that America is basically safe to travel through, and outside of America is severely lacking in rule of law, cleanliness, and general safety was ingrained in me. And to be sure you can find places outside of the U.S. that are very dangerous and not worth the trip. And you can find many places inside the U.S. that rival the foreign war zones.

But since I have started traveling abroad I have been to cities that feel much safer than the typical U.S. city.

What that travel warning really reminds me of is how the government portrays the world outside of the United States in my novella Flight Grounded.

From a review:

As I read this book, I couldn’t help but try to pinpoint its genre by comparing it with other works. It had that “dystopian short story” feel to it like Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron or 2BR02B, it had the constant action of any crime thriller, it had the “trapped” feeling from every non-fiction I’ve read on North Korea, and it had that “can this actually be the truth” feel from any good conspiracy theory. What I liked most about this book is how, given an open mind, the conspiracies presented in this book could actually be real and no one would be the wiser!

Basically, the “reality” presented by the U.S. government and their media affiliates is not an accurate depiction of the outside world. On the very surface, the government just seems paranoid. But the more information that they control that we rely on to form our worldview, the more they could be manipulating the perception about what actually goes on inside, and outside the United States.

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Rabbitnexus's picture

Ironically I can safely travel anywhere in the world except for three countries. I am subject to harassment and arrest or worse in any of them. As an Australian and a Muslim I travel everywhere else including many countries most Westerners would baulk at without fear. The three countries are first "Israel" where I'm declared to be a Holocaust denier and "pursuer of the Jews" or some such BS and from whence I have had a number of specific and serious death threats among other harassment. The USA where I am regarded as hostile and probably terrorist and from whence I and my family even have also been subject to some shocking levels of abuse and threats including actions involving police and intelligence services and Saudi Arabia where I have insulted the grotesque pervert house of Saud phonies for what they are. They'd behead me as a Shia if they could but insulting their faggot family gets me the chop at least. Unless under protection of Pilgrimage I'd probably be arrested there too. I guess it is relative. In truth some places I go would not be safe for an American or even most Westerners. It is even advised to Americans in some countries (including Australia) to say you are from Canada rather than admit to being an American. That has been true since WWII in Oz.

Herdee's picture

When the American government goes around the globe murdering, bombing and installing their third world dictators it creates a lot of enemies. It's not the fault of ordinary working Americans that NeoCons in Washington have created this atmosphere around the world but I think their right. I would definitely stay away from the MiddleEast. It's this little thing called kidnapping for ransom and sexual abuse with a good beating. That's if you are lucky.

Hannibal's picture

Eight rescued from child sacrifice in Europe; None saved in Wash DC where instead, agents were arrested

"Last Sunday night, special ITCCS teams assisted by police and citizen volunteers successfully stopped the Catholic Ninth Circle sacrificial killings in Zwolle Holland, Dijon France, and Lucerne Switzerland. In six other cities in Europe, similar killings were either cancelled or moved to other locations because of the threat of disruption.

“With the help of local sympathetic police our teams went into action in the designated locations commencing 22:30 hours GMT on 30 April. As we anticipated, our best successes occurred in the locations that had not been publicly announced, where we surprised the cult members as they prepared for the ritual killings.

In Zwolle, Neth, Dijon and Lucerne we arrested a total of nineteen individuals and released eight children from captivity. All of the latter were under the age of five or six and were slated for torture and killing; they included five boys and three girls. The cult members we apprehended were turned over to local police after being questioned and their statements were recorded by our teams. (Note: See our separate report on these statements and accompanying evidence retrieved at the sites)



TheAnswerIs42's picture

I went to Africa a few years ago - Tanzania and Zanzibar. Way out in the bush - a 4 hour drive North from Dar es Salaam.

The people out there are literally dirt poor, but they are very, very happy with life. Mainly because they don't have STUFF and don't know they need STUFF.

Zanzibar is more Arabic, saw my first Madrassa in Stonetown. The city people were pretty shifty.

Also stopped in Johannesburg and went back there recently. After Mandela died things went downhill fast. The government is even more corrupt (if you can imagine). Drugs, robbery and reverse discrimination everywhere.

Came back in through JFK very early in the morning. Got a nice fresh bagel from a big black woman.

As she handed it to me over the counter she says -"Here ya go darlin".

I knew I was home and it felt good.

Rabbitnexus's picture

That can be an illusion. I live in Perth, Western Australia and it is the most remote city on the planet, with the most stable geology and no serious political or social issues. I travel in areas of Pakistan and regional countries where there are dangers from US drones prowling to fake as well as real extremist Jihadis who'd be rapt to kill a Westerner, and as such I'm definitely number one target as a rule and everyone around me knows it and worries for me.

After a couple of months of living with gunshots regularly and constant heavy duty checkpoints and armed guards and regular bombings and terrorist attacks on small shooting scale at least. Heavily armed police and army everywhere and by no means are they just for show. If you want to see efficiency in a military go see how Pakistani army deals with traffic flows and checkpoints. No shortcuts and they are ready to shoot anytime even if the fact is they're way more polite and feel safer than cops back home. After a couple of months, stepping off thew plane in Perth is like stepping onto clouds almost. It feels so safe and BORING to be honest, but it really does make you sigh and relax in a way which I recognise in your reaction to the bagel lady. First time I hear an Aussie accent again, relaxed and easy I feel great.  Yet here's the thing.  The fact is our rates of home invasion and assaults is higher than in Pakistan. Much higher.  My wife is far safer in Pakistan as well where rape by strangers at least is very rare, here in Perth we have a real problem with that too.  Not J'burg by any means of course as the hordes of expats from SA and Zim living here attest to.

My point is just that the familiarity of home gives a false sense of security or maybe the unfamiliarity of strange places increases the perceived threats.

Johangroza's picture

I live in Durban, South Africa and feel 100% safe. 

Keep your 'merica, and your debt and your donald.

Rabbitnexus's picture

I can believe that; see my above comment.

runnymede's picture

As a human who happens to be a citizen of the USA, offspring of an immigrant, a few rings around the tree--including stints abroad, I generally find that generalizations that generalize groups of people and countries/areas generally are incorrect.  

An effect of the modern world is the dehumanization of the individual. We all think we're above conditioning of the State. There's good people everywhere, and not so good. Even in east New Orleans I would suppose, even if fewer by percentage.

Travel is fatal to ignorance. So is reading. 


Rabbitnexus's picture

"Travel is fatal to ignorance. So is reading."   If I may offer my observation, you are living proof your words are true.

You can pick people who travel and read very easily by virtue of the openness of their minds.

DEMIZEN's picture

Yeah, i lived there in the 90s went to college in NOLA. It Was a crazy place to be, but a lot of fun. Not quite like Europe when it comes to party time but close enough.  East NOLA was a no go; there were some clubs on magazine st next to Tulane, some up there by the lakeside. The french quarter monday to sunday and 24/7 of course. The west bank looked like African heartland.

I go back every year around mardi gras. Since the Katrina, things are changing fast; even the west bank is clean and tidy, used to be trash and gangstas everywhere. I still stay away from East NOLA lol. So I didn't check. I took my sisters family to East NOLA; she had a panic attack and collapsed, scared to fucking dead just by looking at the place and local extras with gun holes and tagged plywood in every damn window.  

We stayed in Cairo for a while as kids, and I know she could take some dodgy shit, but this was too much I guess. Naked black people running on the main street, all windows covered with plywood, everything tagged to the max, fat black tattooed fucks flashing pieces, women in bathrobes and sleepers with bourbon bottles blocking the streets, throwing their fat asses on police cars for cops not to come to shitshow and it wasn't mardi gras time, just a usual saturday i guess.

We managed to get out. Nobody really did anything bad to any of us or kids have to admit. While it was quite a cultural shock for me as an european i have to say no blacks ever treated me really badly during my stay, there was some distrust maybe , but no bad feelings of any kind lingering here.

JailBanksters's picture

I kinda like the Idea of keeping Americans inside America, the world will be a much better place.

Americans have F'ed the planet, time to F their own country up.


ThisIsMadness's picture

We have already F'd up our own country.

JailBanksters's picture

Nowhere near what they have done to Africa, South America, India, Middle East just to name a few.


shutterbug's picture

Turn everything from USA government around and you have more truth then before,,,

even with the Trump administration...

Sandmann's picture

Don't break down the Murder Rate by Nation and Ethnicity. Scotland, Glasgow is the murder capital ahead of N Ireland. England can be broken down to show Whites have lowest murder rate followed up the scale by Pakistanis/Indians then Blacks at the top of the scale.


cherry picker's picture

The only country where my life was threatened more than once was the USA.  Twice in Texas, once in CA.  Funny part of this is none of these incidents happened in some cities I visited where you would expect it to happen, like the South Side of Chicago, Compton, Watts, Cleveland. These incidents happened in middle class areas.

The USA is, was, and always had a high violence rate and the highest per captia incarceration rate in the world.  I wonder if this is related.  I personally knew about half dozen or so people who were murdered in Mexico, yet strangely I never really felt my life to be at risk there as I did in places in the USA.

The USA has big problems that no one wants to acknowledge.  Sometimes it is not a pleasant thing to do, look in the mirror I mean.  But how are you going to fix the obvious if you won't even admit it?

The first place to start is by admitting it is not the land that it advertises itself to be, as it isn't.

Kat Daddy's picture

I like Mexico.  Driven to Acapulco twice.  Would like  to drive to San Miguel and stay for a month, but everyone too afraid to drive there.  I just don't think they are slaughtering Americans on the toll road from Laredo south.  Beautiful furnised accomodatons for $1000/mo.  Great, cheap food.  Once there, could really find out what is going down in the country, everone teriffied by drug cartels!

monoloco's picture

I've been living dow here with all those "bad hombres" for over 25 years and other than having the stereo stolen out of my unlocked truck once, haven't had any problems with crime.


The only way to keep people in the US is to make them poor or scare the shit out of them. They must keep people there so they can use their sons and daughters as war fodder. The big boys like playing with their war toys, don't ya know.

Nothing's picture

or, you could always build a wall, eh?


PrivetHedge's picture

The Draft is now inevitable.

putaipan's picture




Maestro Maestro's picture

I was assaulted twice in the US (in LA) ending up with broken bones and hospital bills of $15,000. One time by a black cyclist who hit me with his bike and then punched me in the face when I declined to give him money, another time by a drug-addled young man who followed me and then hospitalized me in a road range incident.

I lived in Europe, the Middle East, and traveled to Asia, where I even had a dispute with Iranian border police while transiting through an Iranian airport (they confiscated a bottle of whiskey I had purchased at a duty-free shop). Never had an issue, legally, or violence wise.

You Americans are animals.

DEMIZEN's picture

i woud say africa is the worst, next the americas with south and mid as the worst. In uUS  is not just the innercities. there is a massive toothless  meth addicted RV population crammed on suburban parking lots, and an army of tent hobos on public lands.  

I see tent people everywere.there must be millions. even favelas and soweto look fancy comparing to US. This place really went downhill since 90s

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"Better to be safe and keep your clubbing to Florida."

Two words: Pulse, Orlando

Bay Area Guy's picture

I've traveled quite a bit in Asia in the last five years.  I can honestly say that I have never feared for my physical safety in any of the places I've been.  In China, I feared for my health, but not for my physical safety.  Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, even way out in the sticks, I never once thought, "Oh shit, I better watch my back."  But walking in downtown San Francisco, or anywhere in San Franciso for that matter, my head's on a swivel.

Rabbitnexus's picture

When in South Asia my biggest fear has been US drones and US contractors who run around dressed up as locals and creating havoc.

Hongcha's picture

Indeed fellow BAG; my experience is very similar to yours.  I found Shenzhen a tad edgy, due to all the outsiders pouring in from remote countrysides to make a living in the big city.  The alley running along the Chungking Mansions in Kowloon was pretty edgy - drug deals going down. Big Wang Kar Wai fan, had to check it out ;)

Phnom Penh year 2000 was downright scary.  But not any more.

Other than those few exceptions, peace reigns over there.  I live in SF and deal with half-a-dozen insane people each and every day ... and that's downtown!  Not to mention Broadway and 14th in Oakland, San Pablo around 35th ... I could go on and on.

And wrap our minds around this; the correction has not even started yet in the SF Bay Area.  Oh Christ when that one hits, batten down the hatches lads.

Duc888's picture



Considering the US sponsors MORE terrorists THROUGH private corporations Dyncorp, Acedemi, etc../ foreign governments and organisations than any other entity on earth, I would suggest for world peace we de fund US FEDGOV in every way, shape and form.

Grandad Grumps's picture

My gut reaction is "I think not". The US is becoming the new North Korea, isolating their people from the rest of the world. It is very sad.

I was in Canada a couple of weeks ago, China last week and am going to eastern Europe in a few weeks. Nothing has changed. The world is normal and secure. The US government and their supportive media lies. It is what they do best.

ebear's picture

"The US is becoming the new North Korea"


Last time I transited through LAX there was this fat ugly black broad with an enormous ass customs agent giving this poor young lady in the next line a hard time.  I swore right then that I would never again place myself in the jurisdiction of a nation that employs fat ugly black broads with enormous asses as their official agents.

Thom Paine's picture

Yeh, here in Australia it is absolutely frightening.

Have to close your windows at night to keep safe from marauding koalas who will suck your blood. Day time its kanagroos mugging you at traffic lights.  Then those fucking goannas drinking your milkshake, and black cockatoos stealing your children, and those fucking evil wallabies, dude they sit there quietly near the ATMs getting pin numbers of unspuspecting Americans.

And those Quokkas - hell on legs.

Careful, you wont sleep at night after seeing these quokkas.


Black cockatoos known for their children stealing for deep state


August's picture

Don't forget the drop-bears. 

One minute you're tramping through a quiet forest, the next minute they rip your throat out. 

And they never even tell the tourists to be careful!

Setarcos's picture

True story.  A few years back I lived in a suburban place where there were quite a lot of possums scampering around at night, but a woman - Aussie mind you - asked a friend of mine what the noise was, so he told her "drop bears" and proceeded to tell her how dangerous they are.  Well she believed him and became afraid to go out at night, despite it being suburbia with street lights and all.  No she wasn't blonde.

fel.temp.reparatio's picture

...don't forget the drop bears

AKKadian's picture

The only thing I feared in Aussie land was Kings Cross in Sydney. Dam beautiful women, thought I would never leave.!!! 

ItsAllBollocks's picture

Exactly. It's because of the atrocities caused by the koalas and kangaroos Australia has such a prominent role in America's wars. What other reason could there possibly be for Australia, with no known enemies to create them than the elimination of Australia's very own terrorists.

RichardENixon's picture

Actually a kangaroo can administer a first rate ass whipping if he or she is so inclined. I'm surprised the State Department hasn't caught on to this fact yet.

ebear's picture

Roos are nothing.  It's the drop bears you really have to watch for. 

armageddon addahere's picture

To be fair, the US government has gone to a great deal of trouble to make Americans unpopular all over the world.

PrivetHedge's picture

And money. Lots of money. $7500000000000 recently.

Our Money.

ipsprez's picture

Fuck you stupid SOB. That is not at all what the State Dept is saying. What they are saying since you apparently can't read, is the same thing Marine Le Pen is saying. Europe is now a hotbed of Islamic activity that has and will continue to result in terrorist attacks on civilian populations. SHIT HEAD

Expat's picture

First, I bet you couldn't find Europe on a map.  Second, the US is about 108th on the list of most murderous countries (but this does not include quite a few US territories or occupied countries with much, much higher rates: Puerto Rico, US virgin Islands, Panama, Iraq).  The US murder rate is two to four times higher than murder rates in Western Europe. 

So, despite US efforts to convince every Muslim in the world to become a terrorist through its program of invasion, occupation, kidnapping, torture, and murder, European Muslims and other Europeans remain far less murderous than the US.

Let's face it.The US is an incredibly violent, dangerous country.  The offiicial murder rates do not count the hundreds of thousands (millions) of people murdered by the US military.

The State Department should spend more time warning foreigners about how dangerous America and Americans are to them and each other.


shovelhead's picture

Why is this?

We have lots of ghetto bred negros. Lose the ghetto chimps and America would move way up the list.

If you feed rats you just get more of them.

Expat's picture

And if you educate Shovelheads, you might just get decent human beings instead of racist assholes.  fuck you very, very much.  you are one of the main reasons why america is so fucked up.  I bet you are christian and proud as well.  I only wish I were christian so I could fervently believe you will burn in hell.  Alas, I am atheist so I can only curse you and hope our paths never cross.

Duc888's picture



Fuck you stupid SOB, who's been blowing up Islamic countries since at least 1990 thus CREATING terrosists as well as mass migration of radical Islamic nutterz?

hongdo's picture

Gov DOS guys actually get paid for this?   I have always felt much safer in a European or Asian city than in the US.  Even when the US news says there are ongoing riots which are usually blown all out of proportion.

Take my advice, go and see for yourself.  You will be glad you did.

EemieMeanieMinieMoe's picture

What a fuckin' bunch of shit.....been to New Zealand lately? Australia? Canada? U.S.of A. 'greatest country on earth'?......not by a long shot! The U.S.of A. is no more than a shell of it's former self..... the deep state rules!.....democracy?.....Mark Twain..."If voting mattered, they wouldn't allow it". Correct-a-mundo! A friend just returned from New Zealand, I axed if he saw any Negroes.....not a one! Waalaa....crime problem resolved! I visited a large city last week....HOLY SHIT!!!! glad I live in a rural area of a 'fly-over' state. Even if Trump betrayed us all, it's better than a city! It's just sad to watch. Oh well.....nothin' I can do about it....voting in this 'demacracy' is a sham....the only way governemnts change is at the point of a gun. That's enough, I think I'll prepare myself a beverage.

DoctorFix's picture

While I was working in Japan during the late 80s a certain college from "Da States" was touring the country. Now you'd have thought that with all the negative attention the Japanese had for them that they'd behave themselves?....  Shit NO!   Some of these upstanding paragons of virtue got arrested for shoplifting!!!...  So all the stereotypes were proven true once again.  So stupid and arrogant that they couldn't couldn't keep their sticky fucking fingers to themselves.  Stupid is as stupid does.  

logicalman's picture

If you are 'taken' outside the US, it will likely be by the US using the other country as plausible deniability.


Guantanamo, anyone?