Trump: US "Needs A Good Shutdown In September To Fix This Mess"

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With Congress poised this week to approve a deal to fund the government through September, the first major bipartisan legislation of Trump's presidency, after lengthy negotiations (which have appeared to signal numerous 'folds' by President Trump), apparently frustrated by the lack of tryannical powers that a simple majority grants him, President Trump has lashed out this morning at disagreeable Democrats, and in particular Senate Democrats.

But Trump has a solution.

As a reminder, the proposed government funding deal does not include funding for Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border or include language stripping federal money from so-called sanctuary cities, both of which the White House demanded at the outset of negotiations.  In fact, as we reported yesterday, the bill has been seen widely as a victory for Democrats, something which has been panned by the conservative press.  While the White House also backed off a threat to withhold ObamaCare subsidy payments to insurance companies, Trump did secure increased military spending in the 2017 budget deal. 

According to the Hill, the comments are likely irk top Republican lawmakers, who have been frustrated by Trump’s repeated attempts to intervene in the legislative process.  The businessman-turned-president, in turn, has vented frustration with the slow pace of work on Capitol Hill.

“I’m disappointed that it doesn’t go quicker,” Trump told Fox News last week when asked about the Republican effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare. 

Commenting on Trump's tweets, Citi asks rhetorically whether "this could be a case of cutting one’s nose to spit one’s face? – Potentially problematic when the nose in question is attached to the current administration… It seems counterintuitive that a sitting president would want a shutdown, unless he was to blame it on the opposition in order to force through reform/encourage a voter backlash."

Bloomberg reports that “The message appeared to encourage the Republican-controlled Senate to change rules that now require 60 votes to end a filibuster of legislation. Republicans reduced the threshold to 51 votes for Supreme Court nominees this year and could do the same for legislation with a simple majority vote.”


USD does not seem to have reacted to the President’s tweet (it can’t every time, after all), which may just be more political manoeuvring rather than a signal of intent.

In any case, we're not so sure there is such a thing as a "good" shutdown of the US government - and with what will be over $20 trillion in debt and a declining GDP by that time, one wonders which ratings agency will have the balls to downgrade the world's reserve currency this time?

Meanwhile, it did not take long for Trump to get a response. Democratic Re. Eric Swalwell responded that “our country needs a White House shutdown” following President Trump’s call for a “good shutdown” of the government.

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put your money where your mouth (flipper) is donny...........please!

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I ain’t no shrink, but Trump is too ADHD to have ever played chess. Swallowing a couple of chess pieces as a child doesn’t make anybody a chess player.

I noticed that a couple of guys here keep embarrassing themselves with “Trump’s playing 4-D, 9-D, and 22.5-D Chess”.

This is as retarded as musing about a guitar with 9 necks or a woman with 4, 9, or 22.5 vaginas.

How ‘bout mastering just one chessboard, one musical instrument, or one vagina?  ;-)


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I wouldn't underestimate PDT.  He's now got 4 months to wage war and be sure it's the Democrats that get blamed if they shut down the government from the biggest bully pulpit in the world.  

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DO IT TRUMP. Show the public they don't need most of these government programs by shutting it down until a budget agreement is reached.

This should have been done 10 years ago. Fuck Bush and Obama for putting us in this state.

FrozenGoodz's picture

"Shutdown" in quotes ... so Spicer can walk it back at 1:30pm ... as a child when I was losing in a board game I too would flip the table over

ares_xtreme's picture

The balls are really small with this one.

All talk and no action. He might even lose to the new democRAT boss in 2020.

Especially if he won't have that wall to bring competing voters out.

DNC Chairman Claims “No Human Being is Illegal”

HopefulCynical's picture

Hey, why don't you fuck off with those "daily westerner" malware site links, troll?

Kotzbomber747's picture

<--- The Donald still has (some) credibility.

<-- The Donald is a flip-flopping idiot who has no idea what he's doing.

NugginFuts's picture


<---- The Donald has Twitter Tourette's Syndrome. 

<---- It's a master plan, you fools! Donald is a genius!

FKostanza's picture

Excellent poll, it shows exactly how many true retards remain. It's good to see that many of you have accepted that you were duped and have come to your senses about this reatrded orange asshole. It was troubling seeing otherwise intelligent participants in the comments choose a side and turn into cheerleaders during that last debacle they called an election. Both pills were poisoned and many here gladly sucked it.

Bob's picture

I had started to feel ashamed when I put on my ZH hat.  It was miserable here.

What a turnaround, though.  It's redeemed my faith in the ZH community.  They actually do think things through.

Unlike most of the Obama voters, they saw the light in a flash. 

That has been a great relief. 

NugginFuts's picture

I think it's easy to get sucked into the anti-Hillary rhetoric such that you overlook your own candidate's shortcomings. There were red flags everywhere, though. Some people still can't see them waving, or refuse to.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Yep, the political medieval marriage alliance with the Kushner clan definitely stood out to be ~ 12 months ago, and that wariness has proven to be well-deserved.

Trump family history of running whorehouses and casinos also didn't bode well.  Which one of those do you want your country run as?  A whorehouse or a casino?

GhostofBastiat's picture

Do you mean the whorehouse on Capital Hill or the Stock Market Casino?  Think it already is, was and always will be...question is whether they will attempt to convert the rest!

Containment seems like a best case scenario at this point...

Giant Meteor's picture

Bob, with all due respect, to you, and your excellent comment, within weeks after Obam's first national selection, and immediately after nominations for HIS cabinet level positions, going with the likes of Geitner, Holder, Clinton, various other Clintonista retreads, giving nodding approval to the likes of of Larry Summers etc. .. We know that a certain percentage of former enthusiastic supporters and cheerleaders turned on him within weeks after his inauguration. If that didn't do it, bolstering the national security state, the war on whistle blowers, mass droning campaigns and murder Tuesday's did the trick for still other's. There was if I remember correctly, an instant and equal level of disgust by many of his former camp followers, if not a backlash  ..

Also note, some percentage of Bernie supporters, and former Obam supporters, pulled the lever for Trump in the last go round. The theme is of course increasingly, populism, nationalism, down with the status quo politics of globalism, and mass corruption of finance, wealthcare, and unwinnable wars of choice. Drain the swamp, give relief to struggling middle and working class, bring back good jobs, hands off approach, increased deregulation, build border wall and of course Make America Great Again the latest rallying cry   ..

The pandering Obam campaign, railed against the evil wallstreet bankers, and big banks, gourging and enriching themselves at the expense of everybody else, at the precise moment it was agreed also to "bail them out" , as well as pandering against the national security state, status quo of corruption, and against the previous war crimes of the former G.W. Bush administration, ie; being lied into a protracted war with Iraq, based upon falsified intelligence .. Many had thought, there would be accountability, and prosecutions against the former administrations obvious crimes and deceptions, were entirely mistaken, and disallusioned.

Neocons, Neoliberals, two sides, same coin, who also support the standardized text book version of the 9/11 narrative .

Both parties seem to retain it's core and also it's monied "loyalists" despite, or in spite of the obvious deceptions, pandering and lying, and a massive failure to deliver on increasingly sensible "promises" and thus the duopoly, monopoly of a morally bankrupt "two party" charade that insures the status quo continuation of big finance, central banking, debt as money, corporatism, and militarism is protected at home and abroad. Hail Ceasar's !

Both parties pander to the the people, while paying homage to the money classes, who play each side (parties) against one another like a finely tuned stratovarius. The money classes who of course, have purchased the government and it's politician sock puppets to the detriment of society at large and vast majority of citizens, who in reality have little to no voice in national politics. It is pure stagecraft, and if any doubt, merely look at the price tag on these national shitshows, staggering sums by anyone's calculation, and of course follow THAT money, corporate media being tremendous benefactors, who monumentally benefit in these staged scripted "contests" with extreme predjudice. The third AND fourth estate is dead.

Both parties support the Sauds, Israel, and debt as money system of finance, while using the MIC to bludgeon other's into submission and the acceptance of the central banking money as debt authorities, and as well as the petro dollar system of global finance.

Trump at least, acknowledged the basest of deceptions and trickery, as admittedly being party to it himself, and as he claimed, this is how business is done in America folks. Pay to play. It's a dirty, dirty business folks. Note also the photo opportunities, featuring a smiling Bill and Hillary Clinton, along side the broadly smiling Trump, all makin nice and mugging for the camera. While these pictures of themselves mean little, they are in my opinion emblematic of the deceptions and politics of big money. Much like the Clintons, Obama's and Bushes becoming best buds ..

Note Obama's upcoming $400,000.00 speech to Cantor Fitzgerald, as payment rendered for services performed, and future services to be performed, in which little Lizzie pochontas Warren says she is "deeply troubled." Yeah, that's the trouble. They are ALL deeply troubled, and yet the band plays on, and on, and on  ..

Banker Whistleblower *BIG English Subtitles* NEW 2017

Sick Underbelly's picture

It was fucking miserable, having lurked and read, to then see regular posters begin to go fanboy for their "team".

Many comments similar to, "Well, you need to vote, just to give more to the voice that Hillary isn't what we want."

All of this, ignoring that anyone allowed to be a candidate will do the bidding of his/her (((masters))), and most of "We the People" are not that master.

HardAssets's picture

USA Federal Govt Inc is Not = to We The People

Politicians try to ignore that reality

Truthseeker20's picture

wrong. The fed needs to be auditted to fix this mess.

NoDebt's picture

Well he better do something because this budget bill saw him get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in return for every concession he could throw at it.  HE PASSED OBAMA'S LAST BUDGET is what he did.  

detached.amusement's picture

When the owners need congress to work against a president, all of a sudden congress gets right to agreement...on making sure status quo is maintained

espirit's picture


If you could vote to give yourself two raises a year,


Wouldn’t you…???


tmosley's picture

Yes, and that is likely the point. What he didn't do was bail out the insurers. This means Obamacare will collapse, which will give Trump ENORMOUS leverage next time around.

People REALLY need to read up on how he acquired Mar a Lago. Those of us who have been paying attention have been telling you what will happen in the end. But the peanutz will all still be REAL FUCKING SURPRISED when everything swings his way at just the right time so that he gets EVERYTHING he wants for almost nothing. He did it with Mar a Lago, which people can be forgiven for not knowing about, but he also did it in the election, for which you can not be forgiven for missing. He did it right in everyone's faces, and he's doing it again. If he was evil, I would be crying and screaming at everyone about what he was about to do, but I genuinely think he has the best interests of America at heart. So instead I will just yell at everyone for being dumbassed peanutz while America becomes Great Again.

Bay of Pigs's picture

HRC was not indicted. He let her go scot free. The ACA has not been repealed. The wall is toast. He bombed Syria for no reason. He has no problems with Assange getting arrested. Goldmanites and Kush have consolidated power. We will add a trillion or more in debt through Sept. I could go on and on...

You are drinking Kool Aid.

tmosley's picture

If he indicted HRC now, there would be a civil war. Everyone calling Trump "literally Hitler" would be in the streets the next day and it would be a bloodbath. No, he has to wait until that idea has been put to bed before he can allow her to be indicted.

>The ACA has not been repealed

Fuck, you're an impatient little guy aren't you?

>The wall is toast

Fuck, you're an impatient little guy aren't you?

>He bombed Syria for no reason

He had to do something, so he responded to a fake gas attack with a fake missile barrage. Russia was in on it, and Syria likely was as well. All parties are using the incident to their own political advantage with a nod and a wink to each other.

>He has no problems with Assange getting arrested

He said he wass fine with it either way, IE he has left it up to Sessions, whose job it is to make the choice, trusting he will make the correct choice without his interference (which would also be criticized like nothing you have ever seen).

>Goldmanites and Kush have consolidated power

Legitimate concern.

>We will add a trillion or more in debt through Sept

This is part of the plan to ruin the Democrats and get a better deal later. You can say you don't like it, but you won't be able to argue with the results.

You've gone full peanut. Never go full peanut.

veritas semper vinces's picture

1)If he indicted HRC now, there would be a civil war,

Really? So,what? How long can we pretend that there is same law for everybody,when it is not the case? If the only way is to sort out right from wrong is a civil war-LET IT BE one.

If he would come out and tell the people the truth-the truth about the real economy,unemployment,financial system AND,YES,911-maybe the ones who elected him,would back him up. If not,he could resign,and would still be the honorable thing to do.

2)The ACA has not been repealed Fuck, you're an impatient little guy aren't you

No,we have been really patient for how long now?8 years,16 ys,34 ys...?You have to realize that more so call patience starts to look like impotence and accepting that they piss on us telling us its raining

3)The wall is toast Fuck, you're an impatient little guy aren't you

I was'nt very keen on the wall,he could just defund and get rid of the wellfare for the illegals and give fig fines for the corporations hiring them. Did you notice there is no money in the budget for the wall? Have the "patience" to study it

4)He bombed Syria for no reason He had to do something

No,he DID NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING,especially something ilegal,outside the international law and plain criminal.WE DID THIS TYPE OF SOMETHING FOR TOO LONG NOW.I want for a change that he daoes nothing but takes care of US and not do more clusterfucks on international arena.

5)He has no problems with Assange getting arrested He said he wass fine with it either way

He should not be fine with criminal,illegal actions of the DOJ.Especially,when this type of action is OUTSIDE the DOJ jurisdiction.

It is also a matter of knowing right from wrong.

6)Goldmanites and Kush have consolidated power

This is no longer "a concern".This is a f,,cking disgrace.

7)We will add a trillion or more in debt through Sept This is part of the plan to ruin the Democrats and get a better deal later

No,my dear,he will not ruin the democrats,he will ruin us.If he wanted to shut it down and clean the swamp,this was a perfect opportunity,he missed it(intentionally)

You've gone full peanut. Never go full peanut---Ha!

Never continue to deny reality that is slapping ou in the face bc reality has a way of winning all the time(sooner or later)

Clinteastwood's picture

There will have to be a government shutdown to really drain the swamp. The only question now is......will Trump actually do it? I have no problem with Trump shutting it down for as long as it takes to change the Washington kick it down the road attitude. Hey, if we want to cut back the power of the federal government, what better way than to shut 'er down for long enough to really stop the spending?

Jugdish787's picture

I am really trying to understand how you can still be so convinced this is all a trump master plan...He is dancing left and right on everything and keeps pushing off the "tough decisions" he said he was going to do immediately.  To me this is either one of two things...1. he was full of crap or 2. he has no idea how to get anything to happen.

tmosley's picture

It's number 2. He doesn't know how to get anything to happen, IE how to plan. All he knows is how to set up systems where he comes out ahead no matter what happens. Which is what he is doing.

Goal thinkers make plans. When they fail, they are ruined. Systems thinkers set up systems. Systems work such that you create an environment where it is more likely that good things will happen for you. We have seen him do exactly this for two full years now. Those who have looked into his past have seen that he has been doing exactly that for decades, which is how he has managed to succeed in numerous separate fields.

Jugdish787's picture

sounds a little overly optomistic to me...

Pickleton's picture

Jesus, have some koolaid and a smile. You're in fantasy land.

Sick Underbelly's picture

I'm tired of haughty- and important-sounding bullshit like the drivel you've posted.

Man the fuck up and tell it like it "will happen in the end", how this will be like "Mar a Lago", when this will happen, and what exactly he's going to get "for almost nothing".

Right.  You really need to detail your sources and calculations for this "Obamacare will collapse".

You're sounding alot like that Chindit dood, very much like you are "informed" and speaking in vagaries with an air of pseduo-importance and giving nothing to back up your "predictions".

Mar a Lago, "what he's about to do", "what he did", a lack of specifics.

C'mon tmosley, lay out your exacts.  Show your hand.  Tell it like it will be.  Remove the "veil" that allows you to flip-flop depending on the outcome, whatever it is.

tmosley's picture

>I'm tired of haughty- and important-sounding bullshit like the drivel you've posted.

Yeah, everybody's tired of something. I'm tired of idiots calling a man who became president of the United States with nearly the entire power structure of not just the US, but the entire world against him "an idiot". If you think he is evil, fine, but you had god damn well better recognize that if he is evil, he is dangerous beyond comprehension, and I don't mean that he is going to blunder into a nuclear war. I mean that he is going to unite the US, China, and Russia into a tripartate alliance and between the three of those countries, he will be able to do ANYTHING to us. No checks, no balances. The evidence, luckily, points to him being a very good man.

>Man the fuck up and tell it like it "will happen in the end", how this will be like "Mar a Lago", when this will happen, and what exactly he's going to get "for almost nothing".

Go read "The Art of the Deal", jackass. He got Mar-a-Lago for ~1/3rd of his initial offer, where the blueblood owners laughed at him and made fun of him. "New Money". He allowed their finincial situation to continue its inevitable decline. They came crawling back to the table, and he took it all.

Everyone has access to this stuff. All right there on Google. You peanutz just don't want to consider it.

And I said in this very thread that I am NOT an insider, and that is why my analysis sucks. Problem is that all the insiders have gone full peanut and jumped the shark.  Since the Syrian fake bombardment, they've been running around like their fucking hair is on fire. Only Scott Adams, Stefan Molyneux, and some of the anonymous posters on /pol/ seem to have kept their sanity.

tldr: learn to you Google you moron.

Helix6's picture

Keep telling yourself that... 

ljag's picture

If you don't see the China, Russia, USA, thingy, you really have no business messing with rookies much less tm

ClassicalLib17's picture

That's not what Mick Mulvaney said this afternoon. Like I said in a past comment, none of you Trump haters have even held a local municipal position. Yet, you know what should happen in your minds. A comment thread dominated by the willfully ignorant is a cautionary tale for those of us who actually learned something useful in our K-12 schooling. Get your ass out and vote! Otherwise...

Bay of Pigs's picture

Trump haters? WTF are you talking about?

Many of us are bitterly disappointed in what has happened with the Trump administration. Get your own head out of your ass and take a good look around. A trail of broken campaign promises is all you'll see.

Falcon49's picture

Voting is for those that believe in the tooth is fiction masquerading as truth.  This clown show of an election should have demonstrated even to the slowest and most brainwashed that these elections are a massive con on the people.  They have been for a long time.

withglee's picture

show the public they don't need most of these government programs

The trouble is, the public "do" need these government programs. The productive people in this country are "not the public".

Iterative secession. The "public" must have their space ... and not be in mine.

Mountainview's picture

Beware of Trump's pre-announcements. Watch him close, September coming.

The central planners's picture

By august Trump will say that we dont need a government shutdown. Wait for that statement.


tmosley's picture

Yes, that will happen, because by then the Dems will be on their knees by then. Peanutz will still wail about it though.

BullyBearish's picture

am reading mein kampf...don't think shrump could write a reasoned paragraph let alone a book..."look ma, there's nothing in there"...

tmosley's picture

Ah, a peanut reading a book by a failure (sorry, Nazis) rather than one by a winner. Imagine that.

Max Cynical's picture

I can't believe he's going to sign this abortion of a spending's an utter rebuke of his agenda.

fortune114's picture

Exactly.  We elected him to veto this crap.  Let them override if they can.

IronSights on&#039;um's picture

we needed a good shutdown last friday!