David Axelrod Explains Why Hillary Really Lost: "Comey Didn't Tell Her Not To Campaign In Wisconsin"

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Former Obama adviser David Axelrod dropped a little more truth on the hosts of CNN's New Day this morning than they were expecting when they asked him to weigh in on Hillary blaming her 2016 defeat on Comey and WikiLeaks.  Rather than knocking the softball out of the park by blasting Comey and 'Russian interference," Axelrod decided to say what most people are thinking when he concluded: "If I were her, I would move on."

"It takes a lot of work to lose to Donald Trump.  Let me tell you, he was the least popular presidential candidate to win in the history of polling."


"First of all let me say that the 2016 race was a miserable slog and nobody in America is eager to re-litigate it except the combatants who keep going back to it."


"She has a legitimate beef because Comey's letter was instrumental I think in her defeat, so in a narrow sense she is right about it."


"But Jim Comey didn't tell her not to campaign in Wisconsin after the convention. Jim Comey didn't say don't put any resources into Michigan until the final week of the campaign."


"And one of the things that hindered her in the campaign was a sense that she never fully was willing to take responsibility for her mistakes, particularly that server."


"If I were her, if I were advising her, I would say, 'Don't do this. Don't go back and appear as if you're shifting responsibility.' ... She said the words 'I'm responsible,' but the — everything else suggested that she doesn't really feel that way."


"And I don't think that helps her in the long run, so if I were her I would move on."


Of course, Axelrod's comments come the day after Hillary appeared at a 'Women for Women' event in New York yesterday to blame everyone under the sun for her election defeat aside from herself.

“If the election had been on Oct. 27, I would be your president."


“It wasn’t a perfect campaign — there is no such thing — but I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on Oct. 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me and got scared off.”

Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway also decided to weigh in on Hillary's blame game over twitter, signing her tweet "From:  Woman in the White House."


Of course, those criminal investigations, secret meetings between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch and mysterious, recurring bouts of 'pneumonia' had nothing to do with Hillary's loss.

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Stan522's picture

She lost because the truth was told in all of those leaks... no denying it.!

jcaz's picture

She lost because that's what losers do.

Hillary has never "won" anything in her life- she has no basis to make the comparison.  She's been "given", or others have "given in" to her demands;

That's the problem with psychopaths-  no basis in their lives at all.....

eatthebanksters's picture

Yes, she should move on..............AND THEN GO FUCK HERSELF!!!

secretargentman's picture

I only want to read one more story about that miserable hag... The one where she's arrested, tried, and shot. 

Got The Wrong No's picture

She would have won if she had sacrificed 3 more babies and danced madly backwards naked on the night of the Summer Solstice. 

Manthong's picture

..so differential axel pole up yer ass rod is a smart guy or just another dem prick?

strannick's picture

''unwilling to take responsibilities for her mistakes, especially that server''

David Axelrod. Such an elegant liar. Such an accomplished shill.

And with ''mistakes'', Axelrod blows away decades of probable Clinton murder, rape, genocide, treason, and international Clinton Foundation theft and looting. Axelrod has what it takes to rise to the top of the political dung heap

Thought Processor's picture




Also, lest we forget, who killed Seth Rich?


Sure wasn't the Russians..............


Maybe people just finally started connecting the dots.  Maybe all of the dark history surrounding her past has caught up with her.  Who knows.    

D Nyle's picture

Bill and Hillary are still trying to explain too some very Evil people how they wasted 2 Billion (selling out the USA) and not get elected, (Soros, Saudi's, Waltons, Buffet, Rothchilds, etc...), I see a slow painful deaths in their future. Remember Bill is same age as Trump and he looks like he is on Deaths Door.

mofreedom's picture

And the Moroccans. Don't know if there bribes in the mining industry will be reversed.

junction's picture

Hillary didn't lose, she is rolling in the money, hundreds of millions of dollars worth, most of it stolen from the Clinton Global Initiative.  The Haitians who believed Bill Clinton and George Bush when they promised housing aid, they lost.  DNC staffer Seth Rich, he lost when Hillary signed off on his termination.  JFK Jr., he lost, when someone jammed his plane's avionics on a routine trip to Martha's Vineyard in clear weather.  Newsweek magazine lost, it had to recall and destroy a run of its magazine that had a story in it that JFK Jr. planned to run for the U.S. Senate, for a Senate seat the NWO and the Rothschilds had promised to Hillary.  

decon's picture

You're full of shit on the Kennedy crash.  He was a low hour pilot without instrument rating flying at night over the ocean.  Prime conditions for pilot disorientation.

Sanity Bear's picture

She lost because Trump promised to put her in jail and people believed him.

Mr. Universe's picture

At least we got that wall he promised us.

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Perhaps she lost because Comey told her to set up a private unsecured email server in her closet to send and receive classsified information. Because we all know that doing so does not establish criminal intent, at least according to Comey. Perhaps she lost because there were just enough voters whom realized that she is an evil POS globalist shill.

Laddie's picture

Ah the same team that created Obama:
"Rahm Emanuel, who is named after a Lehi (Stern Gang) terrorist named Rahamim Cohen, and David Axelrod have been working together since 1984 when they teamed up to help Paul Simon (Mr. Bowtie) defeat Sen. Charles Percy (R-Ill.)"

Hillary was probably NEVER meant to win. The (((DEEP STATE))) decided to play a game with Whitey. And they did...
The think they've killed any hope, whatsoever, that Whitey still had.

Ann Coulter May 3, 2017

We’re not sick of winning, we’re sick of losing.

If this is the budget deal we get when Republicans control the House, the Senate and the presidency, there’s no point in ever voting for a Republican again.

Not only is there no funding for a wall, but — thanks to the deft negotiating skills of House Speaker Paul Ryan — the bill actually prohibits money from being spent on a wall.

At a CYA press conference on Tuesday, Trump’s ridiculously chipper budget director, Mick Mulvaney, described the bill’s prohibition on building a wall as a MAJOR win. (At least Mulvaney said it in English, unlike his all-Spanish 2014 townhall.)

True, there will be no wall. But the Democrats graciously agreed to allow the administration to fix broken parts of any existing fences on up to 40 miles of our 3,000 mile border.

The other big wins, according to Mulvaney, are:

1) more defense spending, which is fantastic news, because I was worried Boeing and Lockheed Martin CEOs were falling behind Mark Zuckerberg with their gluttonous salaries; and

2) school choice, an obsession of Washington wonks that is hated out in America, where parents move to high-tax towns for the express purpose of avoiding schools full of disaffected urban youth, and the disaffected urban youth don’t want to spend two hours on a bus every day.

But Mulvaney assures us that this monstrosity of a spending bill has set things up beautifully for the next budget negotiation in October.

That has become the GOP’s official motto: “Next time!”

We can never win this time. Instead, Republicans’ idea is always to surrender this time, in hopes that their gentlemanliness will be rewarded by their mortal enemies next time. Then, next time comes, and Republicans again surrender in hopes of currying favor with the Democrats and the media for the next time.
Mulvaney's most disturbing comment was to say that what upset Trump the most was the Democrats' "spiking the football" on this deal.

Apparently, Trump's fine with no wall -- and everything else in a bill straight out of George Soros' dream journal -- if only the Democrats hadn't been so rude as to tell the public about it. When your main complaint is that the other side is gloating too much, maybe you're not that great a negotiator.

Trump’s Refusal to Negotiate Spending Bill Pretty Much Ended His Presidency

If you want to know the details, WaPo has a pretty good rundown of what’s in the bill. The GOP has control of both houses and the White House, but they didn’t get anything they wanted. This is more insane than the Syria strike.

Basically, the Democrats couldn’t have gotten a bill this perfect through if Hillary had won.




Spending Bill Includes 2,500 More Visas for Afghans

Border wall missing, fueling doubt it will be built.

Never Trump leader named White House director of media relations
A Never Trump movement leader who once blamed candidate Donald Trump for violent race riots in Chicago has now joined President Trump’s White House.

Sebastian Gorka Also Apparently Getting Fired from the White House

Glad @WhiteHouse finally listened and removed #Gorka. There should be no place anywhere in Admin for him given anti-Semitic background. https://t.co/8Cdw3cJ0NJ

— (((Rep. Nadler))) (@RepJerryNadler) May 1, 2017

Please note that Jews are still using the echoes meme on Twitter.

As Predicted, Spending Bill Combines All the Worst Possible Factors

Jews Celebrate Successful Coup Against Trump Administration

IntTheLight's picture

You're on the money. I've lost all faith in Donald. Let the left take him down as he so used whites.

Laddie's picture

I think most of us here at ZH thought Trump, while not perfect, was actually going to do what he promised us he'd do.
We are still so innocent, just not cynical enough.
But we are LEARNING and THAT is good.
We now KNOW we cannot vote our way out of this.

Americans never give up your guns December 27, 2012 Stanislav Mishin

"Tribal Arabia has the only true form of democratic government, and the Arab tribesman goes armed to make sure that it continues democratic—as many a would-be despot knows to his cost."
G. W. Bury, Pan-Islam, pp. 202-203 (London, 1919).

GUN CONTROL: Not What It Seems

Why Every Warrior Should Own a Firearm

Behold, I Teach You the Amerikaner

Jews and Jewish organizations lead the gun control campaign by Professor Kevin MacDonald

Jews and Gun Control: A Reprise by Andrew Joyce, PhD

Interview with Professor Kevin MacDonald October 23, 2015

And these Soros thugs are not the real ENEMY, that is (((.gov)))

The Battle(s) of Berkeley – Someone is Going to Get Killed. Where is Trump?

There Will Be Blood: Left Prepares For War After Berkeley Beat Down: “Combat Training, Better Equipment, Guns…”

Watch: “Anti-Fascist” Militia Training Video Shows Leftists Are Preparing For Armed Confrontation May 2nd, 2017

fishpoem's picture

Interesting article on Jews and gun control. One quote got my attention: "Although Jewish organizations would not phrase it this way, the net result is that the thrust of Jewish activism has been to favor a strong central government with a monopoly on lethal force."

Wait...where have we seen that before? Oh, yeah, that short guy, the one with a moustache and a single testicle. What was his name? Alvin  Alex  Rudolph...that's it! Adolf. Adolf something or another. Had some kind of muscle tic in his right arm. Kept going up in the air...like smoke from a hundred crematoria.

There's your strong central government for you. Indeed with a monopoly on lethal force.

Didn't work out so good, did it? Anyone who appears to blindly trust ANY central government knows nothing of history.

Either that or they have an entirely separate agenda of their own...


enfield0916's picture

One of these days Killery will blame Honey Boo Boo for her loss.

IntTheLight's picture

Honey boo boo lost weight. Hillary must have been stealing her food.

gm_general's picture

Imagine a wife beater who is trying to get a job in a small town and someone outs him as a wife beater - would you blame the outer or the beater when no one will hire him? Of course the wife beater will blame the outer, but we all know who is at fault.

Consuelo's picture



"And I don't think that helps her in the long run, so if I were her I would move on."

To where - purgatory & ruin...?

'Moving on' -i.e., out or away from the political spotlight may as well be an express ticket to Dante's 7th circle for Madame DeFarge...

gm_general's picture

Was there a level of hell in Dante's Inferno for the Clintons?

TwelveOhOne's picture

It's under construction, which is why they're both still up here.

hangemhigh77's picture

She's a FUCKING CRIMINAL and should be AT LEAST executed for treason. She and her "husband" are LITERALLY shit stains on humanity.

Chupacabra-322's picture


BINGO! Give that man a Ceegar!

cbxer55's picture

OK Rambo, I'll take one of them seagars while you're passin em out! ;-)

TuPhat's picture

Hillary, is why Hillary lost.  America found out who she really is.

MrSteve's picture

The killings in Libya and her devil-may-care response were bellwethers of her failed self and many voters saw that in her.

WillyGroper's picture

she'll moveon alright.  dot.org

BrownCoat's picture

Hillary is complaining her cup is half empty. She should be happy she is not in prison. She deserves and earned prison time!

Consuelo's picture



Fading to the realm of political irrelevancy when your entire life has been built around DC politics...?  

'The Horror...'

Chupacabra-322's picture

She lost because she's a

Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Psychopath.


And, at present. We're absolutely, completely in your Face

Tyrannically Lawless.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Clintons Crimes:

As a reminder, all the data to date suggests that Hillary broke the following 9 US CODES. I provided the links for your convenience. HRC needs to STAND DOWN, SHUT UP, LISTEN and LEARN. President TRUMP was indeed correct when he said: "FBI Director Comey was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds!" 

18 U.S. Code § 1905 - Disclosure of confidential information generally 

18 U.S. Code § 1924 - Unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material

18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

26 U.S. Code § 7201 - Attempt to evade or defeat tax

26 U.S. Code § 7212 - Attempts to interfere with administration of internal revenue laws

18 U.S. Code § 1343 - Fraud by wire, radio, or television

18 U.S. Code § 1349 – Attempt and Conspiracy

18 U.S. Code § 1505 - Obstruction of  Proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees

18 U.S. Code § 1621 - Perjury generally (including documents signed under penalty of perjury)

The Preponderance of Evidence suggests that she broke these Laws, Knowingly, Willfully and Repeatedly. This pattern indicates a habitual/career criminal, who belongs in the Big House -- not the White House.

shimmy's picture

I wish that old bitch would just die already. I am so sick of her continual blame game shit. 

Last of the Middle Class's picture

The worst part of all this Hillary crap, constantly bubbling up like some turd that just won't flush, is that it is going to lead to none other than Chelsea! She and Bill will be president by proxy!

lakecity55's picture

Hey, I don't think a horse can run for President. Mr. Ed, for example, never ran for office. So, I don't think Chelseeee! can run either.

Easy, there, Willlburrrr!

gregga777's picture

Sexism had nothing to do with it.  Hillary Rodham "Rotten Rodent" Clinton is a scumbag piece of excrement. It is merely a coincidence that she is a female.  

gregga777's picture

Once again the US Feral Bureau of Weasels and head weasel James "Hillary's Bitch" Comey are protecting an Intellectual Yet Idiot classes ruling morons criminal.  But, then that is their sole mandate and they are very good at it.  They'll frame or murder anyone else who threatens the IYI classes ruling morons.  Just ask Randy Weaver or David Koresh.  Oops!  But, David Koresh was murdered by them.  Well, you can still ask Randy Weaver.



Dilluminati's picture

I started telling a bedtime story last night to a conservative princess.

Once upon a time there was an evil witch named Hillary with a big ugly fat pumpkin head.

A good witch had thrown a spell on her causing her head to look funny and............

her teeth to tell lies..... and.... her eyes to look at you weirdly while she did that!

The good witch did this because the evil witch had stolen money from hungry haitians and.....

then gave the money to her brother to buy a gold mine...

The good witch laughed as the evil witch went on TV and lied about it all.

The spell was so good that the evil witch didn't even know what the truth was any longer.

Finally the evil witch ran for president of the united states of America and....

she lost!!!!!  Everybody laughed because the evil witch actually expected to win!

It was like the story the emporers clothes except she wore pantsuits instead and...

The people laughed harder and harder and... it was one of the funniest nights of TV ever!

The good witch laughed herself when after the election the evil witch made excuses why she lost.

Everybody knew she was an evil witch who stole money from hungry haitians and gave the money to her brother for a gold mine.

And the evil witch never realized that her misdeeds had been noticed.

The end

all-priced-in's picture

Move onto the guillotine and a proper head removal.

francis scott falseflag's picture

She blamed everything from the cigar Bill inserted into Monica Lewinsky to Jesus Christ Himself.

But the bottom line is she lost.


And now Don Don and not she will go to war with Russia and China on the Deep State's False Flag.

homonohumanus's picture

She started losing when she were no longer given the questions ahead of time...
either way when she was too racists to realize that colored people (whatever is the fashionable word nowadays) were fed up with the left lies and actual disdain.

francis scott falseflag's picture

In these days of fake news and fake polling, who can be sure she was ever winning?

IntTheLight's picture

She lost because she thought denigrating white people assured her victory. The goal was to unite the coalition of the fringes against the privileged white man. Minorities took the bait but the democrat's white base fled in haste.

A white woman who hates her own people will turn on the "other" just as quickly.

Sir John Bagot Glubb's picture

Why is anyone listening to David Axelrod?  He's more irrelevant than the HildeBeast.  Plus, if you pasted a square moustche on him and given his comb over, he'd look a good deal like Adoph Hitler.   Not saying he is Hitler like the Left is so wont to say about Trump, just that he'd look like him.