In Latest Warning To North Korea, US Releases Video Of Overnight Minuteman III ICBM Launch

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As previewed last night, this morning the US Air Force confirmed that another unarmed Minuteman III ICBM missile capable of sending a nuclear bomb across the world was launched early on Wednesday from California's Vanderberg Air Force base, in what was a second clear signal of nuclear deterrence aimed squarely at North Korea and took place one week after the US test fired another ICBM under identical circumstances.

The unarmed Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile blasted off from a silo at 12:02 a.m. from Vandenberg Air Force Base and delivered a single re-entry vehicle to a target approximately 4,200 miles away at Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, the Air Force Global Strike Command said. The test, which reprotedly took 10 months to plan, was the latest designed "to check the readiness and accuracy of a weapon system that forms part of the U.S. nuclear force" but in reality was the second strong message sent to Kim Jong-Un in the span of one week. 

This is the statement Vanderberg released shortly after the launch:

Airmen from Malmstrom and Vandenberg Air Force bases conducted an operational test launch of an unarmed Minuteman III missile. The test launch used an intercontinental ballistic missile pulled randomly from a silo on Malmstrom Air Force Base, which was then transported and reassembled at Vandenberg, and launched by crew members from the 341st Missile Wing. The ICBM was equipped with a single test reentry vehicle, and traveled approximately 4,200 miles to a test range near the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. These ICBM test launches verify the accuracy and reliability of the weapon system, providing valuable data to ensure a safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent.

It also released the following video of the ICBM launch, which we are confident will be closely watched by everyone in the Kim Jong-Un administration.


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Here is a detailed look at the anti-missile system being used to protect Japan and South Korea:






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Lockheed Martin must be wetting its pants in joy over the possibility they will actually get a chance to light off a few fire crackers.

Or shuddering in dread their expensive defensive system will lay an egg.

<Either way they win. If it works the world will want to buy MOAR. If it fails the US will spend MOAR money 'improving' it.>

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"...the second strong message sent to Kim Jong-Un"

The message being if you don't have over 1,000 atomic weapons like Israel we will terrorize, lie then invade Iraq, er Libya, er Syria, I mean North Korea.

Next up: Iran (They understand the strong message)

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Here is a truth bomb kiddies -- these deterrent videos are not aimed at NK, but at Russia and China. 

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Both of whom are not impressed by the "Mine is bigger than yours" schoolyard games?

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"Next up: Iran (They understand the strong message)"

That is the Israel plan - former Israel Ambassador says North Korea should be wiped off the map (killing 24 million civilians) to show Iran who is boss, rather than any threat posed by North Korea

As far as the US is concerned, it is all about doing Israel's wishes, and it looks like Chump is either dumb enough to fall for it or is fully on board with the Israel-firsters.

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So, the USA is upset that NK is test launching missiles. To show our disgust, we launch missiles?

I think the hypocrisy meter has finally broken.


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You are correct pods.  The worlds biggest terrorist nation is showing one of the smaller kids on the block how bullying is done.

null's picture

Project much?

Unless stated intentions by so called "sovereign " states don't matter.
Not to mention numerous promises and implications that these states were not going to test; promises which the USA did not make.

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China and Russia don't give a shit, the S400 would handle 5 of Minutesmans at the same time

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"Here is a truth bomb kiddies -- these deterrent videos are not aimed at NK, but at Russia and China"

I thought they were aimed at the US population.  "We can kill anyone anywhere, anytime.  We have unstoppable weapons that can kill millions.  You're either with us, or you're against us!  Be afraid.  Be very afraid!"

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I threw my Peace Dividend in a drawer years ago - and now it's just moldy and moth-eaten. I should have taken better care of it, I suppose. But, like everything else from the .gov, it was probably just shit in the first place.

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"Lockheed Martin must be wetting its pants in joy..."

Brian Williams probably wet his pants in awe of the majestic beauty of an ICBM launch.  So much more fire and thrust than a little TLAM.

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My big stick is MUCH bigger than your little stick.

Here...have a carrot.....or the big stick.

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Reminds me of the story about the guy that got a letter in the mail with a picture of him running a red light and a fine.  So instead of sending money he just sent them a photo of some money.  But then the traffic office sent him a photo of some hand-cuffs and at that point he chickened out of trying to take it any further.



I supposed he could have just sent a photo of himself in jail but I guess he knew when he had pushed it as far as he could.

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really shows you who the real terrorists are, the US will be referred to, i hope, as the anglozionist empire in history books not so far from now.

and from your story we get a glimpse of the domestic terrorist militarized police enforcement arm of the AZE.

spreading fear, death and destruction around the world.

null's picture

A brilliant analogy!

And they probably could have also sent him a PDF of the relevant part of 31 CFR that deals with photocopied currency (intent seems present even if unstated).

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I believe this story was from 'Letters from a Nut'...what a gem that book is!

PT's picture

Thanks.  I had no idea where it came from.  Sounds like I should look it up.

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23 out of 59 ICBMs hit the target and the rest take out innocent neighbors?

SubjectivObject's picture

WhimpUS DickUS

or; I'm incompetant at diplomacy, so there.

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may you one day experience a non-Murican flavor of fascism, that way you finally know the difference

Invinciblehandaxe's picture

for you retard we all live in murican lead fascism:

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” 
Benito Mussolini

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The US didn't take in all those hardcore Nazis after WWII out of the goodness of its heart.

null's picture

Spearheaded by the legislative minority which likes to call itself a similar name as Benito's wartime "buddy" called his political party? Well, sure, that kind of sucks.

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How about some independently verifiable videos of "failed DPRK launches" first

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The key number is missing: the ground based AN/TPY-2 radar has a reach of 630 miles (1000km).

It covers the eastern coast of China from Shanghai, Peking and close up the mongolian border to Wladivostok (HQ of the russian Pacific Fleet).

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Trump doesn't have the balls. 

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But jared and the GS boys do.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Jared Kushner?  Rumor is, Jared Kushner is Soros' bitch.



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Yall give Soros too much credit.  The trillionaires control the billionaires.  A trillion is 1000 billions.  Crazy....

lakecity55's picture

Soros is the front man to take the heat off the real Board Members of SPECTRE.


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"A trillion is 1000 billions"

when i grew up in the UK, a trillion was a million billion. Those were the days...Shrinkflation hits the elite.

HowdyDoody's picture

And a billion was a million million, making a trillion a million million million - all very consistent.

PT's picture

And there used to be a word called Milliard.  It meant one thousand million.  Sort of got forgotten for some reason.  Personally I think we should avoid all the confusion and just adopt SI prefixes - Giga Dollars, Tera Dollars, Peta Dollars, Exa Dollars.  Come on, you know it makes sense.  And will be very useful soon.

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Which would make POTUS by default ..

The irony eh ?

null's picture

As unfortunate as that may be, why not the other way around?

null's picture

Gotta be more than a rumor to get the bitch-hierarchy correct.

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That Banker Scum & Political Whores are not falling like 9 pins is Criminal.

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Well there is a simple solution. Someone needs to invent a nuclear weapon, and perhaps call it "Derivative Man."

Shit, wait, wut ?

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This test took ten months to plan.  Shit, we are screwed if they need to act fast.  One other thought.  Didn't we "warn" little fat boy with a missle launch a few days ago? What is this, the old " I am giving you till the count of three" routine?

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Triple dog dare, the arsenal and launch codes are manned by spanky and the gang ..

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"1.. 2....... 2 and a half..... I'm SUPER CEREAL GUYS.... 2 and 3 quarters...>"

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> took ten months to plan

So, like everything else, Trump had nothing to do with it.

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this guy... keep an eye on him... he's all like, observant and stuff...