Netflix Edits Out Bill Nye's 1984 Show On Gender, Pre-Craziness Era

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I am going to demonstrate something to you. Pay attention spectrum loving democrats.

This is Bill Nye in 1984, before he became a fucking idiot. Notice how the young lady possessed decorum and displayed grace whilst trying to teach America's youth about science and gender. The lesson was simple: XX equals girl, XY equals boy.

NOTE: In the stuff aired on Netflix now, they've edited out the lesson on gender -- because it was normal and lacking degeneracy, filth and lies.

And here's Bill today, promoting this young lady, who talks about her 'sex junk' and 'butt stuff' -- telling kids 'even you might like it if you sit up on it.'

This, my friends, clarifies the degeneracy that has infected society over the past 30 years. The dignity of man has been discarded for hedonistic idiocy. We need a hard reset.

Cheers, to the apocalypse.

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2nd video = fucking stupidity

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i quit cable in the 90's.  it was too creepy, even then.  every show was about teenaged witches.

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I'm waiting for Freddie's comment...

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That woman "singing" is a total Jewess.  This is a Jew thing for curtailing Goyim population. 

All Jews are sick like this to varying degrees.  Its in their genes.

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Antisemitism and hatred of gays.

Wow, this site has gone sooooo down the toilet!

Is all this hate-speech because I turned out to be a shit Preznit? Because I betrayed your asses? You buffoons feeling frustrated? Need a hug?

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Schlump joined ZH one week and six days ago.


He's paid to post absurd things.  He's not just a Troll, he's a servant of lucifer.


Pray for him, perhaps his soul might be saved.  Poor thing.

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Wait, I thought you were winning, and bigly too.

Schlump's picture

I am winning bigly. My latest triumph: stripping most medical benefits from the schlubs who voted for me. Losers.

I'm looking after the big end of town (IOW my real friends). Insurance corporations and big business are deeply grateful, I guarantee. I guarantee. Believe me.

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bullet in the head.


no less.

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Why did they use a non-singer? Weird.

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"Weird" that's the word I was looking for, thank you. 

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Amen to the reset and one is coming and not a moment to soon as far as I am concerned.

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Son writing test on "gender" in grade 9 health class.  I told him you have my permission to write across the test.....

"There are 2 genders, male and female. Test over."

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"There are 2 genders, male and female. Test over."

Well that is glib and easily understood.  BUT IT IS WRONG.

There is mosaicism - some cells are XX and some are XY in the same individual.

Also there are folks that have 3 sex chromosomes - XXY and XYY.

That complicates simplistic narrative - but there it is.

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Hope your son turns out to be gay, you little hitler

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Thank you for exposing who you really are!

So It Goes's picture

"Thank you for exposing who you really are!"

What does that mean?  Could you elaborate?

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The first step to communism is to be "seen" as the same and equal regardless of indiviuality which comes second if at all. 

Thus we become disposible products ( planned parenthood has succeeded in advancing this concept by referring to a human creation as a mass of tissue...this mass of tissue is human tissue and will grow into an individual with separate traits from another human). There is only one way to create human beings and that is with a male sex sperm and a female sex egg, what comes after that is XX or XY or a vairiation of that which in most cases don't produce viable reproductive offsprings if not matched with a "normal" XX or XY. Gender is a made up word to confuse people and accept fallicies.

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Brought to you by the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism, no wonder Hitler ran those assholes out of Germany!  Is this still Bill Nye's childrens Show?

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Only liberals could have made gender into a both a college curriculum and a social issue while making both boring to 98% of us.

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Say thanks to the (((Frankfurt School))).

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Mother Nature is correcting, most of them will never pass on their genes.

Evolution continues. lol.

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Supremely ugly, graceless, over the top stupidity masked by degeneracy to hide inadequacy.

Who in their right mind would want anything to do with these crusty whores?

Only good for work as fluffers in a scat film trilogy.

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Sexuality is one of the deepest, most powerful of human motivators. Whichever authority figure in a child's life communicates most effectively what the "rules" are for their sexuality becomes also bound up together with that individual's expression of those rules of sexuality, and vise versa. Both church and state (and media) vie for the opportunity to define a person's sexual rules as a means for control.

Furthermore scrambling up a person's sexual rules so that it's utter confusion leads them to be ripe for Cultural Marxism. Convince them that ultimately they know absolutely zero about what's right and wrong in bed (and should best leave that decision to whichever SJW is nearest to them and exuding the most confidence today) and keep them receptive to mental satisfaction by buying moar stuff on Amazon, and voting for the right people.

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Yep.  The cultural diversity army has been quite successful in the educational realm.  Seized them from infancy to college and you have your new found zombies.  

Umlott von Dweiseldorff's picture

Gude Gawd!!  WTF?  Whores indoctrinating more whores that will be even more stupid.  VD is the next bubble.

Umlott von Dweiseldorff's picture

Need to buy Stawks in companies following mutating VD strands!!

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Please stop trying to trick me into watching Netflix's horrible content

Ajax_USB_Port_Repair_Service_'s picture

I got to 23 seconds into the video. Barf !

THIS is what liberals would call "quality TV".

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35 here, then I skipped ahead.  Wish I hadn't.

The chick in the first video is hawt. 

Seriously, WTF happened between then and now?

I'm going with a warp in the space-time continuum.  Nothing else makes sense.

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The 1984 Huma Abedin lookalike was kind of hot... probably a grandma today.

I guess I dont watch enough (or actually any TV) so, who the fuck is Bill Nye and why should I care?

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"who the fuck is Bill Nye and why should I care?"

Because SCIENCE!

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Still paying for tv after broadband is dumb. Wanting to end the world cause some people like sex is dumber.

Netflix can do what they want.

Darwinism exists in the information field too.

Too stupid to find the shows you like, then you deserve the schlock you get.

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XX and XY are not the only two probabilities. This was known even before the show, but not openly accepted, so they did not discuss the other sex-linked chromosomal "syndromes" (XXY, XYY, etc.). So they have the excuse to say that cultural change now allows him discuss what he was not able to before. Fair enough.

Bill Nye is shit. He is not a practitioner of science, just a well paid educator.

NDT is shit. He is damaging the practice of science by claiming absolute truths and blaming lack of intellectualism on skepticism.

None of this matters.

What matters in this article is the editing by Netflix. Science always uncovers new truths; what else did they edit out? Because if the point of editing was to only show factual information then I am /sure they treated all truths equally. If not, as I presume, then they have created propaganda.


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XX and XY are not the only two probabilities: No one was talking about defects. Thus, you have either XY or XY.  The use of the word "syndromes" implies a defect with various characteristics....


It no different than saying my $95,000 BMW M with Twin Turbos leaks oils(XXY for example) .  It still a $95,000 BMW M with Twin Turbos(XX or XY).



Smedley's Butler's picture

Thus, you have either XY or XY: XX or XY.

I used "" around syndromes intentionally to hope no one would confuse them with a leaky automobile or a shovel with bad handle (wtf). The probability of this happenening is higher than one would think and it is still a result of meiosis.

If one thinks god had a design and some plans can be changed and that this is a defect, whatever, I cannot argue dogmas or metaphysics.

But that was not the point, anyhow. Our understanding evolves with scientific discovery so to edit some truths and not others is propaganda.

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Apparently XXY a dead-end mutation, though other variants, like XXX, do not cause sterility but they are not necessarily passed on.

Certainly we can develop stances on this matter, and I know the Indians developed a caste for people with such mutations (an intersex caste), and in Christian cultures one would simply not marry, and either live single or perhaps become a monk or nun. In any case, I do not think that the current "I am whatever I think myself to be at the moment" approach is rational, or conducive to any sort of greater understanding or social stability. It is conducive, of course, to reducing humans to interchangeable, culturally amorphous economic units.

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... and has anyone noticed there is a prevalence of anal porn on the internet

and i'm not talking that faggot shit

i'm talking about huge blonde titties getting fucked in the ass


gone are the days of decent clean pornographic art

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If you like Bill Nye, you will love this teacher of 'Religion Class' whatever that means at a catholic school .

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I cancelled my Netflix about a month ago, about 3 or 4 years later than I should have

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Bill Nye has a net worth of $6.5 Million.

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Was there something "scienc-y" in that presentation? 

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Boycot netflix.   Anti-white, racist programming.  Nye is the globalist schill working on

the minds of our youth. 

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Honestly, why would you spend 2+ hours a day on TV? Read a book instead. Or dig up your back yard and make a garden. Or learn a skill to up your income and generate more resources to fight the culture war, or at least survive. Etc. etc.

Saying all this, I've probably hit my limit for time I should spend posting on ZH...