Why The New York Times Is Cheering On "Censorship Algorithms"

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

The 2016 Presidential election was a gigantic wakeup call for the corporate press in the U.S. not so much because Hillary Clinton lost, but because it represented the end of mainstream media’s ability to seamlessly force feed narratives down the throats of a gullible and pliant American public. The marketplace of ideas had been flooded by the internet and the people made a decision. The media wars came and went, and the corporate press lost, badly.

The election of Donald Trump was as much a middle finger to the U.S. corporate press as anything else, and the corporate media didn’t take too kindly to that. Rather than admit failure, refocus and compete within the freewheeling information age, the corporate media has resorted to endless whining and support for tech-overlord censorship. It simply knows it can’t win a fair fight, so it has decided to cheat.

As Robert Parry of Consortium News explains in his recent post, NYT Cheers the Rise of Censorship Algorithms:

Just days after sporting First Amendment pins at the White House Correspondents Dinner – to celebrate freedom of the press – the mainstream U.S. media is back to celebrating a very different idea: how to use algorithms to purge the Internet of what is deemed “fake news,” i.e. what the mainstream judges to be “misinformation.”


The New York Times, one of the top promoters of this new Orwellian model for censorship, devoted two-thirds of a page in its Tuesday editions to a laudatory pieceabout high-tech entrepreneurs refining artificial intelligence that can hunt down and eradicate supposedly “fake news.”


Since the Times is a member of the Google-funded First Draft Coalition – along with other mainstream outlets such as The Washington Post and the pro-NATO propaganda site Bellingcat – this idea of eliminating information that counters what the group asserts is true may seem quite appealing to the Times and the other insiders. After all, it might seem cool to have some high-tech tool that silences your critics automatically?


But you don’t need a huge amount of imagination to see how this combination of mainstream groupthink and artificial intelligence could create an Orwellian future in which only one side of a story gets told and the other side simply disappears from view.


As much as the Times, the Post, Bellingcat and the others see themselves as the fount of all wisdom, the reality is that they have all made significant journalistic errors, sometimes contributing to horrific international crises.


For instance, in 2002, the Times reported that Iraq’s purchase of aluminum tubes revealed a secret nuclear weapons program (when the tubes were really for artillery); the Post wrote as flat-fact that Saddam Hussein was hiding stockpiles of WMD (which in reality didn’t exist); Bellingcat misrepresented the range of a Syrian rocket that delivered sarin on a neighborhood near Damascus in 2013 (creating the impression that the Syrian government was at fault when the rocket apparently came from rebel-controlled territory).


These false accounts – and many others from the mainstream media – were countered in real time by experts who published contrary information on the Internet. But if the First Draft Coalition and these algorithms were in control, the information scrubbers might have purged the dissident assessments as “fake news” or “misinformation.”

The Times quotes the promoters of this high-tech censorship effort without any skepticism:


“‘Algorithms will have to do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to fighting misinformation,’ said Claire Wardle, head of strategy and research at First Draft News, a nonprofit organization that has teamed up with tech companies and newsrooms to debunk fake reports about elections in the United States and Europe. ‘It’s impossible to do all of this by hand.’”


The article continues: “So far, outright fake news stories have been relatively rare [in Europe]. Instead, false reports have more often come from Europeans on social media taking real news out of context, as well as from fake claims spread by state-backed groups like Sputnik, the Russian news organization.”


Beyond failing to offer any evidence of Russian guilt in these “fake news” operations, Tuesday’s Times story turns to the NATO propaganda and psychological warfare operation in Latvia, the Strategic Communications Center of Excellence, with its director Janis Sarts warning about “an increased amount of misinformation out there.”


The Stratcom center, which oversees information warfare against NATO’s perceived adversaries, is conducting “a hackathon” this month in search of coders who can develop technology to hunt down news that NATO considers “fake.”


Sarts, however, makes clear that Stratcom’s goal is not only to expunge contradictory information but to eliminate deviant viewpoints before too many people can get to see and hear them. “State-based actors have been trying to amplify specific views to bring them into the mainstream,” Sarts told the Times.

The key thing to understand about this push, is that it has nothing to do with fighting back against actual fake news, i.e. stories that promote total fabrications. The existence of truly fake articles is simply being used as a smokescreen to disappear alternative opinions from the public debate. That is the real intent of the “fake news” meme.

With the myth of the “American dream” rapidly being exposed as a sham, the corporate press needs to be able to efficiently propagandize the public in increasingly absurd ways, but the problem is much of the public no longer believes its nonsense. How can corporate media push Americans to support things against their interests and better judgement such more war, billionaire worship, and the surveillance state without silencing the opposition? It can’t, which is why it needs to marginalize intelligent and thoughtful people espousing a different perspective.

I know for a fact that the corporate press doesn’t care in the least about “truth” or “fairness” in reporting following my own personal experience with The Washington Post. Recall that last November, in the aftermath of the media’s panic at Hillary’s loss, the paper pushed forth slanderous accusations against 200 alternative websites including Liberty Blitzkrieg. For more on that truly deplorable episode, see: Liberty Blitzkrieg Included on Washington Post Highlighted Hit List of “Russian Propaganda” Websites.

Meanwhile, the Department of Justice (which couldn’t find a bank executive to imprison if its life depended on it), is hard at work trying to institutionalize attacks agains the non-corporate press by going after Wikileaks and Julian Assange. As Glenn Greenwald observed earlier today:

The battle against alternative ideas is truly picking up steam now, and the fight is happening on multiple fronts. It’s not just through algorithms and the DOJ though, it is also very much an economic battle. I’m sure you all know by now what is happening to political commentators on YouTube of all stripes. Their videos are being demonetized en masse. There is an attempt to hurt alternative voices through technology, the legal system as well as via revenues streams. We will lose this battle unless decent citizens of all political leanings rally around us to support our right to have a voice.


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serotonindumptruck's picture

ZH has become one of the last places where one can express themselves without fear of being censored or immediately banned for Thought Crime.

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ZH is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the First Amendment. The fellows, FROM THE START, have had that kind of freedom here. Which is why I say it is THE BEST.
No competition.

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If anyone still subscribes to that statist rag after this, you are a box of rocks

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Or a Stateist Libtard? Ooops, same thing.....

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Doubleclick from google (and many similar big names) and their big advertisers will start advertising on only the top 5-10K sites instead of millions of sites. That'll kill all truth/facts/reality sites and corporate obedience will ensue.

"I love Kellog's Corn Flakes and bombing innocent women, children then stealing whats underneath them." part of the new national anthem.....


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all hands on deck to stop holycost truth.  skype are attacking truth seekers with all of their weapons.  google, facefuck, and the rest...

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All the Algorithms will do is create Orwell's Newspeak from a source he had not suspected, the Proles, in fact it is already happening. Internet slang, "interslang' in hundreds of languages with bloggers doing dictionaries and updates, they will ad more new words to the English dictionary in a few years than a million Shakespeare's ever could, all while pissing off the already Venomous Proles.

They are nervous and they are going to regulate themselves into obsolescence and extreme infamy. They are painting themselves into a corner again. The 'Journalists' ; )

TeethVillage88s's picture

This could be bait.

Yeah, you got free speech but don't think you can actually try it.

This could be Laboratory Site, a Test Site that went past beta version... the doors have ears and so do the ports in computers and websites

- Evidence Gathering Site?

serotonindumptruck's picture

Damn, now you've got me terrified of Big Brother.

I might even become so frightened that I'm forced to sleep with a 9mm under my pillow and an AK-47 next to my bed.

Oh, wait...

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I've been banned from kikebart 5 times since I started talking about Jewish issues with logic and facts. I had 75k up votes there when I spoke about civic nationalism (which I have abandoned) and Trump.

I have only been banned from ZH once, and I kinda deserved that one.

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Orwell was an optimist.

Google will now flag or suppress search results that the (((DEEP STATE))) doesn't want you to know about.

GOOGLE's Schmidt wants algorithms to censor Internet for 'hate speech'

Google's Sergey Brin got into America under the special privilege for Soviet Jews immigration law. Which was introduced into the US Senate by Jewish Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)

It should be noted that a representative from Google’s new 1984-style internet political dissent suppression program, Jigsaw, will be at the ADL conference as well. Expect nasty things to happen to our 1st Amendment right to criticize Jews following this gathering of high power Jews and NGO collaborators.

The Great Shutdown: Google's Jigzaw

GOOGLE Launches News 'Fact Check'

English Translation of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's "200 Years Together" by Dr Kevin MacDonald

200 Years Together: Chapter 9 — And Some Mysterious Search Engine Results

Now, I can get a result for chapter 3 about result #15. Dr. MacDonald’s post doesn’t appear still. There’s no results returned from Google for the blog at all. This flies in the face of everything I understand about Internet marketing.

My only conclusion here is that the blog is being removed from search engine results and actively censored. I figured the blog would get taken down at some point, but I didn’t think it would get removed from search engine results. I’m not surprised given what chapters like #8 and this week’s, #9, are discussing.

If the blog gets removed, I’ll make another one. These chapters will be published on torrent sites when we’re done. This content isn’t going anywhere. People need to understand that what we are living through now has happened already elsewhere and we need to wake up.

Downloadable pdfs for the CENSORED chapters of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's two-volume work on the history of Russian-Jewish relations (Two Hundred Years Together by Kevin MacDonald PhD

philipat's picture

What happened to Google's mantra "Don't be Evil"? You've come a long way, Baby.....

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Its a cunt hair from automatic censoring to automatic phone and proximity IoT conversation intercept and detention.

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Simple. Don't use Google search.



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Keep a list of alternative search engines for when Google is no longer useful.  Save it to a file on yout PC since when that time comes Google will likely filter them out as "fake search engines"...





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"They buried the eighth, they buried the ninth, they said the finale was a formal reply. They buried the eighth, the buried the ninth, they buried everything, I'm telling you guy!" - Parquet Courts


They're duckin' and dodgin', but they can't come home no more.

That key they've got won't fit that lock no more.


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1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.

2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB.

3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.

4th RULE: Only two guys to a fight.

5th RULE: One fight at a time.

6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes.

7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.

8th RULE: If this is your first night at FIGHT CLUB, you HAVE to fight.


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And it never takes as long as Philo Bedow and Tank in Every Which Way But Loose Movie.

- Mouth Piece allowed?
- Alcohol Abuse count as fight?
- If we engage ISIS, but are Civilians in free fire zone can we just go ahead and fire at will?
- I ain't gonna collect any brass if I shoot at Isis
- If we have dead ISIS laying around are we supposed to do something about it... like haul it to the dump or morgue or River?

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Hey I can buy over priced bullshit or overpriced Tech bullshit. Or you can buy 4 Star Bond Funds or ETFs that have no value or hope of recovery.

So watch for the collapse...

1) New Home Mortgages collapse
2) New Auto Inventories Soar
3) Existing Home Sales Collapse
4) then Institutions pull Funds out of ETF & Mutual Funds?
5) Stock Prices & ETF Prices Collapse


- Momentum Trading
- Distressed Stocks
- Options Day Trading or buy Inverse ETFs?
- Options Trading?
- Commodities coming back when Globalism Ends?
- Futures in Food Crops, Food crop Bubble, Ag Bubble?
- Speculation in Oil Prices?
- Shorting DB, CS, Chinese Corps, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal?
- Algo Trading?
- Day Trading

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GOOGLE's Schmidt wants algorithms to censor Internet for 'hate speech'


just hack the SEO of all advertiser using google add sense and for heavens sakes don't use Amazon  if you can help it after  almost billion NSA  AWS buy..

Facebook seek prosecution on 43b class B Altman Zuckerburg crime..    Deep state drug money funded these and Microsoft monopoly.   Apple not clean  in this whole mess.  McAfee releasing interesting phone... 

uhland62's picture

A skilled writer knows how to write between the lines. We learned that through relatives and friends in East Germany. 

Reaper's picture

The NYT manipulated, lied about and refused to report the news for a long time. The power to be believed has corrupted absolutely. I stopped buying and reading the NYT in 1961. In later years, I was shown NYT featured articles about persons I knew, which were total fabrications. Truth and/or opposing opinion are heresy that the NYT must eradicate.

I think, therefore I doubt everything a known fraudster presents.

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Censorship is great, bring it on. Crypto based social networks are already here. They are decentralized and censorship resistant. They complete with the established social networks like Google/Facebook that receive an unfair benefit for a service of being a middleman between advertisers, users and content creators. Those corporations sell content that is created by the users. The content creators cannot monetize the content themselves because of high costs of transactions and regulations.
Decentralized social networks can't really outcompete Facebook/Google as they are have less features, however, their strength is in fair share of the advertisement money. Such decentralized crypto based networks can provide the same service for the fraction of the costs and share the profits with the actual content creators. They only need to somehow jumpstart initial network effect. If TPTB would introduce censorship - this just might be the reason to turn to those new social networks.
So, yeah, bring it on. People will love to move to steemit.com/akasha etc.. as replacement for Facebook and storj/bitcache as replacement for youtube.

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We have watertight censorship in Australia: Super-injunction. Nobody is allowed to speak about a product/book being banned through super-injunction. I only know about it through a strange coincidence that the book "Sydney Inc - the murky world of ........"  fell under censorship. If we'd write more, we'd go to jail and  the few traces left would disappear from the internet, too. Australia wants to become like the Soviet Union?  

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The jilted spouse is usually the last to know.

Your audience has taken off with Alex Jones and left you with the hungry autistic kids and broken down twenty year old vehicles on flat ties in the driveway. ... The power bill is over due too.

Call the sheriff and catch them before they cross the county line!

Surprise, Anderson Gobber, they left last week while you were playing peek-a-boo with Barry.


What? He's MIA TOO?

Live Hard, Keep The Change, Wolf Blister, You Will Need Uber Fare To Get To Your Next Stand Up Open Mic Gig, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

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 Time Warner extremely weak.  Microsoft had  FED print 43 B on LinkedIn all for mother of all bubbles.

GE  really pulled the heist of 08 and controlled the CNBC (CNBS) on propaganda media..

GE really was much much worse than AiG GS Citi  and like.... and bought the oil services and sold plastics to Saudis..  Should have liberated Mecca after 911 never mind the  7t  Chinese funded regime change refugee creation policy..  


Don't see TWX as being valued anywhere in range of sanity.. 




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Whores opining about 'truths' pertaining to disposable liars:  These sycophants have spines of Jello.

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no problem - I fight dirty

until the rest of you figure that out, you ain't gonna make it

edit: *if* you put up a fight at all

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Baboons are leopards staple diet.

When the baboons are screaming at the leopard, the leopard gives the baboons middle claw.

But sometimes, just sometimes, the baboons go silent. And then the leopard is doomed.


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5x moar people cutting their cable than last year. About f-ing time.

Via Drudge.


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 One of the best things that could happen. Ditching the boob tube. Next up facecrook

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 Diabold will prolly be an industry leader.

moneybots's picture
Why The New York Times Is Cheering On "Censorship Algorithms"


I have my own censoring algorithm. The mainstream media is a propaganda operation, so i don't watch or read them.

Brazen Heist's picture

The Jew York Times teaming up with Suckerberg in the ultimate censorship fight back!

All we need to say is the truth just once and they need to spin themselves in a dizzy with lies to cover their asses.

The war on drugs

The war on terror

And now bringing you the war on truth!

The empire sure has a knack of picking very winnable fights!

Falcon49's picture

It is not about winning....it is about losing.  Its about the people losing and the state growing in power, control, and wealth.  These so called wars are the facilitators using fear as the motivator for our willing acceptance of our servitude and loss of freedom.  Or as Bush said.  We must “give up freedom to be free"

Falcon49's picture

Standard problem, reaction, solution process here.  The election was the opportunity for the willing press to take the propaganda and manipulation to the point of idiocy....so that anybody that could fog a mirror could see it for what it was.  Then they cried foul and hyped the fake news epidemic (there actions created) to elicit the reaction they needed...and now the solution.  Massive censorship so the poor people will not be confused between fake and real news.  

This election was a massive con and fraud...with many agendas.  Joseph Goebbels would be would be very pleased.