Al-Jazeera Said To Film False Flag Chemical Attack Against Syrian Civilians

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One month after Trump flip-flopped on his Syrian position, launching cruise missile strikes on a Syrian airfield as "after dinner entertainment" during Trump's meeting with the Chinese president, just days after declaring he would allow the Syrian people to decide the fate of Assad when another "chemical attack" video emerged at the end of March, a false flag chemical attack against civilians in Syria was reportedly filmed recently by al-Jazeera stringers in Syria.

Around 30 fire engines and ambulances, as well as 70 local residents with children transported from a refugee camp were used in the filming of the Al Jazeera clip across three locations in Idlib province, including Jisr Shughur.

"The "effectiveness" of the White Helmets' TV-spectacle of accusing Syrian authorities of attacking civilians in Khan Shaykhun with sarin inspired terrorists to continue filming the fake 'series'. According to info confirmed via several channels, al-Jazeera television channel stringers have recently filmed a staged, fake scene of an alleged chemical attack against civilians by the Syrian Army," the source told Sputnik.


"A multiple simultaneous uploading of filmed fake footage with 'screaming' social media comments was due to take place in the next few days (by Sunday) at the separate command of a mastermind and sponsor of the film in one of the European countries."

This filming was said to have been ordered from a European country.

It wouldn't be the first time - in December 2016, Egyptian police arrested 5 men for making staged "wounded children" photos, which they planned to use to misrepresent on social media as photos of destruction and injured people in Syria's Aleppo.

As a reminder, on April 4, the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces claimed that 80 people were killed and 200 injured in a suspected chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun, blaming the Syrian government. Damascus vehemently rejected the accusations and said militants and their allies were responsible. That video served as a the basis for Trump to launch 59 Tomahawk missiles at the Syrian military airfiled in Ash Shairat.  Trump said the attack was a response to the alleged chemical weapon use in Syria's Idlib, which Washington has blamed on the Syrian government.

Meanwhile, Russia described the attack as an aggression against a sovereign state, while the Russian Foreign Ministry reminded the Trump administration that all chemical weapons had been taken out of Syria in mid-2014 as John Kerry infamously declared in 2014. Discussing the attack, Syrian President Assad said in an interview with Sputnik that Western states were blocking attempts to investigate the Idlib chemical incident because in the event of a probe it will be established that the "attack" was a false flag and lie.

In January 2016, the OPCW announced that Syria’s weapons arsenal had been destroyed in accordance with an agreement reached after the 2013 Ghouta attack.

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But this time is different, trust me.... The so called Moderate Rebels are a myth, a unicorn, their is only ISIS backed by the HOuse of Saud and the Rouge CIA lead by McCain and company.

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who would believe anything .gov would say?  people really believe the new pronouncements about they did about obummercare?  $hitshow

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>Unnamed sources said

>No evidence presented

Beware the fog of war and confirmation bias (or be a peanut, and embrace it).

PrayingMantis's picture

... sorry for too many links, but they're all intertwined ...

... I posted this the other day on another thread ...

... "Maria Zakharova Disrobes the White Helmets"

... and here's more on the subject ...

"Busted: Idlib Gas Attack Fakers Murder 68 Kids in Bus Slaughter - Monsters and Child Killers and the sick games they play" >>>


... and about the 'forgotten war'

>>> "Yemen: Another Country Where US and Al-Qaeda Are on the Same Side"



... and the most mind-boggling is this ..

... "Who’s Arming Radical Militants in Syria and Iraq?"

..."A video of the Bulgarian weapons is fresh, dated April, and anti-tank grenade launchers are used by extremists against Iraqi forces, who are now trying to recapture the so-called ISIS capital in Iraq – the city of Mosul. The absurdity of the situation is that these terrorists are shooting Bulgarian weapons bought with money provided by American taxpayers, trying to kill, among other targets, American servicemen.

The head of Conflict Armament Research, James Bevan, has clearly stated last year that anyone who arms the so-called Syrian opposition has no control whatsoever over where the weapons are going to be used. Pretty much the same scenario occurred in Afghanistan back in the 80s, when the United States, Saudi Arabia and their allies supplied weapons to Pakistani intelligence.

The fact that the United States carries on large-scale shipments of Bulgarian weapons to the “moderate” opposition in Syria has recently been uncovered by the Bulgarian newspaper Trud. According to the media source, last March alone, Danish vessel Marianne Danika made 2 trips from the Bulgarian Burgas to the Saudi city of Jeddah, carrying tons of weapons that are now delivered to Syria via Turkey or Jordan. The newspaper is convinced that there is a network for the delivery of weapons to all sorts of terrorist groups under the guise of arming the “Free Syrian Army”. In addition, Western intelligence agencies are financing terrorist groups directly, thus enabling the latter to buy weapons on the black market."



... imagine that ... >>> "...terrorists are shooting Bulgarian weapons bought with money provided by American taxpayers, trying to kill, among other targets, American servicemen ..."   that summarizes all of America's foreign war policy ...


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Makes perfect sense. Al-Jazeera  is part owned by Israelis. No point commenting on who owns Amerikan press.

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Of course it's the joos fault.  It's always the jooooooooossssss!!!

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That is true. This is what happens when you have a religion that preaches the supremecy of its members, and the non-personhood of ALL non-members.

This is why desert monkey jews and desert monkey Muslims have to go back to their desert (and the stone age, a level of technology more fitting for their backwards ideology).

Bryan's picture

da joos, da joos, da evil joos!  muahahaha!  Everything would be a-ok in the world without da joos!  You paranoid people crack me up.  Who will be the next scapegoat, the muzzies?

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Found the Ziotard.

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"This filming was said to have been ordered from a European country."

Who's really behind this "European country"??? By way of deception thou shalt do war.

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But ,you see ,the "desert monkeys" both jews and whahabbi are OUR close Allies. You seem to forget this "minor" aspect.

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I have noticed that shills and trolls have recently reverted back to ad hominem attacks and the usual "look at this crazy guy!" type comments.  Wonder if its because its a new batch of inexperienced paid shills, or just a change of tactic.

As for the Rothschild Zionists, they get blamed for many things, and for good reason! 

null's picture

True, one can appear very very very obsessed but not be clinically "crazy"; more of an emotional issue perhaps. Probably not a satisfactory distinction?

Now if meant that the Zionist-obsessed are the paid trolls ... that's quite possible when general political leanings are considered.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Oh hey, look, Satanic Inversion!  Weee!!!!

Tell me, in your world view what were the three primary geopolitical outcomes from World War II?  Was one of them the creation of Israel, yes or no? And what about the Bolshevik Revolution?  How did that come about?  And the Federal Reserve?

Napoleonic Wars?  No?  Opium wars?  This is what paid trolls do, right, is hand out red pills?

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The tone deaf or the troll will never get it.

null's picture

Let's not overreach.
It is probably not their fault that people can't spell "American".

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Ivanka: "Daddy, can you bomb Syria for me pretty please?"

Trump: "Anything you like, sugartits."


Akzed's picture

How they do it. It's so well done, no wonder no one can figure out it's fake./

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Ordered from Neuschwanstein castle deep in the bavarian forest. They are shooting themselves in the foot. When they get full islamization, a mosque will be built on top of the ruins of Neuschwanstein castle.

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Is that the one with the homo grotto underneath? Be perfect for the imams...

veritas semper vinces's picture

No.I am sure it is City of London. I will bet anything it is

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Wish it were so simple, it's the joos again. We could just kill them all, women and children, and be done with evil, right....

If you made the distinction between Jews, and the Synagogue of Satan, aka the Luciferians, I could agree. But the simpletons way, divide and kill each other, is an age old distraction from our real enemies. 

Call them Zionists, Neocons, Progressives, Jews, Muslims, Gentiles, Infidels, non are immune to evil, non are predisposed to it.  The tiny secret society that runs this shit show, all bow to Satan, and lurk among them all.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Parasitism, meets sociopathy, meets occult knowledge.

The way I look at it, the Sun shines on everyone.  But if one wishes, it is possible to avoid the sunshine entirely, by only coming out at night time, for example.   So I try to do the same.  Everyone that wants to 'receive the light' gets it, and those that want to skulk in the shadows and only come out at night can do that too, but they can't complain about lack of sunshine (love).

veritas semper vinces's picture

Well said.Plus the multiple videos with Syrian Army showing american weapons captured from the so called "moderate" and ISIS.Chemical weapons found in Aleppo ,that the Russian insisted to analyse internationally,but of course Jewmerica opposed it

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Yeah - you can't beat an American serviceman's death to rally public support !

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

All I saw was ... "Maria Zakharova Disrobes ..."

Shit man, don't do that!

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Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. - Sun Tzu

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Yes, exactly.  Thats why this is an information war, first and foremost.  And why we keep hammering away with "End the motherfuckin Fed!"

And CIA, and IRS, etc...

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Even Tyler knows to give us an idea where this came from.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Look at the multiple videos on YOUTUBE with the white helmets (the Alqaeda PR paid by UK,Qatar and Saudi Barbaria) with OBVIOUS fake rescues of children..There is one in which they wait for the camera to start,they ask -Is it on? then they start the "rescuing"-it is hilarious

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Hilarious 'fakery'...Like a drywall dust mask will protect you from Sarin?

chunga's picture

Sometimes we see 'Murika being called a dEmocracy and that usually prompts the correction that it's not, it's technically a rEpublic.

Theoretically, the "rEpresentatives" are smarter and are paid handsomely to understand these matters and not succumb to "mob rule".

That's how it's supposed to work, but in practice, these rEpresentatives get everything wrong every single time on every single issue.

Tarzan's picture

It's only complex while the curtain remains.

When our eyes are opened, and evil revealed, tis but a tight circle the wields it's propaganda over us all.

Follow the money, it all flows to but a few. It is the masses that feed them their luxurious psychopathic lives.

Unmasked them, and the Truth will set us free!!!!


A tide is rising, a tide of awareness, they know, too many know, they're all on the same evil side, at the tipsy top. 

Their tactics grow more desperate, thus sloppy by the day.  The tipping point is upon us, the Luciferians will not repent, and the people will not relent. They will force the people to kill them, or be killed, a suicide pack, an epic purge is upon the people.  They know they're days are numbered, and will take us all with them, if we allow it.

Rather then doing this tiny groups bidding, killing each other in yet another meaningless war that only feed this small group, Truth is the way, unmasking them, and revealing the tiny nest from where they spin this giant web!!!!

veritas semper vinces's picture

You know what Apocalypse mean=revealing of the TRUTH.We are living it now

Tarzan's picture

An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: apokálypsis, literally meaning "an uncovering") is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, "a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities"

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It's simple - with politicians, if lips are flapping, lies are flowing!

Media claim to be outlets- For the majority, I'd agree, like arseholes, mostly for shit.

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They're using chemical weapons on babies in incubators!


Ivanka is reduced to tears ~ film at 11

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Everytime Ivanka cries an angel shits itself a little . . . and someone has to die.

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You have the makings of what could be fine haiku . . .

HooRAY4rSIDE's picture

Now that's what I call being up to your eyeballs in baby alligator tears.


The only thing that is consistant is that, no matter what the event, more wepons orders have to go to the MIC.

There is no anti war voice left any where in the US. Very sad to see what our country is doing with it's resources.

bamawatson's picture

george set forth an excellent recap today

i remember when jim garrison was in the heart of jfk murder they knew he was on a roll; to big to kill; so they steadily fed him tainted info; ruined him
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The best way to control a nation is to instill fear and rectify it by suddenly appearing with "bombs of good intent".

Control of the local resources and shipping lanes is the result.  Install puppet government.  Move onto next nation.

It's the right of the reserve currency bully to do so.  End the FED and the banker-led wars (sanctions, resources, gold, common currency, Cyprus bank closers) all this shit will go away.  Can you imagine the peace the world would have?

Bankers need to hang.  Hope I see it in my lifetime.



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The bars are too big in your avatar - she could squeeze her head and shoulders through that - probably not the CANKLES though !!

X- x3's picture'sh'sh tíibbarraa....

...."What's this?" in arabi....

BS...bullshit.... y'aa wakequeeá


The normal BS-feed-narrative....don't believe it.

btw, Arabic, Classical Arabic I've studied as my 5th language. And NO, I'm not a 'tribe' member.

Revolt America!

The abc:s are full of chickenshit pseudo-smarties.

1-between-the eyes will do.

;)  X-


Donald is the 1st Zio-POTUS of USofAIPAC.....dots ....dots....connecting the dots....BB Nutandyahoo.....

HRClinton's picture

The most reliable and profitable way for a small cohesive and organized (((group))) to take over any country, is to follow a certain (((process))) and Sectors.

The first sector to take over and turn into a cartel, is Banking. 

The second sector to take over and turn into a cartel, is the Mass Media.

The rest falls in place, when you control the halls of Wealth and Influence. Works 100%, but takes decades or a century to implement. 

For this very reason, those with a Frontier mentality will never, ever rule the country. They simply cannot think or function beyond themselves or their own lifetime. They are trapped in their own little world, and are destined to be ruled by (((others))).

(This is how Bill and I got... 'illuminated', and decided to benefit by playing for the winning worldview and winning (((team))). Most careerists and politicians make the same choices: self-interest over national interests.)

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Yeah but hopefully people like you and Bill end up in a bunker having cyanide as a last meal.

A frontiersman can dream.

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But this time is different, trust me.... The so called Moderate Rebels are a myth, a unicorn, their is only ISIS backed by the HOuse of Saud and the Rouge CIA lead by McCain and company. -- froze25

Yet another (subbornly persistent) myth is that of a rogue CIA...