"Chicago Is A War Zone": Police Suicide Rate Surges To 60% Above The National Average

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During his early days on the force, 30-year-old, rookie Chicago police officer, Scott Tracz, was described by colleagues as an "upbeat" cop who had always dreamed of becoming a police officer to help people in his city.  That is, until he sat in a black sports car outside his girlfriend's suburban house late last year, put his gun to his head and took his own life.  Per Reuters:

Tracz had long dreamed of becoming a police officer to help others. But working in the violence-stricken Chicago Lawn district, he came face to face with the city's violent crime. The area accounted for 58 of the city's more than 760 murders last year, as well as 228 shootings.


"He would say, 'You can never imagine what the human race is capable of doing,' then he would just put his head down," said his cousin Maciaszek, 46.



Unfortunately, stories just like the one of Scott Tracz are becoming all too common on the Chicago police force as officers deal with the psychological side effects of having to go to work every single day in Chicago's "war zone."

"Chicago is a war zone," said Alexa James, the executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness-Chicago. "They (officers) are seeing the worst day of everybody’s life every day."


"Suicide is killing officers, alcohol is killing officers, at a far greater rate than ambushes, but there is not the same sense of urgency around this issue," said Christy Lopez, a former Justice Department official who led the Chicago federal probe.


Chicago police's suicide rate was 29.4 per 100,000 department members between 2013 and 2015, the report said, citing police union figures. The department disagreed in the report, putting the rate at 22.7 suicides per 100,000 members. Both estimates were higher than the national average of 18.1 law enforcement suicides per 100,000.


As we've noted many times in the past, Chicago's homicide rate in 2016 soared to levels not seen since the mid-90s when gang wars plagued the streets of cities all around the nation (charts via HeyJackAss!).


And, things aren't getting any better so far in 2017...



...particularly in the city's South and West side neighborhoods.


To add insult to injury, because of Chicago's onerous gun laws that permanently prohibit anyone who has been involuntarily committed for in-patient mental health treatment from carrying a gun, a requirement for cops, the folks working for the Chicago PD generally refuse mental health services out of fear of losing their job.

Some officers believe that seeking counseling will result in the loss of their Firearm Owner Identification Card, a requirement to carry a firearm under state law, according to current and former officers, as well as health officials. That view is mistaken, say Justice Department officials.


Still, "If someone thinks I have talked to EAP they think I’m unstable, so I’m not going to call," said one veteran officer, who asked not to be identified.


Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said in February the department's past approach to mental health was wrong. In a report issued in March, the department said it would review mental wellness support services.


"Law enforcement historically has been seen as a very macho profession," Johnson said at a public forum about police reform. "To say you needed help was seen as a sign of weakness and we were wrong for looking at it that way, we were simply wrong."

But hey, at least the Obama administration sought to help Chicago Police officers by dropping a DOJ study, one week prior to departing the White House, effectively labeling their department as nothing more than a bunch of racist, hate-mongering bullies who routinely resort to the use of "deadly force" in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.

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Stackers's picture

No worries the Obama Library is supposed to change the whole S. Side of Chicago into a paradise

LN's picture

Not until the Brawndo factory is completed.


auricle's picture

The legacy of the great uniter, join the resistence, community organizer. Race relations and socioeconomic devision has never been greater. Complicit in this devision is the MSM and its political speech activism demonizing any achnoledgement of this. Labeling one as racist, bigot, xenophobe if you attempt to disagree with their doctrine. 

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You funny mother fucker. Thanks!

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The hell with the border, what we really need is a wall around the south side of Chicago and all around Camden, NJ.

Offthebeach's picture

Books are were you hide things from blacks.  They never look at them.

According to the site, Hey Jackass, the arrest rate for murder in Chicago is %18.  

That %18 is probably thei blind , wheelchair bound elderly alcoholic who finally had enough with his skank, ex whore common law wife drinking up his malt 40 and pulled his roscoe.   That gets an arrest.   On the street, only street justice.  So murder wise, Chicago cops are useless. Statistically and effectively.   Congo on the lake.


HRClinton's picture

Are white cops or black cops commiting suicide?

If murder and suicide stats are an indication, it's the former, not the latter. 

yogibear's picture

Fence off Shitcago and make it a libtard criminal haven. It's a sanctuary city.

Need to make the movie, "Escape from Chicago".

A liberal snowflake hangout.



wisehiney's picture

What did the dude expect?

It is chi-town.

Not Peoria.

Juggernaut x2's picture

It's hard to feel sorry for these CPD assholes- some poor bastard they coerced 24 years ago into confessing to an arson in which 2 people died just got released today- the guy was 14 years old at the time and the cops interrogated him for 7 hours with no parent or lawyer present until the kid confessed just to get the cops to stop the interrogation. The citizens of Chicago have had to pay out 100s of millions in lawsuits brought against these fucking CPD clowns over the years.

Hongcha's picture

When was the last time you were in Peoria ?  Overrun with blacks.  Unthinkable when I was in High School there.  No restraint, paid to breed in fact.  Huge swathes of the city are unapproachable in terms of investment.  Houses can sit for twenty years without appreciation.  "No Handgun" signs on the Jimmy Dean restaurant in the north end!

Peoria is a small Chicago.  If CAT moves, God help them ... it becomes Li'l Detroit and I will have to move my mom outta there.

LetThemEatRand's picture

It's the exact same problem that faces "civilians" as police officers call us.  Welcome to NWO hell.  You signed up to be enforcers which also sucks.

izzee's picture

so now we know what that Yuge building is at the proposed Obama Monument...it's a Dead Police Officer Mausoleum.

the rest are under that sledding hill.....weeeeeeeeee

NoDebt's picture

It's just a job.  You may think it's unique but everyone thinks their job is unique.  If it bothers you that much, walk.  It's pretty obvious nobody gives a shit about that hellhole, why should you?  

If you give me that shit that you need a job or some such bullshit, then disengage your emotions and go through the motions.  Same as everybody else does that hates their job.



lil dirtball's picture

Nobody makes a cop become a cop. They're sick in the head to begin with.

But, I'd like to help them with their filthy consciences all the same. Can I just send a box of .40 to a local precinct and have them share it amongst themselves?

Road Hazard's picture

Awwww....poor little babies. Well bitches, if you can't stand the heat, get the fuck out the kitchen.

All civil rights abusers, I mean cops, should kill themselves the world over. They do nothing but serve and protect the pieces of shit that enable the FSA to wreak havoc on society. Instead of putting on their costumes and power tripping as they ride around in MRAPS, executing no-knock warrants on people that smoked a joint, they should instead be masking up and killing the powerful familes that control the politicians. Cops chose a side in the struggle for true freedom a LONG time ago and they picked the wrong side. Now, fuck 'em all.



Concertedmaniac's picture

Who are we going to put in charge of keeping law and order, some piece of shit anarchist like you? Some are good people others are bullies who aren't fit to wear a badge, in this climate what else do you expect?

Juggernaut x2's picture

That's a BS argument- are you going to hide behind a cop your whole life? The cops and criminals are all part of a corrupt revolving door system that bleeds tax dollars out of your pocket. How much of a cop's career is spent on petty BS like writing speeding tickets- 98%?

Concertedmaniac's picture

It's not me I'm worried about more people who can't defend themselves who do they run to? The local mafia don? Besides most of you on here have great fantasies about how things should be, but they don't work in reality things just aren't as easy as venting on a keyboard. I'm under no illusions policing is a business but what are you going to replace it with? Dickheads like the guy above who would be even worse?

IntTheLight's picture

In nice white areas, sure. But in black neighborhoods? You haven't the slightest idea what they encounter.

fajensen's picture

How about a Russian Artillery Officer of the Stalinist persuation? Would clean that shit up in a jiffy!

Concertedmaniac's picture

Ridicule is all you have no viable alternative as usual just archaic fantasies.

IntTheLight's picture

You spend some time on the south side. It's dystopian. The people are vile. No white cop should be given duty there. It is Hell.

Enceladus's picture

I feel conflicted about this story 

NoDebt's picture

I feel conflicted about everything.  That's normal.  You'll get past it.

In fact, maybe I can help.  When I was a young man my father told me something that confused me at the time but made more sense the older I got:  "Son, it's all bullshit.  The key is to pick a level of bullshit you're comfortable with and stick to it."

You can't fix the world.  You can find your place in it and be happy with your choice.  But you have to choose.  The choice will not make itself.  You do have the option of changing your mind if you think you chose poorly, but I generally recommend against it.


City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Now that right there is some sage advice.

Enceladus's picture

Thanks No Debt. That was me being deadpan. I should have deployed my sarc tag.

I see it as Devine retribution for seatbelt tickets 


quesnay's picture

Just quit and move, sheesh. It's not rocket science. When people spit in your face and say you are not wanted, take the hint. Better than eating a bullet (your own or someone else's).

LetThemEatRand's picture

Or if you're going to wake up and realize you've been lied to, take your arms and take out a few bankers before you off yourself.  Speaking metaphorically, of course.

Golden Showers's picture

So wake up as a cop in Chicago. For one thing, police selectively deny people with too high an IQ. And then the mixed messages.

Rahm Emanual is your boss. Little butt surf on the weekends from the Obama. High murder rate. Shit hole environment. What bankers are you gonna shoot? Chicago commodities? Some dick selling corn? Pork bellies? Orange juice? What the fuck, dude?

We've all been lied to. We don't kill ourselves. Least of all of us with a badge and a company car with a rifle  and a shotgun and a can do attitude.

Take that shit back to the corner store and try again.

Perhaps police are not organized. Perhaps it's time to reach out and organize. Shake hands and make a friend. These our our friends. These people live next door. Our friends. Our city "polis" folks. Don't give them shit. There's some dicks for sure. But I ain't met one yet.



Hongcha's picture

Everything drifts back to tribal (racial) circles.  Everything human and organized.  Integration is a myth. 

quesnay's picture

If I ever decide to kill myself, I'm definitely taking a few people out with me. Would seem like a total waste not to right?  [Note to CIA/NSA/FBI - it's a joke! ... probably].

nukegm's picture

sad for the police. R I P .

those gun laws/regulations work great dont they?


chicago is a toilet. left there 31 years ago.

many many better places to live and prosper.

aloha_snakbar's picture

Left 24 years ago... never looked back...its a great place, to be *from*...

VWAndy's picture

 In one of the most corrupt cities in the country. Think there might be a connection there.

Juggernaut x2's picture

The cops get a big cut of the dope that flows through Chicago.

Bob's picture

Gee, just like our imperial warriors overseas.

Does it make you wonder what burdens their consciences so fatefully?

RogC's picture

It is worth noting that even the higher of the two rates given, 29.4 , is below the suicide rate for white males in general of ages 25-64. The national rate cited in the article for LEOs of 18.1 is less than half that of white males ages 45-64 and barely over half the rate for white mailes 25-64 combined. It would be bad practice to draw any conclusion from a single data point as the sources cited in the article above would like us to do.

Rates for caucasian males pulled from the CDC https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/hestat/suicide/rates_1999_2014.pdf (reference the table, the chart value of 25 for white males is all ages combined which is not relevant when comparing to working age adults). 

White males ages 45-64 the 2014 rate is 37.1
ages 25-44 the 2014 rate is 31.7 

roddy6667's picture

Typical cop drama queens. They have a suicide rate lower than the national average and they are whining. Nobody cares. They don't have a dangerous job. In fact, "cop" is not even ON the list of dangerous jobs, yet they act like they are placing their lives on the line every time they go to work. Most of the time a cop actually dies on the job it is from a car accident.

Just like the guy who delivers potato chips to the 7-11.

Just like the guy who drives around to all the supermarkets and sets up the displays for Coca-Cola.

Just like the bread delivery guy.

You don't see bagpipes and 21 gun salutes at THEIR funerals.

Porcine drama queens.

Offthebeach's picture

That probably has cop suicide ( lower ) rate rolled into it, so the non cop white male rate, roughly, might be almost double Chicago cop.

Whie male non cop might be over double if you strip out urban cops.  My town cops die of boredom. 


izzee's picture

OOOOO got a -1

izzee May 4, 2017 10:35 PM

so now we know what that Yuge building is at the proposed Obama Monument...it's a Dead Police Officer Mausoleum.

the rest are under that sledding hill.....weeeeeeeeee


Maybe that bigely buildiing is to house the Dead Chicago people that were and are being slaughtered to ..... to .....Rahm....ttoooo

PitBullsRule's picture

If you tell the police they can't hit criminals, they can't shoot criminals, they have to treat all the criminals with velvet gloves, then they can't do their jobs.  If you pay them to do a job, and then you arrest them, and tell them they can't do their job, then they are gonna start killing themselves.  Let them do their jobs, they need to kill some of those criminals, they need to beat the crap out of them sometimes.  If they can do that, your crime will go down, and the cops will stop killing themselves.  But if you want the criminals to run the city, then you are going to have a great big giant shit hole that nobody will go near, and the land and buildings will all become worthless.

aloha_snakbar's picture

When I lived there my old man would tell me to, ' stay off of the lawns and out of the parks'... Melrose Park, Stone Park, Franklin Park, Oak Lawn...

Its a grave new world.... plan accordingly...

markitect's picture

Those are places still defended the old way against the savages, and dam good food too, Prego dego!

spooz's picture

I guess your old man wasn't familiar with the Lincoln Park or Wicker Park, two of the most desirable and expensive neighborhoods in the city.


 Or suburban Oak Park, Highland Park, LaGrange Park or Park Ridge. All solidly "green zone".


IntTheLight's picture

Wicker Park/Bucktown is where a Puerto Rican took a bat to two girls heads. He described whites as easy prey. Now one girl is a vegetable, living in Ireland with her family. It's dangerous.

Kprime's picture

on some timeline the survival rate for cops drops to zero. It's the law.

markitect's picture

These guys are pissed they can't run their contractor side jobs and hit the bar like the old days now that they're under the microscope, trust me.  The ones offing themselves are prob in debt on owning multiple two flats that are underwater on bullshit juice loans