Marine Le Pen Slams Macron: "France Will Be Governed By A Woman... Either Me Or Madame Merkel"

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Authored by Mike Shedlock via,

The gloves came off in the final debate before the May 7 French presidential election.

It was a big mud-slinging affair, mostly by Le Pen, if one believes the mainstream media comments.

France24 had live coverage of the Acrimonious Final Debate translated into English.

France will be Governed by a Woman

The following France24 comments are in reverse order (last in, first out)

A poll conducted by Elabe says 63 percent of people polled found Macron more convincing than Le Pen in tonight’s debate.


In his closing remarks, Macron notes that Le Pen used up her very last minutes by filling them up with lies “without saying what she wants for this country”.


“France is in a deep crisis. It’s a crisis of morale linked to the failed politics of the past 20 years, the failure to create unity because some play on people’s anger. I have listened to this anger, doubts and grievances. I want to respond to it with courage.”


Le Pen also says the French deserve better than being thrown into a war based on chasing profits.


“That’s the France you want,” she tells Macron, accusing him of being a candidate representing the closure of factories, maternity wards, police stations, hospitals and says he’s ready to open France’s doors to “massive immigration”.


Le Pen charges Macron with being under German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s thumb. “In any case, France will be led by a woman: Either me or Mrs. Merkel,” Le Pen says.


“What a ridiculous phrase!” Macron retorts.


Macron is challenging Le Pen on whether she actually proposes France to leave the euro or not


“The euro is the currency of the bankers. It is not the currency of the people,” Le Pen says.


I have no idea who “won” the debate if anyone. It’s unlikely that either party will be able to pass their legislation.

The election will probably be closer than most think, but France does not yet seem ready for Le Pen. Six years from now may be another story.

Italy in 2018 is far more likely than France to be willing to kiss the Euro goodbye.

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tmosley's picture

Or maybe gramma Macron. If she can be torn away from the hot dogs and pasta.

Mtnrunnr's picture

Vote Macro. As a banker he knows and understands what its like to be one of the %20 of the unemployed youth. Voting lapen will lead to a crash

Fake Trump's picture

All bankers are flawed. They are banksters. Don't trust any banker. 

jcaz's picture

Throw Barry in there, too- she'd love the job....

Fake Trump's picture

Bet you she loves blow jobs. Well at 48 she is good at that. I reckon she is a better cunt than Hillary. 

bigkahuna's picture

Go Le Pen!

That is the best political comment I have heard - probably ever.

robertsgt40's picture

Marine has bigger balls than the cuck Macron can only dream of. 

BorisTheBlade's picture

Yes, but that's a pedophilophobe argument.

tmosley's picture

What do you mean, that's just a crazy conspiracy theory! $500 for a hot dog is completely normal.

Rodders75's picture

I watched the debate all the way thru. By any objective measure MLP came across as a stupid vindictive cackling bitch, as grating as Hillary in her own way, and Macron more presidential and suave. But both fought like a pair of Yorkshire terriers and it was an utterly unedifying spectacle. Macron's establishment victory gives France and Europe every excuse not to reform anything, especially as he's unlikely to get sufficient support in the legislative elections. So everyone's fucked. Sorry from France.

PT's picture

So the PTB have learnt from their mistakes in the US elections?

MilwaukeeMark's picture

TPTB have learned that to retain control a prodigious use of the Hegelian Dialectic works every time. Pit two groups against one other. Support and control both. Pour gasoline liberally on both groups, light a match and step back. When the smoke clears, infiltrate the winners, wash, rinse, repeat. Until people wake up to the fact that they are being played, they buy into these fake leaders every election cycle hoping for change which never comes.

The Harlequin's picture

Neither your comment nor your politics are unbiased, it would appear. Did you vote for Fillon?

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Actually, when the little yipping beagle would let her speak without interrupting her every five seconds, she came across as someone who loves France and will put the French people first. Macron came across as you would expect of a programmed robot, 39 yrs. old, and having no experience. He shows he is very gifted at following directives and doing exactly as he was told by Attali et al. I too watched the debate in full, and the main problem was that the moderators did nothing to stop Macron from his constant interruptions and his talking too long (and saying nothing). 

You are probably also, my child, a Kushner fan. One of the youth who regard themselves as bringing in "fresh new ideas" when it turns out that all of those ideas have already been tried in the past.

At the end, in his wrapping up speech, the little rodent directly called Le Pen a parasite and an out and out liar. That shows what class he is really from.

If he wins, I'm going to start thinking the Russians rigged the election or something.



RealityCheque's picture

I think he refers to her as "Gammy" or "Mee Maw"

FreeShitter's picture

Well old yeller practically governs the ussa so she might be on to something.

falak pema's picture


She got slammed dunked by Macron. She is TOAST.

The worst debate in French history, all hot air and invectives on her part; he kept the high ground and ground her under his feet.

Trumpism is NOT a recipe fo populist bullshitting in Europe. 

"You can keep your Canard à L'orange"... say the French to you false yankee doodle dandy libertarians.

desirdavenir's picture

we don't agree much, but this is one instance. I believe that the far-right (Fillon's extreme catholics, NDA, Ménard and so on) have just realized that 1) this will not be this time; and 2) that they will have to remove the Le Pen if they want to stand a chance in the future. It's not that french don't take a lot of bullshit, it is that people want to be able to brag about the person they vote for. And for more than 2h, we just witnessed sheer incompetency. Even alt-right incompetency, when:

- Le Pen says she hope people won't learn about a bank account in the bahamas in the coming days;

- at the same time, faked bank document suggesting exactly that are published on the Internet;

- and now, this morning, Le Pen saying she absolutely never suggested Macron has a bank account in the Bahamas...

falak pema's picture

I don't know who you are, but if you are whom the handle of your avatar refers to in the past french elections, you are the very image and incarnation of the enormous task  of political renewal facing Macron : to dismantle the past corruption of its elites of which the ENA is a cesspool; as it protects its own incestuous minded cadres like  during "l'ancien régime" :

1° the Mitterrandian left 

2° the neo-gaullist right that created and LIVED off Françafrique of which Fillon and Nagy-Bocsa were the illegitimate sons (having killed Chirac the old RPR mafia head of that cabal).

3° The rancid Maurrassien Right of the neo-fascist Le Pen tradition that left as legacy "le Plan Trinquier" as "gift" to the world  to which Macron referred when he said "France as a colonial power commited crimes against humanity" which comes back to haunt its own sons born on its soil with a double cultural legacy...

Some awesome house cleaning ahead for young Macron; to clean out the AUgean stables of France's 40 years of dogmatic head in the sand history and to start the new paradigm of renewables in a liberal social construct that does not sully the values of the Enlightenment.

What Macron stands for is what Hugo and Alexander Dumas fought for when the French lost their compass... "Ce siècle avait deux ans, Rome remplacait Sparte, déja Napoleon percait sous Bonaparte..."

Lets hope he can create a dynamic that convinces the West and EU to move in the direction that Hugo pointed to !

Yeah, history rhymes and great novels and great writers are eternal !

desirdavenir's picture

I just was a militant with sympathies for the referred to lady, probably part of 1), though I don't see why mix these with the others

falak pema's picture

What you don't see is the reason why we are where we are in France...blind to reality!

cougar_w's picture

Blind to reality is the natural evolutionary condition toward which all intelligent life attains, ere the end.

halcyon's picture

You can't explain that to an average yankee. They will never understand it, if they haven't lived in a place like France for 20 years. They are so beyond any reality check, so brainwashed by the US media (MSM and alt), that they have no bearing on reality outside US (and I'd claim, not insider US either).


Internet-is-Beast's picture

The only problem is that Macron said nothing more that he hates evil and loves good or words to that effect. He must have spent 15 minutes talking about what he would do for autistic kids. I can't remember what he would do for autistic kids (he just said whatever would run the clock). If he "defeated" Le Pen it was by hogging the stage and interrupting her so that she could never get her points across, all with the tacit approval of the media machine in charge of the debate. Despite that, Le Pen stuck to her program that she has previously expounded on. 

If the French vote for Le Pen, they will never know the tyranny they would have endured under Macron.

If they vote for Macron, they deserve their fate. I will take pleasure in watching the EU bring the hammer down on their willing subjects.


The Harlequin's picture

That is rather wishful thinking at this stage, and Macron has no "high ground" to stand upon, being that he represents precisely the kind of politician that has always been despised in France! With Le Pen you know what you will get, but with Macron you will get a capitalist in socialist clothing, the very antithesis of the "French Exception", a Tony Blair/David Cameron clone who will do to France what those criminal and corrupt Anglos did to the UK! Message to ZH readers, we too have our lunatic, knee-jerk, outrage-emoting liberal nutjobs over here. We even have Antifa assholes setting fire to Police, mere days after a memorial to the Police victim of the terrrist shooting on the Champs Elysées! Some people just don't think!

falak pema's picture

No way that Macron wil be Blair or Cameron. Its goes against the grain of his Enlightenment education.

He is more a classical social democrat who believes in social liberalism; not being the poodle of Bush (Blair), the fellow traveler of Clinton (Blair) or the neo-con who played the regime change game of Libya etc. (Cameron) until he got pissed off by the US about turn under Obama's cold footed Syria caper.

Witness how this matrix is coming apart at the seams in the HOME  country of capitalism, where the ALT-RIGHT now HATES the Oligarchy capitalists who are America!

Protectionism and labour laws of America first to kill free markets.... Some head up ass reasoning from these false nosed "libertarians" who feel the pain of being treated like third world unwashed by their own elites!

For the EU a new chapter begins and it starts by getting out of the shadow of the hegemonial matrix of Pax Americana.

How you achieve that  in Europe, in a world dominated by 5 US transnationals : Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon, is the real challenge. We are now in so called democracies run by private enterprise and  we need STRONG regulation from centre but not protectionism or you kill the entrepreneurial tradition.

We need BALANCE.

The  world has to now understand how to avoid the degenerescence of the hyperconsumer model destroying our global eco-environment by moving to a regenerescent paradigm of renewables now marching on the Swanson curve and introducing the digital revolution into our industry in lockstep with the regenerative paradigm that is now inevitable and vital.

You guys in the USA don't want to understand that and are now obsessed by the demise of the fiat economy that WS has created in this bubble. The bubble will have to pop as the world needs the new paradigm.

Its do or die time and Macron has understood that.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

The EU was an American idea and construct. EU= Etats Unies, en effet.

falak pema's picture

Victor Hugo said it in the 19th century; After WW1 the League of Nations pointed to it but the Versailles treaty (Lloyd George, Clemenceau mainly, not  Woodrow Wilson) made it impossible, by bleeding Germany like Schauble bleeds Greece today.

After WW2 Jean Monnet was its greatest proponent.

De Gaulle vs Monnet was the great debate during the 4th Republic in France (1945-1958). 

With De Gaulle's return to power it died. But the US during the 50s supported the idea of avoiding wars in Europe a recurrent psychopathic tradition of Kings, popes and holy emperors. 

Reaper's picture

Will France replace a Village Idiot, Hollande, with an EU poodle?

fleur de lis's picture

Le Pen was never allowed to voice her message to the people of France.

The French media are in the tank for Macron.

French media is as bad as and maybe even worse than American media. 

On an even playing field Le Pen would have smacked the snot out of the Rothschild concubine.

However the media identifies with the policies of the NWO and will do what it takes to keep the French people in chains while gladly assisting in the destrution of thier ancient land.

The media were also instrumental in the French Takedown of 1798 so nothing has changed.




gouyou's picture

You obviously haven't seen the debate. The media had a seat on the table, but was not in the debate at all, they were just time keepers.

As I said before, Marine completely fucked up on the economic and budget issues. She promised billions in extra spending for everyone and had nothing to propose when Marcon asked her how she would pay for it.

She dominated on the multi-culturalism issues, and her rhetorical and emotional response on terrorism was probably better than the practical one from Macron.

Then the rest of the debates was a verbal fight, Marine, using the same book as her father, looking like a caricature of herself and the National Front.

To sum it up:

  • Le Pen made a solid B on culture, a C+ on terrorism, Cs and Ds on most other subjects, and unfortunately for her a F on economics and budget.
  • Macron made a B+ on budget and economics, Cs and Ds on the other subjects.

She had some good moments like with the Merkel remark, but she looked like she started the next electoral campain than really wanting to get the top job.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

You probably would have awarded him an A+ if he had just been more effective in spouting the globalist line. The only point he made is that countries in the EU trade in Euro currency. But the English managed to trade just fine with the pound, the Hungarians with the florin, the Poles with the Zloty, etc. Stupid argument on his part. Le Pen talked a lot about how the immigrants get a higher quality of social services than the French. Macron said her programs would cost 30 billion  euros, and she countered with 17 billion but he wouldn't even debate that. She also spoke of the off-shoring of French businesses that Macron's handlers have engaged in. I was surprised when she didn't bring up Alstrom. 

It is basically a question of the so-called liberal free trade economics model which is the current policy responsible for a lowering of living standards in France, a euro which every French person I have spoken to says caused an immediate rise in prices, another point addressed by Le Pen. Even though the TVA is 20%, French will pay twice as much for the same product as Americans--it's really a joke! The example of Greece shows what happens when a country has no control of its own currency. They are subject to grinding austerity and there is no way their economy can improve. That's what will happen in France under Macron. He has no proposals for escaping the downward spiral of the French economy into EU generated austerity.

By the way, don't you know that teachers nowadays are not allowed to give Cs, Ds, and Fs? That is considered a form of discrimination against stupid people.



gouyou's picture

I would award him a D- overall.

The point about the Euros is that getting rid of it is going to have huge costs. The Euros is neutral for the French, it's positive for a few countries like Germany or the Netherlands and hugely negative for the south and east of Europe. If they had enforced a maximum 3% trade differential between countries we wouldn't have the current issues. If they would have let Greece defaults on its debts we wouldn't have the current issues (but most major French and German banks would be dead). If there was an effective redistribution between member states we wouldn't have the current issues.

The double currency system she was disucssing is just insane. And having France join ranks with economic powerhouses like Cuba and Zimbabwe isn't exactly a positive message.

The costs of Le Pen's program is nowhere near 30B, but more like 100B. You can have temporary deficits. Shit happens. But creating more just to be nice and egalitarian is stupid. It's just kicking the issue down the road and letting future generation deal with it.

Immigrants do not get higher quality of social services than the French, they get too much, but definitively less than the French and it's nothing compared to the  overall costs of social services in France.

Alstom: you have to be joking, it has nothing to do with off-shoring. It's a company, with factories all over France, that wanted to increase efficiency by concentrating part of the activity in one single more modern factory. They proposed to relocate 800 people from Belfort to Reichshoffen (still in France, about 200km to the north by car). The state is now forcing Alstom to keep the factory in Belfort, reducing the competitiveness of the company and potentially costing future contracts and jobs... That's how insane it is. No job losses, no off-shoring, but everyone is complaining.

Which off-shore account? A screenshot on /pol/ isn't proof, it's trolling. She asked the question (legal), if she said that he had one (illegal), she would be asked again to go visit a judge.

"so-called liberal free trade economics model which is the current policy responsible for a lowering of living standards in France": 57% of the GDP is public spending, 54% of the wealth generated goes to the state in France. There isn't anything liberal about such numbers. And it's the reason some stuff cost twice as much in France as in the US. Products getting in France through free trade aren't twice as expensive (e.g. iPhones).

Macron isn't proposing more austerity. French downward spiral: kinda. There is one for businesses, it has been limited for the people. It's easy to see when you are comparing France and Germany. Businesses are doing great in Germany, but on the other hand they have doubled the number of people living in poverty since 2004.

The only way to get France back in working order is to generate more wealth, generating wealth isn't going to be done by the State but by businesses. The issue in France is too much state, not the opposite.

fleur de lis's picture

You are correct -- I did not see the debate.

Thanks for the review of both candidates -- it would appear that the NWO will remain in control no matter what.

Macron will be completely obedient to his paymasters in the destruction of France, but Le Pen would be denied the necessary cooperation even if she got in.

Still, if the media had not been so biased toward communist and multi-culti decay, maybe good economists would have been drawn to her campaign.

But since the media is in overdrive to destroy her, anyone who joins her will also be destroyed.

In the end, the media is in the tank for le Madame Macron.

They don't care what happens to France any more than their NWO handlers.


gouyou's picture

She was so bad that even her father said that she didn't rise to the occasion.

I think the main issue with her program isn't to have a good economist –she has someone that should be top notch (Bernard Monot)– it's the populist rhetoric taken to the extreme. Her program is a collection of new and improved benefits targeted at segments of the population, great for gathering votes, problematic when people start to take a look at it more seriously and ask who is going to pay. If you want to become the president, you should have an answer, even a bullshit one. She didn't...

BTW, Macron isn't really NWO, at least not yet: he managed to burry the candidates from the two parties that have controlled the French system for the last 60 years.

Yog Soggoth's picture

I'm pretty sure Macron is a Rothchild eunuch. I guess he could still be a concubine, but that would be wierd. 

T-NUTZ's picture

Marine Le Pen just grabbed Madame Merkel by the pussy.

Fake Trump's picture

Easy job. Her pussy is extra large. Le Pen won't miss it.

RealityCheque's picture

It's like a wizards sleeve.

fleur de lis's picture

Actually it was le Madame Macron that she grabbed. 


Dutch Froggy's picture

No France will be ruled by Mr. Putin. Like the US. Congratulations.


fleur de lis's picture

The French should be so lucky.

If they had a leader like Putin they would not be in a state of widespread social chaos.

Dutch Froggy's picture

Yeah, tell that the six million jews, the 20 million victims from Stalin and my mother from Latvia.

bombdog's picture

A pity your father wasn't a wanker.

Dutch Froggy's picture

I will pass him the message when we are re-united.

Dutch Froggy's picture

I will pass him the message when we are re-united.

fleur de lis's picture

Putin is not Stalin.

Stalin was another Rothschild employee.

He was well known to the Russian police as a violent street thug, firebug, thief, etc., all the attributes of degenerate Rothschild talent.

How did a barely literate criminal end up in control of the biggest country on Earth without the permission of the NWO?

The Rothschilds recruited him while he was terrorizing Baku.

No sense in letting all that violent psychopatic behavior go to waste.

It was folded in with the filty Bolsheviks and redirected toward the Russian people and anyone else whom Stalin perceived as a potential threat, real or imagined.

Stalin was just another ugly Rothschild baby.

If MS-13 were not such uncontrollable hotheads they would have been on Rothschild/NWO payroll a long time ago.

Forward your complaints to the Rothschilds.

And while you're at it you can complain to them about their participation in the planning of WW1&2 in addition to all the other revolutions, civil wars, and boodlettings they instigated ever since that sleazy little street rat Amschel Meyer Rothschild and his moron wife Gutle spawned them. 

Then wait for them to express any concern for your Latvian relatives or anyone else.


Dutch Froggy's picture

Until now I really liked One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. You must have read too many conspiracy theories? Poor chap.


fleur de lis's picture

Why are you confusing Hollyweird with history.

You need to ditch the NWO "history" books and seek the facts.