Paul Craig Roberts Warns American Democracy Is "A Dead Man Walking"

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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

Trump’s “sell-out,” as it is called, coming on top of Obama’s eight-year “sell-out,” is instructive. We have now had a Democratic president who sold out the people who elected him and a Republican president who has done the same thing. This is a very interesting point, the meaning of which most people miss.

But not Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. At the Valdai discussion club, Putin summed up Western democracy, which I paraphrase as follows:

In the West, voters cannot change policies through elections, because the ruling elites control whoever is elected. Elections give the appearance of democracy, but voting does not change the policies that favor war and the elites. Therefore, the will of the people is impotent.


People are experiencing that they and their votes have no influence on the conduct of affairs of the country. This makes them afraid, frusrated, and angry, a combination of emotions that is dangerous to the ruling elite, who in response organize the powers of the state against the people, while urging them with propaganda to support more wars.

Obama promised to get out of Afghanistan or Iraq or perhaps it was both. He promised to reverse the police state created by the George W. Bush regime. He promised to focus American resources on American domestic problems, such as health care.

But what did he do? He expanded the wars and launched new ones, destroyed Libya and attempted to destroy Syria, but was stopped by British non-participation and Russian objection. Obama overthrew democratic governments in Honduras and Ukraine. He expanded the police state. He began the demonization of Russia and Putin. He betrayed the American people again by allowing the private insurance industry to write his health care plan known as Obamacare. The private interests wrote a plan that diverts public monies from health care to their profits.

All of this is forgotten when the ruling elites and the presstitutes that serve only them refocused the demonization on Trump. Suddenly, it was the president-elect of the United States who was the main danger to the US and the American people. Trump was a Russian agent. He had conspired with Putin to steal the US election from Hillary Clinton and make the White House a partner of Putin’s alleged reconsruction of the Soviet Empire.

The nonsense was hot and furious, and it was effective. Trump succumbed to pressure and sacrificed his National Secuity Advisior, who was supportive of Trump’s promise to normalize relations with Russia. Trump replaced him with a Russophobic idiot who apparantly cannot wait to see mushroom clouds over cities all over the Western world.

Why did two presidents in succession completely sell out the people who voted for them?

The answer is that presidents are not as powerful as the interest groups who make the decisions.

Trump was going to get us out of Syria, so he committed an unambigious war crime by gratuitously attacking Syria with Tomahawk missiles.

Trump was going to normalize relations with Russia, so his Secretary of State announces that US economic sanctions will stay on Russia until Russia hands over to Ukraine the Russian Crimean naval base on the Black Sea.

It is impossible to normalize relations when the cost to the other party of the normalization is national suicide.

Despite Trump’s complete surrender to the powers that be, today (May 2) on NPR I heard raw propaganda dressed up as “expert opinion” that Trump is biased against the media, when what all of us have seen is massive media bias against Trump, including the program to which I was listening.

For example, NPR had accumulated “experts” who said that Trump had slandered Obama by accusing him of intercepting his comunications. NPR said nothing about the Obama regime’s charge that Trump conspired with Putin to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

If anything was slander, this was, but all the talk was about how Obama could sue Trump.

But, of course, both are public figures, and neither can sue the other.

I wonder why NPR’s “expert” didn’t get around to this point.

Why is the ruling oligarchy still using its presstitutes to campaign against a president who has surrendered to them?

Perhaps the answer is that the real powers that be are going to make an example out of Trump so that never again does a person running for elected office make a populist appeal to the electorate.

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VWAndy's picture

 Demockery folks. How is voting going to work if they do the polar opposite of what we elect them to do? 

junction's picture

The correct term now for American democracy is "Dead Woman Walking", which describes Hillary Clinton.  Her doctors seem to have come up with a treatment for her vascular dementia, a treatment that is straight out of Dr. Frankenstein's playbook.  

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

Please do tell us the gory details.

Scrimpy's picture

So ' What can't the GLOBALIST  jew owned FED buy with the 7 trillion dollars they printed for themselves under Obama?'




Now where did I here that before?

Mother Of All Bomb's picture

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Last of the Middle Class's picture

I loved seeing her called "The butcher of Iraq" Nothing could be more fitting for the short little slime ball.


Mr. Universe's picture

Demockery, I love it. There is only one party. Just take a look at the budget deal, everything the Dems could want, yet they are the minority.

VWAndy's picture

 It sure fits nice dont it.

jjtech's picture

It doesn't matter what "democrats"(wtf?) or "republicans" want -- decisions are made elswhere, so I'd quit even mentioning those ridiculous names .... they ALL do the SAME. That means, clearly as it can be, it DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL who is elected. They all do the same....

What does that mean? That the whole system that produces those outcomes is a cancer that has to be removed. How? I'm afraid if people themselves won't rise up and knock this cancer out, than we have a mushroom cloud over our heads. This is clearly the deal.

You've got to be naive like a 5 yo child to believe that anything can be changed through the political process, because this is precisely this political process that is the problem

ThirteenthFloor's picture

"America best government money can buy". HL Mencken

Since we're on Mencken...few more getting all the more appropriate

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard."

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

Cloud9.5's picture

The propaganda never stops.  Understand that the mime that we once had a democracy that is now lost is part of an ongoing effort to establish something that never was.   The oligarchs want democracy because democracy is mob rule.  Mobs are easily persuaded by propagandists and charismatics, puppets that they control.

We never had a democracy.  At best we had a republic that was separated into three realms of sovereignty.  Federal sovereignty was concentrated in the realm of interstate commerce and national defense.  State sovereignty focused on property rights, contracts and voting rights.  The sovereignty of the individual was centered on personal liberty.


Imagine some governmental figure trying to tell a sovereign citizen of the 18th century how to raise his children.  If lucky such a bureaucrat would be tarred and feathered and run out on a rail.  What we have lost is the Republic.   In the process we have lost our states’ rights and our personal freedoms.  Any of us can now be summarily executed by King POTUS.


thetruthhurts's picture

Spell check found lots of spelling errors in this piece.

What the heck Paul?

LetThemEatRand's picture

There is no free country left on this planet.   There are degrees of oligarch control.  Maybe the extreme libertarian core had it right in thinking Somalia wasn't half bad.  A few guys with guns could take that place.  Of course they would probably then set up a new government and everything would get fucked up in no time.

Mr. Universe's picture

No truer words have been spoken.

There is no free country left on this planet.

Some would tell you it's the beginning of the end of days, they could be right.

WernerHeisenberg's picture

The proof of this is Russians (who under the Tsars could bear arms and had hard currency) are under the same regimen of gun controls and fiat currency as the rest of this Slave Planet

drunkfish's picture

I used to hope that the collapse would bring about an awakening; now I just see TPTB using it as an excuse to take away the few freedoms left. Can I take the blue pill and return to the bewildered herd? At least they must feel comfort in their ignorance. Better than despair? 

Ghordius's picture

"Russians (who under the Tsars could bear arms and had hard currency)"

ahem... perhaps you mean after Tsar Alexander II "The Liberator" freed most of the Russians, who were serfs

using RT's own sources:

"The final collapse was precipitated by Russia’s embarrassingly bad performance in the Crimean war. It shocked the Emperor and convinced Russia’s leaders of the need for urgent reform in the shape of a market economy.

In 1861 all of the twenty three million privately owned serfs were emancipated following the decree issued by Emperor Alexander II, the Liberator, granting them the full rights of free citizens, to marry without having to gain consent, to own property and to own a business. However the legislation also had a drawback. The newly freed serfs were saddled with a crippling, ‘redemption tax’ to be paid to the former landowners. Many of them had to give away all their grain to pay the tax, leaving them with nothing to survive on. In 1866, emancipation followed for the twenty three million state owned serfs. Unlike the privately owned ones, they received larger plots of land to make a living from.    

Serfs had a perpetually miserable time throughout history. Even after their supposed ‘emancipation’ their conditions barely improved. Eventually their anger would contribute to the revolution that destroyed the Tsarist system that enslaved and then tried to free them. "

gswifty's picture

East and west, twins of the same birth.

Scrimpy's picture

Russia is 'the last free white run country, and has to go'!



Now where did I hear that before?



Lost in translation's picture

Welcome to the New Age Roman Empire.

Hail, Caesar!

quasi_verbatim's picture

It's time for the US ruling oligarchy to come out of the shadows and stand in the fierce light of the public's adulation.

In England, we are dispensing with Parliamentary representative democracy on June 8th and going for a one-party state fronted by Gloriana II. As things have been they remain.

Ms No's picture

I agree.  Look at how much money we are spending on this farce of having an executive, judicial and legislative.  They need to fire these fuckers and just come out from behind the curtain.  Hopefully they execute them in the process. 

Rebel yell's picture

I think that the oligarchy will just do this to every president as a form of psychological terrorism because as long as Joe Shmoe on Main Street still owns his house outright and has any savings whatsoever, Wall Street and the other corporations think that they missed out on that sum. It's really a sickness. I do not understand people who have impossible to spend wealth for several generations who just aren't content with that. Nothing is more valuable than time. Money can't buy more of it. To spend all time dedicated to the obsession of accumulating more and more assets is actually crazy. The opportunity costs are staggering and not worth it from my perspective.

Washington Post is now blaming Bill Clinton for Hillary's loss. He went to Russia too if you recall. Too bad that Hillary married a Russian double agent that cost her the election! Her theme song will be the spy who loved me- and every other woman on earth.

gswifty's picture

They want to live forever. Technology will make them immortals. The first head transplant will be done within a year.

HopefulCynical's picture

Psychopaths lust for power and control above all else. It's not about accumulating wealth for themselves - it's about TAKING IT AWAY FROM EVERYONE ELSE.

That's why nothing is ever enough.

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

"I do not understand people who have impossible to spend wealth for several generations who just aren't content with that"

It's a desease ("phylargyria") In Greek means "lust for silver"

Nunyadambizness's picture

In all truth, if one does not believe in the hereafter, they have no reason NOT to acquire as much wealth as they can to make their lives here on Earth as comfortable as possible.  If one DOES believe that there is life after death (or a continuation of the spirit if you will), then they undersatnd that the accumulation of "stuff" isn't what's important.  It's an entirely different perspective.

Ms No's picture

"Perhaps the answer is that the real powers that be are going to make an example out of Trump so that never again does a person running for elected office make a populist appeal to the electorate."

That's probably exactly what it is, plus they want to push Marxism to it's usual end point and destroying what people think of conservative viewpoints will facilitate this. 

Trump is an idiot.

Rebel yell's picture

Ms. No, I'm quite certain that the oligarchy is not attempting to push Marxism. They did not dedicate their lives to acquiring assets to have them seized under Marxism. They are rigging Mussolini-ism

Ms No's picture

The oligarchs assets wont be seized, yours will.  The banks periodically harvest the populations assets.  Pretty much every crash they cause that happens.  They pretty much already have everybody's retirement but people just don't know it yet.

In ND when the Great Depression hit there was a politician that resisted them.  With the dust bowl and the economic problems the banks were set to own every farm in the state.  This guy threatened to call the national guard up if one more farm was taken and run the banks out of the state. The farmers were ready to fight.  This is the only reason why there are family farms in ND and they are very prosperous and provide stability.  There are a lot of wealthy and/or stable people there as a result of that.  They had him thrown in prison on trumped up charges but he later was vindicated. 

This time it will be worse. They seem to be coming for everything.  The money wont be going to a collective government it will going to the people who own the state.  That's how it always is.  The state is always owned in these circumstances.  It's just a centralized medium for them to control and harvest other people's shit.

Rebel yell's picture

That is corporate statism, Mussolini style fascism, not Marxism in which the government owns all means of production and everything else. To each according to his ability-to each according to his needs and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few is not what this oligarchy has in mind.

Ms No's picture

That is what Marxism claimed to be and never what it was in practice.  You don't let treacherous pricks like Marx tell you what they are up to in a propaganda treatise and then believe it.  Mussolini doesn't get to define fascism either.  There are two big problems right there.  Marx brought us all the big democidal regimes.  They needed these monopoly corporations to absorb all of US business.  They wont need them forever.  They can go full state and chocolate rations or they can keep Google.  It wont matter.  It all will be tailored to the type of economic and political structure they are dismantling.

Edit: Furthermore, Marx probably didn't write that alone.  That Satanic work has turned people googly-eyed for Utopia and ready to turn their own government over, for the benefit of Zionist oligarchs, for far too long.  Remember all they need is for people to get all emotional and turn over the system already inplace.  I have personally have always been suspicious of Ayn Rand for that reason as well, assuming she alone wrote the book.  That book gets people all emotional and starry eyed as well, but you can't say that here because people get pissed off.  Maybe they discarded it because the liberty ideas were going to cause them too much problems post revolution, who knows.


HopefulCynical's picture

That is what Marxism claimed to be and never what it was in practice.  You don't let treacherous pricks like Marx tell you what they are up to in a propaganda treatise and then believe it.


lil dirtball's picture

Y'all are splitting hairs with these theories. What you're really talking about are traitors, treason and theft - and the proscribed punishment for all three is generally death.

If we had stuck to this simple law and not let the mealy-mouthed politico's and lawyers rule the day and not played make-believe that the Constitution was to be 'interpreted' by goons in black robes, Americans would be a free people and we wouldn't even be talking about this nonsense.

Cloud9.5's picture

You are correct.  For those who are not in the club and finds themselves on their knees in front of a ditch it matters very little to them that the bullet going through their brain if the bullet is a nine millimeter parabellum or a thirty caliber Nagant.  The end result is the same.

Rebel yell's picture

Actually, since Marxism refers to all means of production being under government control and corporate statism is corporations controlling the government, which is the current problem facing our nation, it is an extremely significant distinction to point out so that we can address the problem correctly. A problem cannot be solved without being identified. It is not splitting hairs by any stretch of the idiom.

Ms No's picture

They are right it doesn't matter.  If the Jewish banking oligarchs own the state and the state "controls the means of production" (copywrite Marx) or if the Jewish oligarchs own the monopoly corporations which control the state, what is going to difference in the end result?  What people really should be concerned about his who owns and regulates the banks.  He who owns the banks will eventually own the state, the corporations and the assets.

They prefer Communism and every Communist country indoctrinates their population with Marxism.  Why would that be?  This is not a coincidence this is the plan.  The Marxism facilitates centralized control and revolution.  Then tens of millions die.  The Marxist doctrine makes this all possible and it very much alive and well in the US today.  It is dominant. 

VWAndy's picture

 They might and easliy could simply rehypothocate everything. Its not like the courts would stop them.

Nunyadambizness's picture

It's those Communists in power that control the other 99.9%.  Look at Stalin or Mao--they had everything they wanted and had people killed on a whim--and when people understand that the simplest variation from the government's "truth" can end in torture or death, they tend to stay in line.  This is what those Marxists in the shadows want for We the People.  They aren't Americans in anything but name, their ONLY loyalty is to their Marxist satanic masters.  Why do you think the push for gun control is never ending?  People with guns are not easily dispatched.  Why else do they attack EVERYTHING that Conservatives try and gain or protect?  It's because there is NO loyalty to the country, only to their Marxist satanic masters.  

Only when people understand that there IS NO COMPROMISE in these people will they finally get it.  We the People need to be as inflexible and ruthless in gaining back our Republic, as the Marxists are in destroying it.

BigCumulusClouds's picture

It's sad that so many now think the founding fathers gave us a democracy when they despised democracy. Republic was the intention, and it lasted until Wilson.

HopefulCynical's picture

You misspelled Lincoln.

Wilson was the final nail. Lincoln built the goddamned coffin.

Rebel yell's picture

It's so sad that many who say that we have a republic and not a democracy don't even know the meaning of the word republic and make complete asses out of themselves when they say that!

a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.
a group with a certain equality between its members.

late 16th century: from French république, from Latin respublica, from res ‘entity, concern’ + publicus ‘of the people, public.’

Nomad Trader's picture

I am a Nomad. I belong to no state or country. I have no president, prime minister, or leader. I was part of a huge wave of people who rejected the western world and all the bullshit of bailouts/privatisations/QE in 2008. Now, almost a decade later, none of us have returned. We live where we want, do what we want, and I can tell you - our lives are happier without leaders, wars and news. There is a big world out there waiting for you. One in which leaders are still corrupt, but that the people just don't care. Now tell me, which is better? (Expert tip: you can't know by guessing)

Ms No's picture

Sorry friend but they call it globalism for a reason.  Unless it falls on it's face real quick this is a fight for all of humanity.  People have been running from the banking scourge for centuries and succeeding until they show up.  Running wont work for much longer.

roddy6667's picture

I have chosen the same path. I spend most of my time inside China, but I like other countries in that part of the world. Just returned from a week in Thailand. Very tolerant country that has moved its people from poverty to middle class in 15 years. No wars, low cost, great food, beautiful women, what's not to like? For me, it's the heat. In late April it was 94 degrees with a Real Feel of 114. I can not imagine July through September. For people who like the heat, I think it is ideal.