White South Africans Are Preparing For "Removal of All Whites Within Five Years"

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Authoreed by Daniel Lang via SHTFplan.com,

Back in March, the President of South Africa made a shocking suggestion, which left many white landowners fearing that they may face a race war in the near future. In a speech, Jacob Zuma announced that he wanted the government to begin confiscating white owned lands, before redistributing them to black South Africans.

Zuma wants a “pre-colonial land audit of land use and occupation patterns” to help decide which lands need to be taken, and has said that “We need to accept the reality that those who are in parliament where laws are made, particularly the black parties, should unite because we need a two-thirds majority to effect changes in the constitution.”


It’s believed that Zuma is calling for this radical action in response to the rise of a rival political party known as the Economic Freedom Fighters, who have long called for the confiscation of white owned lands.

Obviously, this kind of talk doesn’t bode well for the future of South Africa. You have the leaders of the first and third most popular political parties, both of which promote socialist ideas, openly declaring that they want the government to steal from an entire racial group. Since these political parties wouldn’t be in power unless they had some degree of popular support, it’s clear that black South Africans are increasingly turning against their white neighbors. It’s a perfect recipe for genocide.

It’s conditions like that which have spawned organizations like the Suidlanders; a massive civilian-run civil defense group that is dedicated to protecting Afrikaaners in the event of social collapse or civil war. They’re currently getting ready for the possibility of a government implemented genocide of white South Africans. One of their leaders recently spoke to Infowars, and explained how they plan to respond to that threat.

Roche told Infowars that leftist South African leaders have in recent months threatened “the slaughter of all whites, and the removal of all whites within five years,” prompting Suidlanders to prepare for a surprise civil war event which they now believe is imminent.


“Then we would, in such an open civil war, in such a crisis, gather our people together and seek sanctuary in a remote location and then to remove ourselves from being wiped out or slaughtered,” Roche said.

However, the organization doesn’t plan to take up arms, and their best plan so far will only accommodate a minority of whites in the country.

“It’s not about taking up arms, it’s about retiring from the threat,” Roche said. “There’s this intractable tension that seems to be building in our country, where the two parties can never be reconciled, and the stronger party is openly declaring that it will remove the weaker party within five years, slaughter them all, take all of their lands.”


Suidlanders has a large-scale evacuation protocol in place in case an ethnic civil war happens, designed to remove roughly 20% of the estimated 4.8 million white South Africans safely from the embattled region.

It’s sad that it has come to this. Once the most wealthy and developed nation on the continent, South Africa is quickly turning into an economic basket case, brimming with racial tensions that could spill over at any time. Once again, socialism and multiculturalism have proven to be total failures.

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Substitute worldwide for South Africa and you have the real objective

HooRAY4rSIDE's picture

Well, except Israel of course.

dark fiber's picture

Nope.  Soros is at work there too.  The problem is that you cannot call  a Jew a Nazi without getting surreal(and possibly beaten up).   But same multicultural LGBT pro Islam leftie shit is being promoted there too. It's just that the opposition is still very decisive there.

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White South Africans Are Preparing For "Removal of All Whites Within Five Years"


Only certain whites need apply? Thats racist...

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To be fair to South Africa, this is a policy that has paid dividends in Zimbabwe - their stock market gains were astronomical in the last few years.

(Didn't Robert Mugabe recommend that South  Africa keep their whites, in order to keep the country working? He ought to know a thing or two about it)

Final thought: does this mean we have to change the names of all those streets currently labelled "Mandela"?

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If the number of recent White S.African immigrants in my small English town are anything to go by.. they must be fleeing in droves.

AustrianJim's picture

Are they balancing out the influx of Muslims to your small English town?

Conax's picture

20% will flee together into the hinterlands and hide. Good plan.

I don't know the best course of action, but this can't be it.

are we there yet's picture

There goes the neighborhood. When whites flee, property values go down, crime goes up, IQ scores go down, school quality goes down, employment choices go down. This story is repeated endlessly across neighborhoods and countries.

Umlott von Dweiseldorff's picture

Yep.  Those dupes that don't know history are doomed to repeat it.  

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It should tell you just how much South Africans are willing to risk to alleviate themselves of whites. They want them gone. All around the world and especially in Africa are people becoming increasingly impatient and vengeful in response to the parasitic white colonization. When will you understand, nobody will miss them or any of the hatred and disease they bring, then charge for the cure. They would rather go back to grass huts and shit in holes rather than to have to deal with evil esau beasts of Revelations. No one wants their colonization. They're dying in Africa by sun and climate alone. As well as New Zealand and Australia. It should tell you just how much whites are willing to risk to maintain what's not theirs. If it weren't for sunscreen they would have been wiped out already. The world would be much more peaceful without the inventors of racial hatred, everything they brought is now the reason for their downfall. The white Americans have disrespected Islam and projected their neverending hatred on Muslims. In response, radicals are devastating Europe. They're hatred for black, Hispanic and Muslims only  brings these groups together in larger numbers. The hateful race is dying out. Soon the world will be peaceful again.

Peterman333's picture

Good luck with that, Boer's are some of the meanest nastytough enemies you'll ever run up against, they won't give up and they won't run away. If the English at their genocidal empire prime couldn't wipe them out, I doubt anyone else will succeed.

waspwench's picture

"The organization doesn't plan to take up arms....."

If anyone believes that I have a nice bridge for sale that they may be interested in.

Peterman is right.   The Boers will fight and they will secure a section of SA which will become a white, Boer country.

The blacks will be given the white farms and they will be too lazy or too inept to manage them.   The farms will end up in the hands of a few well connected black politicians who will rent them out to the Chinese.   The blacks will be starving, as usual, and, as usual, the west will be sending emergency rations and idiot luvvies will be appealing for funds to save them.

It is becoming painfully obvious that no matter what is done to help the blacks they are incapable of governing themselves.   Most are too stupid and the intelligent ones are too corrupt.   I have a feeling the Chinese will take care of the problem.

Umlott von Dweiseldorff's picture

The Chinese will never let a good opportunity go to waste.  Excellent point.

Twee Surgeon's picture

The Chinese are already moving into Africa on a large scale, Google it. They are 'Investing'. Another name for printin 'Money' that will buy Dollars. Pounds. Yen and a pack of smokes. Coupons accepted world wide, paper and ink printed by Communists. Nice Gig! China is Buying Nations with Coupons printed in Sum Ting Wong City.

hooligan2009's picture

the brits invented "concentration camps" for boer women and children, 40 years before hitler



Peterman333's picture

I think (can't prove it, just my theory) they did that because of the irish, too many Irish got away when the English were genociding them over the years which is of course what they wanted, the Irish gone so they could keep the land but yet it didn't help the English gain eventual total control of the land and eventually they were pushed out of most of the country after 1917.

I think with the Boers they thought, "this time, lets fence them in and we'll better achieve our aims"

Is-Be's picture

the brits invented "concentration camps" for boer women and children, 40 years before hitler

I cover my head in shame. Tears blur my keypad.No sarc.

Hitler did it to utilize Jewish labour. His care of sick Jews in the camps was exemplary. No sarc. 

We did it in spite. We could not defeat the Boers so we allowed dysentery and starvation to kill off his women and children.

Muroluvmi's picture

How do they not recognize the contributions made by the whites? Do they not realize how much poorer they will be when the whites disappear? "Hey fellas. Take a look at any other African country that is over 95% black. Is that what you want?"

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

That is an easy one.  Just take a look at the average IQ, that explains it for the most part.

quasi_verbatim's picture

Nothing new here. Congoids, Negroids, Asiatics and Semitics are the most racist people on the planet.

are we there yet's picture

All blacks in SA came there post colonial because of the better economic conditions than the savage countries that they came from.

praps's picture

Nobody has a right to own land.  Land was here a long time before we were, and current owners of land have basically stolen it. They should pay a fair rent to society for the priviledge of occupying it.  The rent will reflect the value of the land.  All other taxes can then be abolished.

Snaffew's picture

nobody owns land...they rent it from the government until they die.

praps's picture

They have to get mortgages to buy it - to own it.  They have to pay property tax as well but that is tiny compared to the true rental value of the land under the house.

SnottyBubbles's picture



Does the party boss in your world get jus primae noctis and Droit du seigneur too?  



NAVIGATOR0832's picture

They already do.  It's called property tax.  

praps's picture

Property tax is much smaller than the true rental value of land.

Big Corked Boots's picture

You're not familiar with property taxes in New Jersey.

bogbeagle's picture

Why should  a man pay rent to "society"? ... you said that no-one has a right of ownership... so, what claim does this "society" have on my money?

praps's picture

You could say the same about taxes.  Taxes are just random but rent is a fair payment for the use of something that doesn't belong to you.  Especially when the value of that land has been improved by society investing around it in roads, sewerage system, lighting, law and order, etc etc

TheReplacement's picture

Well I agree with you entirely. You can start by sending your rent payment to us. If not, we'll have hired gunmen come and put you in jail, unless you resist. In that case they will kill you.



praps's picture

Glad you agree.  I'll do it if everyone else will.  And pay no other taxes of course.

Cirth42's picture

Land ownership and boundaries are all within language, without language there is no definition of a country like Souh Africa, there is just land. As such humans have been fighting over whose land is whose since the beginning of civilization, race this or that is just the latest version of separation between humans being human to each other.

praps's picture

Rent is also within language.  If everybody paid rent instead of taxes there would be no need for fighting over land.  That would be civilized.

TheReplacement's picture

You dumbfuck. Don't you think we would fight over collecting the rent? And just what would the rent be spent on? Whatever you come up with will be worth killing over.


We will make you a deal. You can have all the land and charge rent for it to your little heart's content.

We will, on the other hand, take all the water and not rent nor sell a single drop to you.

After several days we will own the land and the water.


ThuleNord's picture

You contradict yourself in your own comment dumbass. Then the government doesn't own it either, nor can "society" lay claim to its "fair" share.

praps's picture

Nobody has a right to own it, but we all have to live and work somewhere.  It's easier to say that everybody owns it, and if somebody wants to use it they have to pay everybody i.e. society, rent.  

The alternative is what you have now which is where a small minority own mosy of the land and everybody else is sort of enslaved because they have to pay rent to the land owner either directly or by the business they work for.



ThuleNord's picture

That's called communism moron. Newsflash, human nature gets in the way everytime and a powerful elite always subsists at the top.

praps's picture

It's not called communism.  In communism all the man made stuff also belongs to society.  I am only proposing that rent is paid for stuff we didn't make - land.  Anything you make from that land then belongs to you, not society.

TheReplacement's picture

In that case we want to rent ALL of the green and fertile land. You can live in the desert. If you don't like it you better have guns.

Human nature, getting in the way of retards plans since, well, ever.

praps's picture

Some people might want to live in the desert because there would be no rent to pay.  The rent for green and fertile land would be higher -but nowhere near as high as the rent for land at the centre of cities.

MEFOBILLS's picture

Praps you are confusing the lumpenproletariat here at ZH.  You have to teach them.

Rents are unearned income.  It is a derivitive of the french word rentier.  Rentier in turn comes from rent-racking.  During the English industrial revolution, landlords raised rent on their apartments, and hence sucked away all the productive capital.

These particular land lords inherited the land from the Norman Conquests, and hence were stealing due to inheritence, not due to anything they invented or produced, or labored for.

Rents as a term has evolved from rent racking, to include any number of forms of sophisticated theft.  For example, Carlos Slim in Mexico has "special dispensation" under law, to then own the airwaves  Never mind that the airwaves are "free" and gift of god, Carlos gets to have a monopoly.  This then allows monopoly pricing.  He gets rich by cornering the commons.

In Greece, rentiers are grabbing the commons, things like airports, to then charge higher access fees.  This is the same as rent racking, in that the new owners are extracting unearned income.

The arguments that some of the people above are sophomoric in the extreme, and indicate a lack of understanding.  Land does have to be taxed, as it does not follow supply and demand curves.  If land is pushed in price, it makes an economy grind to a halt, as land is the basis of all economy.

If land is cornered by monopoly, then that raises prices.  For example, banksters grab land during depressions as people swap to get out of debt.  The lands are then aggregated into agribusiness, or into large corporations.  This then leads toward oligarchy.

So, yes, land is the one proper tax despite what the know nothings are saying. But, when you call it rent, that confuses people.  There is an entire body of thought called Georgist economics that deals with this taxing land and other rents.

Umlott von Dweiseldorff's picture

That was the stooopidest comment I have read on ZH.  The second is distantly behind.  Are you the one that invented Common Core?  Your Maf Sucks.

Oldwood's picture

The result of a progressive education where everything is an entitlement and nothing is earned or owned. We the people, as a collective, own everything, and we the people as individuals own nothing, but are entitled to everything, but can claim nothing of our own. Get it?

The only things worth "owning" are those things that sustain us...land and the ability to feed ourselves being primary to that end. But NO, we cannot own our land, we can only rent it, forcing us to divest ourselves of a portion of what we grow to the collective, to those who do not grow, much less cultivate the fields. To the EATERS, the useless yet entitled overhead of the collective put in place as an army of FORCE, to endure our compliance to our "rent collectors". People who as their only means of eating will use force to put you off your productive asset if you FAIL to comply. the beauty of this is that only the hardest working, the most productive can survive under this burden. All others who fail are destined to be yet anther useless eater conscribed to the army of "collectors" fueling the "collective" of theft and force. All for the favor of fairness, a lie.

Ultimately this notion is nothing more than what so many came to America to escape...the nobility, the land barons who owned all the land and only "allowed" tenant farmers to labor, to "rent" their land. Why is it so hard to understand that this feudalism is what humanity has been trying to escape forever, and these Marxist idiots continue to attempt to drag the world backwards towards the abyss again and again. Demonize those who seek to own their means of production, insisting that only the STATE can own them.....own US.

praps's picture

The US is basically a slave country.  A minority own most of everything - land, stocks, bonds.  The majority of US citizens are slaves to this minority.  Nobody can dispute that.

The root of this slavery is that most of the land is owned by a minority.


WallHoo's picture

They dont know what you are talking about...and you dont make your case very clear.They see the tax on land that you speak of as just another tax and they dont understand rent extraction...They also see land just like any other asset or commodity,unfortunately you can produce anything but land...But(they) have never came to that realisation yet,hence the aggresion that they show to you...