White South Africans Are Preparing For "Removal of All Whites Within Five Years"

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Authoreed by Daniel Lang via SHTFplan.com,

Back in March, the President of South Africa made a shocking suggestion, which left many white landowners fearing that they may face a race war in the near future. In a speech, Jacob Zuma announced that he wanted the government to begin confiscating white owned lands, before redistributing them to black South Africans.

Zuma wants a “pre-colonial land audit of land use and occupation patterns” to help decide which lands need to be taken, and has said that “We need to accept the reality that those who are in parliament where laws are made, particularly the black parties, should unite because we need a two-thirds majority to effect changes in the constitution.”


It’s believed that Zuma is calling for this radical action in response to the rise of a rival political party known as the Economic Freedom Fighters, who have long called for the confiscation of white owned lands.

Obviously, this kind of talk doesn’t bode well for the future of South Africa. You have the leaders of the first and third most popular political parties, both of which promote socialist ideas, openly declaring that they want the government to steal from an entire racial group. Since these political parties wouldn’t be in power unless they had some degree of popular support, it’s clear that black South Africans are increasingly turning against their white neighbors. It’s a perfect recipe for genocide.

It’s conditions like that which have spawned organizations like the Suidlanders; a massive civilian-run civil defense group that is dedicated to protecting Afrikaaners in the event of social collapse or civil war. They’re currently getting ready for the possibility of a government implemented genocide of white South Africans. One of their leaders recently spoke to Infowars, and explained how they plan to respond to that threat.

Roche told Infowars that leftist South African leaders have in recent months threatened “the slaughter of all whites, and the removal of all whites within five years,” prompting Suidlanders to prepare for a surprise civil war event which they now believe is imminent.


“Then we would, in such an open civil war, in such a crisis, gather our people together and seek sanctuary in a remote location and then to remove ourselves from being wiped out or slaughtered,” Roche said.

However, the organization doesn’t plan to take up arms, and their best plan so far will only accommodate a minority of whites in the country.

“It’s not about taking up arms, it’s about retiring from the threat,” Roche said. “There’s this intractable tension that seems to be building in our country, where the two parties can never be reconciled, and the stronger party is openly declaring that it will remove the weaker party within five years, slaughter them all, take all of their lands.”


Suidlanders has a large-scale evacuation protocol in place in case an ethnic civil war happens, designed to remove roughly 20% of the estimated 4.8 million white South Africans safely from the embattled region.

It’s sad that it has come to this. Once the most wealthy and developed nation on the continent, South Africa is quickly turning into an economic basket case, brimming with racial tensions that could spill over at any time. Once again, socialism and multiculturalism have proven to be total failures.

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XCunning LinguistX's picture

Multiculturalism is a failure. The terms are synonymous.

Is-Be's picture

Its a failure of multiculturalism.

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I propose a crusade. We need to drive blacks out of south africa and give it back to the whites. Bushmen are ok. Need some Christian orgs. to fund us. 

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More niggers too stupid to understand who has their back.

LoveTruth's picture

Whites in SA deserve their own land.

Freedom for the white SA's from the brutal black oppression!

SmittyinLA's picture

After the whites are removed the real slaughter begins, Blacks got bigger problems than whites and their white man's burden, the Chinese and Israelis aren't constrained by the same morality, but first they have to pit black tribe against black tribe selling guns to both sides on credit, Africa is an ongoing art project.

man of Wool's picture

Bullshit.This is South Africa. Its not fucking LA!!! The Chinese are peacful and the Israelis are irrelevant.

You racist douche-bag or/and a Zionist Jew.

Is-Be's picture

It was Kissinger, the Jew, who brought down Rhodesia.

It was the Jewish media around the world that painted Rhodesians as racists.

The same Jewish media told everyone that one man one vote, once was better than any other consideration .

It was the communists that lied to and then trained African kids to become fodder for their war plans to get Rhodesia's chrome and platinum for nothing.

It was the ((World Bank)) who got Zimbabwe into mulit-generational debt with fiat money and then told the Zimbabweans that the only way out of debt was to work for nothing.

So, yes. The 'Jews' are up to their armpits in it. Goyim.

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Where are all those virtue signaling (mainly White) entertainers who sang so eloquently in the 1980's and 1990's about the evils of apartheid and the need for 'regime change'?

Not a word from them about the now-endangered Whites who (foolishly) stayed in a predictably forlorn hope to try to help the Blacks maintain what infrastructure remained. Not a word about the daily murders of, rapes of, thefts, etc. from a White minority, many of whom are from a recent generation that never saw apartheid, much less benefited from it. 

It was a South African who wrote "White Man, Think Again". http://www.balderexlibris.com/index.php?post/Jacob-Anthony-White-man-Thi...

The predictions made long ago about what would happen should African Blacks achieve power have been borne out with terrible predictability.

Chazz Nova's picture

It's fucking common sense.  They gave the monkeys the keys to the zoo.

Chazz Nova's picture

It's fucking common sense.  They gave the monkeys the keys to the zoo.

Pvt Joker's picture

If whites are forced out of South Africa,  is Canada going to take them in as Refugees?   what about the US?  Can we take them instead of those motely Syrians?

Truthseeker20's picture

It is same stragy they are doing here. Divide and conquer. Havent you noticed you see the word Resist everywhere. That is being organized. They are pretending trump is a conservative. Hence, they are trying to get turmoil between those 2 grps.

TGF Texas's picture

Long on SA ammo makers, short on SA, real estate, rand, and Diamonds.  Can't wait tell they nationilize the diamond mines! 

Any banker will tell you, profits on misery, are still profits. 

To bad about the White people, in 20 years, they will be missed. 

Wahooo's picture

They are not going to nationalize the joo mines. Orange guy would nuke them.

PodissNM's picture

Ha, de Beers probably can't wait for them to nationalize the diamond mines. Production will plummet, and the consortium can unload the millions of carat weights they've stockpiled at even higher prices.

ipso_facto's picture

Maybe 'diversity' is the total failure (just like the rest of Africa).

Sully's picture

Personally ... if I was a white in SA ... I'd get outa Dodge ...

DieSocialJusticeWankers's picture

No idea why they would stay.....it will end badly with SJW white ethnomasochists cheering it on!

Is-Be's picture

We're not Muslims.

You have no idea of the scrutiny and bureaucracy that is involved before a white man is allowed to set foot in his own civilization.

I have no doubt at all that I would not be allowed into my tribal lands.

Stalin started this mixing of peoples. He wanted everyone to identify with the State, not his own kin.

1.21 jigawatts's picture

And here's how some Minnesota cucks are planning to repsond to Suidlanders seeking to petition asylum:  by denying them a forum to speak by calling them White Supremacists. 


I say fuck it, the Suidlanders should get tanned, practice funny accents, wear sombreros and casually walk in to the US over the Mexican border without papers.

Benito_Camela's picture

Ya know, it's kinda hard for me to feel much pity for a lot of the Afrikkaners. They held onto apartheid for so long and against so much pressure and common sense, the revenge motive was bound to surface at some point. Most likely when economic conditions presented themselves. 

1.21 jigawatts's picture

They'll be back to mud huts, necklacing and street shitting in no time. 

Skin tone, IQ...

Is-Be's picture

The pressure was entirely artificial.

What are you suggesting? That if apartheid had just collapsed in 1946 we would all be singing kumbaya together now?

Benito_Camela's picture

Isn't this something Los Trumpos should be celebrating? There ain't no wall between us 'n South Africa and a whole bunch of comparatively wealthy white immigrants will make everyone happy, no? 

Wahooo's picture

Plenty of room in Palestine for those whites.

RagnarRedux's picture
British Woman Killed In South Africa After Robbers Torture Her With Blow Torch And Leave Her Husband For Dead


70,000 Whites Murdered in ‘Modern’ South Africa


South Africa: Video Of ANC Supporters Beating Woman To Death 


South Africa: Video Of Nigerian Being Beaten To Death


ModernMusket's picture

Time to start dynamiting swimming pools. And buying blocks of travelers checks...

Hannibal's picture

Could it be because S.Africa is a BRICS country that must be destroyed??

Sonny Brakes's picture

Where were the headlines when non-white people were being slaughtered?

SRV's picture

Wait til they come for your land... stolen from native tribes

zen0's picture

They weren't using it properly. It was a major improvement for everybody.

bankerssuck's picture

Highest and best use was not in the natives' language.

Sonny Brakes's picture

Luckily we've managed to make peace and reconcile with the First Nations upon which our homes happen to be situated.

bankerssuck's picture

We have the deed......

The banksters dont have the note though.....

beijing expat's picture

It depends on who is doing the killing. Duh?

TGF Texas's picture

Like the Hutu and Tutsi genocide. Or those in the DRC. There are/were plenty of headlines. Or like when the Zulu warriors were raiding SA white farmers, and the government fought them back. You do realize that SA was almost absent of any indiginous people when white people arrived, right?

Is-Be's picture

You must be very young indeed. 

The media came to Rhodesia to find all this "slaughter". They found nothing. But they did find the blacks enjoying their lunchbreak sprawled out on the lawns.

That'll do. Snap Snap. Front page news. Slaughtered Africans in the high street of Salisbury!!!

Or perhaps you are refering to Rwanda?

TeethVillage88s's picture

White US American are preparing for Removal by...

- Lobbyist
- Foreign Agents
- Charities
- Foundations
- Secret Clubs, Associations, Sororities, Fraternities, Pseudo-Religious Organizations.. Authoritarians.. Patriarchs.. Off-Shore Corporations.. Off-Shore Authorities.. Off-Shore Rulers.. Wealthy CORPORATIONS with Weapons... with Weapons Technology.. with Surveillance Technology.. with Power over IT & STEM Corporations (Monopolies)

man of Wool's picture

You should be removed by the Red Indians.

Whitey is the immigrant in America, South Africa, Zimbabwe. 

Blackey has the right to his land. 

Your list is predictable but pointless.  Land reform is always painful but so is colonialism to the locals. This is not a good situation. 

it may very well be that land refrom is on the menu because the south african economy is tanking - distract the peasants. 

TeethVillage88s's picture

I turned off the TV Audio. You may have some thing here as I am not straight.

I copied my bullets to look at and reflect on.

- Whitey is actually the Bankers & Wealthy Class that comoditized Land of the Indians... notice how farms got gobbled up in the 'Great Depression'... this was victimization of the 'Whites'
- Perhaps you did not participate in OWS?
- Perhaps you are now ready to dig deep into Stocks and Investments to figure out how we are all dupped
- Perhaps you have listened to the 'Creature from Jekkel Island' or whatever the books and Videos are titled?
- Perhaps you are now a 'Man of Cecil Rhodes'... can you now change your habit(Clothes)

At long last have you no shame... I am depressed and ashamed and am White... will you not now join me, hold my hand, look at power players, NYC & DC as power places, Look at power funding, ... and let's hold hands, and recon the number of the beast... it is the 'Lobbyist' it is the Bribers of our govt and many are foreigners.

But... yeah, the roses are coming in nice... the daisies always do well... and my god look at those buds on the ...

Roses are Red!
Violets are Blue!
U steal into my bed
God-damn I have a voice too

I never hurt you
U never hurt me
U destroy Science & Medicine too
GD megaphone destroys me

Megaton Jim's picture

Sheep's wool is straight, stupid. More like, "Man of Pubic Hair."

Is-Be's picture

We had to get black farm and minr workers from Malawi.

The Matabele under Mzilikazi and Lobengula had emptied the countryside.

We were given permission by Lobengula' to mine gold in the now empty Mashonaland

Trouble started when we told the Matabele that while we understood his traditions of slaughtering the Shona, would he mind not killing our labour.?

Now I understand your position that you think you know all about Africa because you have read your ((books)) but I wonder if you take a moral position on the predatory nature of the N'Guni tribes?

runnymede's picture

Zimbabwe 2.0

A good friend from Zim told me about when he and his family had to flee when Mugabe took over. Lost everything. It was open season on whites. Took all their land.