"The Brink Of War": The Horror Of The Deep State's Plan Exposed - Part 2

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Authored by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog,

In Part One of this article I detailed how propaganda has been utilized by the Deep State for decades to control the minds of the masses and allow those in control to reap the benefits of never ending war.

In Part Two I will discuss recent events, false flags, and propaganda campaigns utilized by the Deep State to push the world to the brink of war.

“We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness”Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

The use of graphic images, electronically transmitted across the world in an instant, along with a consistent false narrative promoted by the captured corporate media, is the preferred means of appealing to the emotions of those who want to believe atrocity propaganda. Instigating a march to war through the use of unfounded fear, misinformation, staged photo ops, and appealing to passions and prejudices was as revolting to Albert Einstein  in the 1930s as it is today to normal thinking individuals.

“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.” – Albert Einstein

It seems the level and intensity of the propaganda campaigns has ratcheted up dramatically in the last half dozen years and appears to be reaching a crescendo as we speak. It’s almost as if the Deep State is frantically trying to maintain the status quo, even as the worldwide financial Ponzi scheme of debt approaches the point of collapse. The domestic conditions in Europe, North America, and Asia are deteriorating rapidly. The propaganda doled out trying to convince citizens their financial situation is not worsening has failed.

The people realize they have been screwed and continue to be screwed by the politicians, bankers and corporate fascists running the show. This is the major reason Trump was elected. People were desperate for someone who offered them a promise of economic revival and reduced government interference in their lives.

The problem is no one is capable of saving the US Titanic. The iceberg was struck sixteen years ago when the Deep State engineered a plundering campaign driving the national debt from $5.8 trillion to $20 trillion, and unfunded welfare liabilities to $200 trillion. Unpaid for tax cuts will not save us. Unpaid for shovel ready infrastructure projects will not save us. Threatening foreign countries with tariffs will not bring manufacturing jobs back. Excessively low interest rates will not spur investment, but it will create a pension crisis and impoverish senior citizens.

Devaluing your currency when every country in the world attempts the same “solution” will not work. Passing an Obamacare lite healthcare plan that keeps mega-corporation insurance companies and hospitals in charge solves nothing. The demographic time bomb of boomers turning 65 cannot be reversed. Providing the appearance of normalcy and improvement by artificially boosting the stock and real estate markets to all-time bubble highs only makes the coming crash that much more devastating.

It is clearly evident to me the drumbeat of war is louder than it has been in decades as this Fourth Turning enters its ninth year. Every previous U.S. Fourth Turning has climaxed with a more horrific war than the previous, as the technological “advances” allow the Deep State controllers to create cannon fodder more efficiently. The year 2011 seems to have been the nexus for the Deep State to create new enemies and sow the seeds of discontent and revolution around the globe. U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq in 2011, while troop levels in Afghanistan remained low.

The neo-cons were running out of conflicts to keep the profits flowing. The U.S. economy was headed back into recession as the temporary effects of the Fed’s QE heroin injection and Obama’s massive porkulus plan were leading to the inevitable drug withdrawal and fall back into recession. The Deep State managers had to act fast. They needed new enemies, more wars and more QE.

Was it just a coincidence Hosni Mubarak was overthrown in Egypt during 2011 while the U.S. stood by and did nothing? After the democratically elected replacement turned out to be a Muslim extremist, we fully supported the next coup which placed a military dictator in charge. He just got a grand welcome from Trump a few weeks ago. I guess military dictators are OK when they do what we say.

A dictator who had the nerve to not honor the U.S. dollar as the currency of choice in his kingdom, Muammar Gaddafi, was swiftly overthrown and killed by a NATO force led by the U.S. in 2011. A stable country was turned into a terrorist haven overnight. It’s now a lawless hellhole inhabited by ISIS, Al Qaeda, and various other Muslim terrorist factions. Along with the vacuum left in Iraq, Libya became a breeding ground for terrorists, armed by the U.S.

Shockingly, after decades of stability, factions within Syria began a civil war against Assad and his government in 2011. Do you see a connection yet? Just as U.S. military presence in the Middle East began to wane, all hell began breaking out across the region. McCain and his band of neo-con world changers helped arm the “moderate rebels” fighting against the suddenly evil Assad. These moderates became ISIS, who now suddenly became the new bogeyman to be feared by Americans, as professionally produced videos of beheadings and other atrocities began to be disseminated by the mainstream media.

The War on Terror had a new jolt of gusto and increased funding for more military mis-adventures. The propagandists ignored the inconvenient fact Assad was fighting against ISIS and Al Qaeda. They ignored the fact Assad ruled over a secular country – not a country run by religious American hating Muslim zealots. Fighting against Assad and ISIS doubled the arms dealers’ profits.

Then Russia threw a monkey wrench into the Deep State plans. They fully supported Assad as an ally because they need his ports. The real reason Assad was attacked was because Saudi Arabia and Qatar need to build their natural gas pipeline across Syria to reach Europe. Virtually all of Europe is dependent upon Russia to supply their natural gas. The Deep State’s retaliation for Putin’s support of Assad was to overthrow the democratically elected president of the Ukraine who had rejected NATO for a closer partnership with Russia. The U.S. instigated coup and installation of a subservient puppet led Putin to put Crimea under Russian control and support Ukrainian rebels as they fought the new regime. This dramatic increase in tensions between NATO and Russia again generated more profits for the military industrial complex. Missiles and troops are pouring into the NATO countries surrounding Russia.

The American propaganda specialists now had their new enemies. Syria and Russia, with Iran and North Korea providing occasional fear mongering diversions, became the focus of the neo-cons and their pliant media mouthpieces. The false flag downing of a Malaysian airliner over the Ukraine was blamed on Putin and Russia. No radar proof or physical evidence was ever presented implicating the Ukrainian rebels. They were winning the civil war and the U.S./NATO needed to turn world opinion against Putin.

The first attempt at a false flag gas attack in Syria occurred in 2013, as the U.S. backed rebels murdered over 500 innocent victims in an attempt to turn world opinion against Assad and provoke NATO involvement on par with Libya. When this atrocity propaganda failed to work, the Deep State turned to heartstring pulling photographs of dead and injured children, with a consistent narrative spewed by every media pundit as instructed by the controllers.

The first atrocity propaganda photo was in 2015, functioning as twofer on the propaganda scale. The picture of a three year old Syrian boy who drowned when his boat from Turkey to Greece capsized was spread across the world on every media outlet for a week as faux outrage against Assad and Putin was ramped up to hysterical levels. The evil Assad had caused this refugee crisis, even though it was the rebels who started the war.

The blame for this tragic death was solely due to his father’s recklessness. The entire family lived in Turkey for three years and was not forced to go to Europe. The father was being funded from a relative in Canada and wanted to go to Europe for dental work. The picture was also used to promote the continued Muslim invasion of Europe. How could Europeans turn away these nice people? George Soros’ master plan was working perfectly.

A year later Aleppo boy was the latest atrocity photo used to reverse public opinion against Assad and Putin, as their military success against ISIS, Al Qaeda and the U.S. supported rebels endangered the Deep State plan. As usual, the American public swallowed the propaganda, hook, line and sinker. The picture suddenly appeared and was disseminated on every mainstream media outlet in the country for days, with pontificating pundits tearfully portraying Assad as a butcher. No context, no proof he was injured by government forces, and no proof it wasn’t just a staged photo op like previous attempts. This last ditch attempt to convince the world to support a Syrian invasion also failed. This atrocity propaganda game loses its impact on a video game addicted, ADD ridden, SJW populace fairly quickly.

Private citizen Donald Trump was unequivocal in his opposition to Syrian intervention before being elevated to the presidency, as shown in these tweets:

Many Syrian ‘rebels’ are radical Jihadis. Not our friends & supporting them doesn’t serve our national interest. Stay out of Syria!

Don’t attack Syria – an attack that will bring nothing but trouble for the U.S. Focus on making our country strong and great again!

Trump’s non-interventionist rhetoric regarding Syria and unwillingness to declare Putin an evil enemy of America during the campaign resulted in an all-out assault by the Deep State to derail his candidacy, falsely claiming he was a puppet of Russia. These unsubstantiated claims and vitriolic propaganda campaign against Trump to elect Deep State candidate of choice – crooked Hillary – led to a heroic effort by the alternate media across the internet countering the mainstream media propaganda with facts and reason.

When the corporate media shills rolled out the “fake news” storyline to discredit the alternate truth telling media, it immediately blew up in their faces, as the majority of the public began to realize the fake news was being plied by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and the rest of the captured corporate legacy media.

The discontent with the status quo among the normal people in flyover America was so great, it overcame all the Deep State propaganda, fake news, vast sums of money behind Clinton, and liberal urban strongholds, to elect Donald Trump as an agent of change who would kick the bums out of Washington. The undermining of Trump’s presidency began before he took office as the propaganda machine kicked into overdrive, with non-stop media squawking about Russia hacking the U.S. election in favor of Trump.

There were no facts, no evidence, no substance, but plenty of innuendo, plenty of unfounded accusations, and fake news reports at a fanatical level by faux journalists being paid millions to do their part. Putin as an evil manipulator, controlling Trump, was the meme flogged 24 hours a day by the Deep State to keep Trump on the defensive.

The only question at this point is whether Trump has already been co-opted by the Deep State military industrial complex or whether he is being manipulated through false flags and traditional propaganda techniques. Based on the slow progress on his domestic agenda of immigration reform, Obamacare repeal, tax cuts, infrastructure spending, and trade reform, it appears Trump decided to take the advice of neo-cons within and outside his administration and distract the masses with some new military adventurism.

The relentless pounding of the Russian hacking narrative put Trump on the defensive. As Syria and Russia were on the verge of crushing the ISIS/Al Qaeda/“moderate rebel” resistance, a new false flag was needed. As McArthur so accurately described seven decades ago, the incessant propaganda of fear is what enriches the military industrial complex.

“Our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear.” – General Douglas McArthur

In Part Three of this article I will discuss how Trump has been co-opted by the Deep State into doing their bidding with military intervention and bullying across the globe. It’s just a continuation of imperialism run rampant. Empires always decline and fall due to military overreach and economic bankruptcy. The American empire will be no different.

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blindman's picture

Sir Douglas Quintet - Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day
Sir Douglas Quintet - At the Crossroads
Link Wray - Fallin' Rain

Truther's picture

The Greater Israhell Project must complete.

Remenber Kissinger saying something about our useless soldiers as expandables?

Every war is a Banker's war. Fuck the money changers.

blindman's picture

follow the money off the lemming cliff they tell
and say.

macki mack's picture

DEEP STATE = Zionist Jews = Wars for the past 100 years = To prop up Bankers & IsraHell


winged's picture

"The problem is no one is capable of saving the US Titanic."

Understatement of the century.

cheka's picture

it's not the debt.  it's the seeds of the internet truth machine.  dumbfcks overreached, giddy with the greatest spying tool ever...they ignored the fatal flaw.  the skype-wise are multiplying every day.  tick tock

sinbad2's picture

Well it's both, currencies exploding is not a new thing, but the ability of the average guy to compare notes with other average guys is new(internet)

Even now the regime is proclaiming full employment, but we know that's not true, because of the internet.

FIAT CON's picture

The internet is the one tool the gov is afraid of.

 Look what hackers have been able to expose to the masses via the internet.

This tool calle dthe internet is capable of defeating the deep state.

 The people just need more time to learn how to use this massive tool against the tyrranic gov.

That is why they are spying on everyone, they know what the internet is capable of if we the people learn how to use it against them.

Tick tock.

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Tarzan's picture

My second Grand Daughter was born yesterday, a beutiful healthy girl with huge blue eyes.

In my family tree, the men in my family have been in a war of some kind all the way back to the revolutionary war.

It ended with my fathers death in Vietnam in 1968.  His empty grave is in Arlington.  My brothers and I never joined, never fought in any of their fucking wars, and I intend to keep it that way permanently.  My three sons are all grown now, and they never joined or fought in one of these fucking wars.  I'm proud of that fact!

So now as the propaganda rages on, in a war of deception, convincing our children to die in yet another meaningless war, that only serves to enrich the puppet masters, we who are awake must keep our children aware of the wiles of the Satan, and his fiery darts of illusion, because they're gunning for our grand kids!

If we must fight again, let it be against our real enemies, the secretive coup of elite psychopaths, the lucefarians and their Satan worshiping puppet masters, the enemies among us all, those who while we sleep, sacrifice babies to secure their position of power.  These are our real enemies, and the only group we should be at war against.

If we must go to war, lets make it the last war, by unmasking these evil bastards and the shit they do in darkness, before they kill our Grandchildren!


Truthseeker20's picture

Since the Fed was established in 1913 america has been in continous wars. In world war 1 and 2, america was manipulated to get in those wars. Wall streett financed hitler. Wars are very lucrative for them and it helps them expand. They were able to expand after ww 2 with the UN and through europe with the marshall plan.

The Ram's picture

Great observation.  And while 'They' can also spy on us via the internet, does anyone really think they can process the communications of over a billion people a day AND take some sort of reasonable action?  Yes, certain things are actionable, but one family in Singapore talking to a family in Switzerland about how the governments lie is not at all actionable.  Mind control was brought to the forefront because the ability to physically control people was becoming increasingly unrealistic.  Now, the Mind control is breaking down and truth is indeed helping to set people free.  'They' may indeed try to induce a state of war, but they don't have the benefit of endless propaganda without truth bombs being thrown.  I am not sure whats going to happen, but the internet certainly leveled the playing field and the slaves may just want off the reservation/plantation.

ThirteenthFloor's picture

"It smelled like slow death in there." ~ Willard

Truthseeker20's picture

noticed the US has been in continous wars since the Fed was established in 1913?

blindman's picture

there is a socio economic and mathematical
problem embedded at the root of all bullshit
and ponzi usury schemes.
let me quote pjb here, he laid it out plain and
true and no one seemed to hear or understand it
then. maybe now , some more few will hear it?
"The so-called profession of Economics is a faith based Cult; an institutional religion complete with Pope, Bishops, Priest, Dogma and Rites. Evil is its trait, banking is its master and schizophrenia is its Integrity. There is No wisdom in Economics; no Consciousness and NO Intellect; au contraire.

Economics is the result of Unaccomplished expediency and Collective criminal policy and definitely not the result of Intellect. It is not Physics, meta Physics, ie Science, nor any type of Wisdom developed upon solid foundations for the benefit of Humanity and its social orderings. Economics is mere cunning Intelligence imposed on a captured Humanity.

Economics comes from the dishonest and cunning persuasions behind opportunistic manipulations of the behaviours of production at the single individual source level, substituted in the form of Fiat and specie,dependency and Security, the storage of such representations of energy in leak capable capacitors called Banks. The leakage of the former is called Banking, which is represented by the most dishonest and unaccomplished Collectives known in written history and written in a crazed Schizophrenic developed logic that has, over the millennia, become imperceptible to most individual thinkers and certainly totally imperceptible and acceptable as the norm to the masses.

Economics is, there is no doubt, racketeering against Humanity by a crazed Cult of insane Sociopaths. Economics sucks the blood / energies of humanity and enslaves and maintains humanity in ignorance and thus from the future of Human destiny; the Human Being of Intellect.

This Cult has developed over the past 6,000 years out of the totally false belief of "Absolute Certainty'. From this fanatical state of mind, inculcated as a firm belief, this heretical falsehood has formed a Collective of arrogance out of complete Ignorance and imposed such on all humanity for purposes of recursive scamming the energies of productivity and the fruits of human labour, for a few of the Collective Cult of the elite.

The process has taken place by the hands of those few that originally understood, that humanity was naturally empowered by the need to know, and the need for certainty; this was translated to the need for Security; FEAR.

Banking in the Temple, using the Divine Integrity of the Gods and their Priests, as Collateral, began the whole ruse. The demand by Kings for borrowings to declare wars in order to take assets, wealth, lands and the means of productivity, that belonged to others, and to offset the vast Debts of Royal Spending. Kings were replaced by governments with Parliaments, while these practices of racketeering were further normalized as Culture through Taxation over Productivity and Education. "Then give back to Caesar what is Caesar's, ...".

I declare: on the basis that we know nothing of where we come, how we came; how we were created, why we were created and nothing of our intended function, that we, humanity, know Absolutely Nothing, and this declaration opposes 100%, the "Absolute Certainty" of Economics.

And, it is this belief in "Absolute Certainty" that, maintained in Collectives, that drives the mind insane as described by Hannah Arendt as Tribal Nationalism. This is the Principle.

Hannah Arendt, The Origins Of Totalitarianism
“Politically speaking, tribal nationalism always insists that its own people is surrounded by "a world of enemies", "one against all", that a fundamental difference exists between this people and all others. It claims its people to be unique, individual, incompatible with all others, and denies theoretically the very possibility of a common mankind long before it is used to destroy the humanity of man".
Fear is a story of a future event possibility, created by the imagination, that extraordinarily powerful mental faculty of extrapolation found within Humanity's Psyche; “fear” is not real; “fear” is Insanity. Fear engenders hate;intense and extreme hate.

"Evil is the signature of the belief in Absolute Certainty, that which can never be." Pallas Athena

Fear is our jailer.

"Good and Evil" - The state of Humanity today where all that we know is schizophrenically founded.

Now you know."
that is what he said, what the people of the world have to go by and deal with,
if you want to know the truth.
the truth, who could or can even approach such a thing? there will be adventurous
explorers, there always are such humans. they do not need anything. they just do
what they do and there ya' go.
anyways ...
Yusuf Islam - Peace Train - OUTSTANDING!

WillyGroper's picture

saw Cat Stevens in the 70's.  one of the best concerts ever.

sadly praising yunis the usurious micro-loan shark (175%) kidney harvester reveals he knows not his actions.

AnimalSpirits's picture

Excellent question Truthseeker,


Federal Reserve Act: 1913 - over a CENTURY!

All this time the "elite" have gained wealth and power - essentially, by controlling currency issuance and imposing usury.

All this time the "people" have lost wealth and power - essentially, by NOT controlling currency issuance and PAYING usury.


Isn't the solution simple - whoever controls currency issuance, accumulates wealth and power.

Two questions we need to answer: 

Why, for over a century now, have the "people" not taken control of this Holy Grail which is currency issuance? 

How can the "people" take control of said Holy Grail: Currency Issuance?


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead


Also, here are some links to info and ideas regarding monetary policy….

US: http://www.publicbankinginstitute.org/wwsca_sign_up

Canada: Rocco Galati and the lawsuit against the Bank of Canada


Europe: http://positivemoney.org/about/    http://publicbankingalliance.ie/?page_id=90

Truthseeker20's picture

Did you know wall street and members of the federal reserve backed hitler? Financing both sides of the war. All wars are banker wars. Want to discover more abt our hidden history, read books by sutton. http://www.reformed-theology.org/html/books/wall_street/


AnimalSpirits's picture

Yes, these elites are out of their minds, really. People need to educate themselves and take action - even if it's only sharing info with others.

Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

True Blue's picture

They also bankrolled Lenin, Trotsky and the entire Soviet system -including the paramount mass murderer of the 20th century -Stalin.

Anteater's picture

When the Fed Charter for another century came up, the Republican Congress passed it on the first vote, without debate.

Our Republic is lost, and has been for many years since Carter, the only President who kept the Pentagon on its leash.

AnimalSpirits's picture

Really, I wasn't aware the Fed Charter was up for debate.

FIAT CON's picture

Yes I have been following Rooco galati case for a few years now.

I have informed everyone I know about this and they all look at me with the deer in the headlights look.

That is the true shame, most people just want to be sheeple.

AnimalSpirits's picture

Great, glad to know you're spreading the news.

Yes, many are sheeple, but eventually we will reach a critical mass and the sheeple will follow our momentum.

Also, many just don't understand economics - even politicians - unacceptable.


I'll share a link about some Canadian kids who investigated this "money" issue - it's informative and funny.

Oh Canada Movie - Our Bought And Sold Out Land


sinbad2's picture

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

FIAT CON's picture

I'd bet that the fed is owned by isr a hell

WillyGroper's picture


it's the hand you don't see, not the obvious.

ThirteenthFloor's picture

This 1993 agreement between Israel and the Holy See, may offer some insight as too who's running the show


What is a hofjuden ?
This is the Zionist often referred too by masses?

Who really wrote the Art of War.... wasn't Sun Tsu

WillyGroper's picture

further reading, the secret treaty of verona admitted to the congressional record 1917 by Sen. Owen.

alas, someone gets it!

learned against learned.

HRClinton's picture

Think back on the famous quote from the movie The International...


It's not about the arms to control the conflict. It's about the Debt that a conflict creates. 

Control the Debt, and you control... EVERYTHING. 


The same applies to perpetual line of bogeyman. Now think what Pres. Thump-the-Chump did for the MIC: He gave them $54 Billion more. On top of the vanished trillions in the last 20 years. MAGA? Yeah, right.

cheka's picture

instead of quoting skype fiction productions, save some keystrokes by typing  'i'm an idiot' and walk away better off

Mr.BlingBling's picture

I'll give you a guess why it's not on the 24 hour (((news))) cycle.

new game's picture

long and short of this 2 part series of humanities epic failures is quite simple.

bin ladden the deep state or the fate is moar history of human carnage.


oncemore's picture

kissinger was this time correct.

US soldiers overseas are killers and desevre to be killed. Including their stupid families.

mike_king's picture

The US Fedgov is your enemy, especially if you are a white man.

stecha's picture

Not enough chaos in the world if you ask me. You fucking political turds need to get busy. im losing all my hedges.

Cabreado's picture

Tired of hearing about the Deep State, with no reference to a thoroughly corrupt and defunct Congress -- which is the neat, concise and expertly-designed body, and only body, charged with fending off "deep state."

And in that regard, getting tired of reading your bitching and moaning, Mr. Quinn.

Davidduke2000's picture

The reason there are millions of weapons in the hands of the population is the prescription in the constitution that require that the people will take up arms to bring down the deep state that was not elected, but all these weapons are useless if people only rant on their keyboards while getting fucked by joos and politicians of all colors. 

ChokenStroke's picture

Al sis I has been pretty good for Egypt.

Davidduke2000's picture

 Al sisi was put there by the saudi money from fear of the muslim brotherhood, but now the saudis are terrified from isis and the muslim brotherhood more than Iran, they ran to israel for protection, but the population is rising up because joos are walking on the land of muhammad and civil war could erupt any day and this is forcing saudi arabia to change protector and trying to charm Putin and Trump to make sure one of them will answer the call. 

CompassionateConservative's picture

There is nothing wrong with war unless it is war against Israel or the brutal delousing of SIX GORILLION completely innocent Christ-killing, mass murdering, white genociding, wonderful God's Chosen Jewish lunatics in fake shower rooms!  In those instances war is bad but otherwise it's just goyim killing goyim and that is all well and good.  If you disagree then you just might be a RACIST, NAZI, and/or a reasonable human being!


By the way, I need everyone to go to The Daily Westerner because the (((guy))) wants to generate ad revenue with retarded stories. Do it or you DEFINITELY are a motherfucking RACIST!

grunk's picture

4Chan can track down a flag in Tennessee.

Why can't we tease out the global control freaks?

CompassionateConservative's picture

Because it's too anti-semitic you god damned nazi bastard!  That's why!

grunk's picture

At least now I know.

Molotov, Mazel tov,

What's the difference?

HRClinton's picture

It's best to get rid of the former, and to have the latter.

('Mazel tov' is literally 'Luck good', i,e. 'Good luck')

sinbad2's picture

I think he might be referring to Nell Hughes calling Molatov cocktails, Mazel tov cocktails:)