How ISIS Helps U.S. Achieve Domestic Policy Goals

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Via The Daily Bell

Whether directly or indirectly, the CIA and U.S. government were certainly involved in creating ISIS.

Indirectly, weapons were supplied to rebel forces in Syria, who turned out to be ISIS, among other rebel groups.

But it is more than likely that the CIA created ISIS directly, just as it funded Al-Qaeda in the 1980’s to fight the Soviets. Then there are the green screen beheadings staged on what many believe to be a western studio set. The CIA is said to have paid over half a billion dollars to have the propaganda made.

So when something pops up from the media saying what ISIS is doing, what they are really saying is what the highest levels of U.S. intelligence want you to think the boogeyman is doing.

Really, who benefits from terrorism most? The United States government of course. The more scared citizens get, the more they can control us.

Just the other day we talked about the State Department issuing a broad brushed warning for tourists visiting places in Europe, some of which are statistically safer than U.S. cities.

But the government always needs to make sure they have all their bases covered. Not only should you be afraid to leave the country, go to the mall, go to the movies, ride public transit, run a marathon, go to a club, fly on an airplane, attend a parade, or leave your house.

Now, you must be afraid of Craigslist and peer to peer barter. Terrorists are said to be encouraging a new avenue to find victims to kill.

Jihadists are also encouraged to place some stuff for sale on “buy and sell websites such as Craigslist, Gumtree, eBay, the Loot, and others” and “specify that collection and payment is only available in person and that only cash is accepted. Also, the item being advertised should be something that requires the victim to enter one’s property.”

Of course, this seems like the perfect warning to help the U.S. government kill multiple birds with one stone.

On the one hand, this casts a shadow over barter and trade elements in the economy that might be out of the taxman’s reach. It is an extra plus if the government is able to discourage these types of transactions which do not go through government filters of banks, credit cards, and government agencies. Don’t trust your peers, trust only government sponsored platforms of trade.

On the other terrible sickening hand, this actually does give homegrown lone wolf terrorist ideas of how to cause death and destruction in new ways. Every time the people are properly terrorized, the government gains more control.

Also indicated in the “ISIS” publication is how to easily get weapons to carry out atrocities inside the United States.

In the United States, “anything from a single-shot shotgun all the way up to a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle can be purchased at showrooms or through online sales – by way of private dealers – with no background checks, and without requiring either an ID or a gun license,” ISIS states. “And with approximately 5,000 gun shows taking place annually within the United States, the acquisition of firearms becomes a very easy matter.”

They include a picture of an unidentified gun show with the caption, “Gun conventions represent an easier means of arming oneself for an attack.”

Of course, that is not true, but it wouldn’t stop the control freaks in government from calling for more strictly regulated firearms. Clearly, ISIS is using the loophole to arm their extremist agents of terror!

When the largest beneficiaries of terrorism are the United States government, it should raise quite a few red flags about the actual source of terrorism. Even if the CIA hadn’t created ISIS, why would they let a good crisis go to waste by destroying the organization?

Keeping ISIS alive and well is the most expedient way for the U.S. government to reach all their domestic goals.

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"Whether directly or indirectly, the CIA and U.S. government were certainly involved in creating ISIS."

Where do I vote for "directly"?

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Former CIA official Robert Steele: False Flag in Syria was funded by the Saudis and Israelis

Robert Steele: "The FBI has not informed the president that this false flag in fact was an act of treason planned in the United States and funded by Saudi Arabia and Israel. They split the cost.”

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isis IS US, It should be called ISUS







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ISIS buys guns kits in the US and makes their own, it's legal, and more discrete.....the blunt heads are too slow to recognize or notice the enemy arming up

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Is this why the Obama admin bought billions of bullets? 

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Another angle to .gov's ultimate long con, otherwise known as The War on Terror, is that they are ramping up the fearmongering about how "ISIS" will be even more dangerous after they are defeated in Iraq and Syria.  The argument seems to be that as the caliphate crumbles, the jihadists will melt away into the general population/refugee flows only to pop up in the west to slaughter us hapless infidels.  What an amazing coincidence that this fearmongering is used to further expand .gov's exhorberant spending on destruction and mayhem and curtail personal freedoms -- all in the  name of "national security".

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The Constitution says you need protection from your own government. I wonder why?

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The role of the US military in founding ISIS is pretty clear

The Flynn DIA repoprt from 2012 confirms how the US and the West armed jihadis in Syria (including ISIS) ... while the Gulf monarchies trained and funded them

ISIS is an international terror army that is deployed by the US/Israel/ Gulf Monrchies against secular and Shia governments for regional control and pipeline wars.


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Sew chaos amongst neighboring Arab states, because nothing controls like confusion.

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Indirectly provided weapons, indirectly provided training, indirectly provided millions in funding...

If that's indirectly, what's directly?  Putting the US flag on their white sneakers and uniforms?

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absolutely , and maybe some decals from thier favorite sponsers like " insane mccain , sschumer , killery , etc..etc..etc... " just like nascar......

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We all created ISIS. We did it to maintain the status quo. Click on the link to find out why

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we .. we ... you got a pack of rats in your pockets ?

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Hillary's homo-Ambassador Stevens and 3 courageous Americans died in Benghazi for this reality

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Yup. The US double-crossed al Qaeda allies in Libya after Qaddafi was assassinated ... US forces started arresting alQ... and Stevens was involved in shipping weapons to Turkey bound for the jihadi in Syria (Sen Rand Paul publicly nailed Killary on that one in Senate Benghazi hearings) ...

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I think at this point it has become quite obvious to any informed critally thinking individual; ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) was created, and is armed, funded and directed by the United States (through one John McCain) to the benefit of the Zionists.

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The propaganda campaign has been brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!
Operation Keep-The-Fear-Alive.
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.

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Daesh was created by the Israelis, actually. The US is the cut-out man. 

The goal is to secure Lebensraum for the Israelis w/o Syria or Iran. The bankster Zionists do not control either country, which really makes them mad. Guys like McPain were used to give funding to Daesh.

The Zionists will not rest until they have mastery over Syria and Iran, no matter if there is a big war.

The US needs to kick out the dual-citizen Israelis and get back to native isolationism. With the Mossad Agent, Kushner, in the WH, we are under Israeli control. He needs to GO.

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It would take a violent revolution in the US to purge Israeli influence. France actually has a far better chance to do so in the near future with Front Nationale.

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when they created Operation whatever in the Carter administration to bleed the Russians in Afghanistan it created a billion dollar industry where people in Arab and Central Asian countries could make a fortune sending their surplus male population to go die somewhere else, then there was the weapons smuggling, madrassamaking, textbook printing, you don't create something like that and then just wind it down, you dump enough money into anything it creates a life of its own

oh well! 

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The War on Terror has, indeed, been used to justify curtailments of many individuals' 4th Amendment rights, but The People have to take action if they want their rights restored.

Write to your elected officials to get legislation put through that takes away the expanded surveillance powers.  If The People make it clear to their elected officials that they want changes made, then the representatives will make those changes.  If the people only write blog pieces and post on messaging boards, then representatives won't take any action.  This activity is great for spreading awareness, but it doesn't effect the final changes.  Only votes do that.  Write to your Reps, and vote!

While the politicians might owe favors to their biggest donors, it is ultimately the people who cast the votes that put them in office.  If the wrong people win, it is not an evil machine or establishment that has given them the elections.  It is The People whoball cast their votes.

Of course, there is also the other matter of the growing segment of our population who are willing to trade their liberty for a sense of security.  As far as they are concerned, this is all okay as long as someone else gets subjected to intrusions.  That group is the other fly in the ointment.  They just need intelligent engagement, and that requires debating away from the message boards.  Go do that.

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There never was a War on Terror. It was and is a War of Terror.

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ISIS at guns shows? Guess I'll keep my eye out for New Toyota Trucks with mounted DShK in the partking lot.

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Daesh is not at gun shows. They buy wholesale.

From McCain.

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mccain,graham,bozo,hillary,w bush,cia,mossad is the face of isis.

Funded, armed, trained, and logistics provided by the evil empire.

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Cui bono most? The stupid who fight and die for ISIS? The CIA and military getting more funding? The government hacks suspending rights to protect us and advance their agendas? Note to Gowdy and our other security protectors in regard this video; the amendments override any earlier parts of the Constitution, by forbidding warrant-less searches. Who protects us from our government protectors?

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If the general public is attacked, it is state sponsored 'terrorism'...otherwise, any covert group would attack a real target, be it a person or thing, like a politician/banker/intel agent/military guy etc... or a govt bldg/marketplace like WallStreet/military base, intel base.... or their covert ops in terms of attacking our drug industries/ops/main op centers or our sex slave ops/personnel.

It is rather obvious that the general public is being attacked, thus typical 'Gladio' ops... now merging the B units into their original group in Europe... as for all the rest of our operators working undercover in leadership positions as advisors, trainers etc, the rebranding alone is a sign of Western influence.. the signs are all over the place, same as our drug/sex/ ops... the same 'too big to fail' bankers involved in these govt covert operations. Everything else is just propaganda. ISIS started off here in the States as another mercenary/CIA led covert op group... offices in Texas, DC, Mexico etc... until the publicity required a rebranding... but the same guys are there behind the scenes running the show, from field ops to propaganda ops. The head personnel come here to be trained, but they train and pick up the rest abroad, either as 'volunteers' or 'recruits' in field... with so many ops running, training is all active based.

This 'rebranding' occurs throughout the Western led SG side down the ladder or pyramid of power, chain of command to the deep state and down to the establishment.... look at all the 'dark' occult groups throughout history as they do the name change game... same situation as always, NWO is just the OWO out of the closet. Same with all of these 'terrorist' or mercenary groups... if officially overt, they are called contractors, but if covert, they are called 'terrorist'... same guys....just a change of combat patch on the shoulder, right? Nothing ever changes.. and this is the test.... to make the Choice in sides, you have to be able to tell them apart... and they are really making it easy these days... like that list of 'fake news sites'.... since they are the real fake/propaganda sites, those they list are mostly the real news sites.

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"If the general public is attacked, it is state sponsored 'terrorism'...otherwise, any covert group would attack a real target, be it a person or thing, like a politician/banker/intel agent/military guy etc... or a govt bldg/marketplace like WallStreet/military base, intel base.... or their covert ops in terms of attacking our drug industries/ops/main op centers or our sex slave ops/personnel."

The general public (and I am part of it) fails to grasp this. I explain it to myself by thinking they are not well informed. But is it really just this ? I don't know. I tend think that this is not the sole explanation.

The best past model of what we are watching today I think is the French Revolution. It was not about the monarchy. That was later. It was primarily about eliminating the Church which was one of the power players. FR was a power play with its own Information Warfare in the form of pamphleteering and salon (NGO's) mind shaping meetings to prepare all players for the big show.

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Plato - the only sound way to ensure people's happiness is to let them sup up sweet lies rather than the bitter truth [paraphrased]

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Plato was tripping balls in Eleusis drinking Kykeon

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ISIS just lost it's US air support....hahahahahahaha




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Don't forget (((Them))) when you think of ISIS.

ISIS my ass. ........... Is there an echo in here?

A great interview with Brendon O'Connell by Kevin Barrett on his broadcast (podcast?)

Some good factual information and some really good speculations about 911 that I have wondered about myself.

Good listening and thought provoking material.

Recorded and 'aired' on April 30, 2017
(BO'C on hour two, ex-CIAer Robert David Steele on hour one)

The Adventures of Brendon O'Connell,.....Oh, My Good Dog Spot!

Live Hard, Where In The World Will Brendon Run To Next, Chased by (((Them))) And (((Their))) Lackeys?, Die free

~ DC v5.0

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How ISIS Helps U.S. Achieve Domestic Policy Goals


only if 'domestic' is code for israeli

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and funding provided by addicts. stooping to that level tells the true story. mafia gangsters hiding behind an official seal and true terrorism. cee eye ah, gangstas in suites driving suburbans looking all official and such protecting the sheeple from the fear they forment. diabolical shit maynard. oh, spacios skies of bullshit, merica what happened? wake the fuk up...