Macron Says He Is Victim Of "Massive, Coordinated" Hack After 9 Gigabytes Of Private Documents Released

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As reported overnight, the anonymous source of documents alleging Emmanuel Macron's involvement with an operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Caribbean island of Nevis returned to release several high quality images of the purported documents along with promises to release even more documents and identify account locations and the extent of the assets Macron is supposedly hiding from regulatory authorities.

Screenshot of image showing the alleged Macron signature on the operating agreement

The leaker noted that Macron's assets were not located in the Bahamas as was been reported by some media outlets, but in the Cayman Islands, another known hotspot for tax evasion. They further stated that they were taking measures to conceal their identity because they are located in the European Union and did not wish to be arrested. The leaker also explained that they were one of a small group of individuals working online with a source in the Cayman Islands to expose the leaked information. They claimed that they were in possession of SWIFTNet logs dating back for several months, and would soon not only know where Mr. Macron's alleged accounts are located but also the "extent of the money he is hiding from [France's] government."

Then, earlier today, this is precisely what happened when 4chan released several gigabytes of email archives and files related to Macron. It was enough to attract Wikileaks' attention.

The hacker released the thousands of alleged Macron emails and documents on an anonymous pastebin location:

Torrent Files




Zip/RAR Files




Two smaller files with no ZIP/RAR



Then on Friday evening, Macron's political party said its computer systems were hacked, after "thousands of emails and electronic documents purporting to come from the campaign were posted anonymously on the internet Friday evening."  According to the WSJ , the files had been obtained several weeks ago from the personal and work email accounts of party officials, according to a statement from Mr. Macron’s party, En Marche!, or On the Move. The file dump comes less than two days before the final round of France’s presidential race, which pits Mr. Macron against far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen.

"The En Marche! Movement has been the victim of a massive and co-ordinated hack this evening which has given rise to the diffusion on social media of various internal information," the statement said.

The party said that the cache "includes both authentic and falsified documents with the goal of sowing doubt and disinformation,” which is another way of stating that anything that is potentialy damaging will be claimed to the fake, while the innocuous documents are "authentic."

As Reuters adds, an interior ministry official declined to comment, citing French rules which forbid any commentary liable to influence an election, and which took effect at midnight French time on Friday. Comments about the email dump began to appear on Friday evening just hours before the official ban on campaigning began. The ban is due to stay in place until the last polling stations close on Sunday at 8 p.m.

Already accusations have emerged that this is a hacking similar to what occurred with Hillary Clinton, when over 30,000 emails by John Podesta were leaked, exposing the "dirty laundry" of Clinton's campaign, a hack she has subsequently claimed cost her the presidency. Naturally, the Kremlin has already been implicated as being behind the hack.

Could tonight's hack have a similar impact on Macron? In a tweet, Wikileaks asks "who benefits?" and notes that the "Timing of alleged dump is too late to hit vote but will surely be used to boost hostility to Russia & intelligence spending."


Perhaps Wikileaks is right, although it likely depends on what documents are disclosed inside the hack. Should it be confirmed that Macron indeed lied, as hackers have previously alleged, about an offshore account and engaging in tax evasion, his chances of winning could be deeply impacted. We will present any of the more notable documents we uncover.

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He's an illuminati manchurian candidate. Brainwashed young. He's a tool.

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A tool? Don't give him so much credit.  My tool is hereby offended.

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No, I think it's more of a;

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The timing is key. French law forbids the media from engaging in reporting that may influence the election. The timing of the release may muzzle Macron's media Praetorian guard.

Davidduke2000's picture

in the age of the internet there is nothing hidden from the French public, if any of the data leaked macron is fucked.

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Blame the Russians blah blah blah.

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a bitch claiming innocent.

the big guys from all countries play us as fools

brushhog's picture

I saw this coming during Comey's senate interview, one of the questions from one of the far left senators was "what are you doing to combat "russian hacking" in foriegn elections like in France?". I thought it was such a bizarre question that a US senator would ask a US FBI man what he was doing to prevent foreign hacking in France. The answer should have been...nothing, Im not even a french citizen much less a person authorized to enforce French law.

But then it occured to me that it was a slip, or a preview to the narrative that they are setting up to use against La Pen if she wins. From here on out, anytime somebody outside the globalist elite wins, "it was the Russians".

RedDwarf's picture

Everyone will try to blame Russia again of course.  Good luck with that.  There is a coordinated attack against the Globalists, but while Russia currently largely supports and is allied with said attacks and attackers since it's in their national interests, they are not the source.  It's based in the hearts and minds of individuals around the world coming together for common purpose to fight this immoral and totalitarian cancer.

AnimalSpirits's picture

Next up...

Urgent! Please forward all docs related to BIS, Fed, City of London, etc. etc. 

Surprising hackers haven't inflicted any pain to the big players. 

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I love how all the liberal bobbleheads are already 100% ceritan that the documents are fake. the tears will be flowing tonight on msm!

djsmps's picture

Fake Russian Comeyleak news

Davidduke2000's picture

according to wikileaks macron has 13 points advantage with 17% not giving an opinion which means his lead is less than 5 or 6 %, if any of the leaks are correct macron will lose by 4 to 5%

hooligan2009's picture


gulp of air


my bad... "infamy, infamy, they've all got it infamy"


shimmy's picture

Yay, more "blame the Russians" bullshit coming up. 

Davidduke2000's picture

people worldwide they know the bullshit of blaming the Russians, these things no longer work anywhere but in the us. 

thedespised's picture

The investigator into the Trump Russia collusion just stated there is no link.  The story is falling apart.

Panic Mode's picture

One thing I am sure when he wins, he will wage war.

France. If you want a war monger leader, vote the puppet. Vote Le Pen and she will be like Trump, it does what it say on the tin.

espirit's picture


The only thing those S-400’s will see is the tailflame of a Mirage.


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She may be like Tulsi Gabbard and have integrity

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I find the naiveté of these ivy league elite inbreeds somewhat ironic. Lord, these people are stupid. They just can't comprehend that when they screw over the people, the people are going to screw them back. Someone needs to tell these turds that the golden rule isn't "steal all of the gold". These docs are most likely leaked by the average Joe who is sick of being outsourced, downsized, rightsized, taxed to death, used for cannon fodder, and otherwise screwed over by these mf'ers. Not the Russian boogieman. If they had 1/2 of a brain, they would be thankful that it's just document leaking and that the tar and feathers haven't come out [yet].  That's not too far around the corner IMO and I wish the elites would knock it off before that happens.

Killdo's picture

I know a coupleof Ivey League -grads (from famous/wealthy US families) - they did not even go to lectures and got their diplomas thanks to their families giving money to these unis.

I exposed one of them when I introduced her to a friend from the same uni (and the same year) - he told me he never saw this girl at any of the lectures or at all during the whole course at MIT.

At that point the famous heiress stopped telling peopel she had a degree from MIT.

Apart from that - none of these rich/famous/wealthy kids was very wise of cleaver in any way.

Inherited money and fame does not make you intelligent or wise

quax's picture

Now if only you'd just take the next step and realize that these people are at all levels of American institutions, you'd understand why they are so inefficient and incompetent.

Once you realize that, you will understand that for instance the Iraq war wasn't so much a great plan, but sheer incompetence.

At ZH the crowd here buys very much into the great puppet master conspiracy, but ask yourself, how in the world could you possible execute such a master plan with such a dumb as fuck elite?

samsara's picture

I think their heirs will be their down fall.

konadog's picture

Ditto. One of my professors at a state school was retired from an ivy league school. He taught at my state school to make a little extra money in retirement. He flat out told me one day when were just chatting after class that he taught exactly the same material at my state school that he taught at the ivy league school, but that everyone passes if they (or their parents) give the ivy league school enough money. All A's and B's for the right donation. The profs have their marching orders. It's graft on steroids.  The little ivy league buttheads learn at a young age and it goes on from that time forward.

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Israeli's doing this? Mossad?

Davidduke2000's picture

israel hates Le Pen, joos cannot stand her. 

Mr. Schmilkies's picture

Le Pen's father favored Nazism. 

KweeBohNoh's picture

Not a chance. He's their boy.

KweeBohNoh's picture

Macron's owners --- the same who own most Western leaders and ALL major banks --- will not let him fall too far.

jamesmmu's picture

Why so late, ppl have no time to digest it! In order for Trump to win, WL released tons of leaks every week. But this time, its too late. Damn it.

Not sure if ZH can digest it and break down whats important for Franch voters. 



TRN's picture

We will find out the influence of the alternative media.

Colonel's picture

Timing is everything. Wikileaks and the white hats should pull the trigger on all globalist scum running for office two to three weeks before any elections so it has time to reach the voters yet not be forgotten.

Anderson Coopers Gerbil's picture

It must be Putin the same evil that stole certain victory from Hillary atleast thats what Georgie Soros told me

smacker's picture

"Should it be confirmed that Macron indeed lied, as hackers have previously alleged, about an offshore account and engaging in tax evasion, his chances of winning could be deeply impacted. We will present any of the more notable documents we uncover."


I tend to agree with WikiLeaks that this revelation has come too late to seriously damage Macron's chances of winning, especially if the French legacy MSM don't splatter it across their front pages. Maybe a few lost votes but that's about it.

IridiumRebel's picture

If he has a true 24 pt lead he's ok.
He has sub 5 pt lead like I suspect, may be damning.

Davidduke2000's picture

according to wikileaks he has 13 points lead but I think it's more like 5 or 6% with 17% of voters not giving their opinion. he is not president yet. 

Evan Wilson's picture

I was thinking that you take Le Penn 35%, and add the 17% to it, and get 52% for a Le Penn win.

Other Mr T's picture

Think French lie to polsters? We know Americans and Englishmen do!

smacker's picture

True, and then there's the additional factor mentioned by "Other Mr T" where people lie to pollsters because they don't want to reveal that they're voting against the status quo. Just like Brexit and Trump.

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The Rich Rothschild Banker is a victim of some Peasant Lout.

Some Victim...

7 course dinners every nite.

Old Hippie Patriot's picture

It looks like patriotic French deep state operatives have struck, like in America.

Davidduke2000's picture

Just went on Le Figaro and Le Monde both are selling macron big time, the same as with all French media, if by any chance macron loses now that obama endorsed him the media will start blaming Russia  big time. not a sinle word about the leaks.