Navy SEAL Killed In Somalia Is Fourth U.S. Service Member Death In The Past Week

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For an administration that was supposed to eliminate "foreign US entanglements" and bring America's troops home, the offshore combat deaths sure are piling up fast.

A U.S. Navy SEAL was killed on Thursday while fighting an al Qaeda-affiliated militant group in Somalia, the Pentagon said on Friday, marking the first U.S. combat death in the country since 1993 and the fourth U.S. service member to be killed within the past week with the casualties spread out over three warzones. Two other service members were wounded in a firefight with al-Shabaab militants near the capital, Mogadishu, on Thursday, military officials said.

The last time a US soldier died in Somalia was in 1993, when 18 U.S. service members were killed in what became known as the battle of Mogadishu, later memorialized in the film “Black Hawk Down.”

The mission was targeting a compound of al Shabaab militants that “has been associated with some attacks on facilities that we use and that our Somali partners use nearby.”

“U.S. forces were conducting an advise and assist mission alongside members of the Somali National Army,” according to a statement from the U.S. Africa Command, which oversees American personnel on the continent. Thursday’s firefight took place near Barli, Somalia, 40 miles west of Mogadishu. “The entire team was able to return fire and suppress the militants."

According to Navy Capt. Jeff Davis during an advise-and-assist mission led by the Somali National Army, U.S. Special Operations troops unexpectedly came under fire; the U.S. then forces used their aircraft to bring the Somali forces to the compound near Barii, about 40 miles west of the capital of Mogadishu. The U.S. troops “were there maintaining a distance back as they conducted the operation and that’s when our forces came under fire. We had the unfortunate casualty.”

The attack which wounded several U.S. troops took place “in the early phase in the mission, they were on the ground,” Davis said and added that the al Shabaab attackers were “quickly neutralized,” but would not say whether the mission was a success.

“The mission I will leave to the Somalis to characterize in terms of what the operational objectives achieved were but it was designed to target this compound,” Davis said.

As the WSJ writes, in late March, a change in policy by President Donald Trump allowed the military to step up its fight against al-Shabaab, declaring Somalia an area of active hostilities. Trump has given military commanders more leewayworld-wide in fights against Islamic State and other militant organizations.

Al-Shabaab has been ramping up small-scale attacks using mostly improvised explosive devices in recent months, especially since February when the country elected its new president. President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, known widely by his nickname “Farmajo,” declared war on al-Shabaab in April, in a symbolic gesture diplomats interpreted as a relaunch of efforts to defeat the group.


But without a fully developed and trained national army, the task continues to prove elusive. The Somali National Army is an often haphazard group that lacks consistent training and is badly, if at all, paid. The U.S. and other donors have long tried to train parts of the army, and the U.K. and the European Union run stipend projects that top-up army salaries provided the Somali state pays the core salary.


In recent weeks al-Shabaab has been trying to promote a more charitable image on its social-media channels. A looming famine affecting millions in Somalia is drawing the attention of humanitarian organizations ramping up efforts to feed people across the country. In al-Shabaab held areas, the group claims it is running food-assistance programs while blocking access to Western humanitarian organizations like the United Nations food agency, the World Food Program.

Meanwhile, in a statement on the casualty, U.S. Africa Command said it continues “to support our Somali and regional partners to systematically dismantle this al Qaeda affiliate, and help them to achieve stability and security throughout the region as part of the global counterterrorism effort.”

As noted earlier, this was the fourth U.S. service member to be killed within the past week; a soldier died on Saturday following an explosion outside of Mosul in northern Iraq, and two Army Rangers were killed early last Friday morning during a raid on ISIS militants in Afghanistan.

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Or we could just not fight them.

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Yeah well Trayvon Martin's getting awarded an honorary posthumous degree in aviation.

Always so easily explicable to foreigners with a loud grunt and assaultive behavior

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... the nagging question is ... why is America in Somalia?

... the quick and easy answer is ... because the majority of Somalians depend their lives on fishing and could not possibly defend themselves from a "democratic" bully invader with an exaggerated pride and self-confidence ...

... however the complex answer could be gleaned from this report ... >>> ... "Somalia and the United States: A Long and Troubled History" >>> and among other strategic things, it "was important to the United States because Mogadishu, Asmara and Djibouti were relay stations for U.S. forces operating in the Middle East." ...

... refer to the complete context of this summary and read an excellent analysis of one of the reasons why US is in Somalia here >>>


... and if you're more curious, American boots-on-the-ground are in Somalia because of its commitment to US-based international chemical corporations and MIC-connected nuclear manufacturers who shell out big (fiat) bucks to find a viable location to dump their chemical and nuclear wastes ... and unfortunately, Somalia has neither a coast guard nor a viable nuclear deterrent (like the fat kid with a funny haircut's country north of 38th parallel) to keep out the hubris-polluting menace destroying their once-pristine fishing grounds ...

... check out how Somalia's fishermen became "Pirates" ... here >>>,8599,1892376,00.html

... this article is from Time Magazine and although the whole "dumping" scenario was explained, the "atrocity" was "pointedly" directed towards Europe when the majority of the  infractions were commited by the US through American mercenaries and proxy-ships owned by Americans, American-allied NATO countries in Europe, and Asian dictates like Japan, etc. ...

... here's an excerpt from that Time report: ... "Beyond illegal fishing, foreign ships have also long been accused by local fishermen of dumping toxic and nuclear waste off Somalia's shores. A 2005 United Nations Environmental Program report cited uranium radioactive and other hazardous deposits leading to a rash of respiratory ailments and skin diseases breaking out in villages along the Somali coast. According to the U.N., at the time of the report, it cost $2.50 per ton for a European company to dump these types of materials off the Horn of Africa, as opposed to $250 per ton to dispose of them cleanly in Europe."


... when the US keeps away from non-threatening countries, perhaps the lives of some dead military personnel would've been saved ... (refer the movie: Black Hawk Down) ...



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And control of Bab El Mandeb strait

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What does the HOrn of Africa have to do with Somalia?  Your comment sounds like bullshit to me.  They could dump the waste in the middle of the Atlantic and no one would know.  Time magazine has long been a lying rag of a publication anyway, but you can read what you want, just be careful you don't consider anything they print as fact.

PrayingMantis's picture


... >>> "What does the HOrn of Africa have to do with Somalia?  Your comment sounds like bullshit to me. "

... Somalia is part of the "Horn of Africa" ... >>> 


>>> "They could dump the waste in the middle of the Atlantic and no one would know. "

... that reasoning is exactly what brought the US chemical conglomerates and the nuclear waste producers in agreement to dump their waste products where (like you wrote) "no one would know" ... and I would suggest to read other news other than MSM to expand your knowledge about these atrocities against other countries ...


... and btw @TuPhat, you're always entitled to your beliefs and your opinions, however, if I'd agree with you, we would both be stupid ...



PrayingMantis's picture


 ... here's more "proof" of toxic chemical and nuclear dumping ... from other sources ... an ecologist ... >>> "Somalia used as toxic dumping ground" >>>  "Pirates ruled Somalia’s waves last year, but a greater crime is still being perpetrated by the multinational companies using the mainland as a toxic dumping ground." 

... "For more than 10 years, environmental and human rights organisations have called on the international community to act to stop this dumping, but successive wars have ensured the crisis has only deepened. "


more here ... >>> 



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Full Retard.

Trayvon did get high.

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The rotting corpse that is the former nation of America is really no surprise.

No Campus (Or Country) for White Men

In any case, I am pleased that Timothy Rohrer’s review of No Campus for White Men directed our attention to this issue. On one level, we can roll our eyes upon hearing of the latest nonsense going on at some university or other, but on too many other levels, this process of White dispossession is deadly serious. Universities provide instruction that leads to important jobs and prepares the next generation for leadership of the culture and the country. The campus War on White Men, I am convinced, is but a prelude to the real war — the coming attempt at the extermination of the White race — a “hot” war, as opposed to the current “cool” gradual swamping of Whites via immigration, destruction of White families, etc.

This is deadly serious stuff, as I said, so we had best face the problem directly. Oddly, I’ve had this impression since Trump’s election that Alt Right sites that normally emphasize the Jewish Question have pulled back from discussing it, possibly in an attempt to gain “respectability” for the new administration and its Alt Right supporters. Now that the thrill of the Trump victory turns into the grueling reality of politics as usual, however, let’s hope that these sites return to writing about The Jewish Problem bluntly and honestly. Without a grim determination to face the issue, successful responses are not likely to appear on their own.

In closing, I’ll share an impression I had upon hearing the title No Campus for White Men. Some years ago I wrote about Cormac McCarthy’s bleak novel No Country for Old Men, and wove it into an account of the decline of America in step with the decline of Whites. I concluded that our situation could just as easily read No Country for White Men. A fortiori, this is true of the new book No Campus for White Men.

As Assad said many years ago:

"The Jews tried to kill the principles of all religions with the same mentality in which they betrayed Jesus Christ and the same way they tried to betray and kill the Prophet Muhammad."
Bashar al-Assad
"The disappearance of the Jews", The Economist (May 10, 2001)

And as a South African said after the re-election of Obama:
Demography is destiny, as Auguste Comte said. There is a mysterious process whereby whites react to racial domination not by rioting or claiming special privileges as other races do, but by working harder, having even fewer children, and quarrelling among themselves. We see this happening in South Africa, in Western Europe and, of course, in America, where white Republicans and Democrats are like two dogs fighting over a bone, while a third is about to run away with it and leave them with nothing.

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Didn't take long for blood to find Dawn's hands ... keep swining off the cuff and watch how many lives you cost us ... but acknowledging it would be not winning - so back to tweeting about Australian healthcare 

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This SEAL's ultimate sacrifice has inspired a dozen American youth to sign up and go fight for the Empire !


... yeah, probably not.


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"No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.”--Patton

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So... no skinnys were hurt in the making of this article?

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Making Grave Diggers Great Again!

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Please God! Let's HOPE it wasn't Charlie Sheen!

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I would take this with a grain of salt. This could have happened in Yemen, Syria, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, or even the Donbass, perhaps along with the other three who were reported separately, but to control the narrative they place the death in Somalia to divert the sheep from seeing the big picture.

Now the Al Qaeda who supposedly did this... are those the good Al Qaeda (Syria/Yemen) or the bad Al Qaeda (9/11 or Afghanistan) ?? To watch gaslighting in operation is so much fun...

Freddie's picture

I thought ISIS was the new and improved Al Qeada?  I always have a hard time keeping up with new detergents from procter and Gamble and new and improved bogeymen created by Deep State.

The Viet Minh were created by the $ee Eye Aye to push the French out of IndoChina (Vietnam) so the $$$ee Eye Aye could take over the French's heroin/opium business.  The Viet Minh then morphed into the Viet Cong.

The Navy $EALS work for the $$ee Eye Aye NOT the Navy or DOD.

scoutshonor's picture

If ISIS is the new improved Al Qeada--are they still J.V.?  Or have they moved to a different division?

any_mouse's picture

The Viet Minh also opposed the Japanese. That was the excuse to support the group, just as supporting the Partisans in Yugoslavia to oppose Germans.

Mujahedin to Al Qaeda/ISI[S/L]. Thought Afghanistan was the first time? It wasn't a mistake or an unintended consequence.

Useful tools to the deep state.

A state of war is useful cover.

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(shudder) lest it's on you, brother

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shouldnt have had is brainwashed MIC slave ass over there...

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Give Soros a crossbow and let him clean up Mogadishu.

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Why are Americans there, especially in a capacity to have them killed?

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Commander n Queef meant to green light papa johns ... didn't read the briefing

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Sounds like "Operation Enduring Fuckups" but they are all named that any more.
Operation Somali Shitstorm
Operation Hambuger Helper
Operation Poppy Shield
Operation Goat Roper
Operation More Fucked Up Than a Car Load Of Crack Whore Bank Robbers

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somalia is a pipeline gateway to africa. just like syria is the gateway to europe. you think pirates are really pirates?

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Chinas influence was pushing out the US.

Its rumored that Putin is also about to get the old royal navy base in Aden(Yemen).

Both sides of a vital strategic waterway, with the Chinese navy base in Djibouti.

The US is losing the MacKinder heartland, the Syrian news today is confirmation.

Freddie's picture

What is the MacKinder heartland?  I heard Russia has setup a no fly zone in Syria including blocking US jets?  What about IsriHell?

I think the Silk Road Railway and total Eurasian coverage of Gazprom pipelines will will make sea lanes around Asia less of an issue but the ME and Africa are still an issue.

Why would a pipeline through Somalia be an issue?

China is buying up Africa.  Same colonialism just with a different face.

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Because they are unemployable, and we need to get rid of them one way or another.

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The fight against terror knows no geographical bounderies

The influence of the globalists / banksters knows no geographical bounderies (oh, there is that Russian problem......Iranian.......NKorean.....)

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If you surround yourself with hawkish generals, don't be surprised by what happens next...

Dominus Ludificatio's picture

They see the world as one big playground field. Their eyes are glowing with anticipation for the next war game theatre.

Freddie's picture

"Dyin (for the globalist banksters) ain't much of a (way to make) a livin  - boy"

The SEAL$ are NOT under the control the Navy or DOD.  They are run by the $ee Eye Aye.

shimmy's picture

Huge news that someone engaged in supposed "war" might actually die. I thought that 'muricans can't die as apparently everyone in the world should cower at the mere sight of a 'murican soldier. 

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4 goys, 0 chosenites

veritas semper vinces's picture

Well,the chosenites do the"thinking" .

BarkingCat's picture

You don't know that.

There are choosenites in US armed forces too.


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If they weren't there, occupying other people's lands, murdering and destroying, US government employees wouldn't be dying.

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bingo, with a half-hearted, lower case b

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Didn't know US troops were still in Somalia.  Or is this a new undeclared war in Somalia?

BingoBoggins's picture

An extension, however tenuous, of the War Powers afforded, umm, what was it? 9/11?

edit: O' Congress, where art thou?

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Somalian ICBM's on standby, Somali Air Force flying surveillance missions off California coast, Somali special ops probably already in Florida swamps and tunneling in through Montana, Somali navy mustering in Gulf of Mexico, maybe those Somali satellites are equipped with lasers...I forgot...WTF is the USSA doing in Somalia ?

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Har, har matey.

We are fighting pirates.


Likstane's picture

Thank you, now it all makes sense...those fucking somaliatians piss me off

BingoBoggins's picture

Not exactly personable on a meet and greet basis. As ever, I strive to maintain a gentleman's status. Everybody gets the same chances, until they don't.

edit: gah! that reeks of arrogance - it's true though; I can't just let go these quaint eccentricities

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I think it might be about the CIA controlling the KHAT trade. They can't help it - running drug monopolies is just their nature, even though KHAT isn't one of the big drug stars...