North Korea Accuses CIA Of Plotting A "Biochemical Attack" Against Kim Jong-Un

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In the latest verbal fireworks involving the Pacific Rim's most unstable nation, overnight North Korea accused the CIA and the South Korea National Intelligence service of supporting a terrorist cell plotting to kill its "supreme leadership" with a bio-chemical weapon and said such a "pipe-dream" could never succeed.

According to AFP, the North's Ministry of State Security released a statement saying "the last-ditch effort" of U.S. "imperialists" and the South had gone "beyond the limits."

“The Central Intelligence Agency of the US and the National Intelligence Service (NIS) of south Korea, hotbed of evils in the world, hatched a vicious plot to hurt the supreme leadership of the DPRK and those acts have been put into the extremely serious phase of implementation after crossing the threshold of the DPRK,” the North’s KCNA news agency quoted the statement as saying adding that “They hatched a plot of letting human scum Kim commit bomb terrorism targeting the supreme leadership during events at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun and at military parade and public procession after his return home."

“A hideous terrorists’ group, which the CIA and the NIS infiltrated into the DPRK on the basis of covert and meticulous preparations to commit state sponsored terrorism against the supreme leadership of the DPRK by use of biochemical substance, has been recently detected.”

In taking a page right out of the Turkish "shadow government" playbook, North Korea said the cell had “infiltrated” North Korea but the Ministry of State Security will “ferret out and mercilessly destroy to the last one the terrorists of the US CIA,” the local ministry said as cited by the state’s KCNA news agency. Pyongyang identified one of the people involved in the “vicious plot” as “Kim,” a timber worker who was allegedly bribed by the CIA while working in Russia in June 2014.

Kim reportedly received over $20,000 from South Korean agents on two occasions and reportedly planned to attack the North Korean leadership during a public event in Pyongyang. The cell planned to use an unspecified poison.

“The intelligence agents told him that assassination by use of biochemical substances including radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance is the best method that does not require access to the target, their lethal results will appear after six or twelve months.... [A North] Korean-style anti-terrorist attack will be commenced from this moment to sweep away the intelligence and plot-breeding organizations of the US imperialists and the puppet clique,” the ministry statement warned.

North Korea also gave lengthy details about the alleged plot but said it could never be accomplished.  "Criminals going hell-bent to realize such a pipe dream cannot survive on this land even a moment," it said.

North Korea also threatened “its own kind of counter-terrorism strike” against the U.S. and South Korea.

The report did not provide any evidence of the alleged plot, however it noted that an assassination of Kim Jong-un and other senior government officials in Pyongyang is part of Seoul’s contingency plans for a possible major military confrontation between the two Koreas. The US is said to be lending its expertise to the plan.

That said, the mostly paranoid statement is not without foundation: two women accused of killing the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim with a chemical weapon appeared in court in Malaysia last month. As a reminder, the women reportedly smeared his face with the toxic VX nerve agent, a chemical described by the United Nations as a weapon of mass destruction, at Kuala Lumpur airport on Feb. 13.

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IridiumRebel's picture

Just get the war going know we are going to Bankster fuck em' Iraq style...

Looney's picture

What happened to the Executive Order 12333 prohibiting assassinations of foreign leaders? Do we really think that if we kill Kim-Zoom-Zoom, it will change anything in North Korea?

When it comes to North Korea, some of us support a strike or war against them, the rest of us are against it. That’s just fine and dandy, but nobody seems to be willing to look at the North Korean Crisis from China’s and Russia’s point of view.

First, both countries need the buffer-zone between South Korea and China/Russia.

Second, both countries want to avoid any direct military confrontation with the US for as long as possible, without crossing their own Red Lines.

Third, if such a tiny and “insignificant” country, like North Korea, can inflict an unacceptable damage upon the US, then China and Russia quietly win, and the US loses with a bang, and loses a lot!

The damage that N. Korea might suffer, in case of war/strikes, doesn’t really matter to China, Russia, and the US. What would matter is one of these:

1. Thousands of long-range artillery pieces firing simultaneously at Seoul (pop. 25 million), just 20 miles from the N.Korean border. Also, the massive numbers of the Soviet-era Scud Missiles can easily overwhelm S.Korea’s air-defenses. Would this kind of damage be considered “acceptable”?

2. A Kamikaze submarine (just one of the 70 they have) detonating a nuke in the ocean, close to a major South Korean, Japanese, or, God forbid, American city. I wouldn’t underestimate the Norks’ willingness to die for their country.

3. A sunk or damaged Aircraft Carrier with 5,000 souls on board or a Warship with 300 souls.

BTW… North Korea’s Nukes are estimated at 9-15 kilotons. That’s roughly the size of the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests conducted in mid-1946. Back then, a single 13 KT blast sunk 5 and badly damaged 14 warships, including two Aircraft Carriers.

China and Russia would gain the most, without dirtying their hands, if Little Kim were to destroy the American “protection racket” in that part of the world, even if he himself got destroyed in the process, too.

So, let’s stop pretending that China will solve the Crisis “diplomatically” or WE will solve it “militarily” or by assassinating Kim-Yum-Yum. China will keep quietly supporting the Norks the way it has, if not more, and there ain’t nothing we can do about it. I think?  ;-)


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IridiumRebel's picture

Thx Velvet Jones!
Who knew suckin cock could pay so well!

HooRAY4rSIDE's picture

The CIA only likes to pepper spray babies in incubators to get Ivanka ballin her eyes out. I don't think pics of the fat boy chokin' on kim chee have that same 'An Affair to Remember' effect.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

What, the old 'Poison Cigar' trick again?
Can't those 'Tards' come up w/ something new?

PrayingMantis's picture


... nothing new, really, there were old "allegations" and "denials" about some kinds of germ or biological weapons warfare that were claimed to have been "scattered" in Kim's backyard even before he was born ...


>>> ... "America denies using biological weapons in the Korean War. But North Koreans still claim the US dropped bombs containing disease-carrying insects and food."

..."...In the winter of 1952, Yun Chang Bin recalls, the American bombers flying overhead had become a fact of life. The small detachment of Chinese 'volunteers’ stationed in his village, Hwanjin, 40 miles north-east of Pyongyang, was not a worthwhile target for the US forces supporting the South Korean regime, so rural life went on much as it had done for generations. Oxen ploughed the fields and the local people – those who had not been conscripted into the North Korean military – worked together tending to the rice crops."

... "... But then, one afternoon in early March, Yun was walking home from school when he saw Chinese troops on their hands and knees in the fields. Standing close to the same spot today, he indicates with a sweep of his hand where they were collecting small objects from the frozen ground.

'There were about 30 or 40 of the Chinese volunteer troops spread out across the field,’ Yun, now 72, says. 'They were wearing masks and gloves and some of them had brooms. They were sweeping up something from the ground and others were picking it up and putting it on a fire.’

Curious, Yun approached the soldiers and asked some of the adults who had gathered what was going on. He recalls being told, 'They are catching flies. They came out of the bombs dropped by the American bastards.’ ..."

... "... The bombs, Yun explained, had opened – rather than detonated, as conventional weapons would have done – after hitting the ground and released thousands of insects, the like of which Yun had never seen before. ..."

..."...The insects had been spread over a large area of farmland and many, Yun explains, escaped the mopping-up operation. Disease broke out in the village the following month. 'I remember the adults calling it enbyo, or heat disease,’ Yun says. 'It was terrible. People developed very high fevers, became delirious and complained that their heads hurt. Their muscles ached and they had blisters on their lips. They groaned with the pain and drifted in and out of consciousness. They couldn’t eat anything and just kept asking for cold water.’ ..."

... "...With all the local doctors serving at the front, there were no medical facilities in Hwanjin, so there was little anyone could do for those who had been infected, particularly as no one knew what the illness was. Yun says he was later told it was typhoid. 'It killed my father,’ he adds in a matter-of-fact way. 'He lost his appetite, then lost all movement in the lower half of his body, so he was not able to move. He used to ask me to help him to sit up and I had to hold him in my arms.’"


... more here >>>


... and if you want to see the devastating effects of radiation poisoning warfare the US carried out to get rid of its "depleted uranium" stockpiles that were made into bombs and dropped everywhere in Iraq (especially in Fallujah) and other places in the world, go to google images and search for "depleted uranium babies" ... that was the easiest way to get rid of these radioactive wastes without offending the environmentalists in the US ... something to do with NIMBY (not in my backyard) ...


... have a nice day  ;)




teknoaxe's picture

Biochemical...can't we just lazer him?  I thought that was a thing.

Whoa Dammit's picture

The Fat Boy is probably right. We live in a time when delusion has merged with reality, and nothing is too crazy to be true.

youngman's picture

He has to be craping his pants right now....the fear will get to him....he will get even stranger than he is now...he wont trust Stalin ....the guy is crazy but he will get more crazy in time....

Bubba Rum Das's picture

-And you too, folks, can make up to $50,000 a night; Courtesy of the 'Velvet Jones School of Break'in & Entering'!

MillionDollarButter's picture

You'll get the ban hammer for calling an article clickbait, but not for this crap.  Actually, I think that persuasive posters were banned after ZH was sold.

zimboe's picture

Maybe, if you're a good looking whore at the Bunny Ranch.

Please go away.

Scrimpy's picture

Trump = Shabbos Goy = The Orange JEWlius

BullyDog's picture

One can only hope that the war hawks get a smack in the face so brutally hard, that the history books will never forget that empires don't work.  Eventually you over extend and swing once too often thus landing on your face.   

I hate bullies, and we in the west are bullies.    

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Sounds accurate and reasonable.  They probably have a look-alike #2 ready to go in case #1 dies anyways. 

zimboe's picture


If Kim "caught a Russian cold" (ref Yuri Andropov) and died, who would know? The generals would just wheel out a double.

Sure and he has a double.

sbn's picture

I think that humour is the mask of the wise.

I love when Looney becomes serious

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Trump never mentioned your scenario - submarine detonation off the coast of Disney.


NK is run by a fat kid.  We can take 'em. 

null's picture

China would not want to give the USA an excuse to increase presence in their region. In fact, China most likely overplayed its cats-paw by trying to coerce the USA into economic concessions, which it desperately needs (and unfortunately seemed to get).

12333 was reinterpreted in the 90's regarding those with a connection to terrorism (claims of hypocrisy are not relevant).

12333 most likely applies to clandestine killing and IF this is a stated [possible] intention, it is hardly clandestine.

Winston Churchill's picture

Exactly what I've been saying all along Looney.

I can't help feeling its a trap, just like the one Putin avoided in Ukraine.

They're relying on American hubris , and it appears to be working.

Knobbius's picture

I think That Putin is still stuck in the mindset of a geopolitical chess player, and perceives that any loss of face or direct military advantage by the US is automatically a good thing for Russia. Xi is more nuanced, and the Chinese people are too. They are quickly coming around to the view that no proxy or buffer is worth the Kim family shenanigans.

A creative US leader should simply reiterate to China that our presence in Korea is entirely a function of NORK bellicosity. If that threat to our allies goes away, then our troops will too. That's the carrot I would hold out in front of Xi. It doesn't do us any good as a nation to be manning the ramparts of a Cold War conflict 60 years on anyway. China doesn't need a buffer, they need a better neighbor.

The Seoul hostage racket is a real thing, but only a fraction of their heavy artillery and MRLS inventory can reach Seoul. It's enough to cause a lot of damage, and kill thousands, but is of questionable military utility in a modern conflict. Counter-battery artillery is quite effective, and we and the ROK forces have a lot of capability in that arena. The equation here is NORK artillery pieces destroyed, vs. South Koreans killed, vs. time. As Looney put it, what are "acceptable losses?""

As far as a suicide midget sub with a nuke goes, their subs are strictly a coastal defense force. If they sortie to anywhere in a midget sub they won't get far. I personally would use them as "nuclear mines" along the coast. Lay in wait for a US amphib group, and detonate then. But turning on your engine in a NORK sub is a death sentence, given our ASW capabilities.

I suspect China has many options. They probably have the best intelligence picture of the North Koreans, for example, and likely have military to military relationships. They know who they might be able to elevate to take over in the event that Little Fat Fuck has an accident. They probably also know in detail where the NORK nuclear and missile development sites are. That could be handy info, and a good bargaining chip.

zimboe's picture

Dollars to doughnuts one or many of the generals around him are Chinese moles with orders to cool him off if he gets seriously out of hand.

The Chinese ain't stupid, not at all. Sure and Kim's sycophants have been long ago compromised.

That's their handle on the situation, you betcha.

tion's picture

Despite the Trump win, alCIAda/deep state want to move forward with regime change. They cant succeed in Syria right now so are moving on to next scheduled target on the list, North Korea. Has been baked in for like what, 15 - 20 years now. Only a few targets left. They will try to depose dear leader there and use puppet to introduce the joys of red shield banking and debt slavery, and try to use North Korea as a proxy to launch an EMP attack on US soil. Will serve as a mass human sacrifice to Satan / Molech / Baal / Nergal or whatever fucking evil entity they are   to raise + opportunity to consolidate power.

Déjà view's picture

What goes around...comes around...Phat Phuck...

Giant Meteor's picture

He looks relaxed in a lab coat .. maybe he can get a job with Labcorp and be done with this Maxwell Smart routine.

SubjectivObject's picture

Kim un, dewed, that's only the one plot that you know about.

They've been funking with US for years.  Believe us, it gets worse.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Why doesn't the DPRK call out the ((())) global power structure by name and do the world a favor?  What do they have to lose?

man of Wool's picture

I love these North Koreans. They are so happy. They are holding their cool bigley. 


Arrest Hillary's picture

This guy just had his older brother poisoned at the airport .... and he's cryin' foul ?

Ricki13th's picture

It was the western media who claimed it had to be Kim Jong Uh.

OverTheHedge's picture

And you know that 1) his brother is actually dead, and 2) Kim Jong Il is responsible? I appreciate that the media has told us these "facts", but are they true?

Calculus99's picture

"The CIA a hotbed of evil in the world". 

Kim got that one right!

Giant Meteor's picture

Sure, of course, but one hardly gets big points for stating obvious known, knowns, it's the unknown , knowns we are more interested in ..

Clock Crasher's picture

Use the nano drones disguised as a mosquito and administer lethal amounts of cyanide to the king and all the kings men.

ShrNfr's picture

I wish them better luck next time.

SoDamnMad's picture

Assad did it. Yep. Those North Korean White Helmet said so and had pictures of little hungry kids all poisoned. 

max_leering's picture

nice lab coat, Dr. Fronkenschteen... chemistry much?

ShrNfr's picture

Nah, just a visit to his only relatives still alive in the upper right.

TheNuclearGenie's picture

A limited nuclear war is the only way out of this mess that has been in the making for the least 20 years. Humanity has brought this catastrophe on itself when it developed nuclear weapons without simultaneously devising a workable defense.

roadhazard's picture

Fat Kim must read ZH.

Ricki13th's picture

Kim might look paranoid to some but he's right that the CIA is a hotbed of evil. Wouldn't surprise me if they are trying to distabilize NK to install a puppet Gov't just like they have done in the past.

shovelhead's picture

A timber worker who went to Russia?

Wouldn't it make more sense if he was plotting to use a chainsaw on Fearless Leader?

I'd pay to see that. The Wild Woodsman going Leatherface on Fatboy would be a ratings bonanza for HBO.

MsCreant's picture

2 payments of $20,000 is chump change. That part of the story does not hold water.

Whoa Dammit's picture

The Wild Woodsman is Killer Bob from Twin Peaks.

Whoa Dammit's picture

The Wild Woodsman is Killer Bob from Twin Peaks.

SweetDougisaTwat's picture

With the background darkened the photograph could look as though Kim's buddies are goading him onto a dance floor.  What a frat fruck he is!

God is The Son's picture

CIA is plotting to kill Kim with Sarin Gas, sourced from the Free Syrian Army.