Silicon Valley 'Tech-Slaves' Forced To Live In Their Cars

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Faced with some of the most expensive rental housing in the nation, some Bay Area residents are feeling priced out and are seeking low-cost alternatives.

As the Nasdaq soars to record highs on the back of Silicon Valley's hub of computer and technology companies, some people are even turning to cars, vans and RVs for housing...

NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Joanne Elgart Jennings exposes the stunning reality hiding just behind the facade of America's unicorn factory...

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Homelessness is a sign of a highly competitive and successful environment.


A conversation seen on social media dating sites in the Silicon Valley......your trailer or mine?

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It's been about 1 1/2 years since I first shared about Crisanto Ave (where all those RVs are) on ZH, and about the fuckedupness of people being ousted from their homes. Finally getting some attention now, but there's no solutions. The tech companies and their gaywad slaves (with egos to match) have fucked over everyone.

I've been skating Rengstorff park (on that street) since I was a kid and don't like going there anymore - it's too depressing.

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Do the techwads still color their hair blue, use electric vape pens, and roll to "work" on their razor scooters "earning" $250,000 a year?

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Now they paint their beards blue and I suppose BY the way MOST of them look? Their BALLS are the same?

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hb1 - car lurkers are not white.  show the real deal. 

need to tariff labor too

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Out with the trash...Remnants of 21st Century middle class...trailer 'trash' sans kitchen/bathroom in some cases...
Once upon-a-time during 20th Century custom vans with beds were chick magnets...
22nd Century...hmmm...

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Usually, when rents are that high and people are living in trailers b/c there's no housing, usually that's a huge sign to start building, which brings the prices back down. That's how it works in DFW, for example. Housing continuing to grow both out and up to accommodate the exodus of people and business from everywhere else.

My understanding, however, is that the City Hall freaks want the city to look just like it ought to in their play-pretend world?

At some point, the conditions aren't worth it. Come to Texas, or a little north to Silicon Prairie. Rent is $600 a month for a single bedroom, and a 10-year mortgage on a livable house is sub $2k.

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"Usually, when rents are that high and people are living in trailers b/c there's no housing, usually that's a huge sign to start building, which brings the prices back down. That's how it works in DFW, for example. Housing continuing to grow both out and up to accommodate the exodus of people and business from everywhere else."


Yeah, Mountainview can join the list of Boom and Bust towns in American history. If I cleaned houses for a living, were a property maintenance, or lab technician making $30,000 there is no way I would live in a town with rent that high. If people start to reject the idea that they should live somewhere they can't afford maybe the free market would find a the tech companies opening shop in a different town.

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Yep thanks for checking in, I remember reading your story. And note that is exactly where the guy in the article is living:

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Christ, that's quite a scene.

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It's the H-1B fueled Tech miracle that makes Californians proud.  Go Zuckerberg!  What a great place to live and work and raise a family.

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I've been picking up anti-zuckerberg domains for when he eventually runs for president. He's already bought a lot of them though. He's one egotistic, narcissistic and maniacal motherfucker that one.

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google earth helps google big brother control google serf

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I have a step cousin working for Facebook. His rent is $3500/month... for a studio apartment...

Standard Disclaimer: There is a lot of truth to the statement that once you leave California, you can never go back. Not that you would want to these days.

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but you can buy the biggest house in town at most other locales.  the inflation benefits them when they move.  same same for nyc vermin

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I got out and moved to the country. Just working on the mortgage now. (Only debt I have)


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@ Cheech,


Skid Row.

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So funny...  go back.  LOL  My ex-wife spoke of going back.  I was all "go ahead."

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"I've been skating Rengstorff park (on that street) since I was a kid"

Dude! Your from Mountain View!

I grew up in South Palo Alto before the yuppies completely took over; funny, almost all my friends that I grew up with there wouldn't be able to afford to buy a home there now anyway, even if they wanted too...

South P.A. people used to be mostly Silicon Valley middle management & blue collar techs back in the day; those shitty Eichler single level homes that used to go for about 100K there back then, now go for about a million & up I hear. Mountain View too.

Sad, used to be some nice neighborhoods & people living there back then.

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East P.A. always had the best crack back in the early nineties. Bought a 2 bedroom condo on 4th st in downtown S.J. in the late nineties for $119k cash. I still get $5k a month every month. It's like printing money!

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Your prosperity is our destitution.

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I shared apartments in Mt. View and Sunnyvale on Navy wages from the air station there in the 70's.

Which wasn't much.

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Mt. View - My old stomping grounds. 

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Yup, me too. Mtn View/Sunnyvale 1978-2002. The last year I urban camped in my Westfalia. I am SO far ahead of the curve. Laughing my ass off from the drizzly economically depressed PNW where life is reasonably priced.

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as a society we've watched this for decades beginning with the biggest scam/cause, bankruptcy...medical catastrophy.

folks have been systematically had their homes stolen from any number of scams or fed created bubbles.

the stealth attack on physicians now is going to be interesting.  the one's that can actually diag & successfully "cure" are leaving in droves.

we'll have icon algo driven idiocracy diag one size fits all.

can't measure the evil.

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A cash hoard of 230 billion clown bucks.

Pays workers slave wages.

Product is shit. Breaks easy. Designed for obsolesce.

........and yet the sheep and the dopes love the shit - and cannot see/care that there's any problem.

Talk about disconnect. 

FUCK iCrapple.


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Sells $10 of memory for $100 to idiots.

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1979, Kissimmee, Florida
As a transfer from Disneyland to Walt Dizzy Whirled, and getting promoted three levels and taking a Nicole an hour pay cut to $2.15 per hour, the first priority was finding housing. Another transplant and I rented a mobile home for the discounted rate of $100 per month (down from $125 per month) reduced due to the cat piss soaked carpet.

To say it smelled awful would an understatement, particularly in the summer heat and humidity. It was foul to say the least
The mobile home waS at the edge of this swamp/lake with attack ducks lurking in the reeds.

The one bright spot was the 16 yo girl next door who viewed me as an exotic. I was a gentleman and she came to no harm. Fittingly, at 19, it was the lowest point in my life.

Went back for a. Is it in the area in January, the mobile home park is now filled with McMansions. ALL of the orange groves and the woods no longer exist.

The lake has been reshaped to look like a mushroom or, as some claimed, a massive prick.

What is amazing is that what u.sed. t.o.cost.

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Rent/home prices are very high because salaries are very high.  Zerohedge always wants you to believe that every is bad in America.

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Gee, Washington to Reagan, 13 Colonies to 50 states, a civil war, 2 world wars, depression...1 Trillion fed fiat.  Bush to Trunp, 19 trillion fed bucks.

Sitting down to a nicle poker table with 19 grand wouldn't raise the stakes, no effect on the other players, right?

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Salaries are very high if you are a software engineer or work for a governmental or education agency.

For everyone else they aren't that different from the rest of the country.

Rents are high because the rich use zoning laws to ensure a permanent shortage of housing.

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The other solution is to become New Jersey. Do not become New Jersey! Stick to your town's original plans and zoning. I wonder how many New Jerseyans die sitting in traffic each year.

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You're ignorant and/or elitist. Either way, your bucket of horrifically bad karma runneth over. One day, when you least expect it, it'll all be dumped on your lap. My only hope - you think back to my response to your post.

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I recently diagnosed TB in a homeless man. He was found collapsed and barely breathing. My 10th homeless case so far this year, a personal record. He drug and alcohol level was zero. 66 years old and on the street for over 10 years. He has nowhere to go and no one who was there for him. Seeing his BMI was 20, I don't think he had been eating well.

A colleague and I were taking about the sadness we experience when encountering such cases. A loneliness we haven't lived. Even insulated from his suffering where we work doesn't prevent us from empathy for his situation. All I can do for him at this point is do my job well.

If I ever find myself on his path, I hope I will have his courage.


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Praise be, an actual to God human being in a world full of shit. i know there are many of you out there, I thank you.

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We could have a growing vibrant economy that made it possible for us to easily provide for these people but we're not allowed to do it.  Growing vibrant economies do not need oligarchic control.  Growing vibrant economies are incompatible with the regulatory state the lobbying State the banking State and the welfare Warfare state.

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Great to see you Richmond. Upvote btw ..

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I could have chosen Vexed Virologist as a handle but oh well.

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I wouldn't wish homelessness on an enemy....


Very sad, indeed

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What kind of troglodyte would downvote your post?

Times they are scary - take care.

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Thank you for your post.  I volunteer at a mens homeless shelter/food bank from time to time.  It is a very humbling experience.  I cannot help but wonder why them and not me.  Fate, luck, chance or genetics?  Makes me humble for sure. 

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Some people wind up homeless for no other reason than bad luck, others wind up that way for other reasons:

"According to the Parole Department, California has about 8,580 registered sex offenders on parole, about 2,000 of whom are classified as transient. Of Orange County's 302 registered sex offenders on parole, 119 are transient, and in Los Angeles County, the homeless represent 421 of 1,896 offenders."

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If a homeless woman turns to prostitution, does she make it in to your survey?

Correlation does not equal causation.

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Govt funded programs are inadequate because nothing filters down to those in need.  Terrible.  If I were him, I'd rob a bank.  I hope he takes his meds.  I had TB too which I couldn't believe since I was healthy and middle class.  I remember the 6 months of strong antibiotics were worse than the TB. 

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i love you sweetie!  i've been following your posts.  your husband is a very fortunate man :)  best wishes!

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

That was sweet to say but I must be honest with you. My husband was the best thing that happened to me. I owe him my life and I gladly give him all my love in return for his kindness. So many are not as fortunate. His family gave him a choice, them or me. He chose me and was disowned at 22. He had nothing. I will never forget his sacrifice.

Women are rescued. Men are left to go it alone. The homeless man I am caring for exemplifies this. This I will never forget.


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Wow, your husband is a rare man. You are very lucky and he is has well. God Bless!