Silicon Valley 'Tech-Slaves' Forced To Live In Their Cars

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Faced with some of the most expensive rental housing in the nation, some Bay Area residents are feeling priced out and are seeking low-cost alternatives.

As the Nasdaq soars to record highs on the back of Silicon Valley's hub of computer and technology companies, some people are even turning to cars, vans and RVs for housing...

NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Joanne Elgart Jennings exposes the stunning reality hiding just behind the facade of America's unicorn factory...

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Jubal Early's picture

"Women are rescued"

That used to be true when women were worthy of being loved by a man.  There is no one that will rescue a feminazi SJW, and a 20 something year old college graduate with the 1000 cock stare is not likely to be rescued either.

You are speaking of a bygone era.  This is the age where women join the marines and then send nude selfies of themselves to all the grunts they are screwing.

Tarzan's picture

Being the father of three young men who've all found talented, loving, perfectly sane wives I must say, You watch to much TV.  There are plenty of good women out there, if you stop hunting them in bars. I'm betting Miffed didn't meet her husband in a mosh pit or the burning man fest......

33 years, with the same beautiful wife, and counting.

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My mother didn't raise me that way. Neither are most of the mothers I know living 'out here'

That crap's for city folk (too many critters in too small cages)

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If every able bodied man, woman and child donated even one hour per week towards helping the homeless, working at an animal shelter, working at a retirement home, etc., the world would be a very, very different place 

Offthebeach's picture

We used to and kind of always had back to colonial times skid rows.  Colonial times were called Fishtown, or something like that.  Lots of crazy old women living in shacks.

Then we had skid rows, tin pan alleys,  Single Room Occupancy,  boarding houses, slums. 

These were all pulled down, destroyed by good government  (GooGoos ), early social justice central planners, starting around the 1900's.  These structures paid taxes and consumed little revenue and were affordable. 

Naturall that had to go.  No room for ego of reformers, BS for politians, crony contractors, unions and finance fiat parasites. 



Is-Be's picture

A male? 

Step over him and move on. The garbage collector will pick him up on the morning.

Is-Be's picture

A male? 

Step over him and move on. The garbage collector will pick him up on the morning.

ds's picture

When we scream at the dying of the Light, we pivot to glimpse your candle. Keep going even if you are the last candle for the hands that hold it is the gem of the species.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

You have given me a great gift of which I am eternally grateful. It is a rare thing for me to have tears in my eyes other from deep sadness of the state of this cold world today. Pain, selfishness and the depths of depravity appear to be infinite and my ability to change any of it quite minimal.

I have found myself withdrawing into myself and staying with my small circle of friends to escape the continual barrage of negativity that is wearing me down. Life was becoming quite pointless for me.

I am going to write your words on a piece of paper and keep it in my lab coat. I am going to give it to my colleague too whose mother died of TB and I knew he was reliving her passing as we discussed this homeless man.

That which gives Light must endure burning. Light is from God, therefore I have no ownership of it. It can be only given away.

In eternal gratitude,


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Third world style inequality thanks to globalization really

HooRAY4rSIDE's picture

"Homelessness is a sign of a highly competitive and successful environment"


Yeah, I'm sure those 'successful' ones like Zuckerberg, who came by all his billions honestly, likes to 'give back' by letting those people in RV's park on his lawn for free.

LauraB's picture

But those Computer Science degrees are the only ones worth pursuing in college because they have high enough salaries to pay back your school debt!  I know because I just read it in an article here yesterday.  

thebigunit's picture

The "homeless" are just nomadic foragers.

Fifteen thousand years ago, every human being was a "homeless" nomadic forager.

They've always been around.  In the fifties, we called them "hoboes".  Then the government social worker/real estate developer conspiracy romantacized them into "homelsess".

pitz's picture

Tech workers aren't even paid that much.  Most police officers out-earn them.  And the tech companies pretty much always insist on bringing in foreign nationals rather than hiring locally.  So of course that's going to create giant problems. 

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I work for an "on demand" app based delivery service here in San francisco. I'm 46, college grad, white, male, army veteran. I have been living in my van for a few years now. I make deliveries on a scooter. I also work 7 days a week. You'd be surprised how many Uber drivers LIVE in their cars. I park next to them every night. San Francisco is a Potemkin village as is our entire economy.

Troy Ounce's picture


Think disruptive.

How to make an app that disrupts Potemkin village.

Good luck to you.

JackT's picture

The entire disruptive mantra is such BS.

Mpizzie's picture

Thank you.

Glad someone else feels that way too...

thebigunit's picture

OK.  I thought "disruptive" and nothing happened.

Think disruptive.

Now what?

Troy Ounce's picture


The "new normal" is only normal for a short time. 

But I had to laugh out loud for you comment.

thebigunit's picture

I have multiple college degrees.

 I'm 46, college grad, white, male, army veteran. I have been living in my van for a few years now.

If I insisted on living in Berverly Hills, or Newport Beach, or Pacific Heights in San Francisco where Dianne Feinstein lives, I would have to live in my car too.

Live where you can afford to live.

Archive_file's picture

I actually have a house I rent out for $750 a month out in the california Central Valley. It's a tiny former oil town near the 5 freeway. I can "afford"to live there, but why? According to the American lung association's annual state of air report, it's literally got the worst air pollution in the country. The tap water is polluted wth cancer causing trihalomethanes as the yearly letter gets sent out stating so, I'm surrounded by gangbangers and beaners. Fuck it, I'd rather I've in my van. I get paid more delivering pizza in San Francisco in one day than I would in 3 days where I can "afford it."

thebigunit's picture

There you go!

 Fuck it, I'd rather I've in my van. 

I'm all for people making their own life style choices, just as long as you don't whine to me about buying you a house so you can work at Google.

Archive_file's picture

I never said I didn't like living in my van. I save a shitload of money and leave the country to surf Bali for 3 months in the summer. I was raised by hippies in a school bus in the forests of Oregon in the early 70's. Fuck the rat race.

stacking12321's picture

Now THAT'S the American dream !

freedogger's picture

I did most weekdays for three years in my van. Not too bad if you have a place to go to on the weekends. Finally got a decent remote work from home job. The van made moving my family out of the city possible to a decent acreage on a lake close to the mountains. Now I just use it as my surf vehicle. 

freedogger's picture

Oh and I make more than 7k a month Working from home. Lol

WillyGroper's picture

raised by hippies...interesting.

met some on a hiking trip that got in on the turquoise craze in the 70's.  they made good coin surfing that trend.

i've never seen a more talented craftsman.   the house he was building had a 40' log supporting the structure.  listening to how he got it plumb was a story.  the 2 story fireplace had 2 designs in it from the rock masonry...indian thunderbird.  he designed, wired, plumbed & built it with very little hired labor.  the staircase was stunning.  natural gnarly cedar.  barstools & bar made the same way.  sound system thru the house was great too.  looked thru his LP's & rolled laughing...had a lot of the same music.  then there was the vege garden.

when i see so many youngn's today that cannot even make change if you give'm a coupla pennies is sad.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

 The tap water is polluted wth cancer causing trihalomethanes as the yearly letter gets sent out stating so, I'm surrounded by gangbangers and beaners.

But everything is nice landscaped so you got that going for you.


general ambivalent's picture

That's the kicker. You can afford it, but can you AFFORD it?

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Come to Ohio. $1500 a month has you in a nice crib. Silicon Valley isn't the only place with tech. And before anyone says the money is all out there, so are the idiots. These people believed that people would buy $10 custom juice packets, and funded Juicero $75 mill. Mind blowing.

Deplorable's picture

Midwest is very affordable. My mortgage payment is $750 / Month for a 4 BR 2 story appraised at $350,000. 

Gen. Ripper's picture

Leave that shit behind and come out here to CA - we need help paying for these Mexicans

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Oh, we have plenty of mexicans. Huge amount here picking crops and such. But, they are all cool so far. People complain, but it's cheep here, and they work hard. People who work are always welcome in the midwest. 

kochevnik's picture

Working smart is preferable.  Robots work hard and they do not need welfare or bullets for drive by shootings

cossack55's picture

Potmekin!!! Potemkin!!!! So its the freakin' Russians again.  Shoulda node!!!

Offthebeach's picture

Vehicles are mobile, can be bought one place cheap, and moved.

Houses are very very very gov racketed. 

Think experiment.

What if a drive up, assemble machine. Say two 18 wheelers, could drive up and print a house,  a 1,800 sqft house, painted walls, trim, catpet.custom. ..everything in two workdays for $5k?

It would be illegal.  

It would be a creative destruion housing price killer.

And it would deliver affordable housing.  With the liberated income people could , say, pay health car, or get married, r raise s family....whatever.


BUT.....BUT.....the banks! Their "ASSETS".  THE FEDERAL RESERVE and their HEROICALLY  saving valuation.........and the last idiot....cities and towns....they can't have Fake-Real.  ...Estate. drop in valuation.   

So if you have "owners" who bought in high, The Fed Gove, plus the banks, finance,  even insurance companies, plus cities and towns..vs working stiffs....young pile of mush brain young......


Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Save on property taxes. I bet a lot of Cook County taxpayers wish their house had wheels.

Killdo's picture

I live on Russian Hill - and every time I walk towards Union Sq I see at least 50 or so  homless beggars sleeping on sidewalks and using the wholecity as a giant toilet.  (some are injecting drugs  - probably heroin). About 5 min walk from Prada LV stores. 

Archive_file's picture

I see it every day. They shoot dope on the sidewalk everywhere.

Freddie's picture

San fran Bay, Monterey, North Bay - some of the prettiest spots in the world - shame about the f**king vile people. Everybody in N Calif is pitching a business plan/app while every one is So Cal is pitching a movie or is dying to get into the movies or porn.

But God, gaia, creation or whatever made those places pretty.  You can find spots as pretty in Italy too. The people and food are a lot better too.  More conservative Callie folks are "good people."  I feel bad for them.

The people around Monterey and Carmel are not bad unless they are wealthy snobs.  Santa Cruz is cool but mostly insane libs.

CA - the elites/libs turned paradise into hell.

Juliette's picture

If you got the money for heroin you also got the money for a house or a mobile home.

Freddie's picture

If you got endless FIAT central bankster tribe money you can afford to fight endless wars and snag all the Afghanistan heroin-opium for the $$eee Eye Aye.

Same deal as Vietnam. The $ee Eye Aye invented the Viet Minh to take IndoChina from the French because teh French had a nice heroin business.  The Viet Minh became the Vier Cong.

Invent Al Qeada to get heroin from Afrghanistan.  Then morph them into ISIS, ISIL, Daeshy, SAF, White Helmets or whatever.

Moar heroin for the world and moar $$$$

SuperChicken1138's picture

true, but heroin dosen't work like that.

Golden Showers's picture

Got my respect.

What do you think about settling down and starting a family?

You don't have to do this. Chill out.

Drive 55 upvotes.