Thank God 'The People' Are Back in Power: Kushner Family Pitches 'Invest $500k, Immigrate to America' Visa Program in China

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Representatives from the Kushner family descended upon the Ritz Carlton in Beijing to pitch wealthy Chinese the EB-5 visa program aka crony capitalism.

Nicole Kushner, Jared's sister, was alleged to be in attendance.

The pitch was “Invest early, and you will invest under the old rules,” according to the Washington Post.

The event, which was closed to foreign press, was hosted by the Chinese company Qiaowai -- who is working on behalf of the Kushner family for one of their projects in New Jersey.

It's dubbed the 'Kushner 1' project, like Airforce 1 only cooler: “This project has stable funding, creates sufficient jobs and guarantees the safety of investors’ money, read one of the promotional brochures.

The materials painted Jared as a 'celebrity' in America, encouraging rich Chinese to trust their status and business acumen in America -- which is funny considering the ruinous state of their crown jewel property 666 5th avenue (extra anti-Christ). The Kushner's are trying to restructure the 666 deal, bringing in Chinese insurance giant Anbang, in an effort to finance a massive expansion and conversion of the top floors into posh condos.

Thank God 'the people', plumbers, electricians and all of the other rubes, are running America again. Get the wall up, unless of course all Mexican migrants are willing to fork over $500,000 to invest.
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HAHA you Trumptards deserve every bit of crow you have to eat. So ignorant you can't spot a 2 bit con man. The only one that can save us. LOL

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My goodness why don't we take em on as a territory like Puerto Rico and bankrupt them. 


Get 7 trillion in regime change bills to throw in the Chinese and Saudis asset pool and strip them of 62 Senators down to zero..    Don't get it  12 Saudis 1 Egyptian.

Liberate Mecca Liberate Mecca Liberate Mecca

what is with 666 did he get the Lindbergh baby and Ross Perot treatment of the great pumpkin's Daughter and grand kids.

Shut down  TWX on Bill Maher  on obscenity charges.    666 is TWX

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WHEW is surprised that a JEW is proposing tEW MAKE MONEY FROM THE MISERY OF NON-JEWS?



Color me SHOCKED!!!!


Trump = Orange JEWlius

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Nothing but a family of orange grifters. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, each Grifter group is worse than the one before it. There is still much more flesh on this fleshy corpse for them to pick. We're probably 4-5 more Grifter selections away from a bare bones skeleton.

Equalizer's picture

First of the many to come Trump family/in law conflicts of interest.......Oh hang on that's FAKE NEWS right?, nothing to see hear folks.

jet20's picture

Kushner and his ilk are EVERY bit as bad as Hillary - drinking wine while preaching water, the worst kind of Salon liberals. They are literally selling out our country, and Trump is doing nothing about it!

Equalizer's picture

Trump is doing nothing about it? .....He's complicate in the scam 100% FFS!

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Kushner should do the same in Mexico then we don't need that wall. Do the same in North Korea. Special offer to them at $500. 

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I hate President Kushner's new foreign policy.


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Aw Shucks DJT's only swapping the painful burden of refugees for wealthy Chinese. Not a bad swap in the Grand Scheme, eh?

Just substitute Kushner for Romney's Bain Capital ( remember them, move brick by brick US Factories/Manufacturing Plant to Asia, with compensation packages tied to Training the foreigners about to replace you? ).

No different to the Clinton's before him/them. Picking the Carcass of what's left of US Tech/Real Estate while selling us MAGA.

Drain the . . . Lock Me Up . . . Free Shillary.

runnymede's picture

"Ask Jared" is a marketing slogan to huck jewelry, not a plan on how to administer the country. But what else would you expect from a president who is a compulsive TV watcher?

magnetosphere's picture

wtf. 1st buffett. now kushner. none of these guys are aware china has capital control lockdowns in place?

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All hail President Jared Kushner and his sock puppet spokesman, crypto-Jew Donald Trump.  


MAGA: Make Apartheid (Israel) Great Again!!!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Let's face it...

This is how you keep a $24 trillion + ($150 trillion in unfunded liabilities) basket case on life support to the Chinese banks that continue to own more of you that will send those "H1B1s" back home to China to run the manufacturing companies you own... UNITL OF COURSE YOU NO LONGER "OWN THEM"!

And the Universities you once had that they pretty much run anyway are cheaper and better back home as well!!!

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Thoughts from a pastors heart on the US Presidential election. (14 min on YT - profound because of its truth)

Kefeer's picture

Does the Bible require anything of rulers or is it just a theocratic issue? If you’re a ruler in the kingdom of Israel, God has requirements. But beyond that He doesn’t care what rulers are like. Is it just that God cares what pastors are like, and elders in the church, and leaders in the church, and really doesn’t care about other leaders?


     The truth of the matter is God has requirements for all rulers, all those who have authority over people, and it’s laid out in Scripture. And last week we tried to lay just kind of a basic understanding of that. I’m just going to rehearse a few of the things that we sort of established as foundational, and this you would know if you were here. But I just want to kind of set it in place again. - Dr. John MacArthur 

If one day we learn that it is God who is sovereign and God who made each of us and that God cares for us, but we must look at him as the wise Father that He is.  Disobedient children go astray and rebel by nature.  Father really does know best; especially the one with perfect knowledge and perfect love. 

Who Is God’s Candidate?, Part 2
TeethVillage88s's picture

What the hell. Kushner didn't admit his ties to George Soros and now this. Guess have to check deeper.


Death By Cold Steel Report's picture

That's because there is a global financial system. Nation states mean very little. Sure someone comes out and tell you MAGA, Brexit or other things. When that country has a hiccup. Then the other central banks buy stocks and pump money in a coordinated way.

The old system of you can get change through bankrupting, and or upsetting the financial markets is Bullshit. Wont work! Its the Central Banks themselves, who wield the power.

mary mary's picture

Fast-forward a generation and the USA Supreme Court will be 3 Judaists, 3 Catholics, and 3 Chinese whatevers - Buddhists, maybe?


Typical fucking joooos up to their fraudster bullshit again. You give us half a mil and well give you nothing. Isnt that great?

No_More's picture

If we can just take their cash & infinitely delay, that would be cool

Reaper's picture

What did Jared and Ivanka ask for themselves to their dead Rebbe in Brooklyn?,7340,L-4875026,00.html

fishpoem's picture

Good link. Except now I want to vomit. The Kushners' dead "hero," the Lubavitch Rebbi, was an insane racist who preached that non-Jews are not really "human" but Untermenschen, sub-human, the term the Nazis used for the Jews. That is to say that you, me, Palestinians, and in fact 99.8% of the entire rest of the world are nothing more than dogs and should be treated accordingly.

Jews in America have, as long as I can remember, fought against racism. Yet the Jews in the White House worship a supreme racist. So it's not "racism" if Jews think of non-Jews as dogs, is that it? I see. That means that when the masked Black Bloc loonies are breaking windows, setting cars ablaze, and screaming "Trump is a racist!" they are, in fact, correct.

More importantly, it also means the 0.2% of the world population control the policies and, indeed, the destiny of the United States of America. That's why Trump and his progeny got in the White House to begin with.

The second greatest Trojan Horse caper in world history.


Miss Informed's picture

"Jews fighting against racism". LOL.

Juliette's picture

The chosen people are back in power ...

Herdee's picture

Anyone who believes the bullshit line that spending billions on the wall will keep drugs out of the States, needs their head read.

ChaoKrungThep's picture

Keep drugs out?? NO, keep poor people out who can't afford drugs. Without drug money the banks will have to really work rather than just launder.

Kefeer's picture

It includes secret tunnels for the laundering; the wall is to allow extortion or collection for funds to get profitable people and material into the country. - you'll see.

PhiBetaZappa's picture


Does that 500k include a weekend stay at a Trump Hotel/Casino President Kushner ?

ChaoKrungThep's picture

Too expensive, even if they threw in Ivanka and her fake boobs. 

chosen's picture

Kushner is a sick jooboy fuck.  Trump will go down in history as one of the most corrupt presidents.  He is doing just the opposite of what he said he was going to do in the campaign.  My view is Trump does not want to be president and wants to be impeached.  The dumb fuck probably doesn't realize he could also do jail time.  I supported Trump, but quickly realized that was a mistake.

Wahooo's picture

We got rid of the Rodent by electing the Orangutan. Now we have to get rid of the Orangutan, but replace it with whom?

ChaoKrungThep's picture

You believed Trump? And the Tooth Fairy? And Santa Claus? What about the current Sky God? If it's all four, you deserve what you get.

chosen's picture

I gave him a month.  As bad as he is, he is much better than that cunt Hillary.

Miss Informed's picture

Not better, just "different".

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To qualify for an immigrant visa to New Zealand you need to invest 2.5 millions NZD = 1.7 million USD. US is cheap by comparision. For a couple to pony up 2x0.5 million to get into the US they will spend another 0.5 million or more buying a crapy house and another million or so to live comfortably wihtout having ot work. So we are looking at 2.5 millions per couple. So if we manage to attract 10 millions couples to come here, we will have attracted 25 trillions USD. Enough to wipe out the national debt and a few trillions left to waste for a couple of years. 

indygo55's picture

Yeah but if they got rid of all the debt then they would by default get rid of all the money. Then we would have to use real treasury money backed by gold and silver like it says in that little blue book. 

Oh,, wait!

TheAnswerIs42's picture

Vermont has had an EB-5 clown show running for the past few years. Everyone was in on it from our glorious US Senators as well as the former Governor and the State oversight agency. Several hundred millions were ripped off, stolen and misappropriated. Now it's starting to spill over into Canada.

There are just a few patsies so far, but the Big Boyz have managed to stay out of the cooler.

The MSM are notably absent from the scene.

Totally disgusting.

Full investigative report at VT Digger.

Xena fobe's picture

Ultimately, the costs will be borne by citizens for homeless shelters, increased traffic, crowded schools, jobs lost due to cultute. Win win for govt.  Lose lose for residents who will be forced out. 

TheAnswerIs42's picture

You are corect sir.

This has been going on since ACT 60, when the Northern Burlington Socialist Elites (can you say Bernie?) normalized education funding and totally fucked over the homegrown Vermont citizen farmers.

Thank you Howard Dean (may you burn in Hell in Forever).


frontierland's picture
'The People' Are Back in Power...

Rather:  We continue to give the 'Chosen People' the Power.

atthelake's picture

I went to and my message to the president was a question. "Is Kushner the president or is Trump the president?" They never answer my questions but I, always, feel better after I ask.

ChaoKrungThep's picture

A waste of electrons. Whether either criminal is president is irrelevant. They are just the new carpetbaggers in town for a quick, four year, killing. The "owners" never sell the WH, only rent it. 

meditate_vigorously's picture

Face it. We are subjects and not citizens. This is a government of, by and for the ruling class.

ChaoKrungThep's picture

You are only a "subject" if you submit, bow to the rules and play their game. But there's another game to play. Look for it.

runnymede's picture

This ^^^^

"In every civilization, however generally prosaic, however addicted to the short-time point of view on human affairs, there are always certain alien spirits who, while outwardly conforming to the requirements of the civilization around them, still keep a disinterested regard for the plain intelligible law of things, irrespective of any practical end."

Albert J. Nock on the 'Remnant'

Setarcos's picture

Always was, if you peel back the charade of "democracy", which wasn't foisted on the masses as a means to manufacture "popular consent" for various policies, including war, until the early 20th Century - so not long ago - together with the false belief that constitutions were meant to apply to "the common man".  Not so, they were written by and for oligarchs and other elites.  The Founding Oligarchs never intended the "pursuit of happiness" to apply to non-land-owning men, women, slaves (they owned) and CERTAINLY not indigenous people, who were to be driven into "stony places" and killed.

OK I write from Australia, but so what.  It's basically the same throughout the "West" ... an economic/political term having little to do with geography.  Indigenous Australians weren't treated much different from N American Indians, right up until the 1970s to some extent.  I need not elaborate further.  OK we - I mean large numbers of Western populations - had greater affluence than even medieval kings in drafty, insecure castles; but it could not last, e.g. the necessary endless growth to service compounding interest (mainly), the modern form of taxation by our rulers (banksters,) has HAD to come to an end on this finite planet.  So now our real rulers are re-asserting total control, though never having lost the power to control "governments" (ha ha) through the money supply and debt issuance, "credit" (ha ha).

Somewhat misquoting Marx,  "And at last humans will have to understand their real relations with their kind."  Warning.  They ain't pretty, never were, appearances to the contrary are deceptive, as Plato said.  I don't think that "elites" will come out of it too well either, e.g. if say Rothschild has significant "wealth" tied up in currencies, properties, mining and other corporations, when (I assume not if) the whole Ponzi scheme fails, pretty much all such "wealth" vanishes into thin air, especially if a lot of it is held digitally and power grids fail on a large scale (and sorry bit coiners too).