EU Infighting: Merkel & Tusk Slam Juncker For Sabotaging Brexit Negotiations

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EC vs EC

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council went after Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission for Juncker’s leak of his dinner meeting with UK prime minister Theresa May.

Following ill-fated dinner meeting, Juncker phoned Angela Merkel “Theresa May Lives in a Different Galaxy”. Someone, presumably Juncker’s chief of staff, Martin Selmayr, leaked the results of the dinner meeting and Juncker’s phone call to the German press.

Since then, Juncker stated, “Brexit will never be a success”.  In a Speech on Friday, delivered in French, Juncker also stated the “English language is losing importance”. Finally, Juncker stated he will not spend more than 30 minutes a week dealing with Brexit.

As a result of his antics, Tusk and Merkel both laid into Juncker.

Brexit Will Never be a Success

Politico reports Brexit will never be a success: Juncker’s top aide.

Striding into the war-of-words between London and Brussels over the coming negotiations between Britain and the EU, Selmayr — the powerful German bureaucrat who runs the European Commission — said at a POLITICO event that “Brexit will never become a success. It is a sad and sorry event.”


Commission president Juncker will not spend more than 30 minutes a week dealing with Brexit, added Selmayr.

‘English is Losing Importance’

Also consider ‘English is Losing Importance’.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, opted to deliver a speech in French on Friday morning because he said “English is losing importance” in Europe.


He gave the comments, which are unlikely to mend fences after a war of words between Brussels and London over Brexit negotiations, at the “State of the Union” conference in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio — an annual event for European dignitaries.

Tusk Attacks Juncker

The European Commission is now under fire from the European Council for the incompetent handling of the private dinner between Jean-Claude Juncker and Theresa May. Frankfurter Allgemeine has talked to Donald Tusk and his people and hears criticism of Juncker – and, we presume, Juncker’s chief of staff Martin Selmayr – who leaked the information to a German newspaper. The view from the council is that the leak had gone too far and did not help anybody. The negotiations are going to be difficult enough as they are. And Tusk himself is quoted as saying that if we start to quarrel at the beginning of the negotiations, we will never come to conclude a deal.


The Commission yesterday doubled down on with an assertion that they will only spend 30 minutes a week on Brexit – which is another way of saying that Juncker is not supporting a Brexit agreement.


The implication from all this is fairly clear. The Commission is trying to sabotage the process, not very intelligently, while the European Council at least lives in the hope that a deal could be possible. We find it very hard to understand what other purpose this leak could have had than to achieve maximum provocation.


The hostilities will now accelerate work on a plan B within the UK, that would allow the UK to exit the EU without an Article 50 agreement. We still think that an agreement should be possible – but not along the lines of the EU’s hastily updated negotiating mandate. The draft mandates that had been leaked previously at least constituted a viable basis for negotiations. This has now become more of a gamble.

The above is from Eurointelligence by email.

Merkel Attacks Juncker

In addition to Tusk blasting Juncker, The Independent reports Angela Merkel ‘angry with Jean-Claude Juncker’ over leak of Theresa May’s disastrous Brexit dinner.

Angela Merkel is angry with Jean-Claude Juncker over the leaking of details of a tense dinner meeting with Theresa May about Brexit, it has been claimed.


Der Spiegel reports the German Chancellor reacted angrily to the leak. Donald Tusk, the president of the EU’s ruling council, was forced to step in to call for “mutual respect” after Ms. May’s aggressive speech outside Number 10.


In her speech, Ms. May said: “The events of the last few days have shown that – whatever our wishes, and however reasonable the positions of Europe’s other leaders – there are some in Brussels who do not want these talks to succeed, who do not want Britain to prosper.


“So now more than ever we need to be led by a Prime Minister and a Government that is strong and stable.”

Juncker Sabotage

For icing on the cake, recall the EU upped its Brexit divorce bill from €60 billion to €100 billion. I commented on that ploy in EU Buffoonery: Brexit Divorce Bill Upped to €100 Billion.

Juncker does not want Brexit negotiations to succeed. I fail to see how there can possibly be any other conclusion. Even the most ardent deal believers, such as the folks at Eurointelligence, should face the facts.

Just Leave

My position has been clear all along: Just Leave.

On April 28, I wrote Brexit Negotiations: Why Bother?

Only by walking away – showing a willingness to let time expire – does the UK have a chance at reasonable negotiations. Even then, I am not sure what the chance is because the “EU’s desire to punish the UK and set rules in the name of solidarity” likely exceeds the desire to walk away with a win-win situation.

Plan B

Thanks to Junker’s Buffoonery, Theresa May has no choice but to start Plan B: Exit without agreement.

Only by walking away – showing a willingness to let time expire – does the UK have a chance at reasonable negotiations. Even then, I am not sure what the chance is because the “EU’s desire to punish the UK and set rules in the name of solidarity” likely exceeds the desire to walk away with a win-win situation.

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Panic Mode's picture

Cunt will always be a cunt. Juncker, listens to your boss. Is it clear??

chubbar's picture

Can someone explain to me why May can't just flip Juncker the middle finger and tell the EU to fuck off? What keeps May from just implementing whatever new laws that she wants implemented and telling the EU that she is willing to consider a different position with negotiations? What is the EU going to do, invade? May needs to lay down the law and make sure that in no uncertain terms, Juncker understands who is the head of Britain. Fuck the EU!

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Good news, the right ppl started awoke in Germany

Wehrmacht memorabilia found in military baracks, the 1st sign that resistance exists and builds up.


booboo's picture

Just make sure you put a skull and crossbones over the "E" on their compass.

Escapedgoat's picture

That BarouFucker fucked Greece big time.

And is one reason I won't vote anybody in UK as is/was an advisor to J. Corbyn.

philipat's picture

@chubbar. That's what I have been asking also. Why waste 2 years when the outcome is likely to be "no deal"? Better to just get on with it and live under WTO trade rules (Now liberalized further with the new TSS) with which UK industry can live, either forever or until the German car manufacturers force Brussels into reaching a new trade deal irrespective. People forget that the UK has a substantial trade defecit with the EU. And if Banking suffers and the UK economy needs to be re-balanced, that's a good thing also IMHO. Who wants to base an economy on Bankster cunts?

As for Juncker, he was probably either drunk again or craving for the next cognac?

OverTheHedge's picture

This is actually very good news for UK. I know that there will be lots howling for blood, and demanding that UK leaves immediately, but they just won the moral high ground. UK should now be as polite and accommodating, because the onus now is all on the eu: no deal is the default position, and if the eu actually wants to keep its €100 billion surplus with the UK, they will have to give in. Lots.

richCat's picture

This bit laughing stock when a family friendly defense minister gets mauled by some stoic German history, but as to critize loyal serving soldiers won't go down. Dig deep enough and there's NS souveniers everywhere.

BigJim's picture

It's about trade negotiations. Of course the UK can walk away, but then it would have to trade with EU countries under WTO rules, and the EU has many major exceptions to EU rates meaning the UK exports would face steep tariffs for a lot of goods.

Frankly, I think the UK should have unilateral free trade, like Hong Kong, but that ain't gonna happen... to many people have a mercantalist mindset.

SRV's picture

Pass laws to promote domestic manufacturing of the products involved...

Never thought I'd be quoting Nuland but, fuck the EU!

Pandelis's picture

these are exactly the cracks that british negotiators should exploit. Tusk need England to protect poles against ruskies.  Brits got to play him and all the important baltic states against the inland continental europe.  one just wishes they had a trump to lead on, but they got theresa ... yeah well

BigJim's picture

I suspect the UK deep state are in negotiations with the NSA to blackmail the EU key players into leniency.

OverTheHedge's picture

GCHQ is quite good in its own right.

peddling-fiction's picture

They created modern spying before others.

It is an Empire rep and they took away my uk ebay access back in 2013.

Phildickean punishment.

Follow the obelisks.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

That's good, now France and Germany will start fighting each other for the primadona role and what language to be used when signing:)


RiverRoad's picture

A "war of words" is now to be conducted in French...the language of "diplomacy"!

Oh the irony.   Bwaha  ha  ha  ha!

carlnpa's picture

US has a real opportunity here to step up and support UK, make a good two way trade deal with UK.

Show the EU that they and their immigrant demands are full of shit.


FinsterF's picture

Hear, hear! A win-win for both the US and UK.

Vageling's picture

Nothing is clear. These muppets move in the dark. Do their shit in the dark room and leave with gag orders. Explicitly screaming to not inform national parliaments. Fucking crooks. You will have to sue them for notes. Filthy fuckers hiding in the dark doing their satanic worshipping. 

All you get is... LIES! And moar lies. 

Pandelis's picture

everything is crystal clear ... uk is dead on arrival.  it was so since that clown started the referendum without reason, and now all these elections about getting "a strong hand" - what does a strong hand means anyway,

my money is on junker ... the guy is a player ... forget about these tusk and all these bs, they know as much as they need to know

reload's picture

You may think he is player. I see an unelected, alcoholic, tin pot dictator.

Vageling's picture

I agree, he is a player. National leaders endorsed him for a reason. However he keeps overplaying his hand. Humiliate the fuck out of everybody because, you know... He's drunk again, slapping people on the cheek or kissing them on the forehead. Nah... He can go. Without booze he can't function. Like I said... I want names! Who endorses this piece of shit. A dangerous alcaholic which many underestimate. Yes, I see that too.

Xredsx's picture

It is not his fault that there is not a cure for being a cunt.

OscarWhisky's picture

Block his number and go quiet. Drop corporation tax to zero and see what the fuck happens.

Jubal Early's picture

Buzzards fighting over the carcas of the Europe they have destroyed.

RightEdge's picture

Faulty translation on part of the text: "“English is losing importance” in Europe."

Corrected transcript: "“Europe is losing importance” in English speaking world."

With all his drunken slurring, I feel bad for the person who has to do the translating. Tough job.

ebworthen's picture

Please, bicker away Eurocrats.

Theresa May is from a sovereign island on the Earth.

It is the E.U. delusionaries who are in another galaxy.

Quinvarius's picture

The EU is not going to be able to compete against England when this is done.  And the Tyrannical Communists know it.

SoDamnMad's picture

Donald Tusk, Polish. I remember the Polish 303 squadron in the Battle of Britain who had the highest kill ration of all the Hurricane units. So they fight for the UK again. Hope they don't get screwed again when the Brits wouldn't let the Poles march in the war's end freedom parade because it "would 0ffend the Soviets".

LA_Goldbug's picture

So Tusk who has a Ms. in History only found this out because ...

The guy in the photo is HIS GRANDFATHER !!!
"He also briefly served in the Wehrmacht, which proved to be controversial during the Polish presidential election, 2005."

Tusk is a real Polish last name ? Right, and I am Chinese.

Pandelis's picture

i hope this picture gets to theresa may and trump ...that fucking nazi worse than haus over here

LA_Goldbug's picture

It's a muddled history for sure. Even Merkel has skeletons in the closet. She gives a hint they are there by her leading the policies in EU that she is.

But the slimy upper class will always go with the apparent winner,

jm's picture

Seriously looking for non-fringe opinions on the outlook for Brit banks.  Thinking they aren't going to love the open, but not sure what is a good entry point.

Dilluminati's picture

I think it absurd that any nation would answer to some group outside it's soverienty with anything but the military.

Junker thinks he is the king, so Junker says kiss his ass and wants the EU surrender monkeys to do just that.

Junker says it's good to be king.


Vageling's picture

Drunken alcoholic fool. Keep yapping French so that an minority can understand your drivel. 

Just kick this corrupt fraud out already! I want fucking names! Who are shielding this alcoholic! Come on, Tusk, spill it out!

Yeah... Ghordious, but he has no say.Just a paid EU cheerleader. Names! 

smacker's picture

Ghordius Oh Ghordius, where for art thou? inform us that Junket is just a slave of the EU Council of Ministers and has no real power.

Well, he obviously has enough power and influence to do his utmost to sabotage the Brexit negotiations.

In fact he is the President of the EU Commission and that unelected body of crats has a lot of power and influence.

Peter K's picture

He'll be in tomorrow morning at 08:00 CET.

peddling-fiction's picture

Office hours at the tower of Babel in Brussels.

A. Boaty's picture

wherefore, archaic, adverb
for what reason

The phrase "wherefore art thou?" means "why do you exist?"

Peter K's picture

When anyone says Merkel and Tusk, that is being repetitive. Tusk doesn't say anything without clearing it through Merkel first.

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Engrish? Oops, wrong thread.

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British men are a bunch of pussys. When you have a nation yearning for another Maggie Thatcher you know you are fcuked. Governmet servants here is run by a bunch of beta males brown noseing femaile arse.

Just a bunch of Jessies

Tarrel's picture

One thing that Cameron got right from the outset was to recognise Juncker as a complete tosser and try to block his appointment as European Commission president. The Commission is the unelected "civil service" that represents everything that is wrong with the EU. At least Tusk represents the Council Of Ministers, which are the elected(?) heads of state.

First post here. Be gentle!

koan's picture

Juncker, the same clown that stated he would advocate states seceding from the US.

Sirius Wonderblast's picture

Like I have said before the europrats will talk all big and tough and tell us we have to be reasonable I.e. cave in, but just call their bluff and keep doing so, don't blink, they will fold. They always do in my professional experience.

gezley's picture

Tusk is definitely working for the British. He reminds me of those Greek leaders a few years ago who were doing the City of London's bidding while pretending to be working on behalf of their people.

Juncker and Selmayr are just what Europe needs now; for far too long we've had the British dictating terms to the EU. Now the shoe is on the other foot. In ten years' time the EU will be the world's greatest superpower while Britain will be an impoverished runt on the edge of Europe begging to get back in.