Macron's "Victory For The World" Sparks $300 Million Panic-Dump In Gold Futures

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Two words - "priced in."

Despite what Hillary Clinton proclaimed "a victory for the world"...

Macron's win in the French presidential election has left capital markets with a whole lot of nothing...

EURUSD managed to run a few stops above 1.10 but went nowhere...

EURJPY (which has been higher beta throughout the turmoil) did vacillate a little but the size of the move is very modest...


S&P futures opened with a spike but are rapidly fading unchanged


But there is one market that saw a sizable move (and heavy volume - standard $300 million notional dump into extremely thin markets).


But that is bouncing back too.

So - all in all, a big anti-climax. But of course with SNB and BOJ buying to come, who knows where we open at 930am ET tomorrow...

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FinsterF's picture

Victory for world government?

political_proxy's picture


The people of france lose, the globalists win.

Troy Ounce's picture


The people of France elected to be slaughtered, from June onwards it is one way to the abattoir, culture etc all.

Raffie's picture

NWO won

Euro won

Globalist won

Muzzies have a free pass to invade and rape the ship out of France.


The_Juggernaut's picture

"Panic dump"  lol.  The price is jumping now.

BaBaBouy's picture

Its Unbelievable...

GOLD is Treated as the Bogeyman in the Dark...

SolidAssets's picture

she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet...

AllThatGlitters's picture

Not sure what everybody expected with Gold. Look how badly it was whipped BEFORE the vote:

Live Gold:

Heck, it was worse for silver in the last few weeks, but that's a little bit higher now as I type:

Live Silver:

I was kind of hoping for a massive dump so that I could scoop it up before the reversal. I guess I wasn't the only one standing by to catch a serious head-fake.

Oh well, I guess I just stand by some more. Sombody give me a reason to buy here, right now.  :-(

BreadnH2O's picture

Like some of the opposite sex, it's beautiful and feels good in the hands.....

IShrugged's picture

Reason to buy gold?

Here's mine. I have the faux dollars available to convert into real money.

I haven't needed any other reasons for the last decades or more.


Hongcha's picture

I was stopped out of my USLV after-hours Friday and a little frustrated.  I had plumb fergot about that Macron election thing and was intending to stay long over the w/e.  It made an unexpectedly sharp move a/h.  Well, any green trade on a triple-leveraged etf is a good trade.

If the selling in silver is shallow tomorrow at the open it might by worth another position.  Silver has been pummelled majorly, i part pricing in the Euroland caution re the election.  Now that there is 'nothing to worry about' the dollar may take a brief nosedive.

A sharp gap open in the US indices may be worth a try on the short side.  the 6-month chart is ridiculous.

manofthenorth's picture

FIAT for shiny in hand, that is a great trade.

ALL paper traders are cordially invited to eat shit and die.

Hugs from a pissed off miner ;-)

jaxville's picture

  If you have a decent stash, hold off for lower prices.  If you don't have any, the risk isn't higher prices.  The risk is that it becomes unavailable.

  The recent wave of public selling has resulted in most retailers buying their inventory across the counter rather than from their regular suppliers.  Mints are reallocating production away from precious metals as distributor orders are dwindling.  Not only that, the largest distributors are scaling back operations and laying off workers.  It takes time to put that all back in place and does not account for any issues that may arise threatening continuity of supply.

 It will not take much of an increase in demand for retail product to disappear.  You will only be able to book orders, prepaid of course;  on ever increasing delivery times.  Dealers who have actual specie for sale will be able to get multiples of current spot from those who will pay whatever it takes to have some gold or silver right now instead of "maybe" in 90 days or whatever.

  The paradox of the precious metal retail markets is that we can actually see demand go through the roof as the price falls through the floor. I have seen that happen too many times as a full time precious metals dealer.  When you consider that only about 1% of investable assets are in precious metals, how on earth could the market satiate demand if it increases to 5% ?

  Point is....If you have a decent stash already you can afford to gamble on lower prices and continued availability. 



knukles's picture

YES!   Victory for the New World Order!
          Peasantry Rejoice!


                Relief, breath, relax.
                        All's well
The world is a better place because of your wise choices.

                 Regale in La France

Fuck yeah!  This is a slap in Trump's face from the NWO
Remember, his "Trump" card was supposedly PedoGate
                 Which is alive and well
Here we are.  The enforcement mechanism of the NWO thumb's its nose at the man gonna stop child kidnapping and sacrifice

Oh Circles Within Circles.

Paul Kersey's picture

It's business (the wealth extraction business) as usual. Now it's time to see if Brexit actually happens.

Mr. Universe's picture

It's OK, all of Europe is now joining hands to sing their anthem.

Joy, beautiful spark of the gods,
Daughter from Elysium,
We enter, drunk with fire,
Heavenly One, thy sanctuary!
Your magic joins again
What convention strictly divides;*
All people become brothers,*
Where your gentle wing abides...

Oh darn where did I put the rest of it?

zzzz88's picture

sell on the news.

actually, in the last couple of weeks, the index was lifted by FANG. now they finished their mission, 

what is next step?

ShortTheUS's picture

Hillary C-Word finally decides to attack the fake media... Wonder what she's planning.

Son of Loki's picture

Tranny Trudeau congratulates another Boy King Globalist who seeks to decimate Western Civilization and their values.

Davidduke2000's picture

a small hedge trying to make a buck will burn himself.

FreeShitter's picture

Only 300 million? meh....

max2205's picture

Fake hillary 

c2nnib2l's picture

Viva la French Emirates ! allahu akbar ! 

Pure Evil's picture

Let the muzzie riots and the slaughter of white christens begin.

yogibear's picture

The millenials are cheering for their own self-destruction.

When they sell gold time to pick up some more as the printing and debt accelerate.

northern vigor's picture

liberte, egalite, et caliphate 

Bay of Pigs's picture

Amazing people can vote for these useless pieces of shit who want to destroy Western Civilization as we know it.

It's remarkable how brainwashed and stupid people have become.

Panic Mode's picture

People will go into debt for college education to become like this. Tragic.

Bill of Rights's picture

All in the Nazi playbook my friend. Europe will
Never change.

uno's picture

More like all in the pedo/satanist playbook, the use of Nazi is to distract and cause an emotional reaction gainist the German people

adr's picture

Wait, so according to Hillary running against someone in an election with opposing views is interfering with democracy? 

Yes, anything other than one singular world view is not allowed according to Hillary. 

Village-idiot's picture

Let's face it, according to all socialists such as the Democrats, EU Elitists, ANTIFA, etc. anyone who disagrees with them is interfering with democracy and is probably a terrorist and must be silenced or eliminated.

knukles's picture

They win this round, Halliburton will be establishing FEMA camps for dissidents.

Panic Mode's picture

Short pig farming.

Why Bother's picture

This is exactly why I don't put more than 10% of my assets into precious metals. I just bought physical gold last week but I've been buying over the course of 16 years. Oh well. Gold is insurance, not an investment. I shifted $200,000 in my retirement plans from large U.S. stock funds into international stock index funds two months ago. So the Macron win kind of makes up for my gold going down.

Shyysiryxius's picture

Damn - 16 years...I've been in the boat for 5 and I'm ready to get off. I'm 27 and should be earning a killing off investments but instead I'm just depressed ????

Mr. Universe's picture

I shifted all of our 'locked up" funds to money market fixed hovering around 3%. Probably missed out on a big percentage gain over the last 18 months or so but I never even check, I'm done playing with those lying cheating scum. I expect by the time we can collect they will have figured out a way ...and it's gone. 

BeanusCountus's picture

You have it right. Don't be so upset. Your savings will be worth something no matter which way the world goes.

And yes, gold is an investment. It's time will come again. And when it does 1230 or so won't seem like much. I buy a little periodically when $$$ are available. And stocks as well.

Silver Savior's picture

I think at least 85% of a portfolio should be PMs 5% Crypto and 10% for anything else. Dollars will be of no value.

DeathingerStar's picture

France... another five years in la poo. Break out your signs, like you did after Charlie Hebdo... Be loud, be proud...

"je Suis La Poo"... 

Kreditanstalt's picture

It's not SNB and BOJ "buying". 


GoldHermit's picture

Those playing checkers call this a victory for the world.  Those of us playing chess know it's anything but.

jamesmmu's picture

Futures flat, and gold didnt really crash. I'm suprised. 

zagzigga's picture

There is dip, so there is no buy dip, which means there is no short squeeze higher, etc etc.

jamesmmu's picture

This is probably the first priced in event I ever see for a while, the market will go up as long as there is a good news. They care no shit!

GRDguy's picture

THEY dump paper gold whenever THEY feel like it.

THEY have at least 1500 tonnes of physical gold to buy back to return central banks,

before countrymen wise up and realize their country's gold is currently gone.

The cheaper they can buy it back, the more profits THEY make

lyin' and stealin' from the mining industry.

yogibear's picture

On every forced gold dip buy some because as Europe and the US run their printing presses at full speed eventually they will get all the devaluation and inflation they want.