Is North Korea The Excuse China Needs To Launch Monetary Armageddon?

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Authored by Mark St.Cyr,

If one were only to get their “news” via the main-stream media outlets, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume when it came to the understanding of what is really going on across the globe, along with the consequences, most haven’t a clue. This point is made manifest with no greater example than the elections currently taking place in France.

I’m sorry, but the French election doesn’t trump, to all but exclusion, the potential for the breakout of WWIII. That is – unless you’re the main stream media. Yes, one has the potential for near immediate electoral upheaval (i.e., A potential Frexit, and possible finality for the E.U. experiment.) However, the other has the potential for a near immediate global war. That, of course, is the current standoff with N.Korea. And the reaction via the main-stream media? (Insert most recent Kardashian escapade here.)

Not to belittle the French elections and their possible consequences should the results go awry for the entrenched bureaucrats (not to mention the financial markets.) There is another standoff which may bring even more immediate consequences than the other.

Currently the Korean peninsula is in play much the same way Cuba was during the Kennedy administration known as “The Cuban Missile Crisis.” The overall situation and its possible consequences for missteps are eerily similar.

Missiles have been moved onto the peninsula in what can only be described as “outrage” via not only N. Korea, but also China. Whether or not one agrees with the move (along with the stationing of war ships off the Korean coast) as to send a message to Pyongyang to cease all provocation via its nuclear ambitions is irrelevant.

The real player (and the one to pay attention too) in this standoff is China. And how they go about resolving this issue at its doorstep. Both internally, as well as externally.

Make no mistake: China is not just juggling one possible conflict, it is also currently fighting another within its own borders. For China is simultaneously on the precipice of an another possible disaster. i.e., An outright monetary disaster of its own making which needs to be resolved with the same immediacy as this external one.

I’m of the opinion this kerfuffle with N. Korea may be the catalyst which drives China to either embark on an outright kinetic posture against the West to resolve. (e.g., If no one backs down or worse) Or – will be the inflection point as to allow the monetary fallout within its financial markets to begin in earnest. Crippling the entire global economy in ways not fully understood (or envisioned) by many, especially “The West”, in what may be akin to a “First Strike” monetary (rather than kinetic) action.

Aside from the obvious “trigger” events that could arise as I stated in the above. (e.g., N. Korea) There are a few other events which when taken as a collection, rather, than just their stand alone value, portend for far further cracking in the facade that is China.

Since we’re in the middle of a possible armed standoff the analogy of “Did China dodge a bullet?” seems fitting when juxtaposed to the recent tightening into weakness launched in earnest via the Federal Reserve.

As strange as anything resembling “normal” monetary effects have been, e.g., Central banks buying equities. One of the latest has a few scratching their heads, and it’s this: As the Fed. hiked not just once, but twice in 90 days, and, is signaling even more along with a reduction of its balance sheet – the $Dollar has weakened.

There are far too many factors to list as to what might be the catalyst. Yet, what is clear (and the only thing that matters currently) is that this manifestation has subsequently given China some form of “borrowed time” when it comes to the Yuan. For if the $Dollar had strengthened as it has during such cycles? The Yuan would be in a world of depreciating hurt.

Back in October I penned the following, “Why All The Yawning Over The Yuan?” And in it I made the following point. To wit:

“Now some will think “Maybe there’s no concern because the politburo has it under control?” It’s a fair response, but there’s a problem inherent with the answer, or answers.


First: If the Chinese are doing it in a “controlled” type manner, it reeks of “currency manipulation” tactics for others (think U.S. presidential politics as of today) to latch onto and build support, as well as strengthen a case for retaliation. i.e., placing tariffs, etc, etc.


If you think about it from the Chinese perspective: that would mean you were openly, and intentionally goading as to fuel some version of a trade, or currency war. When you come at it using that thought process; it just doesn’t make sense. Both from a tactical standpoint, as well as political. Hence lies what maybe even a more troubling scenario. e.g., They’ve lost control.


The only other reason more troubling than the first – is the second. For it is here where things become quite precarious, as I’ve stated many times: “The currency markets are where you must keep your eyes and ears affixed. It’s where the real games are played and won.” And losing control of one’s currency has implications for all others, both warranted, as well as unintended. And it seems this latter scenario might be more on point than the former.”

Where does the relationship between the Yuan and the $Dollar now stand? One would think with such a sell off currently taking place within the $Dollar market that the cross-rate should be in a much more manageable area for the politburo than before all things being equal, correct? Hint: It’s not. Again, to wit:


As one can see by the chart above we are currently hovering at the 6.900 range. That’s important not just for its “spitting distance” away from the all important psychological 7.000 level, but rather, how (and why) it’s there at all.

All things being equal as the $Dollar had strengthened it put pressure on the Yuan. That pressure was/is wreaking havoc within China exacerbating the already near unmanageable capital flight taking place which shows no sign of letting up as evidenced by the chart above. For the higher the cross-rate ascends – the greater the issues weigh on the Chinese politburo via capital flight and more. And which lies-the-rub…

For if the index is rising as the $Dollar is weakening? (as it is currently) That means the Yuan is losing value far faster than it was only months ago. And that’s a very, very, very (did I say very?) big problem for the current monetary status quo. Not to mention the global economy in general.

The current financial underpinnings within the Chinese economy are once again under pressure in ways very few understand. With that said all one needs to watch as to perceive significant clues into the health of its underpinnings is the price stability in commodities. For much of China’s internal, and interwoven financial constructs for collateral are based on them. And one of the main players of that is iron ore. And guess what? Hint: Prices are/have collapsed at a precarious pace.

The easiest way to categorize the relationship of commodity prices and the financial underpinnings within China is this: Commodities are the collateral and pricing foundation to much of China’s financial obligations – as real estate values are to MBS and all their counterparts. Yes, much of China’s financial problems are now with real estate, but what all that real estate was built and financed on was? Hint: Commodity collateralization. (Think CDS/MBS times a factor of 1000, if not more.)

Now you have some idea of just how massive this problem is.

Just remember what a sudden (like in 2007/08) real estate value collapse can do (or did) to an economy, and you have the same scenario in earnest via commodity prices currently happening in China, where the full effects (let alone realizations) of such have yet to even be calculated, never-mind felt.

Add to this the current enactment of steel tariffs placed only weeks ago by the U.S and you know what you also get? Hint: An even more ticked-off Beijing. Again: All this in conjunction as some U.S. steel warships hold fast off the Korean coast threatening to possibly launch a first strike upon its next door neighbor and so-called Sino-influenced “underling.”

If the politburo decides that there is no other way (and easier timing for a scapegoat) than now as to suddenly devalue the currency and put a world of financial hurt squarely on the West (and the U.S. in-particular) while simultaneously using all the turmoil as to hasten the pace (and possibly secure the position for more SDR influence) the table for such a move has probably never been set so neatly, so perfectly, and so probable as it is today.

Waiting to see if the $Dollar reverses and brings the hurt on in ways that are out of the politburo’s control or sphere of influence will not be seen as “prudent” by anyone within the Chinese authority. “Waiting” from their viewpoint might be the last thing they can consider, especially since “warships” and “missiles” are now needed to be factored into the immediacy for monetary decision-making.

They may decide to act, and act sooner, rather than later.

No matter what happens in France or N.Korea.

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Lost in translation's picture

I suspect DPRK is an excuse for elites in multiple countries to do bad things they might not otherwise get away with... not just China...

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I wish something, somewhere would just break.  This "stringing us all along" has become fucking unbearable.  


07564111's picture

it won't be the EU unfortunately, they covered for a bit longer now :(

HowdyDoody's picture

That bill is sponsored by Tulsi Gabbard. It is effectively a declaration of war against Russia and China. Either she is stupid or has crossed to the dark side.

LA_Goldbug's picture

Well how about that !!!!

Dog and Pony Show,

new game's picture

3 ring tyranny, r,d and deep state.

we will run low on popcorn, the circus will fold up and move on. left behind will be trampled earth and piles of shit...

SolidAssets's picture

she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet...

tmosley's picture

This would be like the Cuban Missile Crisis if Cuba had been insulting both the US AND the Soviets, and the Soviets were bringing in missiles to defend against an attack by Castro, AND the US and Soviets were actively working together to resolve the issue.

IE it isn't like the Cuban Missile Crisis at all.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Remember that China has developed the wisdom of conflict management since when the only comparing civilization in Europe was the Rome empire, for sure their 1st strategy will be to go for a win without a single bullet shot.

PrayingMantis's picture


... to those who are blissfully ignorant (and with a hubris-packed foolish mentality) about America's Asian imperialism and their convenient airbrushing of the "forgotten war" in North Korea, which nurtured North Korean's hatred against anything American ...  here's a short and simple summary from this link >>>

... these are some of the facts ...

... "... How many Americans, for example, are aware of the fact that U.S. planes dropped on the [North] Korean peninsula more bombs — 635,000 tons — and napalm — 32,557 tons — than during the entire Pacific campaign against the Japanese during World War II? ..."


... please note that the VT author of the above linked article didn't even include the disease-infected-insects contained in bombs the Americans dropped all over North Korea [refer] ... as well as other germ and biological warfare they did against the NK civilians ...

... "... How many Americans know that “over a period of three years or so,” to quote Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay, head of the Strategic Air Command during the Korean War, “we killed off … 20 percent of the population”? ..."

... " ... How many Americans are familiar with the statements of Secretary of State Dean Rusk or Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas? Rusk, who was a State Department official in charge of Far Eastern affairs during the Korean War, would later admit that the United States bombed “every brick that was standing on top of another, everything that moved.” American pilots, he noted, “were just bombing the heck out of North Korea.”

Douglas visited Korea in the summer of 1952 and was stunned by the “misery, disease, pain and suffering, starvation” that had been “compounded” by air strikes. U.S. warplanes, having run out of military targets, had bombed farms, dams, factories, and hospitals. “I had seen the war-battered cities of Europe,” the Supreme Court justice confessed, “but I had not seen devastation until I had seen Korea.” ..."

... "... How many Americans have ever come across Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s unhinged plan to win the war against North Korea in just 10 days? MacArthur, who led the United Nations Command during the conflict, wanted to drop “between 30 and 50 atomic bombs … strung across the neck of Manchuria” that would have “spread behind us … a belt of radioactive cobalt.” ..."


... I'd suggest to take a few more minutes and read the whole context of America's dark, demonic, despicable and diabolical atrocities committed against NKorean civilians in the linked articles above ...


... fwiw, if America truly wants peace with the people in that part of the world, including China and Russia, President Trump, if at all possible, should apologize to the North Korean citizens about these and other immoral, grievous and heinous barbarity many Americans today chose to conveniently forget and drop into their memory dark hole ...


... “the struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting,” ~ Milan Kundera, Czech novelist ...


... I know, the truth hurts, and the bible says, the truth will set you free ...



aliens is here's picture

Hooking biz must be booming.

aliens is here's picture

Hooking biz must be booming.

dark fiber's picture

If you expect voting to change anything ANYWHERE get real and in a hurry.  We thought Trump would have been a raging bull and what we got is a flip flopping poodle.  When all is said and done I don't think LePen or anybody else would have been that much different.  Europe also has a deep if not deeper state.  The change will come from reality.  Europe is in an election year, so they have pulled out all the stops to create a "feel good" factor in order for people to vote mainstream.  The unraveling will begin after the election, and after reality hits, which will be a very tough pill to swallow. 

Wild tree's picture

The "Reset" will result in caterwauling from all sides lamenting the loss of the life we have today. Embrace the freedom from starvation, life free of mushroom clouds, life without war.

Time is short for these freedoms we enjoy today. No one is ready for the darkness looming; nor will one want to remember their embrace of it's hurry once arrived.

jaxville's picture

   Yeah .....I would rather be reading this in my fallout shelter.

reload's picture

That BILL `H-R 1644` is midblowingly confrontational.

That the widely adored Tulsi Gabbard is one of its sponsors will surely fry a few barain cells.

I read the comments to the link above last night. I try not to fall for fearmongering and

sensationalism, but it is difficult to see how Russia and China would see it as anything other

than a massive & direct assault on their sovereignty. I have to agree with a lot of the comments

that they either roll over and curl up in the corner to be kicked - forever. Or they fight.



Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"I have to agree with a lot of the comments

that they either roll over and curl up in the corner to be kicked - forever. Or they fight."

Do you see the Russians "LOSING ANYTHING" right now in Syria (post Tommie attack) or on it's border with Ukraine?... Why do you think the Russian's were successful in getting UN approval for the No Fly Zone that excludes the U.S. military???

Cause I certainly don't?!...

The U.S. thought they knew Russian technology better than the "Russians" and lost big with that ultimate "test" by "Cheeto-in-Chief" over "beautiful chocolate cake"...

The U.S. can only play it's pathetic game of "chicken" for so long and then they will have to back up the words with deeds which will translate into many.. many... many... dead American service men which will be the calling card for a the last curtain call to say "See what the Russkies did to your sons and daughters"?!!! Good luck selling that to the GMO fed / iPhone generation with no future that will be tasked to fighting it!

You also don't tell the story of the comparison of the Russian vs. the U.S. economy which is the ONLY REASON the U.S. will continue it's idle threats until someone makes the BIGGEST MISTAKE!

Russia has the ENERGY... the MONEY... and the TIME on it's side! While the U.S. has it's fingernails down to the "quick" and nothing to look forward to as it continues it's odyssey of looting operation(s) in the ME on behalf of it's Israeli/Saudi patron(s) that continue to fail post 9/11!

I'll put my money on Russia any day of the week!!!

Kidbuck's picture

Sorry Chinks, but you'll never win a race to the bottom against the US Fed. We are the Champions.

jaxville's picture

  Couldn't agree more....

  The easiest way to categorize the relationship of commodity prices and the financial underpinnings within China is this: Commodities are the collateral and pricing foundation to much of China’s financial obligations – as real estate values are to MBS and all their counterparts. Yes, much of China’s financial problems are now with real estate, but what all that real estate was built and financed on was? Hint: Commodity collateralization. (Think CDS/MBS times a factor of 1000, if not more.)

.....and how is this not similar to the quadrillion in OTC derivatives that trade through the BIS by Western financials?  The Western financials consider their derivatives as assets but they are a house of cards largely built on credit default swaps which themselves are valued on currency trades/exchange rates.


dark fiber's picture

North Korea is a freak created by the Russians well, Soviet Union and PRC back in the height of the cold war and forgotten about.  Today it has become a liability and an embarrassment to both.  However there is a problem, it the regime there is toppled you can bet the people of NK will not be exactly friendly to those who imposed and supported that paranoid dictatorship.  Under such a scenario, NK will become more pro US than SK.  So neither Russia, nor China want to see the present NK system go.  On the other hand supporting such a regime any longer is beginning to make them look horrible in the eyes of the rest of the world.  The mess left behind by communism at every level speaks volumes of its true nature and of those that support it.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

This is a good comment.  Why was it downvoted? 

reload's picture

Not downvoted by me - but perhaps because the Korean war was so appallingly cruely prosecured by the US and its allies, that the vacuum comditions for a totalitarian regime were almost guarantedd to be left in the aftermath. There are also some credible articles to be found that the US policy of starving and isolating NK has been widely persued because a hot spot in China,s back yard will be useful. Some credible arguments can be found that the west has very deliberately isolated and provoked the NK , leadership` into its paranoid and unstable condition. Not saying there is anything decent or good about the place, but it certainly is a very useful bogey man, in just the place the hedgemon might find one useful.   

daveO's picture

1 million Chinese were killed during the 'UN police action'. General MacArthur was fired for taking the war 15 miles within the Chinese border. This made it blatantly obvious to everyone that the whole thing was a proxy war for the MIC's' profit.
North Korea is simply a puppet being used by the banking class that runs the world. The author is definitely on the right trail.

LA_Goldbug's picture

" freak created by the Russians well, "

You can tell right there that the person is careless with words if he not completely befuddled in understanding the history of this country.

Soviet Union was NOT Russia for starters. Do the homework in understanding this simple fact BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT. If you mix this up then the rest is a useless mess.

Lenin's father, Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov, was from a family of serfs; his ethnic origins remain unclear, with suggestions being made that he was Russian, Chuvash, Mordvin, or Kalmyk.

Stalin - Georgian

Brezhnev was born on 19 December 1906 in Kamianske in Ukraine

Andropov was born in Nagutskaya, Stavropol Region, Russian Empire, on 15 June 1914.[2][3] He was the son of a railway official, Vladimir Konstantinovich Andropov, who was of a noble Don Cossack family[4][5] and Yevgenia Karlovna Fleckenstein, the daughter of a Moscow watchmaker, Karl Franzovich Fleckenstein, who was originally from Finland.[6]

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

The Russian Federation is no more the Soviet Union than Germany is the Third Reich. 

dark fiber's picture

Go to Eastern Europe and see for yourselves how close Russia and the USSR are in the minds of the people there.  The idea that you can even pretend there is a clean break between Russia and its Soviet past especially in the minds of the people who were on the receiving end of USSR policies is silly.

new game's picture

logical conclussion is ussa after the defeat by russia/china/iran complex will be _____?

Hyjinx's picture

Ya, the Russophiles here are in deep denial most of the time.  Yes, the Russians were the driving force behind the USSR and any idiot who pretends otherwise is a fool.  Does that make them bad people today, no.  Do they need to accept responsibility for their past, yes.

HenryHall's picture

Stalin (a Georgian) made the mistake of requiring that Soviet citizens in the 1920s and 1930s learned to read and write in their own local language before learning to read and write Russian. By extreme force of law.

In contrast USA, Canada, Australia made the better decision to force one language on everyone and obliterate the native languages.

If the Soviet Union had been Russified it would still be around today.

LA_Goldbug's picture

Trotsky (born Lev Davidovich Bronstein) was a Russian ?

Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky was a Russian ?

His wife's details are only in Russian - ???????? ? ??????? ???????-????????? ?????.

Lenin was a Mongrel so won't even pose the question if he was a Russian.

The above are your "the driving force" of the Revolution with a minor little detail missing as to where the Major Driving Force was located,


Please do a little bit of research and if you are open minded there is a chance you will see things differently.

Sick Monkey's picture

SK will gobble NK up for breakfast. NK peoples will welcome change with open arms.


Give me, gi-me yumyum yum yum yum yum.

Colorful clothing!

Ya baby!

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

PORN! fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

sinbad2's picture

Because North Korea was created by the US, who gave it to the Soviets, but the Soviets didn't want Americas gift.

The US divided Korea, no one else.

Hyjinx's picture

How is North Korea a creation of the US if NK invaded SK and THEN we got involved?

sinbad2's picture

The US created North and South Korea on the 10th of August 1945, although Roosevelt started the process in 1943.

US troops invaded South Korea in September 1945. In September 1946 the Korean people started demonstrating against US occupation. The US appointed Syngman Rhee to rule South Korea, and he murdered all politicians who opposed his rule.

North Korea did not invade the South until 25 June 1950, to reunite the country, and evict the American invaders.

Centerist's picture

Either you are illiterate, or you are a liar who hopes that no one will bother to open the reference that you posted:

"In December 1945, at the Moscow Conference, the Allies agreed that the Soviet Union, the US, the Republic of China, and Britain would take part in a trusteeship over Korea for up to five years in the lead-up to independence. Many Koreans demanded independence immediately; however, the Korean Communist Party, which was closely aligned with the Soviet Communist party, supported the trusteeship.[14][15] The US President Franklin Roosevelt had initiated the idea of the trusteeship for Korea in 1943.[16 "

That doesn't depict the scenario that you are depicting,

techpriest's picture

Because all of the world's problems are all part of a conspiracy to put YOU down. Because really, everything is about you, and how you can't get ahead because of The Man (TM).

Corruption, EHMs, etc. do exist, but there is a competing falsehood that tries to tie every last action to some single council of superhumans, who are also a convenient justification for why your life sucks. There is a collection of gangs who fight each other, none are good, and most of the time they are not in your way, because in the grand scheme of things you don't matter.

Centerist's picture

You are either a paid propagandist, or you are ignorantly spouting someone else's false narrative.  Read the book "The Two Koreas" by Don Oberdorfer, get educated on the subject, and then post.

After the Japanese lost WWII and had to leave Korea, we had to rebuild it just like we did Germany and Japan.  The Soviets, however, wanted to make a Communist satellite state, and we had to divide the peninsula with them.  The SOVIETS divided Korea--not us.  If we hadn't cared about them, we would have left them all to turn into the same dump that North Korea is.

Centerist's picture

It got down-voted because this site is full of basement-dwelling, under-achieving America-haters, hardcore Socialists and probably a few paid Russian and Soros trolls thrown in for good measure.

I gave it an up-vote, and I gave you one, too, for calling the morons out.

If you'll notice, there are not comments to match the down-votes.  That's because the idiots who marked him with the red arrows have no logical refutations for his post.  The most that they can articulate are foil-hat conspiracies about alleged Zionists plots or disingenuous ramblings that they've borrowed from other simpletons' blogs.  There isn't an original thought to be seen amongst them.

It's easy for the lazy fool to red-arrow something, but it's hard to post a logical counter-argument--especially when no logical counterpoint exists.

not a yahoo's picture

 Because since when did russia or china ever worry how they look to the rest of the world. Stupid idea.

Fireman's picture

USSA is broke, as in drug addled meth dead opioid addicted broke. The trouble is the entire planet knows it but the deluded meth head imagines it still has a full mouth of teeth. The neocohens, banksters, Pentacon thugs and gung hoer rednecks are living on borrowed time and all China has to do to crush them is pull the chain on the Wall St Ponzi sewer and flush the entire Potemkin Village (idiot) "economy" down the pipe where it is inevitably headed anyway.

The USSA is imploding in corruption, drugs and debt and will have its hands more than full in the ensuing domestic chaos as the masses finally figure out what their anglozionazi masters have been doing in their names even as their own ghettos erupt in flames when the welfare lunch finally finishes. When the USSA inevitably pops in a "big, beautiful civil war" the rest of the planet will laugh out loud as the naked emperor collapses like a skid row bum in a puddle of its own vomit.


USSA can no longer be saved and blowing up the planet in a mindless attempt at diversion is fooling nobody but the pedophiles and critters that Bilge Pump Don is trying to keep in their accustomed reptilian splendor.


Calling China a "currency manipulator" is a bit rich coming from the Mafia accounting department of USSAN genocide Inc when one looks at the below chart of those nations supposedly holding USSAN debt.  USSA will get its next war alright but it won't be WW3, but rather the implosion of Slumville and the balkanization of the beast that the rest of humanity can no longer afford.

Karma time!


Don in Odessa's picture

Nearly the whole world  is bankrupt there bubba; not just the US. Central banks the world over have adopted the debt model for growth. They will collude to destroy that debt by war. They always have and they always will, as long as the proletariat allows them to pick up the pieces after the war and rebuild the same old, same old system ... and they always do.

LA_Goldbug's picture

Debt Holiday !!!! Just think. That interest on the debt is PURE FICTION !!!!

It works but the Anglo-Zionists would not be able to control countries without "weaponized debt" tool.

Jack Oliver's picture

There was a time when they could do just that - there was a time when people believed everything they heard on the radio - those times have gone and things have changed !

These days we consider ANYONE who believes the MSN - well - we consider them a complete FUCKING moron !!

They have NOTHING to contribute !!

It's not Right to hate - it's Left's picture

How can CB's be broke?  They own years worth of GDP in Appl, FB, and Google??  They create then buy the dips.  Or were you referring to morally?  If so, I concur!

Dame Ednas Possum's picture


 "Is it true that long ago firemen put fires out instead of going to start them?"


Great comment by the way.  Any American not preparing for this inevitability will be very lucky to survive it.  Contagion will make it global and affect every soul on the planet. 

0phita's picture

Beautifully, hilariously, even poetically written, Fireman! "US is broke, as in drug addled meth dead opioid addicted broke." Laughed so hard I spilled my morning coffee, and still kept laughing throughout at your ascerbic, yet brutally honest, wit. Thanks for providing the facts that were completely missed by this logically muddled, and painfully written article of St. Cyr's.Tylers, more editing please!