The Silent Majority: Here's What They're Really Saying

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By Chris at

Have you ever been to one of those embassy type parties where at the start everyone's manners are impeccable, the 5-course meal is eaten with so many different knives and forks of varying shapes and sizes that you long for a spoon (or a piece of toast), and where the conversation is so dull and boring you find yourself in deep conversation - not with the attendees but the wait staff?

Well, if you haven't, you're lucky, and if you have, I can promise you one thing: this all changes as the night drags on and enough alcohol gets poured down the necks of the "dignified" guests.

When the majority of remaining guests are completely on their ear, someone has taken off with the host's wife, and a group of call girls has arrived, then and only then do you get to see what these "dignified" guests really think.

If you want to know what a man really thinks of his wife, make sure his wife isn't with him when you ask him. And if you want to know what a woman really thinks of her husband, make sure her husband isn't around when asking.

Because in dignified surroundings when people are watching, politically correct answers are "de rigueur". Only when people no longer think anyone is watching (or are too inebriated to care) will the truth come out.

Why This Matters...

When political polls are taken, Joe Sixpack responds as if he's a devout believer and the Vicar is listening.

But put him in a voting booth where nobody can see which box is getting checked and it's as if Joe's 10 beers down on a raucous night out with the boys at the local strip club - the truth comes out.

Society operates at a mass scale level. The German word zeitgeist explains it better than any other":

"The Zeitgeist (spirit of the age or spirit of the time) is the dominant set of ideals and beliefs that motivate the actions of the members of a society in a particular period in time."

Identifying any problem is over 80% of the solution, which is why most people don’t know what to do because they don’t really understand the problem.

Adding to this is the fact that today we have vested interests doing their best to obscure the facts. But as more people wake up to and identify the facts and thus the problem we get the sort of changes taking place that stun the status quo.

Brexit and Trump's election were two such events, and today we're going to walk through where we're at. This can help us determine the probabilities of what happens next.

My interest is purely in ensuring I'm adequately positioned for this with my capital and life. Here I'm simply pointing out that which goes unsaid.


Recently I read this article about a gang of "men" who gang-raped a 21 year old Swedish woman, streaming the video on Facebook while gloating over the attack.

Disturbingly comments on the Facebook stream were complementary and encouraging. The comments were from muslims who believe that western women are "unclean" and "deserve" to be raped. The rapists were all immigrant muslims, which you're not allowed to mention in today's PC world. Simply mentioning the facts opens one to cries of racism.

My initial thoughts were that the rapists, together with those encouraging them online, should all be rounded up and shot without hesitation.

To hell with assigning them legal representation paid for by the state.

To hell with employing clinical psychologists who will try convince us of traumatic childhoods, and to hell with the inevitable months of "due process" resulting in - at worst - a couple of years in the slammer after which these vermin will be released on good behaviour.

Ask yourself this...

Who agrees with me?

Who is willing to agree with me in public?

Who is willing to retweet this very article and put their name to it in agreement?

That number grows by the day but we're still living in a twilight zone where agreeing with what I've just suggested is a big no-no.

Why? Not because I've suggested these animals be shot but because I mentioned two things which the politically correct West steadfastly refuses to acknowledge.

I mentioned immigrants and muslims.

Why did I do that? Because that's who committed the crimes. Now, imagine the rapists were in fact atheist, fat, middle aged white men. Replace the words "immigrant" and "muslim" with "atheist, fat, middle aged white men" and tell me, would you be called racist for doing so? No.

The answer you'll find is that it would sound absurd to suggest I'm racist towards fat, atheist, middle aged white men, and yet by stating the fact that the criminals are in fact both immigrants and muslims the politically correct West will eat me alive.

Why is this?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that there is no epidemic of fat, middle aged white men raping women, driving trucks and cars into people, rioting, murdering, and blowing themselves up to the cry of Allahu Akbar. I assure you that if that were the case, I'd name them just as readily but there are not.

And yet we cannot say such things...

Side story: I was contacted by the editor of a major financial publication who is a reader of the blog. Here is the message:

We all know that an open discussion is desperately required. Facing reality and identifying the problem is, as mentioned, at least 80% of the solution, and yet this is not allowed.

When the open discussion of extremely serious problems such as the daily atrocities committed by immigrants in the name of Islam is prevented, then the lid on the pot bobbles. Silently, behind closed doors, or intoxicated at parties but when honesty is laid bare, people seek someone - anyone - who will put an end to the insanity. With brutal force if necessary.

Daily we wait now for the next event. Beheadings of priests, trucks being driven into crowds of innocent families, stabbings of random people going about their everyday affairs, rapes of woman and children... all to the cry of Allahu Akbar.

Daily, it arrives.

People look to their elected leaders and here's what they get. The  establishment tell them they must learn to live with it.

Their leaders tell them that what they're seeing with their own eyes is not real.

Their leaders tell them that what they're hearing with their own ears is not real.

"Holy wars will begin in Europe." - Turkish foreign minister

And yet Western leaders try tell us that isn't what is meant. No, really, it's something else.

Even while Islamic fighters tell us precisely what they mean both in actions and words.

While afraid to say so publicly how many in private think: is it not time to bring in the military, round them all up, put them on a ship with a jammed rudder and aim it at North Africa?

With no end in sight and the PC infested establishment refusing to acknowledge, let alone deal with the issues, the zeitgeist silently but rapidly shifts towards those who promise to do something -no matter how ugly or violent it may look.

Left unchecked, the passage of time combined with the daily mayhem unleashed on the streets, malls, and public spaces drives ordinary citizens ordinarily repulsed by violence to increasingly call for it. This is the future.

Read my article on why people will accept and condone the coming violence.

It doesn't matter whether you or I think this good or bad. That's not the point. It's already happening and thousands of years of human nature prove it isn't the first time.

Lessons from Trump's Election

The reason Trump won wasn't because people didn't see his flaws.

It's because they didn't care about them. In context they were seen as largely irrelevant. While the establishment focused on gender issues, safe spaces, trigger warnings, and foreign wars Trump focused on what people were seeing with their own eyes and he promised to do something about it.

The media would have us believe that those voting for the Donald are of low IQ and blue collar. They'll be saying the same thing about Le Pen in France.

But the truth is that the median income of Trump voters was $72,000. This was not Billy Redneck who lost his job at the coal mine voting as much as the MSM would like to portray it that way.

The fact that America had a president (Obama) who refused to use the phrase "Islamic extremism" and who managed to say things such as "terrorism has less to do with Islam than any other religion" and the fact that Clinton embraced this delusion isn't actually all that surprising. We know that the basilisk and her husband took tens of millions of dollars from the Saudis and other Islamist regimes.

Scenes such as this from Europe had Americans concerned. Trump understood that and made the most of it.

Which is one reason why the basilisk lost.

Standing up for Western civilisation has become "racist".

Over in Malaysia the government has just recently voted down a child marriage ban with a prominent MP stating:

'They reach puberty at the age of nine or 12. And at that time, their body is already akin to them being 18 years old. So physically and spiritually, it is not a barrier for the girl to marry,' Shabudin said on Tuesday during a debate on the bill.


He also said there was 'nothing wrong' with a rape victim marrying her rapist as she would then not face a 'bleak future'.


Shabudin's comments sparked outrage on social media, with some opposition politicians asking for him to be fired.


Under Islamic law, children younger than 16 can get married if the Shariah courts allow it"

This is dangerously and offensively irrational.

Any thinking human being should be outraged. Pedophilia and rape should not be part of any culture we'd want to live in. This MP should be hung immediately. How many are with me? How many are prepared to say so at a cocktail party?

In a mad bid to prove "acceptance" and "tolerance" the West have gone entirely off the deep end ignoring and condoning comments and actions completely antithetical and incompatible with modern Western Civilisation.

This creep is part of the force Canadians are told is there to "protect" them.

That the Toronto Police Association are "raising concerns" when one of their own is championing pedophilia and rape is nothing short of insane. How many wish to live in a society where pedophilia, rape, throwing gays from rooftops, and the beheading of "infidels" is sanctioned? How many would willingly let their daughter near this man?

I ask you: What are the "silent majority" saying to one another when they're alone?

This is what's coming. Watch.

The odds are mayhem or a man on a white horse. Perhaps both.

- Chris

“Time’s up for denial and hypocrisy. The absolute rejection of Islamic fundamentalism must be proclaimed loudly and clearly.” - Marine Le Pen


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gregga777's picture

The government and the judiciary protect the Intellectual Yet Idiot classes ruling moron criminals and Muslim rapefugees. The United States of America's Feral Gangster Govrrnment is largely controlled by the Goldman Sachs and other banking gangsters and the CON Street Swindlers, Oligarch's and CONporate excutives. The government has lost all legitimacy.

gregga777's picture

The Muslims apologists: the rich, Oligarchy, political parasites, judiciary, CON Street Swindlers, banking gangsters and CONporate executives, are never targets of Muslim violence. They aren't murdered by Muslims. Their children aren't raped by Muslims. What is their implicit or perhaps explicit truce with Muslims? It certainly isn't due to any expertise on the part of the security services and law enforcement agencies. Washington, D. C., is one of the murder capitols of the United States. Chicago, another murder Capitol, hosts many Fortune 500 CONporations. And how hard would it be for a Muslim terrorist to go into Beverly Hills and shoot anyone driving a Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Lamboghini, etc.? Washington and surrounding environs is a target rich environment. The loudest of Muslim apologists (I.e., George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Dimmo-Marxist and Repussican political parasites in general, etc.) are immune to being targeted by Muslims. What kind of agreement do they have with the Muslims?

SPQR 70AD's picture

those people are not targets of the muslims being the attacks are made by mind controlled patsies and they make sure they attack the peasantry. if they were real attacks they would kill the politicians that ordered war and bombing of their countries

atthelake's picture

We are all talk, no action.

gregga777's picture

A tipping point is coming. The reaction will be triggered by Muslim immunity and the Antifa Bolsheviks. There are going to be a lot of old scores settled in what's coming. Buy and stockpile metals. Gold, silver, brass and lead.

wholy1's picture

" Identifying any problem is over 80% of the solution, which is why most people don’t know what to do because they don’t really understand the problem." . . . The FIRST of the 3 "Rs" of the "REPENTENCE Process", possibly? 

1)  REALIZATION/acceptance of each INDIVIDUAL "man/wo[mb]Man's" EXISTING "state/condition". 

2)  RESTITUTION according to One's "situation" ability/capacity.  This is the "step" that will "trip up" most of the wealthy/elites. 

3)  RESOLUTION to remain in said RE-covenanted state with the Lord accorded thru the "Redemption".

Honest Sam's picture

The true power in this country, if not most of the world, is mostly concealed, and ever more concentrated the greater the numbers of us, the ony evidence of their nefarious goals, is the results we see---if we can be distracted enough from being distracted by their employees in Mass media, in our lives over the long term.  You would have to be a glass always full dupe to be impressed at your progress over the last 35 yrs with loss of tens of millions of jobs, careers, businesses, and now the inevitable fall of the Retail, the shutting of malls (as much as we may want to see them gone) and the unification of both main political parties into one. 

From what has happened to the middle classes the last 35 yrs, it is far too late to reverse the damage done beginning in the late 70s with LBO's.  The hands off by the SEC and a variety of AG's re: mergers, and vertical and horizontally integrated acquisitions to destroy competitors. 

Since then, the inevitable cascade of events has only reinforced the reality of victory by the One Worlders wherein the 7 billion of us have to be content with basic survival, or a pandemic that wipes billions of us out, or both.

It's too late, even for praying.  (w/ props to G. Lightfoot) 


gregga777's picture

The people who should start praying are:

• Dimmo-Marxist and Repussican Party political parasites;
• Oligarchy;
• banking gangsters;
• CON Street Swindlers;
• CONporate executives;
• CONporate Mainstream FAKE NEWS Media presstitutes;

And other various and sundry Muslim apologists.

Kat Daddy's picture

Our leaders tell su that islam is a "religion of peace" but the words ring hollow in light of the criminal activity they perpetuate and thier disrespect shown thier host countries.  But who is behind this clash of cultures? Who benefits?

gregga777's picture

Israel is a huge beneficiary when the Muslims are either killing each other or killing Christians in the West.

SPQR 70AD's picture

yes cause the jews hate any one that is not a jew

Davidduke2000's picture

There is no such thing as a silent majority, as if you are silent you deserve what you get. people should go in the street and cause a total chaos to attract attention to their demands. if it takes a civil war so be it.

VisionQuest's picture

The U.S. state of Texas is one-and-a-quarter times LARGER than the entire nation of France.

With unlimited resources to play with, buying whatever it takes to finagle a desired outcome in such a small is easy. The Establishment bought and paid for the defeat of Marine Le Pen. Historically, such victories are hollow & short-lived. Madam Le Farge is knitting again. Roll the guillotines!

redc1c4's picture

i say we slosh them with Martinis...

repeat as necessary.

gregga777's picture

No, slosh them with Molotov cocktails and, as a final flourish, light a match for them.

LA_Goldbug's picture

The People have still not realized one simple thing. "Their leaders" are not theirs.

Macron is a splendid example of this. Young, no political experience ( political offices), just happens to work for Rothschild Bank and in a year starts his own party and WINS.

OK, I am older than the average voting French but I would think they have seen enough dangerous news to realize that something is not right at the top. Under those news articles frequently are discussions. They have still not put 2+2 together to come to the conclusion that the system is rigged and Macron is a Puppet ??? Guess not. Being Young appears to an early illness of being unable to think critically. That was shown to have been true when Trump was elected. His voters were NOT THE YOUNG.

gregga777's picture

Macaroni is a candidate entirely manufactured by the French Oligarchy. His En Marche! Party has 0 seats in the National Assembly. No one in the French National Assembly are committed to anything that he allegedly wants to enact. He's just a placeholder trying to stem the inevitable Avalanche of French discontent.

messystateofaffairs's picture

The French enjoy a good fantasy, its a cultural thing. Its the reality of the fantasys consequences they have difficilties with. They had their Hollandaise sauce enema and now its time for the macaroni enema.

gregga777's picture

The French never recovered from the slaughter of the best of their young men during World War 1. The best and most aggressive were removed from the gene pool. All that was left were the dregs, the sheep and lambs.

Austrian Peter's picture

I agree entirely with your article.  TPTB are fighting to cover up these issues because they fear inciting violence and individuals fighting back aginst these primitive sects and groups.  Most of all, governments need to maintain law and order and will go to all lengths to continue their central control via violence, police forces and military.

In days gone by, in England, when villages controlled their laws - they knew when a stranger was in town and quickly dealt with any law-breaking themselves.  When cities emerged the government has to introduce a police force (see history of) and it's been downhill ever since.  Lynch mobs and kangaroo courts are not the solution in my view as this leads to mayhem.  We need to enforce the laws we already have, but with vigor and commitment.

LA_Goldbug's picture

"We need to enforce the laws we already have, but with vigor and commitment."

Except that leaders such as Merkel and Company ,in the case EU, have an agenda given to them which requires the rewriting of laws to suit their Plan. Letting in the refugees is a clear example of this. The US has its own BS in spades.

litemine's picture

Yes Sir.


"The Zeitgeist (spirit of the age or spirit of the time) is the dominant set of ideals and beliefs that motivate the actions of the members of a society in a particular period in time."

The NOW.

Live in this time, this day,hour,minute,second make decisions and move on.


JailBanksters's picture

What do they all have in common ?

Seriously, they are all controlled by Joo's

You can give it the thumbs down, but it doesn't change the Truth.

Kat Daddy's picture

"Give me control of a nations money and I care not who writes its laws."  Politicians are all BRIBED with free, unlimited campaign money (all get AIPAC funding); failing that ruse, they are all BLACKMAILED, caught up in a prearranged honeypot encounter with an minor, the more socially unacceptable and outrageous the better, (like the Jeffry Epstein scandal).  Lastly, they are THREATENED with financial ruin and physical assault.  In the end, most non-compliant politicians are defunded af campaign money and a well funded puppet is run against them.  The government is a Organized Criminal Organization run by the elite International Banking Cartel and the Multinational Corporations that they control, manipulating finance for profit, and laundering money from Sex Trafficking, Gun Running and Dope Dealing for Black Ops.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Why do not any of these bloggers ever go to the root of the problem and name the real cause,the real enemies?

gregga777's picture

It's very l, very politically incorrect and dangerous to criticize the people who really control the United States. If you do, President Jared Kushner will sic the FBi (Feral Bureau of iWeasels ) onto you.

Kat Daddy's picture

Because they will never advance journalistically, thier writings will be censored and will be permantely blackballed. It's a career killer.  Just like what happened to DAVID DUKE, he is a pariah, an unspeakable name and reviled in polite society, all for speaking to Jewish Power and standing up for the White Race and America.  Just the association with his name is a politcal smear, as was done to Trump.  When Duke ran for President he had a Black VP, the brother of Medgar Evers.

Hammer of Light's picture

How to deal with this issue now confronting the world? Simple - Switch up your loads to Hornady nylon tipped hollow point copperheads for your smaller arms and start thinking in terms of more stopping power at greater range. A S&W M&P10 with a 50 round X25 can hahahah. There is no question in my mind that this is a set up to have few profit from a massive culture war as well as keep their power.How do we invest withgood clear choices when all of it is a manipulated lie? I'm keeping it real easy these days... Silver - Gold and a lot of brass.

This time, I think it needful we hunt all of you down who did this, your kids, your families, all of you. If you're a banker or a diseased government shill of ANY nation, you are fair game when this one lights off. This is a mass DEMOCIDE = death by conspiring governments to do this and it's fucking insane!

The cultures between the West and Islam are NEVER goign to be compatible and are vastly different and there is NO solution and never will be. You have an ideology of savages and and an ideology of control for the rest of us from those who are hell bent on delivering hell itself to our very door steps.

As this lights off in the direct near future when all of a sudden you can't go to the store and buy food because we're in an interdependency crash, there are two kinds of people... Loaded for bear and those who are not. Simple law of the jungle then takes over exactly as the powers that be want. This time, I feel it important to target the root of it all. KILL EVERY BANKER ON THE PLANET! Followed up by everyone who works for themselves in government while whoring us all out for our taxable expendable lives. That would be governments all over the world mind you and not one in particular. Shit, they're all involved in the racket. Read up people on General Smedley Butler ~War is a Racket ~

What will they do when huge numbers of their own military's start turning on them? DIE as they should so we can reorient this world and heal into peace if we're at all lucky. We've got to change the conventions of mankind completely and we must destroy the governments from being able to keep control over us all. Term limits or a round in the head, seems fair to me. Term limits and eliminating all banking from governments forcing real price discovery in an open market to take effect.

Either we change this death spiral to reshape the world into sanity or humanity I suspect will no longer even be here. Maybe that's not such a bad thing? LOL, the meek shall inherit the earth I'm told... I'm good with that!

Until then. prep for your lives because it's about to hit us all I suspect. At least in the US where we are, I don't know virtually anyone that's not armed up. Not a single neighbor on our street isn't armed. Even the elderly we look out for have at least a shot gun or some type of popper. The world is a vampire... Sent to Drain... I hear Billy Corgan in my head hahaha:-)

gregga777's picture

Exactly. And don't forget what Josef Stalin said:

"No man, no problem."

If they are all dead they and their descendants can't come back in the future to try to regain what they lost during "The troubles."

LA_Goldbug's picture

"This time, I think it needful we hunt all of you down who did this, your kids, your families, all of you. If you're a banker or a diseased government shill of ANY nation, you are fair game when this one lights off. This is a mass DEMOCIDE = death by conspiring governments to do this and it's fucking insane!"

Yes, but you will be ONLY getting the middle tier Rats. The top part is too well protected and informed. To deal with them you need "special people" and they are part of the System. I suspect that is by design.

Shift For Brains's picture

If you haven't read the ZH story  Federal Judge Declares Constitution Void, Threatens Civil Defendant with Death, you should.

When we have reached the point--as we have--that a federal judge can be so drunk with power that he can declare what is described in that article, we have reached the point the Founders prescribed armed rebellion as the cure.

When laws no longer protect We The People, then we must do it ourselves. When public officials put themselves above We The People, our constitution and its protections, they FORFEIT any right to protection under the same system of laws they defile.

A time is soon coming when people, realizing there is no possibility of justice from those who are protected by the system, decide any price is worth dismantling it, including putting their own lives on the line.

When that happens, people like this federal judge will be dead men walking. They can make no plea for justice and moral restraint as they have never shown that to those who they were sworn to protect.

I say add them to the same bonfire that consumes the bankers and political whores who infest what we laughingly refer to as "our government."

kommissar's picture

AMEN BROTHER!  yes.  i was shouting.

litemine's picture

Sorry that it seems to be that way there.

All that you wrote I was in full agreement, in your case, extreme.

After given Protection, money and total unrestricted access.....Safe houses for (MOSSAD) in all the fancy neigbourhoods.

Amazing....In America the Government was for Sale to the Highest Bidder,


Everyone Else was just Sold Down The River.

It's not Politically Correct nor Lawful to speak out against a Race. Individual Clans however????

It's the Name Given to the Target that becomes all Important.


TeethVillage88s's picture

We DON'T Remember why we Asked for Independence/Declared Independence... So I guess Fluoride, Propaganda, Lobbying, and having NO TERM Limits... WORKS... that is all it takes!

TeethVillage88s's picture

"The Zeitgeist (spirit of the age or spirit of the time)..."

- Trump, Brexit, Le Pen, Farage...
- Populist Campaigns

- Trump has a Hostile Take over of the Obama Government
- So Obama thinking as Warrior or Executive... took up Defensive Strategies with Hillary

Trump knew it was a Hostile Take Over all along... Flynn's Ouster was a mistake, blood in the water.

Trump has been taken over by Insiders... Macron is Globalist put forward by the same people that control the USA... USA has been globalist since 1979... 37 years now... USA is part of the Globalist Org & all US Institutions are playing a role in Globalism after having their agendas, missions, objectives changed,... plus there are financial ties/links to keep institutions in-line...

but we all knew this.

Federal Reserve is a globalist org... actions are for global benefit, benefit the Chinese, EU is dependent on Chinese too,... Trade, Currency Exchange, Currency Stability, USD Stability, offers of US Assets to foreigners & Chinese is most important.

Rape of European people and US People is PRIME.

LA_Goldbug's picture

"but we all knew this."

Many of us on this board YES. But talk to anyone who relies on their information from MSM or TV and you realize that they do not know this. I don't know the demographics of Trump voters but I suspect that majority knows there is a problem with the US System just by observation of daily life over the long years. Internet may have swayed more fully to that realization and that is why they voted Trump.

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Rape is a hate crime, not a sex crime. 

Okay, well, it's technically a sex crime but the muzzies hate women...especially white, western, "privileged" women.

What are the "privileges"?

We let them wear shoes (which they love) and let them out of the house and reveal themselves. Because we "let them" they actually hate us, the white western male.

They are projecting this hate of us on our women, and I don't think they understand our formerly Chivalrous now 3rd Wave Feminist culture.

All they see is "Beta Male Orbiters" doing nothing to prevent their attack on our women.

It won't be long before one of them yell "NOW!" and the attack will begin!

...and when ot does, every supporter of 3rd Wave Feminism will have earned all the bad things in life that happen to them next.



seataka's picture

Le Pen's loss is a loss for Populists the world over and a big win for the banker's world government, depopulation, and the continued war against mankind...


TeethVillage88s's picture

Nothing Less THAN:

- Reversal of Independence Actions from EUROPEAN BANKER RULE/Royalty RULE

- Counter Actions from Independence = COMPLETE

Grandad Grumps's picture

I perv is a perv no matter what country they are from or in.

johnf322's picture

Le Pen is ahead of her time. Put liberals and Islamists on a deserted island together for a few years and let's see what remains....collateral damage?

meterman's picture

I don't believe most of you have any idea what Chris is saying in this piece. Let your petty grievances go and read this again.

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Are you some kind of "unappreciated scholar" that can decipher or translate the meaning of what my 153 IQ Libertarian brain just read?! 

....gee, thanks.

Sweet Cheeks's picture

What are petty grievances in your community?

Is it rape and subsequent marriage of a nine year old?
Throwing gays off a rooftop?
Filming & posting a rape of a young woman on FB?
Beheading priests?
Driving trucks over people in the street?

Check out the average IQ of these various countries and get back with us on whether we should adjust our expectations for large numbers of these immigrants by refusing their immigration into western nations.

Honest Sam's picture

"Identifying any problem is over 80% of the solution, ......"

No sir.   UNDERSTANDING any problem is about 1/3 of the solution.  Identifying a problem, e.g. the temperature in this room is too hot--- especially one that is constantly and already right in our faces-- is one thing. Going about finding a solution and then acting on it is another set of problems.

Paul has been doing this for 30 years. Solving not one single problem. Trey Gowdy and Chaffetz have been holding hearings for months and not one single thing is going to be done about all the lies, cheating, and 'don't remember' replies they have  gotten.

I wish identifying the problem were even a fraction % of the solution. But WADR, I have to disagree. 

Solutions, too, have a way or worsening the problem, but only a confirmed, pessimistic, nihilist would think it was the solver's  intention.

hardcleareye's picture

Don't have any issues with shooting men that rape women.... or terrorists that murder people.. and I don't care what color or religion they are...

However, I do have a issue with making sure justice is maintained... 

Vigilantes are not known for fair and impartial administration of justice.

What you are proposing is vigilantism and will be the end of any claim we can have of a functional society and/or democracy.

Sweet Cheeks's picture

Hold that asp to your throat, Cleopatra, and tell him to respect you.

You do not have a functional society when you invite young angry males who hate you into your midst and place your women in harm's way

The last election demonstrated that the majority of Americans don't want to take chances on unvetted immigrants, but every time Trump tried to protect Americans, liberal court judges shot down his executive order.