Is This WalMart 'Free-For-All' A Taste Of Things To Come?

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by Stefan Stanford via,

In the new story over at Survival Dan called “During The Collapse: Where To Go And What Places To Avoid”, he reports that when IT hits the fan, America’s ‘population hubs’ will likely explode with violence, looting and the total breakdown of law and order as resources become next to impossible to get and the masses suddenly realize the government isn’t coming to save them.

Whether that be via total collapse, WW3 coming home to roost upon US soil or a ‘grid event’ that leaves tens to hundreds of millions either without power or access to the money in their bank accounts, the video directly below from a WalMart in Mexico gives us a very small taste of what that world without law and order can quickly devolve into.

Showing what happens when suddenly ‘lawless people’ realize that there aren’t enough security guards in a Wal Mart store to stop them, we witness the kind of all-out ‘free for all’ that we’ll likely see in a collapse event, though the smart people would be carrying out food, toilet paper and other necessities instead of flat screen TV’s. And in an all-out SHTF event, we’d expect that the people will likely be fighting with each other for the few remaining resources as they are now in Venezuela where children are literally starving to death.

Following Alt Market’s Brandon Smith warning that ‘a full spectrum crisis is about to take place’ a Wal Mart in Mexico gives us a small glimpse of what might happen here once it all comes crashing down amid more signs that what we’re witnessing in Venezuela may be coming to America.

As commenters on the live leak video clearly point out, we’ve already witnessed events in America similar to what happened in the video above with packs of roving gangs showing up in malls and convenience stores ‘en masse’, taking whatever they want and parading out as if laws don’t matter to them. Knowing such events are already taking place in 2017 America, how much worse might things get when SHTF? As Susan Duclos reported this morning on ANP, parts of America are already a boiling cauldron read to boil over. How many Americans are the frogs in the simmering water?

In this December 2016 story on ANP called “Map Shows Us Where We Don’t Want To Be When It All Turns Ugly”, we reported that nearly 50% of Americans live in very small geographical locations. According to this story from the Daily Mail, half of the US population live within 146 counties while the other 157 million are scattered across the other 3,000+.

The map seen directly below gives us a visual representation of what that looks like with the counties seen below in blue making up approx. 50% of the US population while the remaining 50% of Americans live across the rest of the country in counties seen in gray. When SHTF, does anyone want to be in the blue areas?

As we also reported back in December, the map seen above showing the US counties with the biggest populations coincides quite eerily with the map of US counties won by Hillary Clinton during the last election seen below.

The next map below from James Wesley Rawles’ Survival Blog shows US cities with approx. 100,000 population in yellow circles with the shaded areas surrounding them indicating the distances from those cities with each shaded increment representing approx 40 miles. Showing that most of the East coast and eastern half of the US are within 120 miles of big cities, it’s easy to understand why videographer The Prepared Mind selects some of the areas seen in the final video below as his ‘go to’ areas for when SHTF.

As M.D. Creekmore over at the Survivalist Blog has previously brought to the attention of preppers, getting out of the cities may not be possible for some who are tied to their jobs when SHTF and many of the same areas mentioned in that videohave such low populations for a very good reason – a major lack of jobs in areas long ago hit by the globalists economy that has decimated much of America.

According to Brandon Smith in this recent story over at Alt Market, “I continue to believe that a greater crisis is brewing that is economic and global in nature. With numerous financial bubbles artificially inflated over at least eight years of central bank stimulus, the question is not “if” but WHEN the system will enter the final stages of its ongoing collapse.

Smith’s warnings echo the warnings given by Doug Casey who recently stated “a civilization always collapses from within. World War 1, in 1914, signaled the start of the long collapse of Western Civilization. Of course, termites were already eating away at the foundations, with the writings of people like Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Karl Marx. It’s been on an accelerating downward path ever since….”

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I would try to find an Amazon warehouse

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Amazon's electronics dept has hit the bottom of the barrel.  The only products for sale are from no-name brand Chinese makers.

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Worse than the uncivilized conscienceless third world thieving savages depicted in the video are the trendy liberal do-gooders who advocate for their unlimited illegal entry into our lands.  THEY are the ones who need to be executed first if sanity and civilzation are ever to return.

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Of course, you are not want to be on exhaust side, but Boris is recommend maybe worse place is within trajectory of planar rotor with high angular velocity.

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Now you see just how fast a checker/attendant can move when there is an "Incentive" for swift service. Unfortunately, if these people were on a employee time clock, the results of swift service would not be possible.

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If SHTF bad enough for me to loot some stores, it's not going to be Walmart and it's not going to be electronics that I'm taking.  

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Wal-Mart should be pleased with the spike in customer satisfaction. 

Or perhaps it is employee satisfaction that spiked... as they were probably the first out the door with a new 60" flat-screen TV. 

Too many useless eaters on the planet. 



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This is just the logical outcome of Demockracy.

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How does a 50" LED TV taste with enchiladas?

Darwin Award winners, every one of them

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she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet...

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Then she's a dumbass and will soon be waiting tables again.  Nobody in her right mind would own a jet, unless she has billions in available capital and is running an airline.  And even the airlines are all consolidating, and would be out of business without .gov intervention.

Find another catchphrase for your dumb scam.

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Zulu - greatest movie ever!

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Walmart is dicy enough during normal times. It will be a total shitfest during SHTF.

Forward (over the cliff).

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First they came for the Flatscreen TV's in boxes and we said nothing.

Next, they came for the Display models on the shelfs that had a bit of dust on them and some scuff marks that would be 30% off, next week, and we said nothing.

Then they came for the Toasters and the Blenders and the teeny little microwave ovens that can be used in a mobile home, but still we said nothing.

Then, one night they came for me, a 40 pound bag of Pinto Beans, I knew my life was finished, I would surely be eaten by the hungry Zombies.

But No ! my contents were stuffed into a Bean bag chair in Guadalajara with a nice view of a huge TV.

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The rioters, protesters, killers, illegals, anarchists, anti-Christers, thugs, rapists, and low lifes all seem to be Democrats and Hillary/Obama supporters.

That's odd.

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well this was mexico...82.7% catholic, 6.7% protestant.

shit religion, shit culture.

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you forget......jesus helps those who help themselves.


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Mexico was taken over by the Freemasons in the early 1900s.  Land and possessions were stolen from Catholics (NOT from Protestants) and priests and nuns were murdered.  Freemasonry goes back to the temple and is the older, shit religion. 

MEFOBILLS's picture

Freemasonary came into being with the Jacobians.  It was Jewish Cabala that invaded the masonic lodges.  

Prior to Cabala, the masons were an organizatio of builders.  For example, in the middle ages, the masons organized themselves to build cathedrals.  Said cathedrals were build mostly by volunteer labor.



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Mexico was the dry run for Russia.

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Where in fuck do you weirdos come from? You live in abandoned caves on the periphery of cites and use library computers to post your stupid drivel?

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The CLintons like their friends the Bushes are evil evil scum like Obama.

Don't forget that Jared Kushner and Ivanka are close pals with Chelsea Hubbeel-Medvitsky Clinton and her parents.  F President Kushner - Soros.

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your outta your mind, amazon has one of the most extensive electronics markets bar none.

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He is just spamming his website. Pay him no mind.

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Ordered a new printer from Amazon.  It took three tries before we got one that worked properly.

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WOW!!! The Rule of Lsw is DEAD in this example. 

I want to suggest that this example, while a big concern, is nothing compared to what will happen when the WICKED HUMAN HEART is unleashed. In Christian parlance we call this the "DOCTRINE of HUMAN DEPRAVITY".

Below is a document that gives the full details if you are curious.

Also, the Book of Judges is an interesting read. The theme of that book is "EVERYONE DID WHAT WAS RIGHT IN HIS OWN EYES".

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When I watch the 'Vikings' episodes  and the invasion of England...I can't help but draw parallels. 

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Just kill the rampaging niggers and the mexicans and you and your progeny will be fine.

Until you are willing to commit to that level of violence, you will be a victim unto death. The white race WILL die if we don't act against these creatures.

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Well we see what happened to Europe, Germany, Rotterdam, Sweden, UK, and France... I'd hate to see Italy & Greece... but we also... know globalism makes the top .1% Richer and the top 10% are doing find... and we know they have made USA into Europe at this point.

It is already here. They defy the Trump Voters and Don't allow citizens to vote about Refuges coming into the USA... The Bankers and Federal Reserve are raging GLOBALIST.

It has already been a Coup. Trump is just the latest version of Coup. US Culture is doomed. Nationality is doomed. Rational crowds, voters, citizens are doomed. US Constitution is gone. Property Rights are gone.

We are boiling frogs since 1979. 2016 - 1979 = 37 years Gone.

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If analogy is excrement come in contact with high speed airfoil of rotational pressure gradient generator, and generator is liken to WalMart, what is analog equivalent of human excrement in this situation?

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Yeah. They're gonna roast those flat sceens over an open pit fire.

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“If Obama had a son….”

A black immigrant from Guinea-Bissau with a criminal history of robbing banks is accused of slitting the throats of two well-liked doctors who were found in their $1.9 million South Boston condo.

Two engaged doctors were found brutally slain — reportedly with their throats slit — in their penthouse apartment in Boston, officials said Sunday.

The Boston Police Department said they were responding to a call of a suspect with a gun at a luxury condominium in South Boston on Friday night when a man "immediately began firing at the officers."

The officers shot back, injuring the suspect, who was placed in custody after the violent struggle and taken to a hospital for non-life threatening injuries, police said. None of the officers were injured.

FIAT CON's picture

Yes and he just got out of prison for a bank robbery. he was sentenced to 9 months are you fu**ing kidding, 9 months! The article I read did not disclose armed robbery or not.

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Even though he robbed a bank he was able to get a job as a security guard. WTF is this nation coming to?!

Taping the couple's hands together behind their backs and slitting their throats.

You can bet the MSM will describe him as a "deranged" or "misguided" youth and given what a failure our justice system is combined with the libtard judges, this killer will be out on the streets in a few years.

These people are animals. Reminds me of the brutal beating to death of the UNC cancer researcher who went for a lunch time walk and these two thugs, out on parole, beat him to death in broad daylight one block from the hospital.

"HILLSBOROUGH, North Carolina (WTVD) --

A jury found Troy Arrington guilty of first-degree murder and robbery Thursday in the 2014 beating death of a UNC professor. He was sentenced to life without parole." The other killer goes on trial this month evidently. Sadly, society has to support these killers for 50-60 years unless someone like Obama gets into office and pardons them.

FIAT CON's picture

Check out this guy, George Webb on you tube he is an independant investigator, investigating hitlery and much, much, more deep state corruption.

 He has been putting out 1 -4 vids per day usually (2-5 min each, approx) he has been talking about his kind of thing wheras Dr's are involved in the drug trade using gang members as enforcers,  this is related to his investigation.

 i have been following him since the beginning (196 days) . Very, very interesting stuff, he has a teem of people working with him following leads that all of us are sending to him to try crack open this case, (an open sourced investigation) he is truly on to something here.

this is about international sex trade, drug trafficing, human trafficking, organ trafficking all the stuff that hitlery and her friends have been up to etc. check it out. He even has figured out how hillary's emails got to Anthony Weiners computer. and that he is connected to foreigners that Hilary had working as her IT guy's etc.


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Thank you for getting George Webbs work out there.  The world needs to know about all of this!!

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let me see? that would be a race not equivalent to horse or motor type competitions?

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- US Tax Base
- US Middle Class Wealth
- US Labor Rate/Compensation Rate
- US Individual Rights of all kinds
- US Independence Declaration in 1776
- Latin American, US, & France Independence Movements
- Debt Slavery with 100 types of Taxes in USA
- Money Flows out of the USA
- US Debt
- Pressure on Job Requirements & Background Checks

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Imploding Globalization!

Subject to inevitable atmospheric conditions, the wind generated from high speed airfoil of rotational pressure gradient generator, pours excrement into rotational mechanism due to pressure gradient, blocking rotational motion, thus burning motor of said pressure gradient generator.

Feathered, egg-laying bipeds have returned to sheltered, multi-leveled structure :-P

You did it again, Boris!

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Dirty beaners and niggars of all types Boris. Human excrement. 

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Yes, USSA is like Europe but with military spending and without Healthcare.....

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We boiled pretty hot in 1860.  The north has no memory of government soldiers marching from house to house, looting the contents and then burning them down.  Within another decade, the Southern State’s resistance to that horror will be erased from the public mind.