Emmanuel Clinton & The Revolt Of The Elites

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Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times,

So in the end the West was saved by the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of France: relief in Brussels, a buoyant eurozone, rallies in Asian markets.

That was always a no-brainer. After all, Macron was endorsed by the EU, Goddess of the Market, and Barack Obama. And he was fully backed by the French ruling class.

This was a referendum on the EU – and the EU, in its current set-up, won.

Cyberwar had to be part of the picture. No one knows where the MacronLeaks came from – a last minute, massive online dump of Macron campaign hacked emails. WikiLeaks certified the documents it had time to review as legitimate.

That did not stop the Macron galaxy from immediately blaming it on Russia. Le Monde, a once-great paper now owned by three influential Macron backers, faithfully mirrored his campaign’s denunciation of RT and Sputnik, information technology attacks and, in general, the interference of Russia in the elections.

The Macron Russophobia in the French media-sphere also happens to include Liberation, once the paper of Jean-Paul Sartre. Edouard de Rothschild, the previous head of Rothschild & Cie Banque, bought a 37% controlling stake in the paper in 2005. Three years later, an unknown Emmanuel Macron started to rise in the mergers and acquisitions department, soon acquiring a reputation as “the Mozart of finance.”

After a brief stint at the Ministry of Finance, a movement, En Marche! was set up for him by a network of powerful players and think tanks. Now, the presidency. Welcome to the revolving door, Moet & Chandon-style.

See you on the barricades, babe

In the last TV face-off with Marine Le Pen, Macron did not shy from displaying condescending/rude streaks and even raked some extra percentage points by hammering “Marine” as a misinformed, corrupt, “hate-filled” nationalist liar who “feeds off France’s misery” and would precipitate “civil war.”

That may in fact come back to haunt him. Macron is bound to be a carrier of France’s internal devaluation; a champion of wage “rigor,” whose counterpoint will be a boom of under-employment; and a champion of increasing precariousness on the road to boost competitiveness.

Big Business lauds his idea of cutting corporate tax from 33% to 25% (the European average). But overall, what Macron has sold is a recipe for a “see you on the barricades” scenario: severe cuts in health spending, unemployment benefits and local government budgets; at least 120,000 layoffs from the public sector; and abrogation of some key workers’ rights. He wants to advance the “reform” of the French work code – opposed by 67% of French voters – ruling by decree.

On Europe, the only thing “Marine” said during the campaign that was closer to the truth was that “France will be led by a woman, either me or Mrs Merkel.”

Macron is more likely to be the new Tony Blair or, in a more disastrous vein, the new [former Italian PM Matteo] Renzi.

The real game starts now. Only 4 in 10 voters backed him. Abstention reached 25% – about one-third if spoilt ballots are counted. It will be virtually impossible for Macron to come up with a parliamentary majority in the upcoming elections.

France is now viciously divided into five blocks – with very little uniting them: Macron’s En Marche! movement; Marine Le Pen’s National Front, which will be recomposed and expanded; Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s Disobedient France, which is bound to lead a New Left; the shattered Republicans, or the traditional French Right, which badly needs a new leader after the François Fillon debacle; and the virtually destroyed Socialists post-Hollande.

An Orwellian shock of the new

Contrary to global perceptions, the biggest issue in this election was not immigration, it was actually deep resentment towards the French deep state (police, justice, administration) – perceived as oppressive, corrupt and even violent.

Even before the vote, the always sharp and delightfully provocative philosopher Michel Onfray, author of Decadence, the best book of the year and founder of the Popular University of Caen, identified some of the main players behind the Macron bandwagon: the “bellicose” philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy; Le Monde’s Pierre Bergé; Jacques Attali – who almost single-handedly turned the Soclalists into hardcore neoliberals; eminence grise Alain Minc; former MSF head Bernard Kouchner; and former May 1968 stalwart Daniel Cohn-Bendit – “In other words, the feral promoters of a liberal policy that allowed Marine Le Pen to hit her highest score ever.”

All of the above are faithful servants of the French deep state. I have outlined in Asia Times how the Macron hologram was manufactured. But to see how the deep state managed to sell him, it’s essential to refer to philosopher Jean-Claude Michea, a disciple of George Orwell and Christopher Lasch, and author of the recently published Notre Ennemi, Le Capital.

Michea studies in detail how the Left has adopted all the values of what Karl Popper dubbed “open society.” And how media spin doctors molded the term “populism” to stigmatize the contemporary form of Absolute Evil. Marine Le Pen was ostracized as “populist” – while media propaganda always refused to note that National Front voters (now 11 million) come from the “popular classes.”

Michea emphasizes the original, historical meaning of “populism” in Czarist Russia; a current within the socialist movement – much admired by Marx and Engels – according to which peasants, artisans and small entrepreneurs would have their place of honor in a developed socialist economy. During May 1968 in France nobody would have thought that populism could be equated with fascism. That only happened in the beginning of the 1980s – as part of the new Orwellian language of neoliberalism.

Michea also notes that now it’s much easier to be a Left neoliberal than a Right neoliberal; in France, these Left neoliberals belong to the very closed circuit of the “Young Leaders” adopted by the French
American Foundation. French Big Business and high finance – essentially, the French ruling class – immediately understood that an Old Catholic Right candidate like François Fillon would never fly; they needed a new brand for the same bottle.

Hence Macron: a brilliant repackaging sold as change France can believe in, as in a relatively soft approach to the “reforms” essential to the survival of the neoliberal project.

What French voters have – sort of – endorsed is the unity of neoliberal economy and cultural liberalism. Call it, like Michea, “integrated liberalism.” Or, with all the Orwellian overtones, “post-democratic capitalism.”A true revolt of the elites. And “peasants” buy it willingly. Let them eat overpriced croissants. Once again, France is leading the West.

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Arnold's picture

Once again, France is leading the West.

Hands up, don't shoot.

Erek's picture

If France is leading the "West", maybe it's time to consider heading "East"? /s

PirateOfBaltimore's picture

I was thinking more like making the US the "Wild West" again, or at least move in that direction: true liberalism in the classical sense.


The French can be the pussified West.

Manthong's picture

It would seem Brussels wants to see all those “migrants” naturalized so they can vote and Arabic become the official language across Europe.

 Interesting thought experiment…

The 2nd Amendment will keep that from happening in the US because no matter how many suits, L.E. or military the SOBs that are trying to wreck the country get, it will be impossible to establish the 1000 yard, 360 degree cordon it would take for them all to safely venture outside for any reason.


giovanni_f's picture

Mentioned in the article also a Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Greenm pedofile, liberal, long-time member of the german green party, still on the roll during election campaign times.


If someone aske me, what does "cultural marxism men", I'd point on Mr. Cohn-Bendit.

bobbbny's picture

Rebel against the deep state by electing the chosen puppet of the deep state?

SolidAssets's picture

she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet... http://bit.ly/2jdTzrM

fjcruiserdxb's picture

Excellent analysis of the French politico diabolical machine.


new game's picture

applied to germany and ussa. a template of controllling the minions, too stupid to see the deep state control. fate predetermined. less freedom until too late.

Treason Season's picture

Cowardness, not stupidity.

petar's picture

People of France elected Macron with over 60%! There is nothing more to say!

Sanity Bear's picture

"People of France elected Macron"

Did they?

I personally wouldn't take 5:1 odds that that was actually true.

blueberry100's picture

Here is what Andy Hoffman had to say about  Marcon

As it is, they have elected a “mini-me” version of Francois Hollande, who didn’t even run for re-election because he had the lowest “approval” rating in French Presidential history.  A man who, at age 39, has barely any life experience, let alone in the political realm – having only served, at ages 36-37, as Economics Minister for the aforementioned lowest-rated Presidency in French History.  After which, he abandoned Hollande to launch his own political party – no doubt, with the support of the same “groomers” who gave him a cushy job as an investment banker at…wait for it…the Rothschild’s bank; where he worked for just three years, from age 30-33, where he magically became a multi-millionaire, despite having zero background in banking.  Trust me, having worked at Salomon Smith Barney in NYC from ages 28-34 – after having busted my butt for nearly a decade, and earned my CFA charter, to get to that position – I can tell you that the odds of a 30-year old magically getting hired by a top-tier investment bank, and being immediately handed plum accounts like Nestle that would make one an instant multi-millionaire, is ZERO.  Unless, of course, one is being “handled” in a manner of, say, Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  And we know how that turned out for America, right?

thebigunit's picture

FYI, the aging liberals who run California politics (Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi) are getting giddy about California's newly elected ("coronated") Senator, Kamela Harris.

Unless, of course, one is being “handled” in a manner of, say, Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Harris is a.) female, b.) half black, c.) extremely left-wing.

In other words, she is the fusion of Obama and Hillary.

Harris is definitely "being handled".

Smerf's picture

Like a fart in church.

Giant Meteor's picture

Speaking of fart in church,

Look, maybe you can help me out here. I thought Emmanuel Clinton was mayor of Chicago ?

Koba the Dread's picture

That's because they're still a bunch of cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

null's picture

The people in 15 French cities "elected" him. Sounds like there is a whole lot of sensible people that have not even really started talking yet ...

new game's picture

french people like all humans long for something for nothing. the cost is their own freedom.

the rulers and propaganda fulfill this role to get their puppets in place. now to take away the free shit.

this is the long game. nogo whitey zones. mussie sharia law implied eventually.

auserity, coming to a nation everywhere as the deep state impliments their total control.

war on feeble minds ongoing. democracy is a sham. to many idiots for it to ever work.

some thoughts from just observing(greece)...

bluez's picture

Any election system that uses anything other than strategic hedge simple score voting is nothing other than a placebo democracy. Party-free proportional elections can be achieved with simple score used with the parabolic proportional curve method. Without such simple methods, we only have simulated / fake democracy that just doesn't work.

The "main stream (deep state) media" could never work its magic if the common voters actually had real choices.

iamerican4's picture

By Adam Smith, its inventor's definition, one cannot have Capitalism without God.

France is Godless. 

Ghordius's picture

France is a secular Nation. calling the French "Godless", though, is just provincial ignorance

meanwhile, Adam Smith did not "invent that". it's an import, actually. but you really don't want to know from where. it's Persia

iamerican4's picture

"Theory of Moral Sentiments" established Godly Capitalism - encapuslated in True Israel's, America's "Annuit Coeptis" tenet of our credal civil religion. The Persians have been Godless buggers for many thousands of years. See Herodotus.

N.B. By its Founding, America's Sovereign is God. France's is "France." There is only one God.

falak pema's picture

"There is only one God"...

Hanuman or Amon Ra; the sun god of renewables or the monkey god of all ancestors of homo sapiens!

You are getting closer to the truth when you replace Abraham by Hanuman.

And if you put a spark of photonic energy up his rosy red you get AI launch off ! 

You then have both natural evolution--irrespective of bloodline or tribe-- and regenerescense of planet under the Cyborgian gun ! Whoopie!

Macron is a piece of cake made by his step-mother wife whose family made macarons! Typical french flair! 

Now that's clearly not Pharamond and Loi Salique, its matrilinearity! 

Venus is the navel of man!  I always knew those Italians made the best dishes served on a shell à la Botticelli.

Sandmann's picture

France is neurotic tring to elect an emperor to live in a palace and make themselves feel grand again

Ghordius's picture

since it seemed to be helpful, I'll repost here a small "political colours" cheat sheet on the French party landscape:

to that, one banner I saw in France: "Ni Patrie, ni Patron, Ni Le Pen, Ni Macron"

search that phrase, you'll find all those groups that participated to a rally against both candidates

for them, Macron is "Yellow", i.e. he is a Liberal (TM, not the American version)

meaning he is the candidate of Money, Banks, Pro-Biz, Pro-Big-Biz, "the Owners" ("the Patrons")

which is not "Red" i.e. all kinds of Socialists and not "Blue" i.e. the Conservatives (see Fillon and his Republicans) nor "Black", i.e. Front National / Le Pen, nor many other political groupings

continental european politics is "in Technicolor", only "Left vs Right" is not enough to describe the positions

yes, Macron was a minister for "Red" President Hollande, but he left it in disgust, a kind of "Limousine Liberal" leaving a Social-Democratic camp for "too much socialism" in it


back to this article: Pepe Escobar brings us the Russian-friendly view

his interest here is to paint a picture containing a "deep state" in France, too. for easy comparison with the US Deep State

but I can't agree with him. a state that has only two parties invariably generates a completely different kind of "deep state" then a country like France, where there are several political parties that are sometimes in power and sometimes not, with some that are nearly always in power, note

from a "what are the Russians thinking about it", I note that Pepe is already declaring the Republicans of Fillon a "dead" or "spent" party

nah, I don't think so. the unwritten story about what happened in France was a political assassination by the French Left of Fillon, through the "chained duck". and what has the French Left to show for it? the most Liberal (TM) of all French presidents ever

eventually, those Russian oligarchs that fund all that political influence will stop trying to help only the "so called fringe parties" on both the Far Left and the Far Right. but it will take some time until they do

it's really an old game, in that. 60, 70 years ago it was the Kremlin aiding all european Communists

"the more it changes, the more it stays the same"

Sandmann's picture

you forget how the USA sustained the Christian Democrats in Italy for 50 years; or how much effort went into German politics to keep CDU in power even when it resulted in a GroKo led by a former Nazi Kiesinger which created the APO and Baader-Meinhof.

You ignore how the USA kept Franco in power and the deals JFK cut to use US troops to keep him (see Church Commission). You ignore how the Us kept Salazar in power in Portugal and retain NATO bases.

You ignore the Greek Colonels and Turkish Generals sustained in power by the USA.

You forget how much money Tito received from Western nations for his version of Communism and how he was able to send so many Gastarbeiter to Germany as a reward

You ignore the influence of the USA in Belgian politics, the especially virulent den of corruption and contract killings

Ghordius's picture

not mentioning is not the same as forgetting, Sandmann

now, on which political parties in europe do you see US influence focus upon?

I saw "Liberal" Obama endorsing Liberal(TM) Macron, recently

can it be that the US political duopoly has taken the new habit of endorsing each it's own foreign SOBs?

neutrino3's picture

Then it is cherry picking.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, and Ghordius knows this. He is in fact a disingenous fuck in banking and finance.

malcolmevans's picture

Punctuation is for the reader, not for you the writer. You make it harder to read your posts because you can't be bothered with capitalization, periods, etc. But I did notice you capitalized "I".

bluez's picture

@ petar May 9, 2017 5:57 AM

"People of France elected Macron with over 60%! There is nothing more to say!"

YES, there is:


The Saker


Just do the math: 25% abstained and 12% submitted blank ballots (LOL, a record), meaning only 67% of the total electorate issued an acceptable vote. That drops Macron’s alleged final score of 66% down to 42% of the total electorate. Now subtract the 43% of Macron’s voters who say the voted to block Le Pen. That means only 24% of the total electorate voted for Macron’s personality or his policies.


petar's picture

You are funny! Keep going and might bring it to 0%

indygo55's picture

Really. I love to watch goal seeking.


Dame Ednas Possum's picture

@Petar:  Thanks for the idiotic response.  

Have you nothing else to contribute? 

Your bullshit % had the light of truth shone upon it and you offer zero defence apart from your puerile response.  

You are clearly a delusional, misguided light weight. 

Order another low-cal spritzer you numbnuts, the French Titanic just set sail. 

France will continued to be le fucked under Macron.



petar's picture

Just the way you all thought Trump would make the change... now realizing how silly you were. I wonder who is delusional and misguided. Apparently,it is You!

BitchezGonnaBitch's picture

So what point is it that you're trying to argue then? That you struggle with maths or that you're so utterly desperate to be right for once?

Doesn't sound to me like you're even an adult mate...

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Yet another puerile response from petar the not-so-great.

Hardly surprising given the absence of intellect you have already displayed I.e. an empty-headed socialist vacuum. 

It is obvious from your comment that you are here on ZH simply as an agent provocateur, with the flawed belief that we're all Trump voters. 

So... wrong again numbnuts. I'm part of the other 95% of the world population I.e. non-American and proud of it.

I don't have a dog in either the American or French experiment... but that doesn't stop me from pointing out the idiotic foibles of fallacious, flatulent fools such as you. 




petar's picture

You are simply a joke. You have no idea how silly you sound.. 

11b40's picture

0% is about how effective the Macron government will be.

Mimir's picture

"25% abstained and 12% submitted blank ballots"

If you follow French politics you would then know why abstention and blank ballots were so high. The socialist and the extreme left had argued for "ni-ni" - neither Le Pen, nor Macron.

None of these would vote for Le Pen, but some of them would vote for other rightwing and especially leftwing candidates.

"That means only 24% of the total electorate voted for Macron’s personality or his policies."

We are getting nearer to the electorate of the so-called president with that logic!!!!

Ross123's picture

Sometimes, in the long run, it is better to lose a race and wait a little longer due other circumstances.

 In this case it could be better for Le Pen to wait until next time given what is likely to happen in Europe over the next few years. Let Macron take the heat.

Mimir's picture

This French election was never a referendum on the EU.

It ended up as a referendum on a YES or NO to a xenophobic, fascist, extreme right which tried to attrack anyone in grief in France (unemployment, poverty, country side deprivation, crime, terrorists attacks ...) and the result was a resounding NO ! to the National Front of Marine Le Pen because of their extremism, lies and false facts. French people just had to look at the television debate between the two candidates, Le Pen performing as an obvious bigot with lack of knowledge about even her own programme and a continuous grin of disrespect, and, Macron, presenting himself with his self-assurance, youth, and profound knowledge about what he was talking about and defending. French people understood and voted for the Macron despite the fact that his politics are more neo-liberal than most Frenchmen would prefer. The general election in June will show whether the electorate is ready to give Macron the majority needed for implementing his policy.

Meanwhile Marine Le Pen will have to profoundly reform her party and fight for preserving her place as Party leader. General elections have never been the force of the National Front and Marine Le Pen has never managed to be elected despite trying since years.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

So by your 'logic' with 34% of the vote... only a third of the voters are in grief.  

That's ok then! /s 

Hardly a "Resounding NO!" 

Your suggestion that Le Pen has been trying to become president for some extended period is laughable. She has been a presidential candidate twice now. 

2012: 18% of the vote, third place. 

2017: 34% of the vote, second place. 

Your derision can only be motivated by fear.  The winds of change are blowing...


Try vomittimg your opinion to the various families of the 230+ murdered by 17 terror attacks in France since the start of 2015.

When will clowns like you wake up? 

Macron is the best possible outcome for the nationalists. After 5 years of that flunky sock puppet even more people will wake-up to the grief facing the once-proud French culture, society and people. 



Mimir's picture

"34% of the vote"

Try to make the calculation and see which percentage of the French population, that figure represents. Hardly something to build on. As the Front National says itself they need to profoundly rethink their policy and party organisation for them at any time the future to win elections in France, skip their xenophobia and exclude the declared old fascist in the party, would be a useful step to take. Without it they will never attract beyond their core voters.

I have no fear. What I think is, that France is confronted to the same societal problem as so many other western countries, which have been run by neo-liberal governments since years now: the exploding inequalities, growing poverty and a small fraction, the 1%, drawing huge benefits. If this problem is not being solved most Western countries will be confronted to major upheavals.

I have no "fear" for the extreme right (in France, the Netherlands, Austria, Scandinavia..) because they don't have a solution to this major problem and they are totally blinded by their xenophobic nonsense, which a majority of the populations will never buy. 


So, what many of us are looking towards are other "populists" movements which can stop the ever increasing inequality and the continuation of austerity policies in Europe.

perkunas's picture


So the solution was to elect a globalist banker, that created the “unemployment, poverty, country side deprivation, crime, terrorists attacks” in the 1st place. The party's programme is meaningless as all the real decisions are made by unelected people in Brussels. This was France last chance, demographics show Le Pen can never win ever again. Also France will be a Muslim country within 20 years, this is what you left for your children.

Mimir's picture

The solution for French voters was obviously, as they saw it,  to vote for anyone but Le Pen. 

Your nonsense about decisions taken in Brussels by what you call "unelected people" is just that: nonsense. Decisions are taken by the Council which counts 28 Head of States, all elected.

Your nonsense about France becoming a muslim country in 20 years, I would just invite you to do the counting !!! Also nonsense which does not become right because it is repeated over and over again by your master propagandists. Start thinking yourself !