Rand Paul: Obama Spied On Me Using NSA Intercepts

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Authored by John Solomon via Circa.com,

Sen. Rand Paul, the former Republican presidential candidate and vocal champion of civil liberties, has received allegations that the Obama administration sought intercepted intelligence from the National Security Agency on him and other members of Congress and has asked President Donald Trump to conduct a formal investigation, Circa has learned.

Paul quietly asked for the probe nearly a month ago in a letter to Trump that was obtained by Circa.

"An anonymous source recently alleged to me that my name, as well as the names of other Members of Congress, were unmasked, queried or both, in intelligence reports of intercepts during the prior administration," Paul wrote Trump in a letter dated April 10.


"In light of the revelations that the names of persons associated with the Trump campaign were unmasked, I believe the allegations that myself and other elected members of the legislative branch may have also been unmasked or caught in intelligence gathering warrants investigation."

The emergence of the letter, which also was copied to White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and senior Trump adviser Steve Bannon, comes after Circa recently reported that members of Congress and their staffs have been unmasked in NSA intelligence reports as frequently as once a month since President Obama loosened privacy protections back in 2011.

Sen. Rand Paul tweets about the unmasking allegations.

Paul's letter offered no further detail on the source of the allegations of any specific incident or intercepts.

A source in the intelligence community told Circa on Friday that they were unaware of any unmaskings of NSA intercepts that occurred in 2016 when Paul was running for president that would have required a notification to Congress. The source did not know about prior years.

Usually if the intelligence community reveals the identity of a lawmaker in an NSA intercept, Congress gets what is known as a Gates notification.

Paul has been a critic of the government use of NSA intercepts to spy on Americans and championed other civil liberty causes, most famously conducting a 13-hour filllibuster in 2013 on the Senate floor to raise concerns that U.S. millitary could use drones to strike U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.

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hangemhigh77's picture

SUE HIM RAND!!! Make it a federal case. Hold his feet to the fire.

HRClinton's picture

Poor deluded Optimist.

You don't know your way around the DC Bayou, do you?

Hint: you're gonna need a bigger gator boat.

JRobby's picture

Oblivio skates once again!

He spies on whoever the fuck he wants too!

And the imbecilic, moron LIB-SHEEP line up to admire him and his Satanic lifesyle that they aspire to!!!!

They watch the POS Netflix crap-u-drama about Oblivio's early life as a fucking commie! A smooth talking womanizer, coke sniffer deviant shit bag.

cheka's picture

'obama' is code for skype

philipat's picture

Is none of this stuff "on the record" somewhere? Is there no permanent record of intelligence briefings anywhere? If not, how can the collective benefit of even good intelligence be distilled into the knowledge base? And if only "dodgy intelligence" is concealed and destroyed under "executiive priviledge" that is abuse of pwoer isn't it?

lil dirtball's picture

So, what's the manlet Rand gonna do about it?

Maybe daddy Ron will write a wheezebag article and gosh, if only someone would do something about the evil and corrupt government. But not him or his son - that would jeapordize their positions as freedom loving patriots, or something.

JRobby's picture

chew on a turd, dirtball.

lil dirtball's picture

"Oh, look honey! ZHombies!"

"Keep your hands in the car, dear. Stupid is dangerous."

MANvsMACHINE's picture

What would you have liked Ron and/or Rand Paul to have done?  Or what could they have done to make them more effective at bringing positive change?

SWRichmond's picture

Since when has intelligence NOT been used for political purposes?  That doesn't make it ok; but the modern intelligence state is a tyrant's wet dream.

This is another great indicator of what your "vote" truly is worth.

HooRAY4rSIDE's picture

I got that beat


Obama turned me into a newt!

lil dirtball's picture

WTF does it matter? Can you name one thing that either have actually done to uphold the Constitution (in their House roles, not as wheezebag authors).

Ron got kicked around like a stray dog when he ran for president - and never said a word about it or against it. He just layed down and took it like an abused dog. But, because Ron, like Don, is a good bullshitter, all his fans would say is 'ain't it a shame'. Even Ross Perot made a bigger deal out of his alphabet agency ass-kicking.

Ron and his litte dog, Rand, are just pied-pipers whose role it is to lead small-l/small .gov types to the desert and keep them there where they don't cause any real trouble to TPTB. If you've been following along for the last 30 years or so, you'd see that. Lots of wheezing - not so much on the action.

JRobby's picture

Sorry dirtball, I didn't realize you were here with "your wife"

lil dirtball's picture

I bet that somewhere above you downrated one or more of my posts, but you lack the intellectual acumen to actually refute a damn thing, or even the creativity for a try at some sarcastic/satirical/humorous OC. And so, with your limited ideas, you're relegated to grunting out overused and shop-worn one-liners.

I bet.

You're stale, boring and lazy. Try harder, ZHombie.

divingengineer's picture

Step one is bringing it out in the open and talking about it. 

Nobody else has made it to step one yet.

Oh, impetuous youth. One step at a time. 

crossroaddemon's picture

Of all the things you could criticize Obama for you're picking some really stupid shit. I pride myself on being a smooth-talking womanizer, and who cares if someone wants to fool with a little nose candy once in awhile?

chubbar's picture

When the fuck is Sessions going to step up and start doing his job? The potential case load is going through the roof with reported criminal activity by that worthless dindu Obama and the rest of his retarded administration! We haven't even touched on the Pedogate shit yet. Come on Sessions, get your ass moving!!!!!!

JRobby's picture

"dindu Obama"

"Manchurian Kenyan"

Sick Underbelly's picture

You'll be waiting a long time for that shit.   Better to just expect your own shit to hit your hand than for the Pedogate unicorn to be wrangled.

But, who am I to tell you how to waste or efficiently use your time?  I can only make suggestions.

Anteater's picture

Sessions has to wait for the wire transfers to clear from Beijing on Trump-Kushner 1's Visas-For-Hotels swindle.

Scuba Steve's picture

Not to mention the cum-drippin, salami hiding butt-pirate Chitcago bathhouse boy love. 

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Unmasking the identities of US citizens caught up in NSA surveillance for political purposes is illegal, it is as simple as that.  Anyone involved in this illegal activity, such as the corrupt proven liar Susan Rice, needs to be prosecuted and locked up for decades.

LyLo's picture

Honestly this is slightly different than Flynn, as much as it shouldn't be (laws not men, and all that nonsense).

How?  Paul's got a few MILLION Kentucky residents that are going to be pretty darned upset.  These are not people that anyone wants to see pretty darned upset

Akzed's picture

Kentuckians couldn't manage to take sides in Mr. Lincoln's War until the blue bellies showed up, then they decided they was Union all along. So, we'll see if/how they react to this relatively minor provocation.

bowie28's picture

Just about everything they do in DC is illegal but this upsets them because they have much to hide.  Invading the privacy of the peasants is one thing but this is unacceptable.  Even rival criminal gangs have an honor code and never rat each other out to the police.  

Perhaps it's time for a new law that makes it even more illegal-er to violate the constitutional rights of elected officials since they are more equal and deserve more protection from such abuses.

In the meantime we can look forward to more angry tweets from our President who apparently doesn't realize the action or lack of action by the DOJ is his responsibility now. He's just as frustrated as all of us you see and if only he could do something about it he definitely would. 

This is a guy who built a multi-billion dollar empire and managed to defeat the Republican party, the Clintons and the MSM to be elected but now that he has the power just can't figure out what he can to to solve this problem.  Strange, dontcha think?

We'll surely also be treated to some dramatic Congressional and Senate hearings on this with lots of grandstanding and faux outrage but not a single indictment of anyone involved.

It's getting boring.  At least we know now that the problems will not be solved with elections and can prepare for what comes next...


Chupacabra-322's picture

@ City,


However, its completely, absolutely, open in your face Criminality &

Tyrannical Lawlessness.

sheikurbootie's picture

I don't know why people don't realize this fact.  This will happen.  Our government arrests dozens every single year for leaking classified info. 

Please don't believe that politicians are immune.  How many of both party are still sitting in jails for lesser crimes?

List of federal politicians convicted.


Nunyadambizness's picture

Well then, why is Hitlary still walking around free?  HOw about Huma? Or, maybe her depraved ex husband A. Weiner?  Or, how about Obozo himself?  

The truth is, while it may happen to "lesser" polilticians, to my knowledge we've never seen a big name politician in this country prosecuted for any of their wrongdoing--"senior" or "big name" being President, Vice President, Sec. of State, Speaker, etc.,  Face it, there are rules for "them" and rules for the rest of us, and the rules for "them" are different.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

What's "political?"


Given the ingenious interpretations the executive branch can come up with that seems like such a minor barrier lol.

SoDamnMad's picture

That's classified information so we will get an "Obama federal judge" to lock it away for 50 years. 

hangemhigh77's picture

Thanks for the "hint" now here's a CLUE you retard. You support a murderous lying thieving treasonous greed infected lesbian pedophile you DUMB FUCK. As a matter of fact Hillochio may be the most proficient American female serial killer in history you FUCKING IDIOT. That PIECE OF SHIT "woman" is pissing down your neck and telling you it's raining you FUCKTARD. There's your clue, get it?

Nunyadambizness's picture

Don't hold back, Hangem.  Tell us how you REALLY feel.



SgtShaftoe's picture

More like one of those alien ships from Independence Day.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, then avoid nail guns and hire a damn good security team...

ejmoosa's picture

Make it a class action federal case.  They have been spying on ALL of us.

halcyon's picture

The hypocricy of American Swamp Thing (TM) Washingtonians is incredible.

First they spy on everybody in the world.

Then they complain, when their buddies in Washington spy on them.

Dismantle CIA, strip NSA of it's rights and drag NRO out in the open along with the whole black budget.

If you don't do that you have no reason to complain.


Chupacabra-322's picture

The National Security Elimination Act of 2017

Effective immediately defund, Eliminate & Supeona it's Agents, Officials & Dept. Heads in regard to the Mass Surveillance, Global Espionage Spying network & monitoring of a President Elect by aforementioned Agencies & former President Obama, AG Lynch & DIA James Clapper.

The CIA can not only hack into anything -- they can download any "evidence" they want onto your phone or computer.  Child pornography, national secrets, you name it.  Then they can blackmail you, threatening prosecution for whatever crap they have planted, then "found" on your computer.    They can also "spoof" the source of such downloads -- for instance, if they want to "prove" that something on your computer (or Donald Trump's computer) came from a "Russian source"  -- they can spoof the IP address of a Russian source.

The take-away:  no digital evidence the CIA or NSA produces on any subject whatsoever can be trusted.  No digital evidence should be acceptable in any case where the government has an interest, because they have the complete ability to fabricate and implant any evidence on any iphone or computer.  And worse:  they have intentionally created these digital vulnerabilities and pushed them onto the whole world via Microsoft and Google.     Government has long been at war with liberty, claiming that we need to give up liberty to be secure.  Now we learn that they have been deliberately sabotaging our security, in order to augment their own power.  Time to shut down the CIA and all the other spy agencies.  They're not keeping us free OR secure, and they're doing it deliberately.  Their main function nowadays seems to be lying us into wars against countries that never attacked us, and had no plans to do so.

Anteater's picture

If Rand Paul was caught using NSA intercepts, he should go to prison! Ha,ha,ha. Hindustani journalists don't get it.

dexter_morgan's picture

A simpler question with fewer results may be - who DIDN'T Obama spy on during his 8 years.

Winston Churchill's picture

Whatelse  did you expect from Idi Obama ?

Jubal Early's picture

I wanted to up vote you, but I cannot up vote Churchill, so I down voted you.

Jim Sampson's picture

Women.  Merkel is not a woman.

Nunyadambizness's picture

He DIDN'T spy on his fellow Communists, nor on his fellow Muslimes, nor anyone already in his pocket.  It's everyone else that he knew about that disagreed with the little piece of shiite.  May he die soon, and painfully.

Anteater's picture

Reminding you that since Bush-Cheney's 'Patridiotic Act' AT&T and THEIR ISRAELI SUBCONTRACTOR have been spying on everyone's cell and internet for the last 16 years. The Zogs know more about your own personal financial identity than you do.