A Tour Down Homicide Lane, As Baltimore Descends Into Chaos

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Last week, I wrote an article titled The Ferguson Effect: Baltimore Millennials’ Worst Nightmare. The Ferguson Effect is a theory where the increased scrutiny of police post 2014 death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Trayvon Martin in Florida will lead to higher crime rates.

Baltimore is turning this theory into a reality, as the city descends into chaos before summer start. According to The Baltimore Sun Newspaper, the city has logged in 118 homicides today with the projection of >400 murders for year’s end. It’s so bad here that Baltimore’s Mayor has asked the Federal Government for help in attempt to regain control. Even the police union sounds the alarm of an officer shortage leading to decrease in patrols. All of this is occurring as the Baltimore population declines, nearing a 100-year low, U.S. Census says.

Over the years, I’ve attended countless City Hall hearings, reviewed crime statistics, and toured the top worst zip codes America has to offer. What I’m about to show you is a unique perspective of Baltimore’s worst neighborhoods where homicides are flourishing this year.

The mainstream media dares not to share this with you, because it destroys the gentrification narrative to lure in the millennial generation for city life. Millennials’ are frantically buying real estate <2 miles from this high homicide area. For the sake of the millennials’, let’s hope a spillover in crime does not occur in their neighborhoods. It would be detrimental to home prices.

Without further ado, here is the main event. I’m armed with a drone and an I-phone on a tour down homicide lane, as Baltimore descends into chaos.

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rockstone's picture

This is socialism. This is your city on socialism.

Any questions?

ThaBigPerm's picture

Arbutus ... Arundel Village ... Furnace ... what's up with all the towns sounding like the levels in some Doom-Meets-HalfLife2 FPS?  "nobody goes to Ravenhelm...."

knukles's picture

My EBT or your life; cracker ass honkey motherfucker

HooRAY4rSIDE's picture

The jews in P(K)iKESVILLE are engineering this...


& here u all thot that Jew York & Detroit were the big prizes...

wee-weed up's picture



Obozo's sons in Baltimore have been given free reign...

That is all you need to know.

Do NOT go there...

If you live there - get the fuck out as fast as you can.

Manthong's picture

I’ll put Chicago gansta scum up again Baltimore gangsta scum any day.

It's a hometown pride thing.


83_vf_1100_c's picture

  I just had a great idea for a new game show! BET, MTV and the wigger networks will make me rich.

Stuck on Zero's picture

You could fix all the problems of Baltimore in one month. Cut off welfare.

AVmaster's picture

I see nothing wrong with this...

If the monkeys want to live in a pile of garbage, then let them.

If the millenials are too stupid to buy a house next to a pile of garbage, and get robbed and shot, then let em...

DeadFred's picture

That video was so racist. When was it shot that NOBODY was on the street? And when he finally shows a person it's an oppressed African American just resting in the street as anyone would. Where are the videos of all those Amish THUGS who did this to America's greatest city?

DeadFred's picture

I've been to Baltimore and the Amish are everywhere.

kochevnik's picture

They left after keeping the black man down

Haus-Targaryen's picture

TThis is what happens when any city becomes predominately black. 

Come on SJW's -- Show me one example where I'm wrong. 

Freddie's picture

SJW should go to Baltimore and wear white helmets like the white helmet frauds.   These SJW could protect the populace.

What a joke.

Supafly's picture

When city property becomes cheaper per acre than farmland, it will definitely get interesting.

Edit:  The brick harvest will bring a nice yield.

bookofenoch's picture

That's what I saw... lots of bricks that are ripe for harvest...

The Ram's picture

Yep, as I believe PT Barnum said, A Fool is born everyday!  Let the millenials invest in a failing city.  The city has had 'black leadership' since the days after William Donald Shaeffer left the Mayor's office.  Sadly, I was born in Baltimore (although I did not grow up there), so it is with some pain that I view these pictures.  This fate did not have to happen.  I am not sure why America ever bought into the concept of welfare, but for both blacks and whites, it's been a disaster.  Unfortunately, it will only end when there is nothing left to 're-distribute'.  Oh well, humans have indeed devolved.

DeepFriedLizards's picture

What a shithole.  Give me a Cat 390 and a fleet of dump trucks for a couple weeks.  Problem solved.  What the fuck is wrong with Baltimore?

bearwinkle's picture

I think 2 or 3 moabs dropped might be the ticket.


SolidAssets's picture

she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet... http://bit.ly/2jdTzrM

Offthebeach's picture

1O0 kilotons.  Ground burst.  Crater can be filled in with remaining debris. 

Manthong's picture

“You could fix all the problems of Baltimore in one month. Cut off welfare.”

59 MOABs would work, too.

macholatte's picture


It’s all about “White Privilege” and guns.
Give the guns to blacks so they can kill the whites and then everything will be fine. The Mexican cartels will be able to sell drugs directly to the blacks without having to go through the white banksters first.

Millennials’ are frantically buying real estate <2 miles from this high homicide area. For the sake of the millennials’, let’s hope a spillover in crime does not occur in their neighborhoods.

Now that’s funny

Slurm's picture

Is it time to fire up 'The Wire' for a reboot?


One of greatest tv shows ever.



TuPhat's picture

He forgot to mention that the millenials buying that real estate grew up in the high crime neighborhoods near by.  They all have jobs now due to affirmative action etc.  They want their chance to destroy a neighborhood of their own.

rockstone's picture

Do the Bears play the Ravens this year? There's not much difference.

blueberry100's picture

I lived there a year, 1972, 45 years ago, worked as an Electronic Tech for Westinghouse( this is when they fixed electoc things)

It was a hell hole then................ murderes everday... WFT can it be like now??

Akzed's picture

In 2014, Baltimore had 211 homicides, which the Police Department said was the city’s second-lowest number since 1972.


MrPalladium's picture

I got my undergrad degree from Johns Hopkins in 1969. Baltimore is pretty much the same back then as it is now. Between cross country and track seasons I used to take distance runs to down town, through the ghetto east of Johns Hopkins Hospital and back to the Homewood campus.

At 6`3" and 180 lbs. (and without my brown belt showing) nobody ever bothered me.

Predators are smart and can smell easy prey and smell a major threat.


Two Feet Studs Up's picture

Bingo.  That's true in Baltimore. 

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Wish John Hopkins university would move to another place, I got a chance years ago for grad study in that school but decided to skip that due to its location.

swmnguy's picture

So Baltimore's murder rate and numbers are back to where they were in the early '90s.  Just as Chicago is back to where it was in the '70s.  That's terrible of course.  But it's not a racial meltdown Armageddon.  If you're not in the street drugs trade or in a violent domestic relationship, you're pretty darn safe in either of those cities, or anywhere else in America.

There's a relentless effort to get us to demand the police be more heavily militarized than they are today, with less accountability.  The media is trying to scare us into insisting on a Police State.  It's working on some of us.

Freddie's picture

I know the elites in Chicago - wome of the most vile shit that ever walked the earth - are involved in the drug trade.  All dual shitizens like Rahm.

That tribe also engages in the organ harvesting business.   I wonder where all those dead Trayvons organs are going?

Idiocracy's picture

BINGO. This is the real reason for the slaughter.

Deep State makes money on the drug trade, then makes money on the dead. A young person is worth 1 million, chopped up for spare parts. The most high profit business ever known.

SmittyinLA's picture

In 2013, Los Angeles reported 296 homicides in the city proper

ItsyBitsy90's picture

Baltimore....sister city of Detroit

No Time for Fishing's picture

Pay Per View or do I need to stop by TicketMaster.

J S Bach's picture

"A Tour Down Homicide Lane, As Balitmore Descends Into Minority Majority Reality"

That's more like it.  Demographics is EVERYTHING.

Secret Weapon's picture

Sons without fathers because the "mothers" make enough money on welfare that they do not need a man in the house for financial reasons. Men know how to discipline sons, women do not. 

IntTheLight's picture

Back when these cities turned, blacks had two parent homes and whites chased out by black violence. This is not left wing, right wing. This is a black thing. Happened to many cities. Politicians, priests all refused to stand up for whites so they fled for safety. All due to black violence and black racism directed at whites.

TheReplacement's picture

Nah I'm pretty sure this IS a left-right thing.  Leftists have targeted blacks with various policies to induce this condition for decades.  Go back to the 1950s and you will not find crime statistics like this.  These hellhole cities have been run by leftists for at least the past 50 years solid.  Hell, look at places like rural parts of southern states where blacks are the only game in a lot of small towns.  They do not behave like this even though they are often dirt floor poor.  These urban blacks have been seduced with abortion, welfare, hideously bad education, corrupt city (leftists) government, and probably so much more than we can fathom.  Oh I forgot about the CIA smuggling in cocaine and lord knows what the hell else they have been up to (heroin anyone).  Yes, I believe that blacks have a lower average IQ and tend to resort to emotional reactions but they are not simply rampaging animals.  The peaceful country versions give tell to that lie. 

Sadly, I know of no easily palatable fix for the existing generations.  Cut off welfare and all the other corrupting influences and it will effectively be a genocide.  Let it continue and it will continue to get worse until there is a genocide.  What is worse, the leftist politicians who began all of this are long gone or nearly so and will never see earthly justice for their crimes against humanity.  Sigh.

IntTheLight's picture


White flight began before the 50s. I know that as ancestors fled city due to black violence. It's real and has nothing to do with left right. Sure, the left encourages black on white violence but the right remains silent and refuses to defend white people.

USA Today, a leftist rag, can't be bothered to mention an African immigrant killed two Boston doctors. An immigrant on a green card who got 364 days for armed robbery so he couldn't be deported. Leftist judge.

Oldrepublic's picture

The Daily Mail has good coverage on that Boston story. He got 9 months for a note bank robbery, not an armed robbery.

Probably drug related.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Why don't you go tell that to men who skip town? Nice try want to blame all shit on women right? Fucking misogyny dipshit.

Just remember men has choice on not breeding with any women thus no single parent kids to fuck up your dream world right?

max2205's picture

60,000 heroin addicts what'd you expect 

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

Heroin addicts?

They can't even operate shoelaces, let alone firearms.

TheReplacement's picture

Heroin use is at epidemic proportions in my neck of the woods.  You would be absolutely shocked to see how many people are actually users and you cannot tell, most of the time.